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Author Topic: My Manga Ideas  (Read 1385 times)

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My Manga Ideas
« on: January 05, 2012, 07:00:42 PM »
I have some manga ideas and I'm not sure which one I should work on if any. Here are my ideas. If you don't like any of my ideas I'll try and think of another one. 


Long ago there was a star system of ten planets together known as the kingdom of caring. This kingdom was ruled by King Nobel and Queen True of the first planet. along with the kings and queens of the other nine planets made they up the council of caring. Each King and Queen of each planet had a daughter who was the princess of that planet. For many years the kingdom of caring was a happy caring place until Lord Jonah from the distant planet Tartarus destroyed all ten planets. In the Battle King Nobel and Queen True managed to defeat Lord Jonah, but had little energy left and their daughter the princess had died in the battle. Using what little energy they had King Nobel and Queen True sent their daughter and the other nine princesses of the kingdom of caring to the future on earth so they could make it a caring place just like the kingdom of caring. On modern day earth fourteen year old Adelinde (possible name) is heading home after a bad day at school when she meets a mysterious woman named Ursa who tells her she and nine other girls are to be guardians of caring. And so Adelinde's adventure begins. Now whenever caring is low Adelinde must transform into a guardian of caring and prevent Lord Jonah's revengeful son Blake from making Earth an uncaring place. Then as if that isn't enough Adelinde must find the other nine guardians of caring.

Hidden Powers

Porcelain is a typical twelve year old girl until one day she is attacked by a mysterious woman and discovers she has magical powers. Now Porcelain, and four other girls with magical powers, must stop an organization of women called the sorority from using magic for evil.

(no title yet)

In the year 2030 Earth has united into one country, called Terra, ruled by a King and Queen, and protected by a powerful army of warriors who are intuned with their psychic abilities. However neural typicals (those who are have not become intuned with their psychic abilities) Want earth back to the way it once was, divided into several different countries, and have decided to wage war on those who are intuned with their psychic abilities.

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