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Author Topic: Tengoku no Kiba (The Fangs of Heaven)  (Read 1306 times)

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Tengoku no Kiba (The Fangs of Heaven)
« on: September 19, 2012, 02:54:27 PM »
Ohayo Minna-san!

Well while i was pottering around, and was starting to get a head ache from focusing on proof reading my book, so i thought it an excellent idea to take a rest for an hour and share with you another one of my story concepts, this time however its is a stand alone and completely unrelated to any of my other work!

The Fangs Of Heaven

The story starts off with a normal everyday Japanese high-school student starting his first year. He had recently moved away form the coast with his step father (a Happy go luck man who is like that uncle you all ways have in a family that brings home the most unusual toys and presents for xmass) and little half sister (his only known living family) and so far life as been a little drab, if not depressing, with his mothers passing and no sign of his blood father anywhere, the last thing he wants is any more drama in his life.

On top of that he is the kind of person that won't believe in something unless he sees it for himself, and as a rule is completely disbelieving in things like ghost, spirits and other superstitions... his shear disbelief emanates so strongly with him it gets the attention of mischievous, manipulative and mildly sadistic tree goddess in the shape of a little Victorian school girl who hides in the tops of trees...  :devil:

On his first day he gets the feeling he his being watched, but every time he tries to find out who is following him, no one is there.

At the end of his first day walking home, a person handing out flayers tries to give him a free ticket to an amusement park, which he rejects, explaining how lame all that kind of thing is. What he doesn't know is that fate is being twisted by the little goddess, to make him go to the park. the next day the same thing happened only this time it was morning on the way to school, still he rejects it, then later at lunch a class mate says they have a ticket to an event, but since they were double booked, he could have the ticket... as it happens it was the same ticket, and so he rejects it.

As the days go on, more and more attempts at handing him a ticket by his class mates and other people, with there reasons for there hand out becoming more and more obscure to the point of the nearly ridiculous. finally he said that there was no point in him going anyway as he would be on his own... these words reach the ears of the goddess and when he steps through the door at home after school;

"Onii-chan! Onii-chan! i just got these tickets for us to go to a fun place this weekend! you will take me will you! it would be so good!!" says his little sister running up to him form the kitchen.

He hopped that it wasn't what he thought it was... and a sense of dread filled within him as she hugged him then handed him the tickets, to yes the very same amusement park.

"No, that place looks lame!" he says trying to find a better excuse to avoid it, as something was up, something strange but most of his being refused to believe it. but yet this nagging feeling of foreboding wouldn't leave him.

"Ohh! but Onii-chan you never take me anywhere! please! i want to spend a day with my onii-chan! :heart:"

Tensing his face and gritting his teeth in frustration and unable to resister his cute little sisters words he has no choice but to comply.

They arrive at the park on the outskirts of town, and at first it looked like a run down, slightly scary place, but his little sister doesn't seem to notice, especially when the ticket office was so dark you couldn't see who was inside, only a pale bony hand that beaconed for the tickets.

What was also strange was not only was the place empty considering the amount of tickets going around a few days before, but also most of the rides where shut for repairs... there was no staff at the stalls or shops, but then his sister dragged him with excitement to the house of mirrors, standing at the entrance i thought he felt that feeling of someone watching him, and this time what seemed to be a quiet yet rather evil sounding chuckle in the distance.

"what are you looking at Onii-chan?"

"Oh, was nothing, never mind, now stick close to me alright?"

"Why you scared of getting lost?"

"Of...of course not!"

As they walk in, at first things are alright, nothing out the ordinary, but then they start to get a little lost, when he suggests they turn back, he turns around and she's nowhere to be seen. in a panic he tries to find her, then he calls out her name. he hears the same evil chuckle but louder this time.

for a moment as if for just a flash in the corner of his eye he sees a little girl dressed in old fashioned school cloths.

Another chuckle sounds.

"who are you! where are you! what have you done to my sister! sis where are you?!"

"I'm right here oh-nii...chan! he he he"

That wasn't the voice of his sister and what more is that it was right next to his ear behind him. white with fear he slowly turned around and floating in the air like a ghost was the same little girl, her face pale and grinning with delight like he was about to become dinner.

The shock made him fall backwards against one of the mirrors (he couldn't see her in the mirror in front of him before he turned around) but instead of it holding him up, like a door to a secret passage way in turned and he fell into the space behind in with it closing afterwards.

Once he'd gone the the little goddess floated onto the ground and started rolling on the floor in tears of hysterical laughter "I haven't seen a face that good is so long! this is going to be so fun!" when she calmed down she said to the air and in a more melancholy manner... "he might just be what we need oka-sama." while still laying on the ground she whipped away her tears from her laughter then held her fists together like she was praying in a moment of silence, then she slowly vanished.

mean while he was trying to find his bearing, wherever he was it was so dark he couldn't see, and he scrambled around a little to try and find out what was going on when without warning he seemed to fall down a hole in the floor that was at an angle that was to steep to clime up, but yet enough to slide down...

Deeper and deeper he went until there was light at the end to which he ended up rolling out of. he found himself in what seemed like the outside, except it was night time (it was the afternoon when the entered the house of mirrors), it was a space, enclosed by a cliff that seal the area it surrounded.

Only the hole he came out of seemed to be the only exit. in the center of what seemed to be this naturally occurring room or pit, was a large majestic tree on an island surrounded by a moat, with stepping stones in a line, forming from one end of the bank where he was standing to the small island the tree was growing on.

At the base of the tree was a small shrine entangled in its roots and laying down in front of it was his sister. as he started to run towards her, she started to get up, rubbing her eyes as though she had just woken up from a deep sleep.

The little tree goddess sat on one of the branches in plan sight watching and smiling as he ran towards her, he then noticed her and in a panic shouted;

"Sis run! get way from there!"

he sister raised her head towards him "wha? Onii-chan?" shat said sleepily and in that moment everything around him slowed down, as he tried to get to her in time, she looked confused at his state of panic, but, it was to late, when he stepped onto the island the tree was on, the goddess clicked her fingers, time seemed to get back to normal, and the shrine doors burst open with rays of light beaming out so brightly that all you could see what white light.


What do you think so far? i have more where that comes from....

Its just a rough idea of plot, its not as in-depth as my other works and it will be formatted in a better way with more in it ect. this one is one of the ones i had in mind for an anime production and i hope it shows.

so, feedback please, and it you like, to be continued! ;)
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