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Author Topic: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)  (Read 166925 times)

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
« Reply #570 on: February 03, 2022, 12:53:14 PM »
Indeed, you will often find just about any conceivable reason to be a good enough reason to start anything. The only thing rational you can depend on about irrationality is that it is irrational. Having said that, and knowing that suffering is part of existence, the next step would be learning to live with that suffering, to mitigate it, if not prevent it altogether. That's the irrationality of morality. We continue to pursue the greatest ideals provided by our morals despite knowing it is unachievable. It is a test of will and determination to see how far you are willing to go to achieve them. Think of it as "testing the limits". How long can you prevent a war? How fast can you win a war? How many casualties can you prevent? If your morals advocate for life, you might want to minimize suffering as much as possible. If your morals object to life, you might try to maximize suffering. Push-and-Pull, and the wave of progress continues. History will have its great times, and its worst times, from the grandest galaxies to the tiniest insects.

In truth, existence begets evolution. How well can you adjust to the times? Will you seek to overcome its challenges? Or will you fall prey to its designs?
“To give of oneself is the noblest of all acts.”


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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
« Reply #571 on: March 15, 2022, 09:01:37 PM »
Welcome to another round of “My own writing made me think about X subject, what are your thoughts”

We’re 60,000 words into the first part of The End of Osamu. Hima, Carmilla, Annabel, and Taeko are about to meet with the Yakutsk council to reveal Hima’s existence and convince the lords to help her found a new vampirical nation. This is something the vampires haven’t had since the death of Dracula during the Second Great Holy War (partially Izanami’s fault) resulting in the first Vampirical Monarchy splintering until nothing was left.

With Hima’s lineage, Osamu carrying Inari’s blood, and Izanami in control of the Underworld, Hima strongly believes they can convince the council to not only create their new nation, but also militarize Yakutsk’s population and prepare them to fight against the rest of the world in the Third Great Holy War.

But all this got me thinking. Vampires were nearly pushed to extinction after the Second Great Holy War. They’ve pretty much lived in isolation in Yakutsk all this time. A race that have been punished this much after so many generations probably wouldn’t be 100% supportive of reinstating a monarchy that was responsible for instigating the Second Great Holy War.

It got me thinking that some factions of vampires wouldn’t want there to be a new nation for vampires, nor would they support the war. I see them trying to correct the past sins of their own race, even if that means continuing to live in isolation until they die out. Hima’s fervent nationalism versus the antinatalist isolationism of the other side.

Do you guys believe that a country should feel guilt for the sins of prior generations? Do you think a country that once abused its power should refrain from being that powerful again? Or should they be allowed to do so?

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
« Reply #572 on: March 16, 2022, 03:47:34 AM »
To your question, this is essentially the same question that was posed to Germany and Japan at the end of the Second World War. Both countries were forcefully disarmed. Both countries had to draft laws relating to their involvement in the war, namely the Denazification of Germany and the Prohibition of an Armed Forces in Japan. Yet despite this, Germany and Japan are rather split on their perceived guilt for the conflict. Germany, being the center of focus, has a strong sense of shame for their past deeds, and carry it knowingly into the present. Japan on the other hand, chose to shun it, almost to the point of self-denial and disassociation. It's quite an interesting choice. One chose to accept responsibility for deeds not conducted from one's own generation, while the other is detached from it. Both are valid ways to address the same issue.

At the end of the day, what everyone wants is for the enemy to learn their lesson and not repeat the same mistakes. Whether they fall on one side of the spectrum of overt denouncement or quiet disapproval, the end goal remains the same. As for power, power is only a means to an end. It is a tool to accomplish one's objectives.

There is a misconception that Power Corrupts, and that Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Because Power is a Tool, it can only change based on who wields it. It amplifies who a person really is, and does not inherently change a person on its existence alone. A good person with power will do all they can to bring good. A bad person with power will do all they can to bring evil. Power cannot do anything by itself, after all. It needs someone to use it.
“To give of oneself is the noblest of all acts.”


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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
« Reply #573 on: March 17, 2022, 04:09:14 PM »
This example did indeed make me think of Germany and the concept of kollektivschuld, or the collective guilt of Germany. It's interesting you bring up Japan's opposite take on the concept. The two spectrums are so interesting.

Uhh to take the political edge of what I'm about to say off, I'll give opinions from the perspective of the characters. Osamu and Hima (and Taeko, for that matter, big surprise) are more heavily leaning towards the same denial of guilt that Japan exhibits. Not to the point of denying that the Vampirical Monarchy did anything wrong during the war, mind you. Hima in particular believes that the current generation of vampires shouldn't be made to suffer or apologize for what their forefathers did centuries ago. She acknowledges that atrocities happened, but they're irrelevant now. As to whether or not she's willing to learn from her ancestor's mistakes and not commit or condone any upcoming, similar acts of barbarity and genocide...  :sure:

Taeko is kind of on the same wavelength with Japan as a country. She doesn't deny Japan's war crimes during WWII, but her extremely stratocratic outlook on politics does stop her from condemning the soldiers who served the nation during the war. This is a topic that comes up all the time when people talk about Yasukuni shrine and the honoring of soldiers convicted or accused of war crimes. If you were to ask Taeko, she'd say without hesitation they should be honored just the same as any other soldier that served. Admittedly, her philosophy of "The Soldier's Condition" can probably lead to some war crime apologia.

She had quite the justification for it though. She pointed out the numerous wars of the 20th century and specific massacres where the transgressing nation never brought those responsible to justice, either because that nation had laws that made it more difficult for their soldiers to be tried, or because they ended up winning the war and controlling the tribunals that were set up post-war to address war criminals. Specifically, in the United States, presidents tend to quietly issue pardons to their convicted war criminals before leaving office, so justice is never fully served.

The way she sees it, guilt and punishment are often dished out to the losing nation while the victor constructs a legal apparatus to obstruct that same punishment on their side. If other nations can shield and pardon their war criminals, if they can bury them and honor them just the same as any other soldier, what right do they have to take the honor of Japan's dead away from them?

