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Author Topic: The Manimal's 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time  (Read 4473 times)

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The Manimal's 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time
« on: February 21, 2017, 01:43:06 PM »
Yes I'm doing this again. Is it necessary? No way, but you know I like to do these things. So here we go, my 50 favorite albums to date! Oh my! Naturally these things change, I have a few lists I wrote years ago that are different from now, but it's just to capture my musical favorites at this moment.

Greatest hits albums are included as well as soundtracks, compilations and multiple entries from an artist.

The order is of course not set in stone.
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Re: The Manimal's 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2017, 01:43:34 PM »
50. The Rolling Stones : Hot Rocks

  • The perfect compilation of the Stones best material from debut to Stick Fingers, just about everything you want out of the band is here. Hard rockin' tunes with great swagger and some fantastic ballads as well.

49. Daft Punk : Random Access Memories

48. Vince Guaraldi Trio : A Charlie Brown Christmas

  • The jazz soundtrack to the greatest holiday special of all time captures the feeling of the season perfectly. The joy, spirit, melancholy and all is found in the three piece jazz score. Can't be Decemebr without it.

47. Buddy Holly & The Rock n' Roll Giants

  • A 3 CD set, but we're focusing on the first two discs which go over almost everything you'll need from Buddy Holly, the melodic and dorky boy wonder of the 50's. Where his contemporaries focused on the power and rhythm, Buddy's own compositions where more about strong melodies, with his dorky image, vocal hiccups and strong vocal range his music still stands as great! He could rock a storm on his guitar as well.

46. The Very Best of Little Richard

  • 50's rock at it's most charged and jamming. Little Richard packs a punch with high energy powerful early rock. Slamming on the keys and screaming into the mic with great force!

45. The Byrds' Greatest Hits

  • The chimey 12-string, fantastic vocal harmonies and perfect blend of folk and rock comes together on the Byrds' first and best greatest hits album. From the goodness of Mr. Tambourine Man to the early psychedelia of Eight Miles High, the Byrds show themselves to be mighty contenders from a decade of Beatles & Bob Dylan.


  • Tight, well produced and catchy electro J-Pop with the great vocals of Maria and compositions of Toku. It covers a great scale of emotions and hits all those ani-pop tones perfectly.

43. Eagles : Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975)

  • Taking it easy with a fine, relaxed and very enjoyable set of country rock songs. With nice harmonies, chill guitars and the climatic ballad Take It To The Limit, there is much to like here. It rocks at times to.

42. Mika Nakashima : Love

41. Van Halen : 5150

  • Most band's crumble when they swap lead singers, Van Halen however came back strong with Sammy Hagar on 5150. With catchy synth driven rockers to some fine Eddie Van Halen riffage, this album is near perfect!

40. Marvin Gaye : What's Going On

  • Every genre has it's masterpiece for soul that is Marvin Gaye's beautiful, emotional, crushing and ultimately powerful What's Going On. Fantastic instrumentation as well as lyrics, Marvin pleas for a better world and each track flows into the next like a suite. It's wonderful.

39. Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols

  • Punk in one album is Never Mind The Bollocks. If you want the image, the sound and the attitude it's all found in the Sex Pistols. The definition of typical punk style, this is a hard hitting rock n' roll album of pure force. John Lydon's vocals are brilliant, he's mad but he doesn't really know why. The rhythm section is tight as all hell and the sound is just amazing on this record.

38. Michael Jackson : Dangerous

  • The king of pop proves his title once more with 1991's new jack swing masterpiece. Side 1 jams out while the second half featrues many emotional ballads. It's long but a very fulfilling and fantastic listen.

37. KISS : Destroyer

  • Bob Erzin brings out KISS' abilities best with their finest studio release Destroyer. It plays into the mystic of their image, and while not without low points, it's one of the only times KISS pushed beyond grease rock as seen with the addition of strings and choirs.

36. Megadeth : Rust In Peace

  • Thrash metal hits it's peak with the complex guitars and hard rocking of Megadeth's finest hour. The riffs are mind blowing and Marty Friedman unleashes some of the best metal solos ever recorded on Torendo of Souls & Lucretia.

35. Patti Smith : Horses

  • It's hard to be more punk then Horses. An album of great cinemtac scale with a real attitude to do whatever. Patti is a pure poet with a voice that goes all over the place. The band is really electric and amazing and this thing is just a masterpiece.

