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Author Topic: Natsu available (free commision)  (Read 602 times)

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Natsu available (free commision)
« on: March 20, 2023, 10:56:17 AM »

Willing to work for free on any type of manga.

Search through my posts to see what my art looks like.

I will not draw explicit sexual scenes or extreme gore, but some fanservice or blood is ok.

You dont have to pay me initially unless you want to share the production costs of the art or otherwise support me. Even when i draw for fun i have to cover costs like paper/pens/erasers, i also have other plans like updating my printer/scanner/laptop. The exception is using my art on commercial projects, i will take 50 % of income.

The following conditions must be met:
No more than 6 panels per page.
Page count per chapter must be a multiple of 8 or 10 incluiding 8, 10, 16, 20, 24, 30, 32, 40 and 48. One shoots must fit one of the previous, stories longer than 48 pages are automatically series.
You can provide a complete storyboard or just the script, but the script has to be well formatted. Split the story in pages/panels and put in as much detail about the scenes as you can.
I will not make storyboards as that will slow down the process a lot, and i dont enjoy drawing the same thing twice, but you can point some panels or whole pages for me to rework. I will try reworking some pages if i have time but dont take it for guarranted.
I will post any manga i work in this board and in my own site/manga publication for free without exceptions, and also produce and sell up to 100 printed copies. But i will ask you before selling 100+ copies or posting to third party sites. Likewise, you can post the resulting manga for free in your personal site and use my illustrations to promote the work in social media, but you have to ask me before submitting it to third parties or selling 100+ copies yourself.
I make no promises about the speed of publication.
If the story gets crappy, i keep the right to end it (cancel it) by making up to four abrupt ending chapters. I will give you a fair warning and the chance of writting those ending chapters by yourself, you can choose to continue the story with other artist after cancellation, but remember, i still have copyright over the characters i design.

Dont reply to this post. Just PM me if interested.

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Re: Natsu available (free commision)
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2023, 10:02:58 AM »
You're talented.

Hello, I'm Rob Jones a native American screenwriting, comic writer/creator, and producer. I have and am doing all sorts of collaborations with other creatives, and comic artists. I have a few comics and concepts with a few artists I've been collaborating with on places like here/Tapas/DA in the works. I placed in the prestigious Oscars Academy Nichol Fellowship for my screenplay writing. I'm actually also always looking to help other creatives and in return get some concept art or help in some way with their talents. I'd love to collab with you in any way possible! I've worked with & am working with children's book writers, indie comic artists, and pro comic artists/cartoonists. I have some short scripts and more traditional ones. All of my screenplays/writing focus on diverse characters/stories/universes. Definitely looking to build longtime partnerships, looking to collab with artists or trade art for help writing/world-building and stories/characters they have, etc. Have all kinds of samples and concepts/scrips ready if you wanna hear about anything. Here's my email robj42769PLZ READ RULES NO EMAIL ADDRESSES.com my developing indie comic co IG. https://www.instagram.com/5dlightcomics/