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Promarker project
« on: January 17, 2017, 11:56:07 AM »
Hi everyone !
I'm working on a project which could improve your ordinary, and help everyone who wants to draw faster and better (ink-marker-oriented). I'm still on the research phase, because I still have to identify the needs before answering them.

That's why I need your help !
Everyone working or drawing with markers (a lot or not), could you answer these questions by giving your point of view? That would be awesome ! Even more if you are a student (even highschool) or a young professional !

1.A. Are you a women, a man?
1.B. How old are you (or a slice if you don't want to tell)?
1.C. In which country do you live (or land, region, state of the world)?

2. Do you draw often?
> Once or more a day
> Once or more a week
> Once or more a month

3. Which technique do you most use?
> Drawing with grey scale (pencils)
> Drawing with ink pens (also markers)
> Drawing with colored pencils, paint, inks, etc.
> Mixed techniques : Can you tell me more about it?

4. While using ink markers, which use do you have? i.e. flat design, gradient, etc.

5. Do you use Promarkers (or any other Winsor&Newton markers)? If not, which ones?

6. Why do you like / dislike Promarkers?

7. Do you often need reviews or technical help?

8. Do you watch tutos or videos about marker drawing?

9. If you could have an app for fastening the drawing, would you use it, or would you prefer reaching your goal by your own?

Thanks a lot for your answers ! (And sorry for my bad english  :heart:).