34. The Smiths : The Queen Is Dead

  • The masterpiece of the Smiths sees all elements coming together perfectly for a finely tuned set of fantastic songs that feature every strength of the band. From Johnny Marr's song craft seen on wonderful tracks like Cemetary Gates & Some Girls Are Bigger Then Others, and Morrisey's character completely on point with songs like Frankly Mr. Shankly and There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, this album is a powerhouse.

33. Sonic Youth : Sister

  • Taking on more normal structures and pop sensibilities, Sonic Youth created a well tuned album with Sister. Every song is fantastic! From the beaten tone of Schizophrenia, pure rock of Catholic Block, noise mess of Tuff Gnarl, and beauty of Cotton Crown, there is a ton to like here.

32. Iron Maiden : Number of the Beast

  • You can put almost any album from Maiden here, 80's metal at it's finest with galloping rhythms, soaring vocals and melodic guitars that kick ass without going over the top. Maiden will always be metal's finest.
31. YUI : Holidays In The Sun

  • Summer heat beats down with Yui's lovely sunny record Holidays In The Sun. Her vocals are fantastic and she has a knack for tight pop rock tunes with multi layered guitars, acoustics and catchy melodies.

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Re: The Manimal's 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2017, 02:10:04 PM »
30. Katy Perry : Teenage Dream

  • Katy is an artist who changed my views on music and helped open my mind. Teenage Dream is the greatest song of my teens and also the best pop single of the decade so far. The album contains many fantastic tunes, and is basically my first year of high school in a sonic nutshell.

29. Ac/Dc : Back In Black

28. Guns N' Roses : Appetite For Destruction

  • The greatest debut record in hard rock history. Guns smash the scene with amazingly crafted tunes, the likes of which have gone on as timeless rock classics. It has attitude, raw energy and overall great song craft.

27. My Bloody Valentine : Loveless

  • A snare hit before the mighty wall of guitars smash your skull, Loveless never lets up it's beautiful and terrifying wall of guitars. It's an all out attack of noise twisted into something more purposeful. Loveless threw out everything I thought about music, it's a sheer overpowering masterpiece and manages to be wonderful and scary on the same track.

26. The Beach Boys : Pet Sounds

  • The most divine album to come out of the 60's. With it's lovely harmonies, incredible instrumentals, and ultimate creative vision, Pet Sounds is a complete album experience like no other.

25. Michael Jackson : Bad

  • Basically a greatest hits album, Bad is packed beginning to end with smashing tunes, a good variety that highlights many of Michael's greatest abilities. The climax is Man In The Mirror, straight up one of the best pop songs ever recorded.
24. The Beatles : Revolver

  • The joyous and creative peak of the Beatles career, Revolver is a great record of variety, inspired experimentation of overall great songs. John explodes with his acid fueled rockers and the insane Tomorrow Never Knows, while Paul delivers beautiful numbers like the uncontemporary single Eleanor Rigby and the lovely For No One and fun Got To get You Into My Life. Meanwhile George emerges as a near equal for the first time with three songs!

23. Bruce Springsteen : The River

  • Bruce's double album spans a series of fun party tunes and bleak no way out tales. It's well balanced and features a remarkable amount of stand out tunes, basically the whole album. No the whole album because it's all amazing stuff. Side 2 has some of Bruce's darkest tales and the long drama of Drive All Night, then the sad ending Wreck On The Highway. But there is also good times with Sherry Darling, You Can Look and of course RAMROD!!!!

22. Miles Davis : Kind of Blue

  • When you get into jazz this is often the first album you go to. It's perhaps one of the best perfect records ever. Built around repeating patterns and improv, it's a chill record and one I've spent many a nights enjoying.

21. Van Halen 1984

  • The most listened to tape on my tape deck, it's such a tight rock record with all great songs. A lot of fun with no bs, just good time music with lots of great riffs and catchy vocal lines! Eddie rips it up on Drop Dead Legs and Girl Gone Bad.

