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Author Topic: Mahlua's Voice Acting/Goof Booth  (Read 4046 times)

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Mahlua's Voice Acting/Goof Booth
« on: July 07, 2018, 02:44:26 AM »
Yeah I've never been any official projects that got off the ground (there was that one time I was invited to a Strawberry Panic fandub...like I said, never really got off the ground) but I'm sorta known in my group of friends for doing voice stuff. I have a Soundcloud. I have audacity. I have an okay headset. What kind of stupid nonsense do you guys want me to get up to?

I try to make a demo tomorrow-ish. My vocal range is like...starting from a maybe little lower than Urbosa from the new Zelda game to pure on neko loli girl status. I made a drunk guy stumble over once because I switched from my low to high on a dime. I've been working on trying to get better at sounding masculine, but sometimes it still sounds like a forced accent.

Or if you want me to try parody/character impressions that's cool too. Not like I'm making money on any of this.

For that demo, though, why don't y'all give me some tropes or themes you want me to try to explore?
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