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Sins of the Abyssals
« on: October 02, 2021, 11:52:05 PM »
Hi folks! After some internal debate I've officially decided to choose Stellaris as the platform for this modification. Originally I intended to have Sins of a Solar Empire, but the whole concept of shipgirls required a change to Stellaris (literal dating sim on the diplomacy???). For many years I have dreamt of a Real Time Strategy game set in the KanColle universe and none have come. Then my friend on Reddit posted his intention for a RTS mod with shipgirls in, and I signed up. LOL.

Ever heard of Longswords dogfighting with Zeroes, or ships fending off Stuka attacks? Well, the bad guys here are all villanized WWII ships/aircraft. LOL. That means actual propellers in space too.
For those who don't understand, I'll simplify. Starships, with fusion torches, fighting ships with propellers, space fighters fighting piston propeller aircraft, in space.

How many memes are gonna come out of this?


For the short term, continue creating the necessary meshes that will be used for the Mod. The primary focus is on the UNSC meshes and the CMA ones (though we've mainly gotten past that stage save for the CMA destroyers/cruisers, plus some Abyssal ones). So you will end up seeing ships such as the Galactica, Atago, Kongo, Suzuya, Fubuki for the CMA, and the battleships/cruisers/destroyers in WWII for the Abyssal ships, plus fighters that run on propellers for the Abyssals. All with their own custom weapons (helical railguns for CMA, coilguns for UNSC, gunpowder bullet guns for Abyssals), strengths, and weaknesses; however it is unknown at this time if it will be possible to add Particle Accelerator Cannons (or as my friend calls it: Particle Lances or PAC) as it is a POWERFUL weapon that is designed to destroy fleets if supercharged and I have yet to see an gun like it in Stellaris thus far, but we will certainly be trying! As the mod progresses we will add more ships to this line-up. Hopefully.


While this mod is very much new, there is actively only TWO people working on this mod and that is myself, and an old friend who is also a lurker on Reddit, plus a tough-as-balls conservative. I am myself a good mesher, and my friend is a good mesh texturer. He also directs a pretty nice chunk of the media releases. Still, we're actively seeking those familiar with Modding within Stellaris for scripting and implementing changes on a large scale as well as other talented mesh artists. Please do reach out and contact me if you'd be interested in helping out!

My thanks to all of you in advance.

Some updates:

Here's the Atago-class heavy cruiser. There's a lot others on the line-up, too.

Richard Scepton, Dev, Sins of the Abyssals team, aiming to bring to life KanColle/Azur Lane/Halo/BSG together all in one mod for Stellaris

Link FFFN: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/13678946/