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Re: The Manimal's 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time
« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2017, 08:56:32 PM »
Crap, I should do this. Gonna just say I hate the God Damn Eagles, but to each his own I guess. I only hate 'em cause they overplay them on the radio

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Re: The Manimal's 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time
« Reply #4 on: February 22, 2017, 09:07:02 PM »
Well, Dude, I happen to like them a lot. I very much enjoy their country rock styling and nice tunes that make me feel things. Like "Best Of My Love" and "Try and Love Again" they have powerful songs. I never hear them on the radio sans Hotel California and Life In The Fast Lane which I still think are great songs, and their first greatest hits album doesn't even have them. I can't say the radios ruined anything for me (that I already liked of course).
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Re: The Manimal's 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time
« Reply #5 on: February 23, 2017, 07:19:12 AM »
20. Bruce Springsteen : Born In The USA

  • When I got this album I figured I'd like a song or two. I didn't expect it to change my musical life. When the title track ripped through my speakers I felt everything shift, suddenly my mind began to open and music was exciting once more. A whole wave of new to me bands and artists would follow and it all came from Bruce. His songs powered me in the very end of high school and to my first job. Born In The USA is a great record of powerful pop tunes and stadium shaking anthems.

19. Nirvana : Nevermind

  • The first time I tossed this thing on I felt...amazing. Like I've been holding back something for so long, like all this time I spent thinking I hated Nirvana I was just wrong. Nevermind is an amazing record of pure turbo charged punk rock. Exploding with sheer crushing raw power song to song. This thing does not let up, it's amazing beginning to end. The production is fantastic with the layered guitars.

18. Seiko Oomori : Toyko Black Hole

  • In the land of alt idols only Seiko Oomori can be crowned the Queen of the scene. As much a fan of Shiina Ringo as Morning Musume, Seiko's albums can be destructive. But Tokyo Black Hole is her finest tuned moment to date, with a lot of wonderful tracks that create one lovely bubble of a tone, it's a very comforting album that while it has a few tricks up it's sleeve, it's overall just amazing hyper pop. Love this stuff.

17. Utada Hikaru : Deep River

  • All hail the queen of J Pop, Utada is brilliant with her raw emotive vocals and beautiful melodies she hits right to soul. Deep River is her best complete listen hitting black and white tones like the cover, "FINAL DISTANCE" will crush the soul.

16. KISS : Alive!

  • The first three studio albums didn't do it so KISS' next move was a live (kind of) record. Alive best captures the best stomp, power and energy. The songs feel...alive, and flow with energy. Let Me Go Rock n' Roll on here is a definitive moment in 70's rock. KISS was always about the show and this record makes the power explode over your speakers.

15. Bruce Springsteen : Darkness On The Edge Of Town

  • Born To Run was romanticized glory, Darkness was dealing with what life will give you. The characters in the albums stories are beat down and hopeless, Bruce delivers some of his finest songs in this perfectly paced record. Many days I've sang these songs to myself...The Promised Land, Racing In The Street, Badlands, Prove It All Night, ugh this album is a knock out.

14. W.A.S.P. : The Crimson Idol

  • W.A.S.P. shed away all the goofiness to deliver a 60 minute rock epic. The Crimson Idol is a concept album about a runaway boy who seeks to be a rockstar, ultimately he wants to find love, the love he never got at home, naturally he soon realizes fame is not what it's cracked up to be. The story is told very well on this record and the songs are quite smashing. The Great Misconceptions Of Me is Blackie proves himself as a great lyricist with this album.

13. Metallica : Kill 'Em All

  • When I first heard this thing smash in on my tape deck I tossed it out and said nope this sucks. But when I tried again I found music like I've never heard. At the time the most intense thing I knew was...W.A.S.P., so I was blown away by the badass thrash, riffage and power of Metallica's debut record. A smashing set of tunes with real power, showing the bands fine song crafting abilities right away. Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets might be better albums but Kill Em' All was very important to expanding my musical world.

12. George Harrison : All Things Must Pass

  • George Harrison utterly demolishes Lennon & McCartney with a stunning selection of absolutely fantastic and wonderful tunes. He had been holding back so much and finally let it all out on this double (technically triple but who counts the jams) album. The songwriting is so great and Phil Spector's wall of sound style is well heard on much of the tracks. It has a great sound and All Things Must Pass...simply one of the best ballads ever made. So beautiful. Run of the Mill, If Not For You, My Sweet Lord, everything is great!

11. The Beatles : Rubber Soul

  • Rubber Soul sees the band in top form, the songs connect together nicely and the harmonies are on point. Rubber Soul is such a tight record, every song is great and with a few cool dynamics like George's sitar and George Martin's sped up solo on In My Life, Rubber Soul was a great moment in the band's evolution and stands as my favourite of their records.

