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Author Topic: Exquisite Cadavers (Internet Style)  (Read 2145 times)

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Exquisite Cadavers (Internet Style)
« on: August 09, 2013, 02:56:14 PM »
This was a favorite game of Surrealists :santa: It can be very fun ^^

It can be played by both Artists and Writers :doublethumbs:

There are 3 ways in which it can be played:

Artists and Writers:

Usually it should be played with 4 writers and 4 artists.

- The first writer describes a head, leaves out two details then all the artists draw this head.

-The second writer describes a torso, leave out a detail, and the artists draw it.

-The third writer describes arms and hands, leaves out a detail, when artists draw it.

-The last writer describes legs and feet, leaves out a detail, then artist draw it.

The artists must draw all parts on one draw it and only post at the end, they must also put in the detail that is left out.
Example of left out detail:
"The ****'s face has a **** on it."
Result= One draws a females face with a scare on it. Another draws a man with a boob on it. xD

Exquisite Cadaver!


Unfortunately this can only be done by digital artists.

It takes 4 to play.

The first artist will draw a head, save it, make a copy, then edit the copy and leave only the neck of the head.

The next artist will take the edited picture, draw the torso and do the same but only leave a bit of the waist and pre-shoulder.

The next artist takes the edited picture and draws the arms but doesn't show it.
Then the last artist draws the legs and feet(if any)

The all the artists send each other their drawings and one will post the combined one here :smile:

The result should be structured like this:



Each writer will write a phrase, conceal the most of it, and post it. Then it's the next writers turn. The 4 person ends the
sentence. Then each will send the complete phrases to eachother and one will post the compiled sentence.


"The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine."

So it'd go like this:

1: The ****

2: **** will

3: **** the

4: new ****.

= The *exquisite* *corpse* will *drink* the new *wine*.

Have fun!