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Author Topic: Trying To Form A Artist/Manga Team (prob 4 people) To Make Manga With..  (Read 796 times)

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I Myself Is A Writer

Im Currently Looking For..

1 More Writer And

2 More Artists

I Myself Write Shonen And Senin  8) :clapping:

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Welcome to the forum!
You're more likely to find people to join your team if we learn more about you, and if you interact with the other artists and writers here.
i.e. is this a paid job offer? how long will this last? is this one story that you're hoping to work on, or several one-shots? etc. The more information you give people, the clearer it will be :P
Maybe post some of your writing in the writing board!
You can also introduce yourself here:,4.0.html
Hope that makes sense, and hope to see you around.
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