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Bleach MR: Memories Unto The Dawn

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That's right folks! It's the exciting continuation to the Bleach MR universe that literally nobody knew was going to ever happen until the moment I wrote this chapter last December and just now got around to editing and fleshing out what the story was actually going to be about in my head!

But seriously, I'm here to do this little spin off of mine justice this time around, instead of just cobbling together a story before the deadline came like I did last time. So here's the first chapter, enjoy!


Captain Noisey of the 10th Division strolled down the wide avenues of the Seireitei, a gentle puff-puff of water vapor following him wherever he went. He pulled his woolen scarf tighter as he walked, a feeble attempt to keep out the cold. “Those two had better have ordered some tea for when I get there…” The captain murmured to no one in particular. It was just as well, for the streets were nearly free of souls, as anyone without business was keeping indoors to avoid the winter chill. It went without saying that this included his vice-captain, who was perfectly satisfied to stay at headquarters and bury her thoughts in one of the many esoteric books she kept on her person at seemingly all times. ‘I’ll be just fine by myself.’, she had said, 'Although I would prefer if you bring back a few things, since you're going out anyway.’ she had continued, with just enough inflection in her voice to make it clear that she would prefer for her captain to take his time, and not bother her for a few hours.
        In fact, after looking at the list, Noisey wasn't entirely sure it was all legal. But he had been in the game long enough to understand that if you were a captain, you let your vice-captain get away with the little indiscretions, so that they would let you get away with the big ones. It was after all, ultimately within a captain's purview to challenge the chain of command when the chain of command was being daft.
        And that's just the way he liked it.
        Still, he would have preferred if the chain of command was being anything. Life had been quiet in the year and a half since the Night of Maggot’s Dance, and he was beginning to wonder if it would be safe to take a long overdue holiday to the World of the Living. “Maybe someplace warm.” He remarked to himself as he reached his destination.

        “Welcome Sir! Please follow me, your table is in the back!” Chimed the waitress, and she beckoned for him to follow.
        As drinking spots went, it was passable for a respectable captain such as himself to be found there. This was, after all, still the Seireitei. But its usual clientele was going to lean closer to your average low ranking soul reaper. Still, he couldn't argue with their prices, and he was a man of his troops. It was good for morale for the captain to be seen associating with his division. Although he wished they would keep their voices to a dull roar. “Excuse me miss, but how many patrons do you have right now?”
        She seemed genuinely surprised. “Just your party sir. They arrived several hours ago.”
        Noisey's heart sank as they reach the door to his room. “In that case, I'd like an order of hot tea for the room.” As the waitress hurried off, Noisey stepped into the reserved space. Inside, Vacant, Captain of the 3rd Division, and Lego, Captain of the 11th Division were creating such a racket that it was hard to believe that only two voices were responsible for it.
        Finally settling down, Noisey was quickly accosted by Lego grabbing his collar. “Hey, hey Noisey! Check this out. Vacant, check this out!” Lego rose about half way up, reached towards where he expected his sword to be, realized he had set it on the floor next to the table, and fell over attempting to pick it up. “That time didn't count…”
        Vacant gently scratched his beard as he watched the farce happening before his eyes. “He tried the same trick half an hour ago. Didn't work then either. Glad you could make it mate. Need a drink?” He gestured at Noisey with a sake bottle, the warm liquid inside sloshing back and forth.
        “I've just ordered tea actually. But what happened to you two? Wasn't the point of this meetup to discuss joint division training?”
        Vacant took a moment to ponder the question before responding. “Well about that, Sken was supposed to be here too, but he got railroaded into giving lessons at the academy today in order to make up for destroying it last year.”
        In fact, they had all been paying a penance for their actions the previous year. Coryn had gotten off relatively lightly compared to Vacant, who had taken out the majority of the 8th Division’s barracks. The 3rd was ordered to house them in their own headquarters until that section of the Seireitei had been rebuilt. Lego had been made to cover the damages to Execution Hill, which came with a high price for restoration of such an ancient site. So all things being equal, a few classes here and there were a light sentence.
        Lego was finally upright again. “Wass they got him teaching? Stupid science it bet! Unethical!”
        “Zanjutsu I think.” Replied Vacant. “Believe it or not, he was the top ranked swordsman in our class. Not that it mattered to us much. Noisey and I were never swordsmen to begin with.” He turned back to Noisey, “So as I was telling Lego then, we should just show up early, have a few bottles, then do a cheeky bite with Coryn when he gets released.”
        “I see.” Was Noisey's only reply. He would have said more, but was interrupted by Lego.
        “Who says he's so good with a sword!”
        “I...I did?” Replied Vacant.
        Kenpachi was not impressed. “He doesn't even use his sword! Keeps it all wrapped up like a mummy! I bet I'm a better swordsman! I bet...I bet it's super small and he's just ashamed! That's why he just throws those magic lights around! I'm the Kenpachi gosh darn it!”
        Noisey was finally getting into it, and nearly busted out laughing. “Lego, mate, I think I you need to slow down.” He pushed forward the tea that had arrived while they talked. “If you got into a fight at the Academy, I'm pretty sure most of the students could take you down right now.”
        Lego smiled belligerently. “Noisey my friend, when man drinks milk, nothing is impossible!”
        “I'm going! Someone pay my tab! I'm gonna kick someone's ass!”

