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Author Topic: Advice seeking for a plot idea  (Read 263 times)

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Advice seeking for a plot idea
« on: March 14, 2021, 08:36:35 AM »
Dear all

i am writing to ask for advices or somebody to help me with plot ideas

like i wanted to make this story on Gaia the idea P.S inspiration came from gintama's altana
the idea is there is a tribe that was imbued with gaia they have a gene for being able to be imbued with gaia that's the natural way to have gaia in one person

i was thinking of making it there a way to be imbued with gaia artifically through either sacrifices done to gaia that's number 1

number 2 is [/color] to have a gene therapy done on the person to mimic the same genetic mutation for being imbued with gaia but that beats the orginial goal of my story where i wanted to make it just sacrifices done sacrifices is really important for my story i would like to keep that part

number 3 is the most possible one to be honest like gaia is an enitity and sacrifices are done here to be imbued with gaia

do you have a better suggestion on these please as i am developing a story i really need help here