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Author Topic: Current Working Title - 'New Borns'  (Read 1732 times)

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Current Working Title - 'New Borns'
« on: September 25, 2011, 09:55:10 PM »
Hi!It's been a while since I've been to this forum. ^_^ Lots of hw and revision to do.I found some time for now,so let's get started.
First of all,I should begin by saying that this story was purely created by me,but of course,I made some inquiries with my close friends just to see how it was like.Some of them told me some elements seem to be quite similiar to some mangas/anime,one MAJOR element that seems to be from Yu Yu Hakusho.I have a rather small manga/anime background,so I don't know much.If you see any similiarities,do bear in mind that I did not do it intentionally.
Again,I repeat this story was based purely off originality(Which will probably fail)
Let's start:

Prologue to 'New Born':

Many years ago,the Apocalypse struck.Except it wasn't a disaster.It was a living abomination.Having laid dormant for many centuries,the god-like creature,Apocalypse,rose from it's slumber.From it,came forth other creatures,whom we now call,'The Purge'.'The Purge' began to decimate everything,humans,animals,buildings,with heartless brutality.By some miracle,several survivors surfaced and banded together upon a ruined city.They began to build a shelter that slowly grew over time into a metropolis,and named it Barrier.Nature's answer to 'The Purge' was to imbue humankind with the power to combat them.Such humans were then completely classified as an entirely different species as 'New Borns'.The Orion Organization was constructed,and 'New Borns' became hunters of 'The Purge'.Soon Barrier flourished and the population grew,increasing the number of 'New Borns'.Fitting to it's name,Barrier soon gained a shield surrounding it,powered by 'New Born' enchantments,to prevent 'The Purge' from invading the metropolis.But,Apocalypse was not the be denied,it will stop at nothing to make Earth a barren land,and start anew,just as it died to the dinosaurs few millenniums ago...

What you see above,was of course,the prologue.

The following elements should first be understood for the post setting of the story.(aka FAQs)

-Barrier Academy is the only education facility Barrier residents can have.Many Barrier Academy students have grown to be incredible scholars and soldiers for Orion Organization.Most attendants are 'New Borns'.

-Most of the population are 'New Borns'.

-Orion Organizations often select fresh recruits from Barrier Academy,as Orion Organization believes in nurturing younger generations for battle.

-Barrier Academy's education primarily centers upon combat and repelling 'The Purge'.However,for humans,there are educations for them to identify different breeds of 'The Purge' as well as scientific research.

-Orion Organization consists mostly of Soldiers(Common foot-soldiers,who only work to protect Barrier from 'The Purge' invasions;only 'New Borns' work as Soldiers),Scholars(Both 'New Borns' and humans are allowed to work as Scholars,their primary job is to research on 'The Purge') and lastly,the Hunters(This is of course,the most important people in Orion,as their job is to hunt down the most dangerous 'Purges'.To differentiate,Soldiers stay WITHIN Barrier,Hunters take their work OUTSIDE of Barrier.)

-Just in case of FAQs,'New Borns' look no different from humans,merely 'New Borns' have risen up the evolution ladder,meaning they are enhanced in every possible way by nature.

-I'm lost with what else to talk about.


Our main character will be a human!Yes! :)

Zico Jade,more preferably named Jade Zico,was born a normal human to the Jade Family.Although knowing fully well that the status of Jade family would drop,the Jade's did not give up upon their child,instead,nurturing him to be a Scholar.However,just when Zico reached the prime age to apply for Orion(16),major sparks of activity by 'The Purges' had rose.Zico was instead released from home tutoring and placed in Barrier Academy for the first time since he was born.His parents then went to aid Orion against the outbreak of 'Purge' activity.At Barrier Academy,Zico found it very hard to fit in,as most of the students were 'New Borns' and were several times more powerful than him,which often resulted in unintentional accidents.At first,Zico was afraid of their inhumane strength,but knowing well he would not be harmed as long as he did not provoke them,he kept to himself.But one 'New Born' was very sociable,and became friends with Zico.That person,was Burner Gruennings.Soon,the 2 became good friends,and through Burner,Zico gained new friends as 'New Borns' find that Zico was just like the rest of them,albeit a little weaker.Everything went on fine,Zico had friends,he studied hard to become a scholar just like his parents want him to.

