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Author Topic: Stephen: A Demon All His Own.  (Read 1578 times)

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Stephen: A Demon All His Own.
« on: December 18, 2012, 02:13:27 AM »
This is not even a rough draft, it is more of an outline. Criticise it all you want it will only help me bang out the dents and make the story better. The title is a thing I thought of as I posted this so it will change too. I just wanted it to hint at the fact that, like his father, Stephen is not like all the other demons. He is a person of good nature. You will read more about this but enjoy!

6 Ft
180 lbs
Black hair, blue eyes
   Is a caring person and tries to help anyone he can. Despises people that use their power to take control of people. Eats very random things, and can go with out eating if someone else is going hungry. His mother was a summoner and his father was a demon that she summoned. His mother died giving birth to him, her human body couldn’t survive giving birth to a summon. When she died her father no longer had a summoner so he had to return to the Nether.  He lives with an adopted mother who found him as a baby. She was a friend of his mothers and came over with out knowing she was giving birth. She found the mother dead and the baby alone. His mother wore a bracelet with strange runes on it. She grabs it thinking that the boy should have something from his real mother and brings it with them. She covered his demonic skin and brought him into her orphanage. He lived there for years. He was picked on by the other kids because he was quiet and the only one who could not perform magic. He does not know where he came from.

   400 years ago mages were prevalent. They kept the world peaceful yet lusted for knowledge. They continued to find new ways to increase their power and to increase their knowledge of the magical arts. Their lust became obsession when they found spirit shards. Spirit shards are what occur when a mage dies. Their body decomposes and their magic is dispersed into the earth and create spirit shards after time. They began to stockpile these shards as they found more and more. One day someone broke into the scientia crypta, the vault they kept the shards in, and they attempted to use all of the shards at once. All of the shards being activated at once caused a dispercement of their energy and overloaded all of the mages in the world with magical energy, killing them instantly. The remaining people in the world that did not have magical power now were able to cast spells from different schools of the mages. There was Summoning, Elements, and Matter. These new mages were not as powerful as the old ones but they retained the lust for knowledge. The three groups fought and continue to fight. The story takes place well, 400 years from the event. The wars eventually died out and people gave up on the search for new spirit shards. All except the Akima, a group of powerful summoners that operate in the shadows.
   Further explanation of some information.

Summoners: Can summon creatures from the Nether and are a proud race of people. They prefer elegant clothing and are usually looked upon as high class.
Element users: Have learned to use their magic as a way to make their lives easier. A mountain forest is their preferred place of living but they will live anywhere. They prefer the forests in the mountains because they usually have an abundance of trees, earth, and water. All three are things they can manipulate and they are great engineers of nature. Creating complex irrigation systems and different travel mechanisms in the forests.
Matter Manipulators: They can manipulate things such as time, space, and gravity. They are by no means all powerful and can only control these thing in a select area and for a select amount of time. I.E. They can make a ball falling from someones hand fall much faster, much slower, or with greater force. They are tinkerers and are a very playful race. They enjoy messing with people and causing immature mayhem.
The Akima: The Akima gather followers from all three of the schools. Only the most powerful are allowed into the group and they search day and night for the spirit shards. They hope to create a world in which only the powerful may rule. They want to enslave the weak to do their bidding.
   The Nether: The Nether is another dimension that different creatures live in. It is a world in it’s own. Creatures live there, some like we do and some in their own way. I am not going to go into detail yet but there are many different creatures that live there and I still have to figure out a explanation on how summoners summon a creature and how they choose which to have a  contract with.
Where the main character comes in: The Akima have found a lost cache of spirit shards, although it is protected by an ancient mage spell and they cannot obtain the shards. They have found out that the spell may be broken by sacrificing someone of half summon, half human blood at the location. Hearing the rumor of a boy being born as such they begin their hunt. The story begins when the boy is 17 years old.
   I have not figured out all the transitioning details but here is some of the events that I have set up so far. I am not going to go word by word but I will kind of summarize and attempt to explain the events that lead up to the current story. I am trying something new in this story where I begin a little before the start of the real story, if that makes any sense. Kind of like a build up.
   Stephen  is living at the orphanage, he is bandaged head to toe and wears torn pants and a shirt on top of that. He wears the bandages to show the parts of his skin that is demonic in appearance. The Akima finally find him in the orphanage and destroy the town, they take him to the site of the shards and sacrifice him. The sacrifice requires them to send him into another dimension, not kill him. So they have a summoner that can not only summon creatures, but can also open a portal for a short amount of time and they throw Stephen in the Nether. There he awakens in what appears to be a farm. The sky is dark and there is a purple moon burning in the sky. A boy of about 8 is putting away some tools and sees him there. He begins to ask him questions and brings him inside to his mother. His mother talks to him and feeds him. She thinks at first that he is human and asks how a human got to this world. She finds out what he really is and tells him he should take off the bandages. The other villagers would not like it if they thought he was a human. Most of the creatures in this world have began to dislike humans, humans have been abusing their contracts with the creatures of this world and forcing them to kill other summons and humans. He does not uncover his face but he uncovers his hands and arms. Taking off the bandages his bracelet is revealed and the mother asks him how did he get that. He informs her that he has had it since birth, his adopted mother  gave it to him from his real mother. She tells him those runes are demonic. It says Fortioris Animi, a demon that was sentenced to death for falling in love with a human. The story goes that when they attempted to kill him, he destroyed an entire demonic settlement and left, living in the Montes to the North and no one has seen him since. The Montes is a highly spiritual place. The magical presence is so thick in the air, it makes the moon appear green instead of pink.  The boy sets off for the mountains to see why the demons name was on the bracelet. He goes and finds out his father is there. His father tells him the story of his past. That he did not want to be like the other demons. The other demons loved killing other summons and humans, he wanted peace. They finally had a reason to kill him so he destroyed the ones who tried to kill him and left. He tells Stephen that the reason he cannot do magic is because he has other abilities. He has demonic abilities. Demons are able to use metamorphosis, changing their body to their will and the density of it. Some have also been rumored to discharge the magic in their bodies and use it in battle. Not in the same sense that a mage can cast a fire ball but it can do damage. His father teaches Stephen how to use metamorphosis. His father informs him that he must return to his world to stop the Akima. He cannot allow the world to suffer any longer and he is the only one who can stop them. He tells him that time occurs differently in the two dimensions. He was in the human world for two years, which equaled out to only a day and a half in the Nether. ( I am going to have more details and have time move further in the Nether. Such as him staying the night with the mother and child and the journey taking a couple days. The training will take some time too, if I did the math correctly I think I had it equal out to 9.75 days in the Nether would be 100 years in the human world. ) So I have to figure out a way to send him back into the human world, maybe have the father know of a creature in the Nether that can create a gate. I also am going to make it a law in the human world that a summon can only be there if they have a summoner that they have a current contract with, which would plug up the plot hole of “ If the father knew a creature that could create a gate why didn’t he go take care of his son” because the person he had a contract with died. I also have to figure out a way that a human and creature create a contract but for the sake of starting the story I am not worrying about that right now.
   Stephen makes it back to the human world and it is 100 years from the time that he was sent into the Nether. The world is run by the Akima and he must now go on a journey to stop them and to return the world to peace.