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Author Topic: I just want to throw this out there  (Read 1724 times)

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I just want to throw this out there
« on: July 17, 2011, 10:38:51 AM »
I have been thinking about doing this story for a little while and I really want to tweak it some more. I really need some help with art because I can't draw. The main thing I want is to see if it sounds feasible. So here is just really an outline for something I'm working on check it out tell me what you think. Oh yeah the title I'm running with is Origin.


Chapter 1:   Becoming The Guardian

      1.   This is the introduction into the life of the main character Cameron James. He is 15 yr old black kid from King’s Beach .  He is young athletic and gets average grades, has friends and lives a relatively normal life.  But there is something else that yearns inside of Cam to get out.  He does not know what this feeling is he just knows that at night on his roof his connection to whatever is pulling him is closest.  This feeling is not yet revealed to him until his birthday when the moment that will change his life occurs.

      2.   Cam’s first encounter with his new life happens when he has a celebration for his birthday.  He is surrounded with friends and family and it seems like a perfect day, but while no one else notices Cam feels a throbbing pain in his chest.  This pain is due to something coming nearer, an attack is imminent.  When Cam takes his friend Tiff to the side to talk to her about how he has been feeling it happens.  A jump gate opens and through it comes a humanoid insect hybrid creature called a Shrill, due to the sonic screech emits.  The beast immediately goes after  Cam and Tiffany when it looks like they will be struck down by the beast another being comes into the picture the  Gaian Tel-Matar.  Tel helps Cam get his friend Tiff away from the scene, then runs back to see what happened with Tel.  When he returns he sees the beast and Tel doing battle and is stands shocked, giving the Shrill enough time for an opening to attack.  Tel deflects the attack getting injured in the process, in which she activates the jump gate once more pulling Cam with her into the gate where they make their escape.  The two wayward travelers land on a lush tropical jungle, unbeknownst to Cam on another world.  Seeing Tel’s injuries Cam decides to make camp for the night in a  make shift tent (like one off of Man vs Wild) for the night.  During the dark rainy night Tel-Matar tells Cam why she took him and about what his true purpose is.  Tel-Matar is a Guardian of the planet Gaia in which she is granted with responsibility of protecting threats to her planet.  Tel discloses the reason for Cam’s chest pain being the fact that his Core is activating.  The Core being the source of a Guardians energy and abilities.  This comes as a surprise for Cam who has up until now never noticed anything different about himself.  Before Tel can finish her explanation the Shrill from earlier comes back and attacks the two.  Tel and Cam flee with the beast right on their heels.  Running through the rainforest Cam and Tel end up running straight off of a waterfall, during the fall Tel uses her power to manipulate vines to come down to catch her and Cam.  The Shrill is on the other side of the canyon, while Cam and Tel climb to safety, The Shrill sprouts its insect wings and dives straight for the two.  Having regained a little strength Tel staves off the Shrill by using the Carnivorous plants to eat the Shrill.  After the Shrill is defeated Tel informs Cam that she will take him back to Earth, which surprises Cam since he thought they were on Earth the entire time.  Tel activates a jump gate directed to Earth.  On arrival Cam is not sure what he should do first, but Tel asks if she can talk to him for a second.  Tel lets Cam know that his powers are activating and will be accessible within the next few days.  She tells Cam that this is a tremendous responsibility and that when his powers become evident he should immediately learn how to use them correctly.  She also tells him that he will begin his training to become Earth’s guardian soon.  With this Tel takes her leave and returns to her planet.  Cam still in shock at the events that just occurred realizes that this maybe the feeling of purpose that he was longing for.  But the first order of business is to get back home to his parents who of course are worried sick.