Until the day Barrier Academy's shield went under maintenance.At this moment,an incredible amount of 'Purges' surged into the Academy,aiming to kill every student and professor within.Orion dispatched their Soldiers to assist them,as well as some of their Hunters.In the heat of the moment,many 'New Borns' awoke their hidden powers,among them Burner.However,not only did the 'New Borns' awake,Zico did too.In the more dire circumstances one could ever dream about,Zico readily excepted death,but seeing all the 'New Borns' working hard to defend each other,he suddenly had the urge to protect them as well.With this,he was bathed with strength and power like he had never dreamt of.Using this power,he managed to not only defend himself,but also scare off the more stronger 'Purges' that was terrorizing the students.However,he soon passed out from the usage of his strength,nearly dying,if not for the 'New Borns' that brought him to Orion.

In Orion,along with several of his friends,they were all selected to become hunters.Zico was the most surprised,as he was merely human.However,further explanation reveals he has a valuable power known as 'Life Force' energy.Much to his parent's surprise,he agrees.He finds his path in becoming a Purge Hunter,but was his choice the right one?Further challenges await him,more pain,more suffering,how long will it take before he,himself,was a victim to death?

This was,sadly,freestyled,unlike the previous passage.I don't know how well this passage went,but hopefully good enough so as for you guys not to be bored by it. ^_^

I'll go to the 2 characters that were mentioned:

Zico Jade(Jade,Zico)
Age: 16
Trivia: He is actually inspired by a K-pop artiste. :P

Appearance: He has black hair cut in a mohawk cut base with dreads instead of a mohawk(Hope you understand that O_O).He has brown eyes.He generally resembles his mother.He also wears specs at times.He has a basic skin tone(Meaning,not fair,not peachy,not tanned,just normal.Like what Asians call,the yellow skin tone)and is at the perfect height for his age.

Profile: Zico Jade is from the Jade family.He was born human,but his parents never gave up on him.He is a rather quiet individual,but shines the most when among friends.He is also a highly intelligent student and excelled very well for most of his tests.However,he also has one of the weakest physical strength ever,despite his excellent physique.This gives him no other choice but to be a scholar,which he worked very hard to be.Instead,under huge strain,he gained access to his very own soul,and wielded 'Life Force' energy to defend himself.With 'Life Force',he becomes as powerful as a 'New Born' and becomes a force to be reckoned with.However,he has a rather pacifistic nature,choosing peace over violence.He is also rather dependent upon his friends for strength.He has a weird behaviour and way of speech that he calls people by their family names first,just as how he prefers to call himself 'Jade Zico' rather than 'Zico Jade'.However,the only person who does not receive this treatment is Burner,probably since Burner is Zico's first friend.Zico is also said to be incredibly powerful and has great potential within him,since 'Life Force' energy is said to be the unrivaled energy any 'New Born' can think of.

In combat: Zico is a person who easily gives up and does not push himself to the limits(partly due to another cause).He also has a rather calculating mind and often searches for his opponents weaknesses.He prefers not to charge blindly into battle.He is also reluctant to be the hero,which is often shown when he becomes to afraid of pain to take a blow for an incapacitated teammate.Despite this,he can often win his fights,although to achieve this,he works with his teammates most of the time.He also has weak physical strength,despite the fact that 'Life Force' makes him almost as powerful as a 'New Born'.Due to this,he often loses in clashes of strength against his enemy.As 'Life Force' requires a very stable control to use,Zico often causes backfires or misses due to his lack of strength.However,his strategic analysis and calm mind during battle often wins his fights for him despite his many blunders.He also has a tendency to toy with his enemies when he has the upper hand,often resulting in his enemies growing incredibly strong to the point that he no longer has the upper hand.

