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Author Topic: Hyper Light  (Read 1382 times)

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Hyper Light
« on: December 10, 2012, 09:20:03 AM »

(Many may try to look away from it, but evolution is a change of all living things. Changes that allow that species to adapt to their life so that they may survive, humans are no different. Everything started as single celled beings, and evolved to impact the world in their own way. Humans evolved from apes, simply because our mindset changed, we became smarter, we gained unspeakable knowledge but at what cost? Wars erupted, killing millions. We shed the light that we once had to gain absolutely nothing but ruling over certain parts of the world, we grew more bloodthirsty which gave birth to our naivety and capability to be directed by our emotions. All of this leads to death and hatred. So if we were to be put into the classification as naïve and murderous then the only evolution available would be to make us smarter, stronger, but above all emotionless. Scientists discovered this in the year 2158 and decided that to become the lead of all, a new species would need to be born. 12 years later, they developed a newborn, with no emotions and extraordinary capabilities, but after 6 years of researching the being thoroughly, they found a small defect. The press had discovered this and posted it all over the world. The scientists had to destroy what they had made but the beings defect was indeed that it had started to experience emotions, which would lead to irrational actions. The being murdered the scientist that had ordered its destruction, and began to create a new life. 5 years later, he was found by a mercenary group that told him that if he joined, and worked jobs for them, he would be given a home, shelter, food, warmth, and company. Countless killing by his hand, the feelings of integrity, and valour escaped his life along with fear and pain. The boy who was chained to the gates of hell before he’d even seen his teenage years. Who was drenched in the blood of the ones who created him, and those who had been his target. Throughout the year’s word of his work passed around, and they named him after the darkness of his past and the deeds he had done. Codename: YAMITAKA. Yamitaka then began to witness changes in himself, new abilities that would make the world’s strongest human look like gravel on the side of the road; he developed the abilities as far as he could. 5 years later, he mastered the ability which he named Hyper-light, an ability that enabled him to move faster than the speed of light and further beyond. With this new ability, he gained more fame and more people feared him, with no one around him to company him, he was alone and began to decide based on his anger. This took many lives as anyone who annoyed him or did anything that offended him, would be slaughtered on the spot without warning. But in the same year of this, a new deadly assassin’s guild was formed, they too had a being like Yamitaka, the guilds clashed but Yamitaka won, in exchange for their lives, the guild was to be abandoned, and the one like Yamitaka was to join the winning guild, with the two advanced beings in their hands they thought they were invincible, but... Humans are always naïve.)