      3.   Two weeks pass by since the incident with Tel and life goes back to normal for Cam.  He has not been feeling the chest pains he felt before and he’s wondering if the whole thing with Tel was just some huge mistake.  At school Cam gets back to his regular routine and hangs out with his friends after school.  During his time with his friends he see’s Tiff at work.   They exchange hellos and a little small talk and then Tiff has to go to the bank before it closes.  Cam offers to walk with her but she tells him not to ditch his friends.  After Tiff leaves Cam just wanders around the mall with his buddies and ends up hanging out around the food court.  In the food court is where he sees a breaking news story about a hostage situation at the bank.  The bank robbers have made their demands for escape and say they will kill a hostage every hour their demands aren’t met, starting with Tiff.   This shocks Cam to his core , and he knows that he is the only person that can save Tiff in time.  This feeling makes Cam rush for the bank immediately, the entire time thinking how he can save Tiff. When Cam arrives he observes the scene of the police outside the bank trying their best to talk the crooks down.  Thirty minutes go by and the leader of the robbers is getting impatient.  He grabs Tiff and tells her that he can’t wait to kill her and that he might consider pushing it up.  Cam attempts to enter the bank from the side entrance but is almost  shot by a police officer when he see’s the disguised Cam.  Once the officer realizes it’s just a kid he resumes his previous action. The infiltration of the bank to recover the hostages and take down the robbers.  Seeing this Cam decides to follow the Officer and his team even though he is warned not to. Once inside, the squad makes contact with a few of the hostages and they find out how many  bank robbers are actually inside.  But when they try to free the hostages the psychotic leader of the bank robbers fires on the officers inside the bank with reckless abandonment.  He hits one of the officers and tells them that if they don’t freeze the girl dies.  When The leader turns to Tiff he sees Cam attempting to flee with Tiff. This throws the Bank robber into a rage in which he tries to kill Cam and Tiff.  The duo duck behind one of the counters while the crook continues to fire upon them pinning them down in that spot.  The infiltration team fires on the robber but this does nothing but increase his rage, which makes him lash out at the other hostages preparing to fire on them.  When Cam see’s this the core in his body activates and he stands up and moves to stop the robber from shooting.  The first thing that he notices is that the fact that the speed that he is moving at is much greater than anything he has felt before.  The leader of the bank robbers fires at the hostages, with the bullets appearing to move in slow motion to Cam.  Cam manages to get in between the hostages and the bullets lifting his right hand and projecting a force from his hands that causes the bullet to ricochet back towards the robbers.  The leader of the robbers fires a round at Cam. At this point Cam’s core power manifests in the form of a force that is stops the bullets in mid-air.  Cam rushes the leader of the robbers but he grabs Tiff and puts the gun to head takes her away and backs up to flee the scene.  The burglars left are cuffed by the squad inside and Cam tells them that he is going after the leader.  The police tell him to stay out of this, but Cam does not listen and dashes out of the building. The leader of the robbers who reveals himself to be Nick Ramsey an escaped convict and career criminal.  With the gun to Tiffs head while driving Ramsey floors it  down the street driving like a mad man with police in tow.  Ramsey thinks he’s made his escape when out of now where Cam drops out of the sky on the hood of the car.  Ramsey fires another round at Cam to no effect with his powers active Cam is able to separate the car into two half.  Cam secures Tiff from her half of the car and places her out of harms way.  He then turns to Ramsey who is exiting his car dazed and confused.  Ramsey tries to use his gun to fire only to find out he has run out of ammo.  Desperate and not prepared to face jail Ramsey attempts to knockout Cam to no avail.  Cam’s synapse are now moving at much higher speed in which his reflexes are beyond normal human perception. Ramsey throws a punch but Cam ducks it and puts Ramsey in a full nelson. Cam holds Ramsey there until the police show up. The psychotic Ramsey is carted off by the police vowing revenge to the masked vigilante that had stopped him this day.  Cam leaves Tiff in the hands of the police and paramedic’s and makes his exit.  Cam jumps to a secluded part of the beach where he knows no one will happen to see him.  After being dropped off by the police Tiff leaves her house and heads for Cam’s.  Tiff knocks on Cam’s door and his Mother answers.  Cam’s Mother tells Tiff that he is not there at the moment and that he never came back from previously leaving with his friends.  This confirms what Tiff was thinking that the person that saved her earlier was indeed Cam.  Cam during this time is at the beach coming to grips with what happened earlier.  Cam knows that his life can never go back to the way it was.  He now has a new responsibility  to learn how to control and use these new gifts he has been granted.  He thinks about starting that night but reconsiders since it’s getting late and he has to get back home.  He leaves leaping toward his house’s direction.  Tiff arrives at the same location too late to see Cam but feels like he was just there.  The next day Cam goes to school and acts like everything is normal, but eventually finds that he can’t, not around Tiff.  She knows something and Cam thinks he knows what it is.  This is problem is only exacerbated by the fact that the masked vigilante that stop the robbery yesterday is the talk of the day.  During class Tiff confronts Cam about yesterday’s debacle.  Cam tells Tiff he was just with his friends and that he saw everything like everyone else.  Tiff knowing this to be a lie asks why Cam won’t tell her the truth.  Cam reassures Tiff that nothing strange is going on and then the bell rings giving him an excuse to make his escape.  After school Cam goes to the beach where he was yesterday to go tryout his new powers.  As soon as he gets to the spot he is stunned to find Tiff already there waiting for him.  Cam knows he’s caught but does not want to drag Tiff into anymore trouble.  Tiff demands to know the truth about whats going on.  Tiff is one of Cam’s best friends and just wants to know whats going on so she can help.  Cam tells Tiff everything.  After listening to the whole story Tiff is pretty astounded.  She stays to help Cam unlock the secrets to his powers.  This first power Cam explores is the offensive attack he used against Ramsey.  The force that cam from his hands seemed to work when he focused energy into his hands and  let it erupt out.  With deeper focus and a better concentration of energy the once invisible force he created can now be made into concussive blasts of energy.  Cam works on this with Tiff for a couple of hours then they return to Cam’s house.  From afar there seems to be someone watching all of this occur.  Cam continues to train his powers for the next two weeks.  He manages to increase his control over his strength, speed, flight, and energy capabilities, with the help of Tiff.   With his powers under more control Cam now actively starts to help people in need as well as battling minor opponents.  During this time the being watching Cam finally shows himself attacking Cam after school one day.  The being is a creature with dread like tentacles coming from his head with  an amphibian face.  This being and Cam have a battle in which Cam is totally outmatched.  Before finishing Cam off the being stoops down and tells Cam that he needs to work on his skills.  This turns out to be a guardian sent to collect Cam for formal training, he introduces himself as AValli Nublar.  AValli tells Cam that they will depart for a year of training today.  Cam tells AValli he can’t just leave for a whole year without warning, not without telling his family.  AValli informs him that he has already taken care of that matter.  Not knowing what AValli’s talking about Cam takes it to be that he has done something to his family.  Cam flies off to his house to make sure everything is ok.  When he arrives at the door there is a tall black man with dreadlocks and a briefcase  standing at the door.  Cam asks who he is in which the man replies “ come now u didn’t think you were faster than me yet,”.  The man is in fact AValli using a camouflage technique he can utilize with his water abilities.   He rings the doorbell and tells Cam to let him do all the talking.  Cam is freaked out.  Cam’s little sister answers the door.  She yells to her mother that Cam is in trouble.  Cam tells her to shut it and she sticks her tongue back at him.  Cam’s mother greets both and tells them to come in.  AValli shakes Cam’s parents hands and then gets down to his proposition.  He tell’s them that Cam has been selected to do a year long study abroad program that will take him to many different locales and that it would be beneficial for him to take this advantage.  AValli and Cam’s parents discuss the terms and then after little discussion agree to let Cam go on this trip.  Cam packs and tells his parents that he will miss them and that he is sorry for not telling them earlier.  Cam says his goodbyes to his friends and family, having an especially emotional moment with Tiff, he departs for parts unknown to become the Earth’s guardian.

