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Author Topic: A Knight of Earth and Stone  (Read 476 times)

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A Knight of Earth and Stone
« on: December 06, 2021, 11:09:54 AM »
Alan could still remember the last time he saw his father.  He was four when his father walked out of the house leaving Alan with his mother.  "When you can protect yourself and what you hold dear, come and find me."  These were the words Alan lived by.  By the time he was was six, he was a squire for Sir Ferris.  Sir Ferris was known across the land as the "Grinning Knight," but until becoming a squire, Alan only called him uncle.

During the day, Alan would tend to horses, practice swordsmanship, and learn how to survive in harsh conditions with Sir Ferris.  Days were long and trying, but they allowed him to become more resilient.  During the evening and night Alan's mother would come to teach him during the week and talk with him on the weekends.  The weekends were the days he looked forward to the most.  These were the days letters from his father would arrive.  His mother would read them to him, letting him know that even if his father was away, he still thought of them, and sent them money he earned.  After all, his father was an adventurer.

When Alan was training with Sir Ferris at the age of seven, Alan learned of his magical aptitude.  Shaping the Earth and stones around him to provide him with weapons or a shield as he needed.  Sir Ferris told him, "Magic is a great tool that can help you in many ways, but there are places in this world where it doesn't function properly or even at all.  Do not rely on it unless it is a last resort.  You always have the strength of your body, but magic should not be relied on wholly."  With that Sir Ferris forbade Alan from using magic until he had proven himself worthy of the title of Knight.

After reaching the age of ten Alan was introduced to Nephele, the eldest daughter of the Baron of the Clouds, Baron Aither.  The baron had been under the protection of Sir Ferris when he was younger and trusted the safety of his family only to his or his Knights' protection.  Nephele was eight at the time, but seemed to loath Alan.  She would never look at or even acknowledge Alan, despite being very open and kind toward Sir Ferris.

Sir Ferris and Baron Aither decided to have the children get to know each other better.  They decided to have a few days of the week be dedicated to having them spend time together.  Alan, hated these days.  The time when he and Nephele were alone, were spent in silence or with her running away from him.  Although Sir Ferris' land were clear of monsters, different animals still roamed the lands, making the area dangerous to a noble's daughter who didn't have any survival experience.

After two months of these encounters, Nephele ended up getting lost in the woods outside of Sir Ferris' estate.  By the time Alan had found her, it was already dusk, with night quickly approaching.  Nephele was frightened, and refused to move until she knew someone who could keep her safe arrived.  However, night fell leaving the woods cloaked in total darkness.  Alan grabbed Nephele's hand and started dragging her back towards Sir Ferris' home after hearing movement deeper in the forest.  While heading back Alan spots a wolf not too far off in the woods and stops holding his breath hoping it will move on without noticing them.  Nephele see it and screams, catching the wolf's attention and drawing it to them.  Armed only with his practice sword and knowing he cannot outrun the animal, Alan prepares to fight the animal.

With this story, I am planning on focusing more on the arcane, studied/inherited, magic, and how they are obtained and used.  I also am planning on using this story to describe the world's origins and what magical powers came to exist in this world.  Again, any comments/thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you.