Kinda wonder what everyone's opinion on that is. Not just Yasukuni and WWII specifically, but if nations should still honor their war dead if they were accused or convicted of war crimes. on a completely different wavelength. Everyone's thinking in terms of nations and this man is thinking in terms of what he's about to do humanity. Currently getting close to the chapter where his real plan and the steps he took to get there are revealed. Is it genocide if you kill nearly everyone in almost every country on earth or is that closer to omnicide?  :-\

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
« Reply #574 on: March 24, 2022, 02:43:00 PM »
I've done it. I've finished the chapter where Osamu's plan comes to fruition. Well, the first step of it, anyway.  :clapping:

It was all well and good that Hima and Osamu were able to unite the Yakutsk lords and found the nation of Minavere, but the nation will need time to militarize its population. Plus, Hima predicts that once Yakutsk begins to turn militarize, it will garner some very unwanted attention from the Republic of Sakha and the rest of Russia. Then the world will know the vampires weren't as close to extinction as everyone thought.

It was agreed that Izanami would let loose some of the demons in the Underworld to buy Minavere some time to prepare for the Third Great Holy War, a fine plan indeed. But at the moment where Izanami was about to let them loose, Osamu attempted use Bloodcraft to manipulate Izanami into releasing all of the demons in the Underworld. That would've been much more than overkill. That's enough demons to...well...kill everyone in the entire world.

Taeko interfered at the last second and the two have a sort of heart-to-heart in Osamu's mind. And though they agreed on many things up to this point, Taeko fears that Osamu's beliefs diverge from her own at a very critical point.

Let us witness this together.

The Path to Peace; An Unthinkable Solution (Part 1)
Taeko’s eyes slowly peeled open. She looked around and immediately recognized her surroundings. Somehow, she stood in the courtyard of her Senkumo military base. The bodies of slain, Senkumo soldiers lied all around. The smell of blood and smoke invaded her nostrils.

“This is…”

“The day the Senkumo clan was wiped out.” Osamu said, startling her. He stood behind her with his hands in his pockets, his soulless eyes surveying the scene around them. “Come on. There’s plenty more to see.”

Taeko took one last gander at the bloodied bodies laying at her feet. To this day, she recognized the faces of so many of the troops that were killed that day. When she blinked, she and Osamu suddenly stood in the reddish-gray waters of Normandy after the infamously destructive, amphibious assault had taken place. The sand was engorged with dead bodies, bloody rags, and bullet casings. Czech hedgehogs lined the shore, preventing allied tanks from advancing on the beachhead.

“Why are you showing me all this?” Taeko asked.

“To say that I agreed with you.” Osamu said. “War is an atrocious thing. Our history is marred by the scars of war, yet we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. The same conflict. The same destruction. The same death. Our country knows the pain of war more than any other.”

“If you agreed with me, why did you try to do so much on your own? Aren’t you trying to bring an end to war as well?”

“Yeah. As far as that goes, we truly wanted the same thing. That’s why I decided to team up with you.”
Osamu took a helmet off of one of the dead, American soldiers laying in the water, tracing his thumb over the bullet hole at the crown. “But you and I have different ideas on how to end that war. No, that’s not true. It’s not that we had different ideas. It’s more like we had different extremes. You were willing to go incredibly far to achieve this, but not far enough.”

“How much farther do I need to go? Is starting the Third Great Holy War not good enough for you?”

“No. It’s not.”

The two then found themselves in a city neither of them had even been in their lives. Looking around, Taeko realized they were in Japan. They were surrounded by wooden, traditional houses and women dressed in beautiful kimonos. Most of the men walking around wore Imperial uniforms with Arisaka rifles strapped around their shoulders.

“I thought long and hard about our world, about the nature of war and nations.” Osamu said. “Your philosophy is a route to peace, but it’s a kind of peace protected only by deterrence and the shared idea of the Soldier’s Condition. You nearly changed Japan with this philosophy, but whose to say the world will follow suit?

“Even if your philosophy is a wake-up call to soldiers and military leaders the world over, there are those who believe that only the state gives a nation its legitimacy. Not everyone strives for freedom the way you do. Some people actually prefer to live beneath an authority figure that makes all the important decisions for them. Some people…don’t want freedom. Even I started to think that maybe that’s the road to a peaceful world.”

“That’s an ideology of enslavement, one that Japan was forced to accept as its own.” Taeko said. “Our people were brutalized in the Second World War. We were the first ones to catch a glimpse of humanity’s potential for senseless destruction.

“You know what happens when the state strips away the personhood of its own soldiers and people, but something worse happens when a nation is crushed in a war the way we were. The nation as a whole has their sovereignty stripped away. They’re scorned and shamed by the world.

“When the victor occupies your country and controls the tribunals, only your crimes in the war are brought to light. I do not deny my country played a part in the barbarity, that we committed heinous deeds that should never be repeated.

“I simply know that both sides of the conflict committed crimes. Barbarity was never unique to the Japanese people. War does that to anyone and everyone engulfed in its madness.

“But because we were the ones defeated, we were made out to be monsters who deserved what was coming next, so that the Allies could stand on the backs of our dead and pose as valiant heroes to the world.”

A flash of light outshined the sun, drawing Taeko’s eyes to a massive explosion in the distance. A thunderous boom tore the sky apart, followed by a monstrous rumbling as a mushroom cloud formed out of the great fireball on the horizon.

The people stopped and froze in fear as a shockwave traveled from the hypocenter of the blast. Frightened gasps and screams filled the streets as people ran in vain. Mothers threw themselves over their shrieking children as it became clear there would be no escaping the wave of thermal death approaching. In the blink of an eye, the city was completely destroyed, reduced to a flat field of rubble and ash.

Taeko walked around the city, realizing it was Hiroshima. The sight of the corpses made her stomach twist into knots. Those closest to the blast had the flesh burned off of their bones, leaving only broken skeletons behind. She walked down the street and witnessed worse scenes the further she went.

She saw the body of a charred child laying in a pile of burnt wood. He died with his arms shielding his face from the light. His white teeth stuck out from the rest of his blackened body, made visible by the force of the blast that killed him with his mouth agape before burning away his lips.

Taeko stopped on the sidewalk, noticing the nuclear shadow of a man burnt onto the pavement. She guessed he must’ve been sitting idly when the bomb detonated over the city and eviscerated him. The blast burnt away the faces of the people strewn about on the desolate streets. It seared away their hair, melted their skin, and boiled the fluid in their eyeballs.

