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Hello, My name is Malena. I am a college student studying filmmaking but I have interests in Manga and Anime. I am looking for a Manga Artist for a story I am currently writing.

Title Production: Hangover's Autumn Lover

The Synopsis:
Shohei, 17, is a young teenager who has the ability to create illusions, he can only create these when he senses someone or something in danger. He creates illusions in the eyes of the individual to trap their mind inside a fantasy world which is a lie. Whilst fighting back the enemies causing the trouble. But, He regrets it until he meets Liya.

Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Drama

Character Outline:
The story consists of 2 protagonists, a 19-year-old Liya Nilsen who was raised in Norway by her mother. Liya ran away from her abusive father at the age of 11. She hasn’t heard from her mother since then. And a 17-year-old, Shohei who was raised in Tokyo. Both his parents were well behaved and loving but his father was so much different.

Liya Nilsen is a 19-year-old International Student Studying Veterinary in Japan. She works at a Convenience Store at a Gas Station near her Flat. She is a White European young girl. She has teal eyes, Brown Light Hair with Bangs, and is slim.

On the other hand, Shohei is 17 years old, who possesses the ability to hallucinate. He is in his final year a few months before finals and is turning 18.

When I'm saying Manga, I mean old-style manga and the anime in 90s OVA format

Chapter 1
The story begins with Liya Nilsen talking to her co-worker at the gas station in the convenience store she works at during nights. They talk about cute, handsome, or even good Japanese Celebrities like Toshiki Kadomatsu or Tomoko Aran. Liya finishes her night shift and leaves. She happens to walk through a random street that she has never come across before. As she passes the alley, a group of men drinking, and smoking make comments about her body. Liya feels uncomfortable. She sprints. “Hold on!” - one guy came in front of her and stopped her from walking. The other guys approached her, “Are you down for a drink or anything to eat?” - One asked. But Liya feared that something bad was going to happen so she ran away. The guys were in confusion. Liya cannot see what is happening because the guys who made the comment acted differently somehow. She was glad to lose them so she kept her normal speed walking home. But, she doesn't realize that someone saved her. She keeps walking through the same alley and happens to adore the beautiful lighting from the colorful lanterns above her head. The alley becomes more crowded as she walks, and some girls come across her and ask Liya if she is interested in coming along for a drink. But Liya refused since she had to go to class the following day.

Before the scene cuts, the camera is screening the shadow of someone outside Liya’s window in the darkness. That person then walks away, and the scene cuts to Liya yawning in her seat at University.

If you are interested in collabs, please email me at malenadufl@outlook.com

Thank you


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