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Author Topic: NO1SY's Melodic Metal Scale  (Read 1921 times)

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NO1SY's Melodic Metal Scale
« on: December 21, 2022, 06:59:19 PM »
Hello! :biggrin:

In Flames - O2 Brixton Acadmey - 20/11/2022

So, last month I was showing my Mum pictures from the first concert I’ve been to since covid began, and after the “I just don’t understand how you got into that music, I tried so hard to make sure you liked Blue and Westlife…”, she genuinely surprised me by suggesting that I should give her a list of my kind of music, so she can learn a bit about what I like!? (I had to check that pigs weren’t flying!?)

Most of what I like falls under the category of “Melodic Metal” (although I do listen to some softer rock and jazz stuff too), and I decided to make a scale of songs from kinda easy/light to pretty heavy.

I tried to do just 10 songs but the steps felt too big and some iconic songs were missing (and I still couldn’t fit in all the bands I wanted even with 20…). Also it bugged me that the whole list was male fronted, so I have slotted in the names of some great Female led bands underneath at the points at where I think they land.

I don’t have Spotify (honestly their format is awful for browsing new releases...) so this is the closest I’ll get to sharing my “Music Mood” like my friends do every year around this time with Spotify Wrapped… It's like the advent calendar that no-one needed nor asked for, but if you have some spare time and are curious, see how far you can manage and let me know!

So, thanks for indulging my ramble, and I present:

20 Levels of Melodic Metal:

1. Sabaton - "Winged Hussars"

2. Katatonia - "Serein"

3. Coheed and Cambria - "Welcome Home"

4. Tool - "Schism"

5. Animals As Leaders - "Kascade"

6. TesseracT - "King"

7. System Of A Down - "Chop Suey"
(Unleash the Archers)

8. Eidola - "Counterfeit Shrines"
(Rolo Tomassi)

9. Slipknot - "Duality"

10. Protest The Hero - "C'est La Vie"

11. Mastodon - "Blood and Thunder"

12. Killswitch Engage - "My Curse"

13. Orbit Culture - "Flight of The Fireflies"
(Jinjer) (Infected Rain)

14. Harakiri For The Sky - "I, Pallbearer"

15. Gojira - "Born For One Thing"

16. In Flames - "Take This Life"
(Arch Enemy)

17. August Burns Red - "Composure"

18. Born of Osiris - "Follow The Signs"

19. Archspire - "Drone Corpse Aviator"

20. Lorna Shore - "To The Hellfire"

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