So many people lied around, charred and frozen in the pose they took in their final moments. It was like they were statues made of charcoal, some of them fused to the pavement they died on.

“Why did we ever accept this.” Taeko cried. “We were forced to pay for our crimes in the war. We’re ridiculed for honoring our war dead, told not to enshrine or honor them. But the war’s greatest criminals did this to us. Twice. And then they flew off to be celebrated as heroes.

“If one side is made to pay for their sins, surely the other side should as well. If not, how can any of these wrongs ever be set right? It’s not justice. It’s domination. It’s slavery.”

“I agree with you.” Osamu said, appearing from behind. “But this destruction was the only thing that stopped the cycle of madness being reciprocated with madness.”

The scene flashed from Hiroshima to the inside of an Imperial army barrack filled with young pilots. They drank and ate together, huddled around the light of candles. Several of them were in tears. Others seemed happy their time was drawing near, that their lives would mean something in such a senselessly destructive war.

Those feelings of grief and pride came into conflict when it came time to leave behind letters for their families and girlfriends. Each of the boys sat in their beds after their final celebration had died down. The mood had gone from sad, but hopeful, to grim and silent. It began to truly sink in that these were the last hours of their lives. In the morning, they’d be flying planes directly into Allied ships.

“It’s like I said. We were responsible for our own share of the madness as well.” Taeko said.

 Her eyes narrowed in sadness as she watched one of the boys finish a letter to his mother. He had written about all his acts of mischief as a child, all the sacrifices his mother made to keep him fed and happy. In his final moments, he had written about how he longed to return to his childhood home and drink tea in the garden with her just one last time.

He missed the way she’d scold him for not keeping his room tidy, how she’d always make sure to leave a snack by his door when he was working hard on his studies. The boy thought he was a man ready to lay down his life for his race and country, and perhaps he truly was. But at the same time, he was a boy that only wanted one thing in his final hours; his mother’s affection.

Tears rolled down Taeko’s cheeks as the boy wrote the final words of his letter. ‘Please don’t be sad. I love you, Mom.’ Taeko sat beside the boy on his bed, rubbing his back as he broke down in tears. Osamu watched her with a heavy heart, knowing they had many more difficult images to see.

They then found themselves standing before a palm tree on Peleliu island. A group of American soldiers tied the severed heads of two Japanese soldiers to the high branches of the tree, laughing as the heads swung in the wind.

“So many acts of cruelty committed by the enemy went unreported. Some were dismissed by their commanding officers.” Taeko said. “One way or another, they always found a way to avoid punishing their own men for the crimes they committed.”

“Japan handled it the same way.” Osamu said.

“Yes, but like I said, the difference is we paid for our crimes in blood and ash. We continue to pay for it now. The memory of the war still looms over the country like a ghost. When these men died, do you think anyone told them they couldn’t be honored? Do you think anyone scolded them for burying them with nothing less than the highest respects afforded to veterans?

“These men were monsters on the battlefield, the same as us. But we’re the only ones shamed for honoring our war dead. Our dead, whether they were guilty of heinous crimes or not, deserve to be laid to rest and honored with respect.

“Whether they were conscripted or volunteered, they marched straight into this hell so that we didn’t have to. They became demons so we could remain ourselves. Only those who have ever been to war understand what it does to your mind and body.”

“But how else would this hell have ended if not for something infinitely more destructive than the war itself?” Osamu asked.

“I’m trying to tell you that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended the fighting, but not the venom that leads to wars. It only promulgated it. I’m sure Hima would understand that. Her people were brutalized and shamed into submission in much the same way.

“Wars like this would never come to pass if the world accepted my philosophy. Acknowledging the Soldier’s Condition is acknowledging the war is inhumane. If one country can adopt that philosophy and structure itself accordingly, I have faith that others will follow. If not, then deterrence is needed to encourage everyone to seek solutions other than war.

“You’re not wrong that sometimes it takes a monstrous act of evil to end a war. That act is the Third Great Holy War.”

Taeko and Osamu found themselves in the airport where the Inari Standoff took place, witnessing White Saint’s final moments as Inari’s teeth sunk into his neck.

“My death here is meaningless. They'll just send more to fight in my place, and this will go on and on…" White Saint said.

Osamu, standing beside his past self, remembered those words very clearly. White Saint was far more correct than he ever realized.

"You've doomed more than just one exorcist tonight, Osamu." White Saint wheezed. "You deserve everything you get."

"How many more of you are there? Tell me." Osamu demanded.

"As many as they need to kill you both." White Saint answered. "Just how many people will you force to fight to the death?"

"You people didn't give us a choice." Osamu said.

"And you did?" White Saint asked.

Taeko looked at the present Osamu in that moment, seeing exactly why he recalled this specific memory. He never wanted this war to happen, or any war for that matter. He didn’t believe the exorcists were evil or that Inari was good. He simply believed that all the wrong circumstances drove the two sides to conflict, resulting in the Inari Standoff and ballooning into the Third Great Holy War.

“If there’s one thing your philosophy doesn’t take into account, it’s circumstance.” Osamu said. “Under the right circumstances, even the Soldier’s Condition can be used to justify the horrors of war, not rectify them. You watched it unfold during the Inari Standoff. We weren’t willing to back down, but neither was the enemy.

“In that sense, White Saint was right. This has and will go on and on. When the Soviet Union’s army moved through Ukraine and Yugoslavia in the Second World War, they did so while murdering and raping everything in their way. Stalin espoused something very similar to your Soldier’s Condition when confronted about the atrocities.

“‘Does Djilas, who is himself a writer, not know what human suffering and the human heart are? Can't he understand it if a soldier who has crossed thousands of kilometers through blood and fire and death has fun with a woman or takes some trifle?’

“Ironic, isn’t it? You rebelled against a callous state, only for another to use your philosophy to justify the actions of its soldiers. The fighting may have ended, but the venom remains. In time, the hatred that remains will lead to more wars, more deaths, more rape. The Soldier’s Condition is noble, but it is corruptible for that very same reason. I realized that your philosophy won’t end the cycle of war. It’s not the path to world peace.

