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Author Topic: God Law Roleplaying -Recrutement & Discussion thread  (Read 781 times)

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God Law Roleplaying -Recrutement & Discussion thread
« on: July 25, 2017, 12:29:45 PM »


Synopsis: God as cease to exist, believing that humanity could become completely independant, that being said, God left behind one final rule.

-One can become God by successfully defeating the angels but, if the majority decide to do a Coup d'etat a new tournement will be opened.

Will you rule the world with destruction or peace?

RULES: This is a martial art RP, that being said, there will be various and different plots, think of it logically, there are no limits of that sort but, your participation will be required, one player that does not give sign of life during an extended period of time might resolved into the death of their characters.

GAMEPLAY: This section is probably the most important section to be aware of, let us go into it as understable as possible...

In this game, your character will have to use a martial art style, yet we understand that not everyone might know any martial arts (there will be basic martial arts that you can pick or choose another one out of those choices.) but, what really matters in the combat mode VS a player is the "matches" for example:

Player 1: Use High kick.....

Player2: Use Duck High kick....

Result: Player 2 gain advantage

Player 1: Cannot give any commands....

Player 2: Use Mid Punch.....

Result: Player 1 loses 10% of health bar (View health bar section)

The Attacks commands are listed here:

*These are the basic moves that each player have and does not affect the stamina of the characters but, a special moveset will be created with the players and will affecting stamina. (Check the stamina section)


H1 (High punch with left hand)

H2 (High punch with right hand)

H3 (High kick with left leg)

H4 (High kick with right leg)

M1 (Mid punch with left hand)

M2 (Mid punch with right hand)

M3 (Mid kick with left leg)

M4 (Mid kick with right leg)

L1 (Low punch with left hand)

L2 (Low punch with right hand)

L3 (Low kick with left leg)

L4 (Low kick with right leg)

Remember, H is for high, M for mid and L for low, even in the Guard and ducking system but, to make players able to enjoy the game more, we cut the Guard/Duck system in something less complicated...

Let's start with the Guarding:

By using 'GUARD', your character does not take damages, except for Unblockable hits and does not gain you any advantages to counter attack, it is still an easier system and a safe block...

Guard commands:


GH (Guarding Highs)

GM (Guarding Mids)

GL (Guarding Lows)



By using 'DUCK', if successfully inputed, your character does not take any damages, parries unblockable hits too, and give you a free hit on your opponents, this system is much more complicated than the Guarding system...

Duck commands:


DH1 (Duck high left punches)

DH2 (Duck high right punches)

DH3 (Duck high left kicks)

DH4 (Duck high right kicks)


DM1 (Duck mid left punches)

DM2 (Duck mid right punches)

DM3 (Duck mid left kicks)

DM4 (Duck mid right kicks)


DL1 (Sway low left punches)

DL2 (Sway low right punches)

DL3 (Sway low left kicks)

DL4 (Sway low right kicks)

Unblockable moves, as the name says it, thoses moves that are unlockable throughout EXPs, will be very damaging moves to the opponents and the user's stamina will drop low as well.


Yes, combos will also be unlockable via EXP shops, after purchasing them a user can perform them in real matches, using little stamina depending on the combo, you might need thoses to become the next god!

Health bar/HP:

Every player start the game with a 100% health but, this health bar can be upgraded through EXP stores or during the character creation, once One's HP points falls to 0%, he will either have to be enslaved his/her opponent, will be incapacited for a number of days or Knocked out.


Special moves such as combos, unblockables and more may result into a forced break (Hospitalized, skip turn), to avoid that remember not to constantly fight or have activities that may result into dropping your stamina.

To regain stamina is simple, having natural activities such as rest, going into a direction, everyday activities will not affect your stamina, by such staminas will be restored.

MISSIONS: The main mission for all players is to become "GOD" by collecting the seven feathers and claim the title but, various other sub-quests will remain available, gaining EXPs results in gaining more stats.

TEAMS: Players can create parties, by doing so, you can get a fight advantage and turn a 1 VS 1 in a 2 VS 1, stats will be recieved equally by all teamates.

LIFE STYLE: In the character creation, you are able to select your job or social status, thus will result in your incomes and what you can purchase throughout the game, hacking devices, NPCs and many more features. By being wealthy, you will be attacked by NPCs more often than an mid-class or poorer class.

Affilation: Depending on your in-game action you can vary between "Good", "Anti-Hero" and "Evil".

STORY MODE: After creating your character, you will be having an experience through the story, not all the players be having the same trouble and stories, you will have a unique storyline with NPCs and/or other players.

ENTOURAGE: In this RP, the society will be affected with each players actions, for example; If player 1 decided to start a war with a wealthy family, the news and citizens will constantly discuss the matter, resulting that player 2 may get information on Player 1.

EXP: A certain number of EXPs will level you up, with this you will be able to spend points to upgrade your stats.



If you will be unable to participate, inform game master and your character will be on a "inactive" status but, as soon as you are ready to return to the game you can activate back your character.

Lobby: In the lobby, you can discuss the game, ask questions and many other things regarding the game. Players, Waiting players and guests can chat there!

How to win: The requirement to win is to collect the seven feathers around the world and become god.

Leaderboard: A leaderboard will be keeping your win/lost ratio.

Sign up to recieve you character creation sheet!