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Author Topic: Spiders not allowed in video games.  (Read 1204 times)

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Spiders not allowed in video games.
« on: December 11, 2021, 07:42:54 AM »
Arachnophobia warning
Spoiler tags have spiders in'em

Spiders are cut because of people with arachnophobia. It's a common phobia.
Spiders used to be a staple enemy in video games. From horror to action-adventure, there are always spiders somewhere
The removal of spiders is not a creative decision. Most decisions are made in movies and video games by test audiences and focus groups.

Focus groups are used by companies to decide how to make the perfect spaghetti sauce and whatnot. Then they found their way into gaming.

Fallout 4 had base building mechanics because at the time all the kids they did focus groups on wanted Mindcraft.

As a company even if 1% of the focus groups say they will not play a game because of the spiders. 1% is a lot of money
When Skyrim came out in 2011 I remember people saying they will not play it because of the spiders. After that spiders started showing less and less in games.

Now if spiders are put in a game they are made to look less like spiders and more like crabs. Fewer eyes, legs less spidery. Because those parts of what trigger the phobia. 

To the point now they are scraped from remakes like the Resident Evil ones. I played the Resident Evil 3 remake when it came, it's partly what made me write this. RE 3 remake and FF7 remake are the first games I pick after I stopped playing video games for a couple of years. So I'm noticing how games are different now.
Grounded is a new game with spiders in it. Later they added an option to remove them. Which I think is the perfect solution to please both parties. But most of the time they just cut them outright from games.

Who cares. They are just spiders. Spiders are not creative. I'm glad they are gone. Modeling and animating spiders cost soo much time and money. They don't fit modern games. We have much better enemies to replace them. Be grateful you have a game in the first place. Don't get your knickers in a twist.
Those were some of the counterarguments.

Mostly by gaming journalists. Those people are the worst. Watch FF7 remake world map get cut and them defending that with the same arguments.

It's not just a matter of spiders getting cut. A lot of decisions are made this way.

Like I know nowadays when they make horror movies, they try to make them not too scary. Because it might scare off some people from watching them. 

Imagine when they made The exorcist, it was too scary for audiences. so they made it less scary.

Pet Sematary book, the original movie, and remake spoilers
In the remake they change it where the older sister gets hit by the truck. Then said it was to "Subvert your expectations"
Was it?
Or a scene of a toddler getting killed by a truck was too upsetting for audiences. People won't go watch a movie that will upset them. So the movie makers go for the safe creepy little girl trope.

"Subvert your expectations"
Whenever they say things like that, it's just for media consumption.

And I'm consuming a lot of remakes and adaptations lately

Remakes/adaptations serve to show how our beloved media won't be made today. Part of me didn't want to write this, don't want to be the grinch grump. I'm trying hard to not break into song and rant.

It means something to me as someone how loves those media and aspires to create. Horror was my first passion. This feels like a weird form of censorship

Do you guysandgals remember 4kids? In my part of the world, we had a severe case of the 4kids. Now imagine if the anime companies making the shows gave the 4kids treatment to their own shows.

Back then. Watching DBZ heavily censored beyond recognition. Little ol me knew the show is not supposed to be like that. I knew out there in the world exists an unsullied version. One day I might get to experience it. 

Playing RE3 remake. Spiders and other monsters cut, areas cut. Character design changed. The story changed. Dialogue is all swearing and fluff. Characters are made into one-dimensional tropes. Zombies made to be not scary. Extra game modes and bones cut.

And most of those were not creative decisions, something I would have respected. 

I felt like I was experiencing the 4kids-ish censored version. This time around the uncensored version doesn't exist. Because that's how the company made it. And I feel deep dredd, thinking about how my favorite new media might not even get the chance to be the best version of itself.

Spiders cut from media to not scare people with Arachnophobia from buying them.

Companies arrive at those decisions after doing a bunch of test audience and focus groups. It's not a creative decision.

Thinks being cut is reminiscing of how shows used to be censored, except now it's done by the creators.

I'm not against test audience and focus groups, It's a tool, can be used good or bad. The way things going everything might end up vanilla flavored.

Thank you for reading

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Re: Spiders not allowed in video games.
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2021, 09:02:51 PM »
Although I'm aware and irked by annoying and invasive hyper-consumerist capital incentives in the videogame industry, I must say that I'm not really noticing this one a whole lot... I haven't played a huge amount of very new/popular games recently, but surely this all depends on how accessible a developer (and possibly publisher) wants their game to be. This usually comes down to 1. how popular and widely appealing they want the game to be, and 2. which age rating/certification they want the game to be (this is actually quite a big deal when I compare the difference in the maturity of the delivery between the stories of GW2 (rated 12) and FFXIV (rated 15)).

If a developer wants to maximise the amount of money they make from a game, then it is beneficial for them to cater to the lowest common denominator in terms of taste, challenge and appeal, and it makes sense to avoid including common phobias that could have a substantial impact of their revenues. On the other hand their are still plenty of dev studios and publishers that stick to their artistic visions of their products rather than opting to try to make ALL of the money.

Perhaps it all just feels more prevalent and pervasive now because the entertainment industry has grown so large? The quantity of new media being produced for us to consume is enormous so we here so much more news about all sorts of new products, even if they were never made to appeal to us in the first place and there is still lots of media coming out that does cater to our own tastes too.

Or maybe this really is just an inevitable race to the bottom of artistic creativity and integrity until the world simultaneously reaches a socialist utopia that allows for complete freedom of expression without the corrupting influence of having to contantly grow stock prices.

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Re: Spiders not allowed in video games.
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2021, 04:06:44 AM »
try to make ALL of the money.
I think that basically sums up most of the decisions made by larger companies, they dont care about making a *good* game, they are ultimately a company to make money. So understandably a lot of decisions will suit the majority of consumers rather than follow some artisticunique design path.

Changing the subject a little, I think this is also the reason a lot of anime don't stray far from the known successful tropes, like shounen which is almost copy-paste format between different shows.
But there are a lot of really nice niche anime that aren't well known, probably because they don't fit the format it doesnt appeal to a wider audience.

Ultimately unless it is a project of passion, it's for money at the end of the day I think. I've always wondered how my manga/art style would change if I started to go professional and appeal to try and get a larger fanbase.
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