10. ELVIS (As Seen On TV LP)

  • Elvis, the charisma, voice and power of the name and the performer. This 2 record set highlights some of his best tunes very well, Elvis could make songs his own. He had a way of working in and around the song like no other. Everything on this compilation is a sheer knockout, there is a power to Elvis and he could make anything work.

9. Carly Rae Jepsen : Emotion

  • When Curiosity hit the radio in 2012 I knew Carly Rae had promise and I was excited when I heard she was making a new album. I Really Like You was fun but when Run Away With Me dropped things got real. Nothing could've prepared me for how FRICKING GOOD Emotion would be. and as far as I'm concerned it's so far the greatest album of the decade I do not care about anything else, that is how I feel. An absolute masterwork of good time, clean, fun with catchy songs, great vocals and an 80's vibe. Amazing effort, I was so blown away and delighted with this album.

8. Joe Walsh : But Seriously, Folks...

  • After joining the Eagles Joe turns out an incredible solo record that all flows as a complete piece. With many beautiful songs focused on introspection, bettering oneself and just having a good time this is an album I love very much!

7. Bob Dylan : Highway 61 Revisited

  • An album that changed me, inspired me and gave me new outlooks on music. Bob's masterpiece tells the tales of many strange characters, with a blues rock band behind him Bob does his thing delivering his best ever tunes. As soon as I heard Like a Rolling Stone and Tombstone Blues I knew things where going to change for me and sure enough Bob inspired me to start writing lyrics.

6. Sonic Youth : Daydream Nation

  • The roof to my mind was shattered and suddenly possibly, inspiration and everything bursted through as the noise, dissonance and real freedom of Sonic Youth's music entered my world. Guitar destruction antics mixed with alt tunings, creative vision, good song craft and an overall cool attitude, Daydream Nation is the band's finest moment. Scraping guitar tones, insane noise meltdowns, and the visceral expression...Sonic Youth changed my perspective and views on music for good.

5. Katy Perry : One Of The Boys

  • When I got into rock music I shut off my mind to everything else. But then Teenage Dream came out. But it was not that album that really connected with me, rather Katy's debut release One Of The Boys. This album is firmly rooted in the time but still stands as a great set of tunes, beyond my attachment I think there is a very solid tracklist of pop rock with lots of catchy and fun bits. Katy had real personality on her first two albums, with her quirky lyrics and singing she really got me.

4. Michael Jackson : Thriller

  • Michael is truly the best pop artist of all time and as far as I'm concerned Thriller is the definitive best pop release ever. The well realized, perfectly crafted tunes, Michael's vocal command, and the tightness of the whole production. Human Nature just...oh man oh man. Thriller is beyond words.

3. KISS : Psycho Circus

  • This album is why I love music. This is the true record that changed, defined and set off my musical obsession. KISS is the first band that clicked with me and Psycho Circus just hits that time. When I first heard the title track it all began, it was love at first listen. I would not be into music, making music or anything to the degree I do if not for KISS. They will always be my favourite and Psycho Circus is still great to me.

2. Bruce Springsteen : Born To Run

  • Perfection. Music does not get more perfect than Bruce's breakthrough album. No words. Just complete perfection. The scale of his romantic and tragic visions, the stories, the music, the band, the power, the drama, the delivery, it's an overwhelming masterpiece to the highest degree.

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Re: The Manimal's 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time (LIST COMPLETE)
« Reply #6 on: February 23, 2017, 11:59:38 AM »
  • I decided when I was 14 that I would never hear anything better and I've always put this as my top record. and yes it defines the time and was an album of great comfort, power and joyous energy to me. Something that as soon as I heard the needle drop, little runoff and sudden burst of the first A chord smash, it felt like everything in the world was right. Highway to Hell holds a near spiritual power to me. When I finally saw Ac/Dc in 2015 and Angus rose from the stage to start the song I almost cried. Rarely do I feel so overwhelmed, but when me, out of high school and past that time, was standing there seeing Angus hit that opening riff I've heard so many times it was like...everything in my life, everything, everyone, that opening of the title track just...makes everything alright. It's...I can't describe it. Highway, the title track rolls in like it's careless and...Angus hits the opening chords. The slight reverb, then the second time Phil smashes in. It feels like we're on the road...then Bon "living easy, living free", it's a vibe like nothing else.

