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Newbie manga artist here! I'm Punix, here is my artwork


Hi , I'm Punix
I'm manga artist , open for hire , we can negotiate about the price, i have experience on manga more than 7 years

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for more gallery, follow here

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if you interested , sent me message right away!

Hi man. I love your art. I'm currently trying to make this huge story named "Among The Chaos." It's a story I have been working on for 3 years and I think it's about time to bring it to life in the next year or so. I am new to this whole looking for a manga artist thing so you're actually the first on this website that I was interested in. About the price. I would love to give you money but I'm currently a teenager and I'm a broke man. I just turned 16 and that's around the time you can actually work. So I'm just starting life and when I eventually get a job I will start trying to see if I can pay you. But if you're not willing to do this free for now than I respect that. Just I'm willing for us to get along like friends instead of just owing each other things. Money doesn't matter to me when I do creative things. With you though I respect whatever choice you have. After seeing your drawings, I think it fits the mood and feel of my story.

Yo Punix. Sorry, but I had to remove your links. We don't allow posting of links until you've made 25 posts. Please feel free to make a gallery and embed some images though. I also encourage you to introduce yourself in the Welcome Center (you too, JJL04!)

MR isn't really a place for job searching. We're here to foster a community, and allow people to find collaborators through getting to know each other. We're old school like that, lol.


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