“You said that something worse happens when a country is defeated in the way Japan was in the Second World War. The shame, the brutalization, the erosion of that country’s sovereignty…that’s where our philosophies diverge, Taeko.”
“You think what happened was a good thing?” Taeko asked, revolted.

Osamu shook his head. “No, I don’t. Why does that mean it can’t be a solution?”

Taeko and Osamu walked through the terrifying Highway of Death in Iraq. The road was like a black skid mark in the desert. Burnt out vehicles, clothes, personal belongings, and bodies littered the road. Most of the bodies were in their vehicles, their hands still on steering wheels. Just as it was in Hiroshima, the bodies here were left charred and frozen in their final moments.

From afar, the bodies looked as though they were made of wood, their skin covered in dark tree bark. As Taeko passed by their vehicles, she saw the hints of cooked, orange flesh beneath their blackened skin. Osamu forged ahead through the death and glassy sand as Taeko trailed behind him.

“History has proven that with enough force, even the mightiest of empires can be defanged and forced to submit.” Osamu said. “It happened to our people. It happened to Hima’s. It can happen to the entire world.”

“You’ll create a world where no country has sovereignty and no people are free.” Taeko chided. “It sounds like a world so brutalized by war that it lives in fear and shame of itself. You can’t possibly believe that a world like that is acceptable.”

Osamu aimed a scornful glare at Taeko, his eyes alight with rage. “It’s not just war…”

Turning the corner, Osamu and Taeko ended up inside a classroom. The teacher and her elementary students huddled together in the corner of the class as gunfire rang from outside.

“People like you have such noble ideals, but you refuse to acknowledge that the world isn’t as agreeable or rational as you think.” Osamu said. “It isn’t possible for the entire world to accept your point of view. Not through discourse or discussion. Not through debate and intellectual exchange. Not even through war.

“You already know how to achieve true peace, but you all cower from it. That’s because you know that if you face the answer for what it is, and you come to accept it, it’ll destroy everything you assume about yourself.

“All the principles you think you hold, the values you think you have. You think you believe in liberty and freedom for all, in free expression and equal rights. You’ve built this image of yourselves as rational people who only resort to violence and barbarity when it is absolutely necessary. That couldn’t be further from the truth.”

The gunman kicked down the classroom door with his black boots. Taeko watched in horror as the children screamed in terror, the teacher shielding her head with her arms.

“Please, don’t!” the teacher pleaded.

The gunman, a young man around Osamu’s age, opened fire on them all. One by one, the screams of the students were silenced, leaving only the breaths of the gunman and the lasts of the bullet casings ringing aloud as they fell and rolled across the floor.

“The only way to achieve peace, to stop this same story from playing out over and over again, is to strip the world of its freedom.” Osamu said. “There are many ways to do that.”

The two then ended up at a rooftop in Kyoto, not far from the neighborhood Osamu and the girls used to live. It was a bright and sunny day with a cool breeze passing by. The streets were abuzz with laughter and conversation as people dined at their favorite restaurants with friends and loved ones. Children glided across the sidewalk on their scooters and cars slowly made their way down the road. It was a day like any other in Kyoto, before it was mercilessly attacked.

Osamu’s past self leaned against the rooftop railing, watching the people go about their lives. Osamu joined his past self along with Taeko, all three of them looking over the railing to see Kyoto in a state of unassuming peace.

Taeko looked into the eyes of the Osamu of the past, surprised to see his pupils shrunken by fear and anxiety.

“In just one week…” Osamu’s past self murmured, his teeth chattering. “I’m going to kill all of these people…”

Taeko recoiled in shock. She recognized this day and Osamu’s specific outfit. He had worn white sweatpants, a red t-shirt, and his silver, peace sign necklace. She remembered it clearly, as it was just a few days prior to the attack on Kyoto. Osamu had already accepted the war would happen, that he would play a central role in it as a mastermind of its most vicious attack.

One thing stuck out to her most. ‘In just one week’. But the attack happened four days after this. If Osamu meant something else would happen three days after the Kyoto attack, it meant it would happen today.

“Osamu…” Taeko said, her voice broken and low. “…What in god’s name are you planning?”

“I told you.” Osamu said. “I’m going to take this world’s freedom. But to do that, there’s something else that needs to happen first; defeat.”

Osamu walked off, prompting Taeko to follow him past the roof access door. The door led them into the frigid caves of the Underworld, where Osamu and the Shoku Twins roused Satori out of his peaceful rest.

“Tell me, Osamu.” Satori began. “How many people die in this plan of yours?”

“The price I’ll pay for peace is nothing compared to everything I’ll save.” Osamu answered. “I arrived at this conclusion because I agree entirely with the philosophies of Taeko and Lucrezia. I only want to take that philosophy several steps further. As horrifying as it may seem, this plan will create all the conditions needed for world peace. Most importantly, it’ll ensure that Kagutsuchi and the others are protected long after I’m gone.”

“Does anyone know of this plan of yours?” Satori asked.

“Just the twins here and you. I can’t risk anyone trying to stop me before I’m ready.” Osamu said. “If I don’t enact permanent change in this world, Kagutsuchi will eventually find herself in the same danger Inari faced. If I run away from this, I’ll eventually get cornered just like Inari did. When that happens, the pantheon will take Inari’s Bloodcraft, and you can be damn sure that their first target will be Izanami.

“The issue is that they’ll realize that they can’t kill Izanami without first killing Kagutsuchi. Kagu will become collateral damage in the pantheon’s vendetta against my family. I won’t let that happen to her. Not now, not ever. This plan is the only way to ensure their safety, and that the world never sees another war ever again.”

“We’ve called it Project Dark Dawn.” Omagatoki said.

“All of that death and destruction…is it really the only way?” Satori asked, his hand balling up into a fist.

“The pantheon’s made it clear they have no interest in talking this out. They want this power, and that means they want me dead. Kagu and the others simply won’t stand for that.” Osamu explained. “So we need you to do this for us. There’ll come a time when I’ll need the power of the Underworld, but whoever was left in charge of it was hostile to us the last time we were here. It’s why we got attacked by those demons, remember?”