4.  Cam and AValli leave on a ship designed to travel at faster than light speeds which will take them to the training ground and home base for all guardians, Sanctuary.  AValli tells Cam that during his year at Sanctuary he will be trained how to use his powers to there full ability and also how to truly protect his planet.  The duo arrive at  Sanctuary within a week.  When Cam see’s it he is left in astonishment seeing a great city planet bustling with life forms from across the universe.  AValli takes Cam to be processed as a new cadet guardian.  At the processing Cam gets to see all of the other new cadet’s who number 100,000.  The Elder guardians council speaks to the new cadets in a giant hall to tell them about their new responsibilities.  The council are the ones who run the universal league of guardians.  The  council tells the cadets about where their powers come from, which is the power of the beginning of the universe called Origin.  The Origin is the central point  from where all life was created and is the conduit for all guardians power.  After the explanation is done the Council lets it be known that each cadet will be matched with a guardian tutor and that they will also be grouped with ten other cadets.  The meeting is ended and the cadets are given there spots in their individual teams.  Cam looks for his team which are signified as the Milky Way Group.  The team is lead by AValli Nublar consisting of ten different alien species all haling from different planets in the Milky Way Galaxy.  The team is made up of members Rayet W. Novae a being from a race of aliens that have evolved to be composed of the same elements that make a star due to their planet Erayll’s proximity to a Rayet-Wolf Star.  The second member is an alien with control over gravity named Voima Paino he is from a world that has a very high level of gravity that causes the inhabitants to be very dense beings.  Third on the list is the feline alien Uncia Panthera who in addition to her feline attributes has a high speed regenerative capability due to her possession of a Core.  The fourth member of the team is Meteo he is a being from a planet with an atmosphere that is hyperactive with fierce storms not being unusual his function on his home planet is to help control weather patterns.  The fifth member is a mysterious being from a solar system whose star has collapsed and become a black hole that the being Null’s planet orbits just out of range.  The sixth member of the group is the telepathic being CorVus whose race have evolved past the use of speech to communicate.  The seventh member is a luminous being name whose name is not legible by any language outside of his native but he goes by the name Spectrum.  The Eighth member is a tall being from the warrior race known as the Rin-Kai his name is Pax-Vegter he possesses immense strength. The ninth member of the team is the techno mage named Manteia.  The final member is the earth’s guardian himself Cam.  Each of these members has distinct ways they use their powers in their respective fighting styles.  Cam is the most behind seeing how he was never formally learned how to fight on Earth.  To remedy this AValli  tells Cam that he will teach him one of the universes most dangerous martial arts, The Fist of Punishment.  Cam wishes to find out what this art is but AValli tells him they shall save that explanation for later, now it is time to see each guardian cadets powers on display.  AValli tells them that each of them will get a chance to spar with him to see what they have, his first opponent being Uncia.