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Pokemon One Piece Mix


I watch One Piece and Pokemon and while thinking about the Regi trio, Regirock, regice, and registeel, they reminded me of the three admirals pre timeskip, Kuzan Aokiji, Borsalino Kizaru, and Sakazuki Akainu, from One Piece. I know that they're alot of legendary trios in pokemon but the thing that resembles the regi trio to the admirals the most is the fact that the regi trios have humanoid bodies. If anyone is up for the challenge, try to draw the reg trio with One piece marines admiral uniform. I look forward to seeing it.

Here's a picture of the regi trio:

Here's a picture of the three admirals:

Maybe someone can draw regigigas as fleet admiral too. Regigigas has short legs compared to his body like Fleet admiral sengoku in his Buddha form.

Here's a picture of regigigas:

Here's a picture of Fleet Admiral Sengoku:

Sounds cool?


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