“Of course…I hadn’t thought of that.” Satori said.

“I want you to overthrow the lord of the Underworld and take control of this place.” Osamu said. “That way, we won’t have to spend days fighting our way to the Onyx Temple and risk getting killed once we’re there. It’ll be much more difficult for the demons to detect one man than a group of powerful people.”

Satori thought hard about Osamu’s plan. He closed his eyes, shaking his head as he pursed his lips. “No! You can’t do this, Osamu! There has to be another way! What’s the point of keeping Kagu alive if this is the world she’ll inherit as a result?”

Taeko slapped her hands over her mouth as she gasped in shock. “It can’t be. Osamu…you said Satori agreed with your plan! Izanami saw the same thing, didn’t she? If he refused, how did you…”

Osamu didn’t answer. He kept watching as his past self balled his hands into fists, his anger boiling into a rage.
“There is no other way, Satori.” Osamu said. “We’ve spent years searching for other ways. There aren’t any! I thought you of all people would understand my position.”

“This is different, Osamu.” Satori said. “Not even the most twisted tyrant could come up with something so horrific! If that’s what the world looks like under your rule, then I refuse to be any part of it.”

Akatsuki and Omagatoki looked up at Osamu’s face. They his eyes widen in shock and desperation. He saw his dream slip away, getting further and further away from him, all because Satori refused to comply. That desperation soon turned to a dark resolve. His eyes narrows and his brows sunk downward.

“Fine.” Osamu said. “I’ll make the choice for you.”

Akatsuki’s torch light dimmed and faded as Osamu clasped his hands together, filling the caves with Satori’s shouts of desperate protest.

“As it turns out, Bloodcraft can be used to alter how people remember things.” Osamu said. “I had Satori remember this moment differently. I had to be careful. I needed Izanami to still trust me enough to take us to Fukuoka later, but I also wanted her to know at least part of my plan. I needed you all to suspect me just a little.

“If I could gather you, Izanami, Gekko, and Kagu in one place, I could utilize all of your powers without you realizing it. For what I want, Izanami’s power alone won’t be enough. I had to siphon some from the others as well.”

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
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The Path to Peace; An Unthinkable Solution (Part 2)

When Taeko blinked, she and Osamu stood in the garden behind Moonglow Castle, when Osamu met with Anne in secret shortly before departing to Yakutsk.

Anne looked around, noticing Taeko’s absence. “Where’s Taeko?”

“This has nothing to do with her.” Osamu said. “This about Dark Dawn. There’s something I need you to do before Hima and I found our new nation. This is critical to making the project a success.”

“Okay? What is it?” Anne asked.

“I want you to report Manami’s location to the exorcists. Become their informant.”


“I need the world’s forces to gather in one place. In order to do that, they have to be able to plan for our arrival. And in order for that to happen, they need to know we’re coming. The best way for that to happen is if they have an informant they can trust.

“You know a lot about this operation, but they won’t fully trust you unless you can prove your intel is good. For that, you need to turn Manami in. The exorcists will raid the villa, kill her men, and capture her.”

“Osamu, hold on!”

“You’ll then inform them that we plan on coming to Fukuoka. That will set the stage for what’s to come.”

“Osamu!” Anne shouted. “I’m not selling out Manami! That’s insane! I’ve been with her for years! We were both good friends with Lucrezia! And in case you forgot, she’s a major part of this operation! How could you even think of selling her out?”

“I’m telling you that unless we can trick our enemies into gathering at one place, the next step of my plan won’t be as effective. Manami doesn’t have a plan to end all wars. I do. Anne, I need you to trust me.”

“This is your mother-in-law we’re talking about, Osamu. You want me to sell her out? You know they’ll give her the death sentence for helping you carry out that attack, right?”

“What we sacrifice now is nothing compared to everything we’ll save.”

“The answer is no!”

Osamu clasped his hands together, sending a small jolt through Anne’s spine. All of a sudden, she stopped protesting Osamu’s decision. She stood with her face frozen in fear for a few seconds. Then, she calmly collected herself, turned around, and left.

“I can’t believe this…” Taeko said, her hands shivering in fear. “You’re the one who told Anne to betray Manami? You’ve been able to use Bloodcraft this whole time, and you used it to brainwash both Satori and Anne?”

“You were right, Taeko.” Osamu said. “Even with a cataclysmic event, you can’t wipe away the anger that fuels wars. Not unless you’re me.”

After witnessing the truth behind Satori and Anne’s actions, Taeko began to piece together the horrifying picture. “Earlier, you said that it was pointless for Gekko to trap you.”

“It’s also pointless for Izanami to refuse to help me.” Osamu said. “I wanted her to be on my side in all of this, but it doesn’t matter if she isn’t. Whether you all support or oppose me, I already have the power to put my plan into action. I needed Satori to be the one to take lordship at first, so that getting to the Onyx Temple wouldn’t be a bloodbath. But then I needed Izanami to take over for him after he hollowed out.

“Izanami is strong enough to hold it for as long as she needs to without hollowing. Satori, not so much. He had his own mission, and he carried it out exactly as I needed him to.”

A gust of wind rushed past them, prompting Taeko to cover her eyes with her sleeve. When she opened them again, she was back in Kyoto, standing outside Osamu’s home as they faced down his children after their botched assassination.

   “You three might be talented exorcists, but you’re still children.” Osamu’s past self said. “You still believe this world is ruled by right or wrong. It isn’t. It’s ruled by circumstance and necessity. Inari became the violent outcast she was because the circumstances you forced onto her didn’t give her a choice.

   “The violence and loss of life that ensued during the Inari Standoff happened because neither of us were given a choice but to fight. And now, all of this is happening because the pantheon will not give us a choice. Nothing has changed. No one has learned anything.”

   “None of that changes the fact that everything you’ve done up until this point is evil, Osamu.” Yuuto snarled. “As such, we have no choice but to stop you.”

   “See what I mean? Good and evil.” Osamu sighed. “It’s nothing that dramatic. You’ll do what you have to, and I’ll do the same. Our circumstances require it. It’s really just as simple as that. If none of you are willing to end this cycle of kin killing kin, then there’s nothing I can do to save you.

