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Author Topic: Colouring Workshop  (Read 3438 times)

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Colouring Workshop
« on: June 13, 2016, 11:43:27 AM »
Colouring Workshop

-Colour pages or lineart from manga references (Or your works in the Digital Lineart Workshop)
- Be sure to comment on previous works.
- ALL Skill levels encouraged to participate!

Note: The aim is to have a colouring method that can be reliably repeated for long times. So instead of focusing on making an amazing piece of mordern art, try to imagine colouring something for a regular schedule. Of course, we have different standards, but keep it in mind.

Note: This is not only for vector lineart. Feel free to be creative, even using different kind of lineart than expected (pencil lines, sketchy stuff, non vector e.t.c)

I love manga in black and white, and will always stand by that, but let's admit it, colour brings out so much in manga and anime it cannot be ignored. Character's are more memoreable, and it adds for a lot of possibilities such as lights and shadows and the like.

Try out colouring a work digitally with the workflow that works best for you. Ask around and share your knowledge and learn together. It's definitely a skill that is useful in the long run.

What's your favourite software for this? Do you prefer anime-like colouring or something with more shades and values?