    Highway to Hell on it's own is a top notch rock record, Mutt produces Ac/Dc well and helps to better craft and structure their tunes while keeping the band's rough power. Every song is great and it was sadly the last and brightest moment for late frontman Bon Scott. The record is amazing but I can't speak about it without talking about what it means to me. I can't. Music is more than some, oh I like that, thing. It is in a sense my world. Sometimes I take it too seriously maybe but these artists like KISS, Bruce and everyone, they are not normal artists. They are not like oh I like them...they are something on a higher plain. When I was younger and you insulted my favourite bands I defended them like they were my own. You insult KISS, Ac/Dc or anything else and it's personal. My outspoken passion was pretty annoying but I can't erase that and deny those feelings they stirred in me. Nowadays I just go whatever and I understand people a little better, but felt like me and my bands against the world.

    Have I heard albums better than Highway to Hell? Maybe on a technical level but nothing will ever be like that opening of the title track to me. The non stop assault of side 1...this album is more to me then a good rock record. I don't listen to it that often these days, but...Highway to Hell is no normal album to me. I can't fully describe it wouldn't be right to put any other album above it. It's just vital, I sometimes wonder what my life would be like without Highway and without KISS. I would be the same most likely, base traits don't change from things like this. Maybe I'd find another interest and get super into it, but I would be different. I would not find that expression and that medium. I would not...I don't know. Highway to Hell is the best album for me, forever.

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Re: The Manimal's 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time
« Reply #7 on: June 16, 2017, 08:17:33 AM »
Updated my list in a much better fashion and added some new albums. Just wasting some time don't tell me what to do Mom I can do whatever I want. It's weird to add albums like Horses since their still new to me but damn it's so good okay.

I was going to do top 20 artists with playlists but nah why waste time. Because why not, I do this for myself really it's just something silly to do you know. It's what you do when you like things a lot.

I'll list mah top 20 anyway. An awkward way of putting the pictures but I ain't fixing that now. Just look at the pic then name, otherwise you get some odd mix-ups.


2. Ac/Dc

3. Bruce Springsteen

4. Michael Jackson

5. The Beatles

6. Sonic Youth

7. Bob Dylan

8. Utada Hikaru

9. Seiko Oomori

10. Iron Maiden

11. Katy Perry

12. Yui

13. Nirvana

14. Carly Rae Jepsen

15. Van Halen

16. Elvis Presley

17. Misfits

18. Miles Davis

19. Megadeth


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Re: The Manimal's 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time (New Update)
« Reply #8 on: December 16, 2018, 04:35:44 PM »
I recently re-did my top 50 list. Not going to do the whole thing but I'll post it anyway. A lot changed since my last list, mainly I got out of some things (not much) and realized the importance of other things. Lorde's Melodrama made a rapid jump to my top 10. It's iconic I love the hell out of the album, it feels important and a vital release that just does it for me. It's going to be an album I look back on and remember as one of the key records that came out in my "young adult" days. Emotion moved into my top 5 but at the end of the day there will never be a pop record better than Thriller. Because you need to make a better pop song then "Human Nature" first. Well Michael did that with in my option the best pop song of all time, Man In The Mirror, but you know. Thriller is a special album where it's a sum of all parts pop experience the likes of which has never been seen again.

Born To Run is my real #1 but Highway To Hell HAS GOT to be the top because it's so important to my life it can't move from that spot. But Born To Run has my top 3 songs of all time. Jungleland, the best song I've ever heard in my life yet out of every single song it's the best, there is no contest, Jungleland is the best song ever, I've never heard better, Thunder Road and Backstreets. I could live to 200 and never hear a better album than Born To Run. I am 100% confident it is the greatest album ever made by humans and there is NO BETTER. There is not even a single shred of doubt behind this statement. Born To Run is the greatest album ever made.   

This list will change in like 2 seconds but ya.


