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Author Topic: Please Read Before Posting A Story  (Read 14731 times)

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Please Read Before Posting A Story
« on: May 24, 2015, 09:50:17 PM »
Post Stories, NOT links to other sites.

No exceptions.

The Develop Your Story board is to post your own stories that are still being developed and/or written concepts/projects that you are working onIf you wish to post complete chapters for a story you have already written for / begun writing for then post them in the Manga Creations board.

00) Post only stories/concepts that are in development or written projects that you are working on

01) Post Complete stories here >> Here

02) Fanfics post >> Here

03) It is Recommended to post your story title or in the case of a topic mentioning your projects, your username and a simple title describing the thread is about.

04) You are allowed to make a thread containing project ideas and the like. Especially in situations where you have several stories in the very early levels of development it's better to post them all in one topic.
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