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MR Happy Hour Bleach FanFiction Episode!

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Hello Bros and Brodettes, if you listen to the MR Happy Hour (which you should, it's great and amazing), then you would know that it is Bleach Month! To celebrate, we're doing a fan fiction reading on a special episode!

So here's the deal:
1. Write a short Bleach fanfic (keyword short. 1-5 pages)
2. Post it here, by next Saturday (the 27th).
3. Tune in and enjoy us doing our best voice acting for the story that you wrote!

Just remember to keep it clean. (No one wants to here Vacant narrate a sex scene). Keep it short, and get it in on time! We'll be here, eagerly awaiting your entries!

(Hell, if we get enough submissions, there could even be a prize)

So guys, how it going? Is anybody actually participating? If there are no entries, Vacant and I are just going to hit you with our own fan fics, so be ready for that. This will be the fate you let transpire.

Forlorn Serpent:
I don't know how I missed this. Is a 5 page script okay or do you guys prefer actual text?

SpoilerThe sun beat down on Ichigo's house as the morning began to take form. The battle from the prior night had washed away, leaving only those who remained to continue from it's molten war path. In his room, where only a single crack of sunlight shone through the blinds of his window, the ginger haired boy was found on the floor, his black robe covering his body, locked in a state of sleep. Suddenly one beam of light became two as the door slowly creaked open. A fellow ginger haired girl peaked in, looking to the boy on the floor. "I-chi-go!" she called out in a high voice. The boy slowly rose up, his eyes creaking open as he saw the girl before him. 'What", he spoke in a deep tone. "Breakfast is ready!" the girl called in a cheerful stance. The body sat on the floor, his robe falling to reveal his purely naked body, abs shining in the brand new light from the doorway. "Got it". The girl tried to look away as his most magnificent form shone, the boy got up and put on a pair of pants. "Let's go". "Ya".

The two gingers walked into the kitchen. At the table sat a girl with short black hair. "Yo Ichigo", she smiled at her horrible and God awful rap. Ichigo grinned back like a wild animal who was happy and sat in front of her. 'Hi Rukia, wow that was sure a dun der tough battle" he laughed out. The ginger haired girl stood back as the two friends giggled with each other. She felt empty and left out, as if she was not needed anymore. But luckily for her, she knew a thing or two about Ichigo and his tastes.

Silently the ginger girl got to work, preparing a most divine and f*cking delicious desert. She took a tub of melty ice cream from the freezer and layed it down. Softly the ice melted from the sides as it traced the form of the carton. It's icy coat begging to be released. As she opened the lid she smiled, the delicious contents greeting her with a cold but loving breeze. She reached in with a scoop, gently relieving the ice cream from it's container. Sweet freedom. As Ichigo and Rukia continued to chat the morning away Orihime cried in the corner, scooping ice cream into her mouth. Although the tears where real, there was more purpose to the ice cream. She had carefully assembled a strawberry parfait for Ichigo, his very most favorite food. It had to be just right. She tried over and over, eating each failed attempted. Finally it was done.

"Ichigo I have a treat afro you!" "Bacon and eggs!" "No. Strawberry pafait". The girl layed down her creation. Ichigo looked at it confused, 'Where's the strawberry?" "Here!" the girl pointed to the ginger boy in front of her. The room went silent as it all soaked in. Ichigo nervously grinned and accepted the Sunday, "Okay". The room got tense, Orihime had to break it. "So Ichigo wanna listen to an album?" 'Sure." 'Okay...um, ah. Nevermind or In Utero?" Ichigo look to her and spoke "I think I'm in the mood for Bleach".


--- Quote from: Forlorn Serpent on August 26, 2016, 10:12:55 AM ---I don't know how I missed this. Is a 5 page script okay or do you guys prefer actual text?

--- End quote ---

Script format is perfectly acceptable. Just as long as we can read it on air.

Also: if we get at least 3 entries, I do have a prize that a Bleach fan will appreciate. So do your best okay!

I'll also extend the deadline until we actually are ready to record the episode (early next week most likely) so that should give you the weekend to write.


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