   “This cycle will never end unless one side gives up their wants for power and revenge. And yet, both of us rely on this cycle to survive. I finally understand how much Amaterasu suffered trying to stop this exact cycle. It really does seem impossible. But…I have the power to end it, and that’s what I’m going to do. Nothing can stop it now.”

   Alarmed, Taeko turned to the present Osamu. “You knew from the start! The Shoku Twins showed you a lot more than you told us! You’ve been shaping everything so it could go your way!”

“Finally figured it out, huh?” Osamu snickered. “You’re right. Akatsuki, Omagatoki, and I saw the war play out many times over, from beginning to end. We didn’t do anything to change the future or the past. We simply watched. What’s about to happen next didn’t happen in any of the timelines. Hate me all you want, but this might be the only reason any of you make it out of this alive.”

“Osamu, stop! Don’t do this!” Taeko urged. “Don’t become something you’re not! It’s my fault, I should’ve kept you out of this! You weren’t well enough to be involved in something this terrible!”

“Something I’m not?” Osamu asked. “Yoko said something similar, didn’t she? But like I said to her, I haven’t changed at all. You were changed by your father’s suicide, and by killing your mother with your own hands. But me? I’m the same man I’ve always been.”

Osamu walked through the door of the house, closing it behind him. Taeko followed him through it, finding herself standing in the bedroom of his Hokkaido home. Osamu of the past sat on the bed as the morning sun poured through his window and onto the sheets. He was reading Isabella’s final letter to him aloud as Yoko sat by his side.

"Osamu, remember what I told you. You're the glue that holds us all together, so don't you dare buckle when things get tough! You're the slat amor, taking the heavy blows and protecting us all! I expect great things from you, and great stories to come when we meet again!”

“Tsukuyomi told me the same thing as well. I’m the glue that holds us all together.” the present Osamu said. “My ideals, my philosophy, I’ll bind the whole world with it. I united all those people under one roof. I united a broken race and made a new nation for them. Now it’s my job to unite all of mankind. Maybe only someone like me could ever hope to achieve this.

“I’ve always been able to look at something ugly and see the beauty hidden beneath. It’s why, despite them both being mass murderers, I accepted Izanami and Gekko into my life. It’s why I fell in love with Inari even as I watched her tear the exorcists apart. I’ve always been able to see something greater beyond the darkness and carnage.

“Beyond the war, beyond the barren fields of ash and bodies…there’s peace. There’s a world so broken by war that it’s afraid of it. There’s a world where all nations submit to peace as their greatest cause, just as Japan submits to foreign powers.

“There’s a world enslaved by my ideology. A world where all nations and people are forced to accept a vow to reject war. But first, I’ll need to break this world in much the same way the atomic bomb broke our island.

“You’re going to use Bloodcraft to brainwash the entire world?” Taeko asked. “What kind of monster would ever think that ideological slavery is the answer to this? To make it so that no one can ever raise up arms again, to eliminate the very concept of war from this world…it’s not right. Sure, nothing we’ve done so far has been right, but committing terrible deeds to achieve a just end is different from committing those same deeds for an awful end like that.

“I didn’t start this war to enslave the world, Osamu! I started it to show the world how destructive a war like this is, so that when another war threatens to rear its ugly head, every nation on this planet will remember the horrors they experienced. The memory of it all is deterrence in and of itself.”

“It’s not enough.” Osamu said. “There will come a time when that memory fades and war breaks out again. Casting that dark memory upon the world and espousing the Soldier’s Condition, a naive and corruptible ideology, only serves to delay inevitable resurgence of global conflict.

“What will all of this have been for if the very bane of this world comes back to haunt us? For what did I sacrifice Chiya, Satori, Anne, and Manami? Why do so many people all around the world have to die?”

“I can’t possibly ensure the world will still be peaceful a hundred years from now, Osamu!”

“But I can!” Osamu screamed.

“By enslaving all of mankind with Bloodcraft!” Taeko raged. “You think you’re some kind of martyr who sees the harsh truth of the world, but all I see is a child who won’t be satisfied until he sees instantaneous results!”

“Because I’m dying soon, Taeko! I refuse to leave this world without knowing for absolute certain you won’t be killed in another war!”

Osamu seemed so calm up until that point that Taeko didn’t consider the dread and terror  he was feeling. He knew he wouldn’t even live to see the end of the war. He’d die without knowing for certain if anyone he cared about was safe. Taeko finally understand what was driving Osamu, what fueled him to tread down the darkest, most violent path possible. What she saw before him was a cornered man who was afraid of uncertainty, afraid that his remaining children, or perhaps even their children, would see a Fourth or a Fifth Great Holy War.

Their surroundings changed far more rapidly. The two stood in Taeko’s childhood home, watching Taeko’s child self as she discovered her father’s body in his study. His blood stained the tatami mats and dyed his white hoari red. His intestines spilled out from the smile-like gash in his stomach, drawing a crowd of flies to feast upon the offering.

“Over…” Osamu said.

The Senkumo’s merciless raid of a nearby village following an attack on their convoy. Not knowing who was responsible for the attack, Taeko’s men brutalized the people of a nearby village, suspecting that they gave their location away to an enemy. Men, women, and children were pulled from their homes, interrogated, and then slashed to death when their answers didn’t satisfy the men.

Osamu and Taeko watched as the Senkumo troops chased down a young, pregnant woman named Noriko, tackling her into the mud. Noriko screamed in terror as the men bludgeoned her with a hammer. They broke her arm, shattered her kneecap, and disfigured her face into a red, swollen mess.

“And over…” Osamu growled.

The coastal cliffs of Saipan. It was an overcast day and the sea screamed with rage. Haunted by reports of Allied troops mutilating Japanese war dead, the Japanese living on Saipan feared what would happen to them once the Americans landed on their island. Fearing what would happen to them, hundreds of men, women, and children threw themselves off the cliff and into the crashing waves below.

“And over!” Osamu shouted.

Then a jail cell inside the Unit 731 complex, where unspeakable crimes against humanity were committed by Japanese troops and surgeons for the sake of bacteriological, pathological, and weapon experimentation. Osamu and Taeko stood alongside three of Unit 731’s staff as they forced two prisoners, one male and one female, to have sex with each other. One was infected with syphilis while the other was healthy.

