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Author Topic: Where do you can watch Anime Online ?  (Read 57118 times)

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Re: Where do you can watch Anime Online ?
« Reply #60 on: April 24, 2018, 06:04:46 AM »





Now how you should search for anime start off with youtube and finding an anime or genre if you like fantasy but a character being OP than an example is An irregular highschool.

Don't go to the website and go to anime and randomly click. Only with youtube do that. Or forums where you read about a anime you like.

How you search for the anime

google an irregular highschool episode 1 (dubbed or subbed depends on you) than add one of those websites

example an irregular highschool episode 1 subbed animefreak

It's a lot harder to find certain anime since one youtube vloggers make the screen so little. Obviously if your on your phone its a little screen and you're looking at an even smaller screen it's gonna piss you off. Those sites are also mobile friendly.