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Author Topic: The incomplete story of Lyell a.k.a "arrogant bastard child with glasses"  (Read 1091 times)

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"Quick! Brye, what's 8+a6=50!?" hollered Mr. Resgeift.

"Oh crud! Uhm, 50?" Brye answered with surprise. 

 That's what he gets for putting grass in my hair. I knew what he was doing, but I really didn't want to lift my head up. I need to get more sleep.

Some people snickered at his response while others didn't try to hide their laughter. This class is obnoxious as *censored*.

"INCORRRECT" he shrieked like a mad man. Soon after an object whizzed by me.

I have no idea what the hell happened. My head was still flat on the ground; but I'm postive someone next to me made a loud impact towards the earthy surface.

"Pow! Right in the kisser!" remarked Ingram with his voice as sweet as honey. I don't know, something along those lines.

Now I was curious. Once I slowly raised myself from the grass, my head swung to the side. Even with my  partially blurred vision, I could make out Brye's figure spread on the ground with an indent engraved on his big ass forehead.

He laid there like a fool; mouth agape looking eligable enough to be tea-bagged.

"Haha." some kid named Weiss laughed half-heartedly, pointing a finger towards my currently disabled friend.

I ignored this ludicrousy and sat criss-crossed, facing our math teacher Mr.Resgeift. What the hell happened to my glasses?

He stood in front of the goal point, most likely looking as proud as my father was once he found out he was HIV postive. The doctor had to explain to him that he could possibly die from this; that turned the tables quite quickly.

"Weiss! You want some chalk in your face as well!? You know I never miss!" he looked prepared to pull out another white stick from his expensive buisness suit.

"What!? Why am I the bad guy all of a sudden? Did you not hear Ingrams snide remark!?" My super smarts couldn't help agreeing to that justified fact. Ingram always escaped from bad situations. Always.

"Of course I heard him; but he complimented my perfect shot, unlike your ungrateful a-"

"Oh my goodness!" Ruismarie yelped. Before my glance could reach her, she was up and running as fast as me sprinting across this field.

In other words she was *censored*ing slower than Santa Claus without his reindeers.

Albeit, instead of 'Ho, Ho, Ho'. Ruisemarie was chanting 'Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!' Probably had her menstrual cycle without notice again. Everyone in 8C knew of this problem.

. . .Run bitch run! On second thought, I take back that comment. Ruis is a kind girl; she doesn't deserve discrimination from me.

One time she allowed me to brush her hair. Even though there were a lot of pink tresses tangled up in the comb and she countlessly shouted, 'Ow Lyell not so rough!', I enjoyed myself, I'm sure she did to. Good times, good times.

Seriously who the *censored* stole my glasses? If my pistol were in my sea grean East Face backpack, I would not hestitate to pop a cap in their trifling ass. Real talk.

Mr. Resgeift clapped twice and announced, "Okay kiddy's pack your trash school's finally over."

A guy who's name escapes me even after approximetly a month of school retorted, "But Mister, this is only first period! School just started how are w- "

"Lyell stay clear!" I knew what he was going to do, so I ducked my head and, "OW!" Yup.

"Mr. Resgeift, I wouldn't mind leaving extra early at all. We stopped learning useful tools to help us in our future lives after we went into reccesion during 2020. It's 2033 and I'm still at lost prior to what our new president is doing with this deadbeat economy." I said this in one breath.

Even though I talk with intelligence, most of the times I'm spewing out big words to make me sound smart, and I also spread out invalid facts.

What I just stated about the economy is one of them; no *censored*ing clue what I'm talkin' 'bout.

"Despite the fact of being older than you by ten years, therefore wiser. . . I have no idea what you just said. But I don't watch the news so who am I to talk? See you tommorow Lyell."

Wow, what a sucker.

Once I stood up, some jerk had the nerve to throw an inanimate object directly towards the back of my head.

"Here's your glasses, I stole them from you when you were asleep. Not that I watch you while you sleep or anything like that. That's just creepy *fake cough* Oh look at that I have swine flu, best be going. Bye everybody else!" he chirped speed-walking to the entrance.

The rest of 8C packed their luggage as well, Brye already long gone. I adjusted my cool rimless glases, which made me look one-thousand times more intellictual, and left the vast soccer field.

My bag was previously attached to my back, I usually kept it on me 24/7. Without doing so I felt naked.

A pale hand from the corner of my eyesight grasped my shoulder; afterwards came a pair of moist lips as wet as Niagra Falls licking my earlobe.

"Hey baby, I missed you." He whispered devilishly.

 Oh. Hell. No.

I kept walking, not bothering to look behind me as I wiped the gooey residue off my *censored*ing ear. Had no one saw what he just did to me?

My head whipped around. Nearly everyone, including our teacher, had entered the back entrance to Chivalry Middle School. Just my luck. Byre was right, I need to hustle faster.

The silver haired future rapist latched on to the straps of my back-pack. *censored*; now he was behind me, following each move I took. This is unjust, I shall not settle for this madness!

"Satan's lovechild, get away from me. I am not amused by your acts of trivalry." That shut him up. Not only that, but he let go of my straps.

Even though I'm thirteen and athiest, God did something beneficial for once. Amen to that.

"I wasn't trying to amuse you my little cherub; I'm happy you thought so though. By the way, I will come back. One day I will come for dat ass, and you'll be begging for my love handles more than Brihanna begged for Tris Crown to stop abusing her."

Lucifer's demon child left it at that and brushed past me, purposelly hitting my shoulder.

I merely tsked, shaking my head in pity for him. I'm nobody's ho, nor am I homosexual. I slammed open the entrance door.

Just you wait Ingram. I will bring my gun in tommorow, and you'll regret your sexual advances for the past two years!

And I left the school, heading straight to Byre's house so we could get *censored* in motion. No seriously, we have a book report that's due on Friday, and we only have three days, including today, to finish it.

Sure, Mrs. O'reiy gave us 3 weeks to do it, but I do not have time for stupid crap such as, 'book reports'. I only have time for Terra Mictio Online. Best MMORPG evar. I waste most of my life on that *censored*.

Just the thought of it made caused me to start humming the battle theme. Damn, todays going to be a long year.


 Somewhere on the school's soccer field, stood a lone figure with pink hair. Looking aloof and confused she said,

"Hello? Where did everyone go? Mr. Resgeift, Lyell, Ingram? Anybody?. . . I'm scared. . . T_T"