Burner Gruennings
Age: 16
Trivia: His name,Burner,also refers to his 'New Born' power of wielding fire.

Appearance: He has long wavy brown hair and extremely light brown eyes.He has a fair complexion and is tall.

Burner's parents died as hunter when they were away at work.Because of this,Burner became an orphan.However,he was brought to Barrier Academy by people who saw potential in him.He excels very well in areas that require speed and of course,heat.He is one of the earlier individuals to awaken his 'New Born' powers.He was a major fighting force during the defence of Barrier Academy.He is also the master of his apprentice,Rinoa Edana,whom is a fellow fire 'New Born' and orphan.Burner is somewhat a fashionable person,despite his orphaned upbringing.He also has a cool personality and constantly surrounded by ladies.Burner enjoys telling jokes and is regarded as a comic relief character at times.He is also soft-spoken most of the time,but when he gets angry or becomes upset,or even protective,he becomes very assertive and loud.He is also a person who loves his friends,becoming the source of comfort for Rinoa,as well as Zico's best friend.He has no qualms most of the time and has a happy-go-lucky nature.He is also incredibly strong,being able to brush off a powerful blow to the head,and merely asking 'Is that it?'.Burner's main forte is his strength to project fire from any part of his body,usually his hands(Natsu from Fairy Tail or Johnny Storm of Fantastic 4).

In combat: Burner is extremely durable,due to being a 'New Born',capable to taking extreme shock to his body and emerging unscathed most of the time against 'The Purge'.He has a more enthusiastic take on fighting enemies compared to Zico,but not extremely fueled.He becomes more powerful to the thrill of fighting and when adrenaline rushes,it makes him even more powerful.He also prefers fighting in a team,rather than fight solo.Burner is also regarded as a ranged fighter,considering the fact that he prefers throwing fireballs at his enemies from a distance.However,he is incredibly dangerous at close range,capable of burning his enemies into ashes.He is often accompanied by his apprentice Rinoa into battle,who usually aids him and results in 'Double Combo' attacks.The fire he conjures up does not seem to burn his clothing,but anything else that it touches will be burnt,which is a running gag in the story.

Well,those were the 2 characters.I hope their descriptions appeal to you.I'm keeping this at 2 characters because the post is already SOOOOO long. :)

I might want to add this just to prevent FAQs.

'Life Force' explanation:

-'Life Force' uses energy directly from your soul,however,the soul is regarded kind of like your own stamina.During battle,by overusing it,you will die,because it is similiar to using up your soul.And also similiar to having no energy in you,as you have used the entire arsenal of your stamina.Without energy,your body will not function.Just so you know,using it excessively throughout your life will not shorten your lifespan.It kind of works like Chakra in Naruto.Overusing it=Die.To get energy back= Eat and rest. :)
-Also,that means 'Life Force' energy requires alot of stamina of maintain and use,which means that the user MUST have good amount of stamina to use 'Life Force' for the long run.Inability to do so means that 'Life Force' can only be used for a very short span of time.
-So 'Life Force' users tend to train to increase their stamina,instead of training to increase their skills.
They also get hungry fast and eat alot.

'New Born' power explanation:

-'New Born' powers on the other hand,require almost no energy to control at all,it's like the 'New Born's' second limb.However,training has to be made in order to harness the power properly.
-'New Born' powers vary in an incredibly huge range,almost to the point that it cannot be listed.Each power is unique to each individual.For example,Burner and Rinoa both use Fire powers,but that does not mean their fires are the same,each are unique,and are powerful when combined.
-'New Born' powers are generally regarded as exhaustless.Which means it never runs out.

I don't know what else to write about...So I guess,till here then!

Thanks for reading....and please make sure to read throughly if you do. ^_^ I don't really enjoy repeating myself.

Tell me your thoughts.

And remember,I'm not spoiling anything yet.The story might seem cliche now,but as it progresses(Hopefully)the story will begin to become much nicer.

Due to my terrible attention span,I haven't managed to even complete one manga plot.
In fact,I have left around 6-8 mangas uncompleted... :(