The two prisoners cried and begged for the madness to stop, but they were only met with guns pointed at their heads. It was clear they would be shot if they refused to comply.

“And over!” Osamu screamed.

The execution chamber where Cyanide was shot to death. Taeko couldn’t bare to watch this memory. She closed her eyes as the exorcists tied Cyanide to a stake, the firing squad getting into position to kill him.

When asked if he had any last words, Cyanide responded, “Sicily sounds nice, doesn’t it?”

The volley of rifle fire made Taeko jump in fear. She turned her back on her friend’s sagging, bloodied body, crying as she fell to her knees with her hands slapped over her ears.

“And over again!” Osamu raged.

“Osamu, make it stop!” Taeko wept.

Taeko felt Osamu grab her arms and pull her close. She opened her eyes, seeing they were now inside the abandoned bowling alley as the afternoon sun poured in through the rows of colored glass, illuminating the interior in a radiant, multi-colored glow.

The anger and desperation in Osamu’s eyes were unlike anything he had ever seen in anyone before. Going through all of his thoughts and memories, it became abundantly clear that Osamu simply didn’t see an end to war. Seeing what horrors history had witnessed, he feared the exact same atrocities and conflicts would replay in a savage samsara of barbarity.

He couldn’t let his wives and children inherit a world like that. To put it an end to it all, he would use his accursed power to change the world in the most terrifying and irreversible way. He truly was the glue holding everyone together. He had helped unite an unlikely family of women, a nation of vampires, and soon, he would unite the whole world through death and everlasting, ideological slavery. All would accept his wish for peace as their own.

“I’ll destroy this world!” Osamu raged with a terrifying glare. “I’ll kill as many people as I can! Across every nation! I’ll burn this cursed history away! I’ll end all of our burdens! When I’ve finally broken this world, I’ll use Inari’s power to enslave whatever’s left of it! Only then will it all stop!”

The bowling alley faded away, and Osamu and Taeko stood on the bright, golden sands of a tropical island. Explosions rocked the sea as the Shinto gods fought and killed each other. Amaterasu’s child self watched the fighting happen from the shore, her eyes stuck open in horror. Taeko realized this was the First Great Holy War, the conflict that gave birth to the two Great Holy Wars that would follow.

It was the war that robbed Amaterasu of her innocence, forcing her to choose between two halves of her family. Taeko looked at Osamu, realizing he had reverted into a child himself, while she retained her adult form. Osamu ran up to Amaterasu, taking her hand into his own.

“This is for you as well!” Osamu screamed, his higher-pitched, boyish voice audible over the sounds of fighting in the background. “I’ll end it for you! That’s what you want, isn’t it? You don’t want to see another war, do you? You don’t want to be a queen or a goddess! If the world won’t stop until I’m dead, and if the pantheon won’t stop until they’ve overthrown you, then let’s destroy them both! Let’s kill all of them!”

Amaterasu stared into his eyes with tears flooding her own. She gritted her teeth, thinking of all the horrors she had witnessed in the First Great Holy War, of all the terrible things she had to do in her vain pursuit of peace within the pantheon. If anyone understood Amaterasu’s burden, it was Osamu. Even now, despite all that happened between them, their love and compassion for one another had not faded. Not one bit.

Seeing no other way to end the madness, Amaterasu shook her head side to side. She and Osamu fell to her knees, hugging each other tightly as the First Great Holy War raged on in the background. Amaterasu wept into his shoulder, her pained screams saddening even Taeko.

Her own family had done to Amaterasu what Taeko always warned about. They had stolen Amaterasu’s personhood, turning her into a weapon to win the war, and an ideological figure to establish stability for their nation.

She was no longer allowed to be a lost, little girl, grieving for her parents. She wasn’t allowed to scream for the help she so desperately needed. If the Soldier’s Condition needed to be applied to anyone, it should’ve been applied to Amaterasu first.

“Let’s destroy it all!” Osamu said, folding Amaterasu’s hair behind her ears for her. “We’ll wipe the world clean! We’ll break every nation on this planet, then we’ll force them to accept our vow. No more wars. No more genocide. No more suffering. You can be you again! I can be me! All we have to do is take away their lives and their freedom. That’s nothing, right?”

Amaterasu gazed into his eyes with a glimmer of hope in her own. Having taken the same paths and the same choices in life, the two came to a dark and horrifying understanding. Peace couldn’t be achieved through peace. It could only be achieved through when the world was forced to choose between it and complete annihilation.
Peace could only be achieved if freedom died.

And so, Amaterasu lended her power to Osamu in the hopes he could end the cycle of war, and thus, end the suffering both her and Osamu everything. With Izanami, Tsukiakari, and Kagutsuchi also gathered in one place, he had more than enough power to carry out the first step of his true plan; destroy the world.

The island instantly transformed into a void of darkness, the sudden change terrifying Taeko. She turned and saw an ominous eclipse shining like a halo and that dark expanse. Osamu and Amaterasu stood in front of that unholy, dark eclipse as children, their eyes veiled by shadow but the tears rolling down their cheeks glistening clearly.

Amaterasu held onto Osamu’s hand as thought it were the only shred of warmth and love left in the world, and his hand coiled around hers just the same. That haunting image of those two was the last thing Taeko saw before everything returned to darkness for just a brief moment.

The white light consuming the Onyx Temple receded, bringing Osamu and Taeko back to reality. Taeko was already too late. Osamu used his Bloodcraft to force Izanami, Tsukiakari, and Kagutsuchi to produce the kuji-in signs needed to undo the seal placed upon the Underworld. If they wouldn’t cooperate, he would force them to carry out his will.
The bloodshot eye watching over the Underworld closed shut, and in its place, an opening to Fukuoka appeared. Hima saw a strange vortex open in the middle of the sea, swallowing the entire fleet of allied war ships sailing towards Hima’s moonlight dragon.

After the ships sank into the Underworld, an unfathomable amount of demons were spat out from the vortex. Shikome, ogres, hebi-onna, yuki-onna, mu-onna, and many different demons, both small and colossal, emerged from the vortex.

