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How did he "No Title Yet"


Kael Zencharia:
This isn't a whole story chapter it's more like 1/4 of the story i made.Translated Version -This Story is about 2 men trying to prove to each other who's the smartest.

When Neon got into the crime scene he immediatly check the dead bodies
Police - i think this people got killed by their rival group
Neon - i doubt it
Police - They have different wounds,3 of them have gunshot wounds,and 2 got stabbed from behind
Neon - yes you're right but look there's another dead bodies with the same wounds,someone punctured their jugular veins,and i'm pretty sure they pinicked when someone attacked the other members,it was their instint who killed them
Police - so you mean this wasn't a gangwar?
Neon - no i'm sure about that,as you can see the light is off,they weren't attacked from the outside the killer was already inside the house
Police - yeah we know but there's no other finger prints on switch,that guy has his finger print "Pointing out one of the dead bodies" but other than that theres no one else
Neon - i could do the same,by putting glue on your fingers you can make another layer of skin,new finger skin with no finger prints
-this is all for now,Can't really share everything cause the story is already paid by someone-


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