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Author Topic: Which Anime series you are watching ?  (Read 182204 times)

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Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« Reply #1920 on: May 01, 2021, 09:44:08 PM »
I'm watching Ikkitousen and read some manga I like Ikkitousen writing but I don't like the sexy stuff. I'm trying to understand the writing for each series I'm watching
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Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« Reply #1921 on: May 02, 2021, 03:39:31 PM »
Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

This is a great series that I believe gets an unfair reputation. Victory is very odd but from beginning to end I was completed engaged in the story and the rapid pace of the plot. I didn't completely understand what the themes of the show were but ultimately I really enjoyed it and it's one of my top 5 Gundam series that I've seen so far.

People always say Victory is depressing, and yes there are some gut wrenching moments here. But this show isn't nearly as crushing as Zeta Gundam was in the end. Victory had a really great ending and a ton of really memorable and emotionally moments. There were scenes that almost made me cry because of how strong the combination of music and visuals were. It had a lot of the same problems with Tomino Gundam series, most notably how some female characters will completely change midway through and become more and more difficult to understand. Katejina was poorly written and she was really hard to follow.

The production values are good and the show is able to stay consistent by scaling back on detail and shading. The last two episodes are incredible and they look almost OVA quality. The fight above the clouds made for a striking backdrop. They put everything into animating it nicely! The opening is also the most incredible one I've seen from Gundam. The animation sequences are so insanely smooth and well thought out. The first opening "STAND UP TO THE VICTORY" is an absolute masterpiece, the song is an incredible inspirational hero anthem. "Don't Stop! Carry On!" is also really good, although most of the animation from the first OP is reused. 90's Gundam is easily the best looking for me, nothing comes close to the sheer coolness. I recommend everyone to watch this opening and appreciate the sheer coolness of it, link.   

My favorite characters were Marbet, Usa and Fuala. The show is unique in that Uso is younger than other Gundam protagonists. Marbet was a great character who is underappreciated. Fuala was just, ya. I liked the cast although I feel the writing for a lot of them was downright strange. Tomino puts so much weird and questionable stuff in these series, it makes it entertaining but sometimes it's too much with the baby stuff.

I loved the drama of Victory and the sort of silly way every character talked. I love dramatic anime, that is why I like SEED so much. This show was full of battles and characters using unique tactics. There is a motorcycle theme to some of the bad guys, they ride around in red bikes on earth, then they build giant wheels for the mobile suits to fly around in AND THEN THE BATTLE SHIPS HAVE GIANT WHEELS ON THEM! I love this weirdness that 90's Gundam is packed with. I really enjoyed Victory, I thought it was a great weird show. I understand why people might not like it but I feel it gets unfairly bashed. I'm happy I gave this show a chance. Gundam is great because it's weird, dramatic and doesn't totally make sense. 

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