        The other two captains quieted the Kenpachi’s immediate bloodlust, but after a pot of tea, a quick detour to an okonomiyaki stall, and a few hours, the motley crew finally arrived at the Spiritual Arts Academy with Noisey's imposing frame leading them. Vacant was mostly himself again, but Lego was beginning to slip into 'completely useless’ territory. “Why are we here again? And where is here?”
        “It's the Academy. We're here to collect Coryn remember?”
        “Fight Sken?”
        “You know what I said. But you should know where we are, you went here.” Noisey was beginning to look worried.
        “Yesh, yes I did. But they kicked me out for 'social maladjustment’. Shows what they know, I can command people all day!” Lego said it with a degree of enthusiasm that the 10th captain found unnerving.
        “I think I liked it better when you two didn't get along.”
        They eventually found who they were looking for in one of the academy dojos. The doors were open to keep the combatants cool, and they could see Coryn standing at the center of the room, his long hair tied back. Students sat along the back wall, occasionally rising to engage their substitute teacher, only to beaten off with a few strikes, and sent back to signal the next student.
        Coryn had removed his haori, but it was clear that he was yet to break a sweat. It would take more than a few dozen recruits to challenge a captain of the Gotei 13. Noisey scratched at his beard and wondered if any of them had the potential to become captains themselves, or if they were destined to die in some far of place fighting a two-bit hollow.
        They stood and watched with varying degrees of patience. And while Coryn made no mention of them, it was clear that several of the students were growing uneasy at the site of four captains all gathered together. That, and Lego was radiating an aura of killing intent in the general direction of the universe at large, as he began to slip into a well earned hangover. Finally though, the line of students reached its end, and the class was dismissed. Coryn placed his wooden sword on a nearby rack, and donned his haori which he had left hanging besides it. “It warms my heart that you came all the way out here to get me, but it looks like you fell down a flight or three of stairs on the way. What kind of captain gets this drunk in the middle of the day?”
        Vacant replied with sarcasm laced in his voice. “Maybe it's you who has the problem! I remember when the three of us would get drunk during the day all the time!”
        Coryn sighed. “Maybe a few hundred years ago. But now we're the ones doing the fighting and dying when real trouble breaks out.”
        “Amen to that! There hasn't been enough to do around here for months!” Cried Lego, who was somewhat missing the point.
        The 12th Division captain could only shrug at the remark. “Well with that settled, let's find someplace warm and go over the details of this training program.”
        Together the captains set out. But they shared a sense of unease. Noisey had felt it on his way out of his office. Lego had felt it when his drink was first served. Vacant had woken up feeling it. And Coryn could feel it as he sparred with the Academy students. Each had dismissed it as nothing. Each was wrong.
        The captains were being watched.
        The Seireitei was being watched.
        The whole Soul Society was being watched.

Is it Arrancar level threats, or Bach level threat?

Oh gawd the canon should totally reach such ludicrious levels of fighting against quincy.

Wait a minute there's opportunity for Quincies in this fan fic.

Wait a minute I feel like I sound like Donald Trump when hitting that sake. But yes I have the best sword fighting skill. The most beautiful. Bigly. Yes.

Man this was a welcome treat. Looks like this writing-on-the-go thing is working out pretty well for you, Coryn.

Actually pretty interested in what Vacant and No1sey will be up to. Will there be a chance to see new Taicho's and Fuku-taichous?

Oh good, I'm not jumping right into a Yawach level threat (if ever). I'm still not sure I wanted actual bleach to go that direction man. (Not to mention those guys had like, no rules you can reliably follow. Kubo was just throwing stuff at the wall to see what stuck. Quincies only use bows and arrows my foot)

Drunk slurring is hard to write. Especially when you're trying to write as someone else.. But I don't foresee much more of that in this diddy.

I definitely have plans to reveal more captains and such, but it's hard to fill out the roster. The first installment in this universe was mainly based around the Happy Hour crew, so you can expect those guys at least. Bit I obviously want to work in the Raiders we know have a love for Bleach the most. But even once you decide you're putting someone in, you realize you now must at least create a shikai for them, if not a bankai. Noisey's came easily for shikai, but I still don't know how his bankai will work. It's such a cop out too, to just be like "it's shikai but with a massive power up". That works for a couple characters, but more often than not you want it to really ascend to another level.

So for this fix, you can reliably count on a deeper dive in noisey, as well as the abilities of the known captains not displayed in the first fix, but I want to save some cards for later.

Coach Fro:
I had a feeling this was coming eventually. Great start indeed, Coryn! Curious as to what the next threat to the soul society is gonna be.

If extra bodies are needed to fill in the roster, then I'll be glad to throw my hat into the ring.  Got a couple shikai and bankai ideas in mind to save you the trouble, if you're interested.

Thanks Fro!

Personalized zonpakuto ideas are always welcome. There's an old topic in the now much forgotten bleach section about just that thing, which is where I got Lego's from in my first Bleach MR story. So yeah, hit me with it, and who knows. Maybe you'll be a surprise add as the other afroed gotei 13 member.

Of course, I reserve the right to curtail you if you're too OP. I theoretically got 8 captains and 12 vice captains to fill in yet after all, so I have to maintain so.e level of balance in the meta.  :tongue:


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