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Manga artist needed (paid)

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--- Quote from: Coryn on July 12, 2021, 12:10:25 PM ---Sorry y'all, but but I had to nix your links. We don't allow link posting until you've hit the 25 post mark in order to keep our members save from predatory behavior. Thanks for your understanding.

However, please feel free to keep links in your signatures and make yourselves known around the forum. We concentrate on building a community first, and advertising second around here. Call it the holistic approach, lol.

--- End quote ---

All good.


--- Quote from: zakhalll on June 02, 2021, 11:51:04 AM ---Looking for a manga artist. This is for 1 book, though it may end up being a long term project if it ends up being popular.

As with traditional manga, the work will be black and white, no color.

The payment will be $40 a page or $880 for 22 pages. Payment will increase 300-400% if the book gains popularity.

Please send examples of your previous work to be considered but please note, my expectations are very high. No hobby artists!

--- End quote ---
i have good hobby artist level, looking forward as pro artist\creator .twitter @SadSadPops



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