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Author Topic: I'm gonna sound like a complete idiot...but how do you exactly write a manga?  (Read 889 times)

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Yeah yeah, I'm being a complete idiot. But I'm honestly confused. Is it in script format or story-style format? And are there any good tutorials on here for writing said subjects, or am I just being ignorant? I'm still new to this, but I have a pretty good idea on the manga I want to write. I can't draw to save my life, but I LOVE writing, and I just wanted to know how to start off. Help would be much appreciated!

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Manga, when talking about the written portion. Is less about the technicalities, and more about style and plot.

That being said, those are two things that are hard to teach. Sure you can get examples of good manga plots, and how to emulate the feel will come only with time and experience. So I'll attempt to answer your question with the technical things you should follow to help make a smooth transition from written word to drawn page.

Firstly. Not sure what you mean by story-style format. There are two main formats you deal with though. Script format and Novel format. These are pretty self explanatory as far as the general layout. Script style is like a script. Novel style is like a published novel.

Though if you want to work with an artist. What you're going to want to write in will be script style. After all manga is just like the story board of a movie, allbiet more complicated. But a script is always easier to follow from an artist's perspective since it takes away the fluff and poetic flow. After all someone reading a manga doesn't find their feelings evoked from the explanation of a scene, but by the images of the scene. Of course dialogue is equally important for both formats.

Personally I like to write in novel format. But I also choose to make a book my first destination in the format chain. It's just a personal choice and you can choose to start anywhere you want. But there are some key differences between how you write for a script and for a novel when it comes to dialogue. And if you ever switch between the two you'll find that things will need re-written.

You see in manga, depending upon the genre. You will have physical constraints for how much dialogue you can have. For shounen you'll notice that they keep things short and tidy. For shoujo things will start to fill up more with speech. After all shounen is very action driven. So make room for action. But a series in the shoujo category will be more likely character driven and plot heavy. So its ok to fill it in with more dialogue.

Of course novels don't have to deal with this balancing act as much. As long as it's interesting a reader will be happy to read through a conversation five pages long. Novels are less about quick thrills and more about really submersing yourself into the world. Not saying the same isn't true for manga, but it's a different method and feel. But I digress.

Most of your learning will be through experience. Never be afraid to have trial and error. I myself just rushed into it headlong. Never having written anything before in myself I typed up a few chapters and spread them out to the world. I was really terrible back then. But over time i really advanced by skill. So just stick with it and you'll learn on your own.

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