1. Ac/Dc : Highway To Hell   
2. Bruce Springsteen : Born To Run   
3. Michael Jackson : Thriller
4. Carly Rae Jepsen : Emotion   
5. Sonic Youth : Daydream Nation     
6. The Beach Boys : Pet Sounds   
7. Bruce Springsteen : Darkness On The Edge Of Town 
8. Elvis Presley : As Seen On TV Compilation     
9. Lorde : Melodrama 
10. Vince Guaraldi Trio : A Charlie Brown Christmas 
11. Katy Perry : One Of The Boys 
12. The Smiths : Hatful of Hollow   
13. Bob Dylan : Highway 61 Revisited
14. George Harrison : All Things Must Pass   
15. KISS : Alive! 
16. Iron Maiden : The Number Of The Beast
17. Joe Walsh : But Seriously Folks… 
18. Metallica : Kill ‘Em All 
19. Miles Davis : Kind Of Blue 
20. The Smiths : The Queen Is Dead   
21. Sex Pistols : Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols   
22. My Bloody Valentine : Loveless   
23. Iron Maiden : Powerslave   
24. Seiko Oomori : Tokyo Black Hole   
25. Yui : Holidays In The Sun
26. Van Halen : 1984
27. The Beatles : Rubber Soul
28. Sonic Youth : Sister 
29. Van Halen : 5150   
30. Elvis Presley : The Complete Sun Sessions
31. Sonic Youth : Washing Machine   
32. The Clash : Give ‘Em Enough Rope
33. Eagles : Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) 
34. Perfume : Game 
35. Bruce Springsteen : The Rising     
36. Bruce Springsteen : The River   
37. The Beatles : Revolver 
38. Linkin Park : Hybrid Theory     
39. Buddy Holly : The Buddy Holly Story   
40. Katy Perry : Teenage Dream   
41. Miles Davis : In A Silent Way 
42. BAND-MAID : World Domination   
43. Seiko Oomori : Sennou
44. W.A.S.P. : The Crimson Idol   
45. Michael Jackson : Dangerous
46. Utada Hikaru : Deep River 
47. Megadeth : Youthanasia
48. Ac/Dc : Powerage
49. KISS : Hotter Than Hell     
50. Guns N’ Roses ; Appetite For Destruction   

Gif of me telling everybody how good my current music interest are (circa every era of my life since 2009).
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Re: The Manimal's 50 Favorite Songs Of All Time
« Reply #9 on: December 18, 2018, 12:46:42 PM »
While I'm at it here is my top 50 songs also!

No repeat artists, otherwise there would many Bruce songs in my top 50...Jungleland, Thunder Road, Backstreets, Born To Run, The Promised Land, Waiting On A Sunny Day, All That Heaven Will Allow, okay a lot. So one song per artist. This list factors everything in my life since 2007 and it's weighted on importance and overall OOPFHM! and by what holds up and still has power as well.


1. KISS : Psycho Circus
2. Bruce Springsteen : Jungleland (Best song ever made)
3. Katy Perry : Teenage Dream
4. Michael Jackson : Man In The Mirror
5. Bob Dylan : Like A Rolling Stone
6. Mikuni Shimokawa : Tomorrow
7. Sonic Youth : Teen Age Riot
8. Mami Kawada : Hishoku no Sora
9. Faster Pussycat : House Of Pain
10. Derek & The Dominos : Layla
11. Def Leppard : Hysteria
12. Utada Hikaru : DISTANCE
13. Seiko Oomori : I Kill The Time 4 You
14. George Harrsion : All Things Must Pass
15. Linkin Park : What I've Done
16. A Flock Of Seagulls : Space Age Love Song
17. Deadmau5 : The Veldt
18. Daft Punk : Digital Love
19. Elvis Presley : It's Now Or Never
20. Perfume : Love The World
21. Rush : Limelight
22. Van Halen : Why Can't This Be Love
23. Hatsune Miku : Proof Of Existence
24. Rita : Little Busters!
25. Carly Rae Jepsen : Run Away With Me
26. The Smiths : Still Ill
27. W.A.S.P. : Forever Free
28. The Beatles : Please Please Me
29. Yui : Summer Song
30. ClariS : Click
31. Flow : World End
32. Aya Hirano : White Album
33. Lorde : The Lourve
34. Ever : Sleepyhead
35. Cinderella : Coming Home
36. Gene Simmons : Mr. Make Believe
37. Wednesday Campanella : Sakamoto Ryoma
38. Ac/Dc : Gone Shootin'
39. Iron Maiden : Hallowed Be Thy Name
40. Metallica : Fade To Black
41. Led Zeppelin : Stairway To Heaven
42. Aerosmith : No More No More
43. The Replacements : Left Of The Dial
44. Nana Kitade : KISS
45. ChouCho : Kawaru Mirai
46. fhana : Relief
47. Funkist : Snow Fairy
48. The Clash : Lost In The Supermarket
49. Judas Priest : Bloodstone
50. King Kobra : Shake Up