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Author Topic: tips for inspiration  (Read 1037 times)

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tips for inspiration
« on: September 07, 2012, 04:25:47 AM »
Developing manga artists face numerous challenges such as mastering the art style of human anatomy and designing physical characters. However the ability to script a decent story is also a problem many face. It should not be avoided as it helps to frame action sequences, plot drive and characters development and interactions.
Creating an original story can be hard and stressful at first. You have to figure out the plot and characters. Here's a few good tips that can help you out.

Ideas always come from a source. Manga artists sometimes get their ideas from others works of manga artists. This is good, however, It is important to know that manga is NOT the only source of gaining inspiration. Producing a good story requires you to think out of the box and get sources from other materials. 

A year ago I tried making an action manga but needed a story. I tried getting brainwave of ideas from my favourite shoenen mangas like bleach, Naruto, Ao no Exorcist and so on. But what I found out was that I had a unoriginal and indistinctive plot that looked more like a ‘rip off’. It didn’t work out for me and a writer’s block popped in my head. I then started watching some of my dvds to cheer myself up. I watched one of my old  favourite, The Rock. It had many thrilling action scenes and quite a few memorable ones. The whole film had me on edge. Then it struck me.

Should I incoporate some ideas from this movie into my manga?
I thought up a chase action sequence and largely changed the setting of my old story. I changed a formly scripted 'one to one' fight scene to a climatic car chase. Instead of the classic 'epic battle' shot thats lasts 20 pages or more.  I had my villian in a vehicle and was trying to pit the  other while the hero is trying to get away.  This was it! This was what I was looking for! I started to read, listen and watch other materials of media to help wit my story.  Eventually I dumped my old script and got myself I better one, comparabably, with good action and a much better story and characters!

It in not bad too look up to other manga but it's importent to open yourself to the things around you. It is worthwhile to try some elements or factors which worked for other forms of media.  Films, music, TV shows, novels, video games or even personal experience can help produce a river full of ideas and inspiration that just by looking at other mangas alone won’t do. The best thing about learning this method is that it doesn't just work for action manga. It works for any manga story of any genre.

Hope this wasn't too long AND
Happy Writing, or Typing :D
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