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The 'Batmen' of Manga and Anime


The Batmen of Manga and Anime

"Because I'm Batman."
It's the be all end-all statement for a man who shouldn't be alive by any rights, considering the universe he's in and the opponents he's up against. Still, he holds a place of high esteem and showcases a real ability to take down the most overpowered of opponents. Irregardless of the fact that one good shot on him should kill him, he still preserveres against all odds, using his gear and ingenuity to come out victories. 

There are countless examples of powerless crusaders and warriors. In fact, I'm pretty sure TV Troupes can serve a better listing than what we can come up with when it comes to pointing out some Badass Normals, but this is my personal list - Legends I consider the core of some great stories because of how deadly and effective they are despite the world they are surrounded in.

So without further ado...

1. Hei - 'BK 201' 'The Black Shinigami’

Darker Than Black's antihero, The Black Shinigami BK201 is a force to be reckoned with. There's such a disconnect between his business self and civilian face that you're not quite sure Hei is the person behind the mask.

Yes, Hei has powers and abilities as a Contractor (A superhuman) involving electricity, and that should completely disqualify him if not for the fact that 1. He was fighting and winning against other Contractors before he became one himself and 2. It's his ingenuity and martial art skill that saves him against frankly overpowered abilities.

What good is electricity against someone who can shoot black orbs that eat things out of space? A man with exploding blood? What about slicing wind? How about the ability to teleport your heart out from a distance?

The so-called Black Shinigami never has an easy fight. And mind you, he's up against people who are as apathetic and efficient as killing as he is. By the last count, I recall Hei almost fatally losing 3 fights altogether during the anime. As in definite-death if he hadn't been saved by someone or something. It just makes his feats all the more impressive.

His gear that assists him in getting the edge is the ability to turn his coat bullet proof, and an awesome rip-cord knife that lets him reach areas normally out of reach and electrocute people at a distance.

His reflexes are just awesome to see, and there's nothing more representative of this than the opening scene to the OVA between the first and second season. If you're okay with spoilers, check it out.
I never get tired of watching it.

2 Adlet Meyer -' The Strongest Man in the World (Self-Proclaimed)'

Curse you Adlet Meyer, for your outfit and cheesy catch-phrase in the synopsis of the anime, which almost made me ignore the entire show entirely. I took you for yet another shounen protagonist who mouths off but never really puts an effort into anything and will be saved by the plot at every turn. Boy was I wrong.

At first appearing as a brash loud mouth, Adlet Meyer looks like someone who'd have a fire ability or something like that. Perhaps he'll be strong against some fodder in the beginning, only to meet a greater threat he has to train to defeat.

But that's not the case. Adlet Meyer is for all intents and purposes, a normal human. His training is already complete, and he dares to take on demons and compete against Saints and genius combatants much more talented and stronger than him with his wits, his personal training and alchemy (In the purely scientific sense.)

From his design to his gear, it's quite amazing how such an anime character actually convinces you of being strong. He comes off as cheap at first, but is quite skilled at what he does. The best thing is that even his cheesy convictions and beliefs come from a core psychological lesson that his merciless master drilled into him: The strongest man in the world is able to smile, even when it hurts.

He's smart, but trusts others to help him. He is objectively weaker than other heroes in a mutual understanding - There's rarely anyone who fears his strength until he turns the tables on them.
He fights demons, impossible supernatural powers and thinks his way out of the toughest situations, seeing him survive, seeing him fight is quite thrilling.

His gear consists of a trick sword, several hidden weapons like poison needles, gas bombs and utility devices like flammable liquid and spy glass. He carries this all in a big backpack.
For him to be able to take down creatures in the first place as a meer human is quite impressive.
His title as The Strongest in the World is still doubtful, but he's a great contender for the title, I'd say.

3 Guts - The Black Swordsman

Does Guts deserve this title, despite the fact heSpoilereventually gains a magical buff that lets him face off against more monstrous creatures , and considering his sheer brute force methodology when fighting enemies?

Hell yes, because Guts is truly a dark hero who not only trained much more than anyone, he uses all the tools he can to get the job done. Guts is even less benevolent than other dark heroes, letting collateral damage happen in order to attain his goals of revenge. He's so beyond caring about being heroic that he lets himself get seduced by a monstrous succubus. You expect to see something more altruistic about him in the past, but even then his sins weigh heavily.

There are countless examples of Guts sheer guts - pun intended - and strength with dealing with otherworldly opponents. Even before dealing with the supernatural, he has monstrous strength against fellow humans, wiping out a hundred soldiers in one particularly epic melee.
Is he overpowered? No. His impetus to embark on this harrowing journey of revenge in the first place involved such a crushing defeat, that till this day I share some of his white hot hate for the bastard known as Griffith.

Other than his gigantic black sword, Guts has a series of utility weaponry, and an artificial left hand that can shoot explosives. Before the buffs and friends he gathers along the way there's no fine clean cut fighting - It's brutal and desperate battle against beings that are faster than him, larger than him, deadlier. But still, he manages to persevere.

The Black Swordsman is a title that many hold, but only Guts is one of the few deserving of the title. (For the sake of everything, Kirito, lose that title already.)

4 Goblin Slayer

Ah, The Goblin Slayer. I'm really looking forward to him getting an animated adaptation. Between the novel and manga I've seen him in; he's a great example of a veteran dealing with things beyond him, in a world full of all sorts of dangerous fantastical creatures.

The man of few words who doesn't at all fit the cheery optimistic title of 'Adventurer'. Goblin Slayer is quite rational and detached to his actual occupation - Killing Goblins. I have not once seen him loose his cool, get furious or anything like that. He only shows a single minded obsession and interest in anything to do with killing Goblins.

Still, he has a certain humanity to him in certain situations, so he's got some sense of human values in him, but otherwise is quite practical when it comes to the matter of killing Goblins.
His main gear is a sword and shield, along with some flammable fuel. And his brain and strength. More than focusing on quick reflexes and melees, he makes sure to be in a tactical advantage against his main opponents, focusing on being protected and memorizing the patterns of goblins rather than going in immediately and killing them.

He covers himself in goblin guts, hides his chainmail armour and always wears a helmet to avoid goblins smelling the metal on his blade and getting a cheap shot in on him. He's practiced throwing knives in the darkness for instant kills, committing the average height of goblins to his memory. To avoid losing his primary weapon, he procures enemy blades as much as possible and uses it against them to last longer in a fight.

Goblin Slayer is a great character who knows when he's outmatched, and has been outmatched before. There's really not much to go on because of how new the series is, but I'm looking forward to any of his future feats and actions.

In conclusion, I'd say Adlet Meyer is the most technical warrior of them all, and most deserving of being a Batman-esque character that uses his own techniques and abilities to survive a situation than anyone else, but it's still quite impressive how all these guys match up in their respective universes. I mean, when you have people like Superman, people with teleportation abilties, people who can conjure swords from thin air, legitimate dark gods and demons to deal with, you've got to respect a man willing to enter a fight with only a blade and a rapelling tool to assist them.

Which characters do you know about that fit this pattern in manga and anime? Are there any honourable mentions that deserve to be there because of the nature of their opponents? Perhaps there are villains that fit this category somehow?

Danzu Shimura and Itachi Uchiha from Naruto come to mind.

Also Lelouch.

Ah, Lelouch is perfect. His sheer inability to win fist fights really made it impressive that he worked out so well in his universe. Plus he was rich... In a way?

I'd normally say Naruto characters aren't legible, but there are people who can cleave mountains with an attack so yeah.

alpha Boss:
id say takezo from vagabond and baki the dad and son both titled as the strongest on earth


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