With the sheer number of demons being released, Hima realized that he wasn’t just unleashing a few demons. He had let the entire Underworld free. There were enough demons and ghosts flooding in to kill every single person in every corner of the world, and all of them were under Osamu’s command.

In Kyoto, Amaterasu felt everything that happened with Osamu’s own mind, as if he she had shared that exact dream with him. She snapped out of it, much to the worry of Uzume, who rushed to her side.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Uzume asked.

Amaterasu looked at Uzume, then at Osamu’s children as they lied unconscious in their beds. “He’s done it. He’s going to destroy this world.”

“Who is?” Uzume asked, confused.

“Osamu. And I just helped him do it.” Amaterasu said, a smile slowly forming on her face.  She looked down at her hands, realizing she had them posed in the Rai kuji-in sign.

Hima spotted Osamu and the others falling out of the vortex. She rushed towards them with her moonlight dragon, catching them within its head.

“Osamu!” Hima shouted. “Did it work?”

“Izanami unleashed every demon in the Underworld!” Osamu said, lying through his teeth.

“What? All of them?” Hima recoiled.

“So we can crush their armies and destroy their nations!” Osamu said. “We’ve bought Minavere more than enough time!”

Seeing hell on earth, Hima couldn’t help but laugh. To her, the near-omnicide of mankind wasn’t reprehensible at all. Humans had driven her own race to the edge of extinction. What was happening now was nothing short of justice in her eyes.

“Izanami! I can’t thank you enough!” Hima sang. “Let’s head back down to the beach!”

Hima’s moonlight dragon lowered its head and dissipated into a shower of glittering stardust. Everyone landed softly on their feet, but it soon became clear that not everyone was happy with this decision.

“Osamu…what have you done?!” Yoko wept.

Kagutsuchi fell to her knees, her hands trembling in horror at what she had done. Tsukiakari screamed in agony. She had been used as a tool to accomplish the opening of the Underworld, and there was nothing she could do to take it back. Izanami simply looked at the swarm of demons flooding the world in horror. She almost couldn’t believe this was reality.

Three colossal demons emerged from the vortex, sticking their skeletal arms out to grab hold of the earth. Once they dug themselves out of the portal and stood upright, the setting sun cast their shadows over and entire shoreline. The three, massive skeletons shook the earth with their very steps, their black cloaks flapping in the wind.

The insides of their cloaks were as dark as the night sky, but seemed to carry the glitter of  stars and nebulae within them. It was as if they ripped pieces of outer space away from the universe, wearing its darkness, its stars, and its bright, gaseous clouds as cloaks. Together those skeletons marched away from the shores of Japan and towards the Asian continent.

Osamu stood at the shoreline, his feet kissed by the violent waves crashing upon the sand. It mirrored exactly what Taeko saw of the First Great Holy War. Now, it was Osamu standing in Amaterasu’s place. Instead of the First Great Holy War, the world would instead be swallowed by Osamu’s omnicidal ambitions and his violent desire for peace.

“Osamu…why?” Izanami wept. “The sheer scale of this…it’s unimaginable! Everyone the world over will be killed!”

Osamu was the same man he had always been. He was the glue that held everyone together. He was a man that always saw the beauty in the horrific. Those qualities hadn’t changed. He spread out his arms, his hair pulled and tugged by the seaside breeze. He took in that moment, witnessing the end of the world with a smile on his face and a hopeful beat in his heart.

“This is it…” Osamu said. “The path to peace…”

Just as he said that, the girls noticed something horribly strange. The sunlight was fading into darkness. They looked to the west, watching as the moon occulted the sun, plunging the world into a premature nightfall.

“That has to be the Shoku Twins!” Izanami said. “The eclipse will make the demons stronger!”

“They helped you do this? But why?” Kagutsuchi cried.

In that moment, Izanami realized that Satori’s memories alluded to this very day. They were already too late to stop Osamu.

“This is the Dark Dawn.” Osamu said, watching the end of the world unfold before his eyes. “It’s finally happened. It won’t be long now. Soon, the world will finally know peace.”

The girls quickly realized that this had gone way too far. The near-extinction of humanity was absolutely unjustifiable. Osamu’s plans had gone beyond the ambitions of a war and reached unimaginable levels of death and destruction. Without words, the girls all knew what this meant. More than the Shinto pantheon, more than Amaterasu or the exorcists, Osamu had become their enemy. He had to be stopped.

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
« Reply #576 on: July 04, 2022, 02:05:00 AM »
Okay so update. I am about 112,000 words into End of Osamu Ashikaga. This has been very uncomfortable to write, actually lol

The vampires, Yakutsk Lords, and their political dynamic has been fleshed out more. I guess you could say a portion of the vampire population are dealing with a severe case of kollektiveschuld over Dracula's instigation of the Second Great Holy War and the subsequent post-war downfall of the Vampirical Monarchy. It's extreme, to the point that many of them view the subjugation of the vampire race and the exile of its remnants to Yakutsk as entirely justified.

Hima's sudden appearance, however, has shaken things up. On top of that, Osamu has initiated Dark Dawn, the process of annihilating the human race and setting up the future for world peace. With a descendant of Dracula taking the crown and their demi-god king beginning the genocide of mankind, there's been a huge resurgence of what I can only describe as an ultranationalist movement.

There's quite a notable vampire named Johan Sommers leading the United Pacifist Party, a coalition of Socialist, Democratic, and Isolationist groups. They want Osamu to stop Dark Dawn, Hima to step down as Queen, and for the militarization of the vampires to end. They understand that humanity will always be a threat to the vampires, but that Osamu's power can be used as deterrence rather than a tool of genocide.

Furthermore, they wish for Yakutsk to remain Yakutsk and a part of the Sakha Republic, rather than its re-organization as the capital city of Minavere, the new vampirical nation.

Those who have taken Osamu's side basically want the opposite of all of that. Go through with mankind's extermination, militarize Yakutsk, secede from the Sakha Republic as the sovereign nation of Minavere, expand Minavere's borders to what it was before the Second Great Holy War, and ensure that Osamu and Hima conceive a child so that Dracula's bloodline can continue to rule the nation.

Osamu needs the vampires on his side and for Minavere to succeed, so he has to find a way to dismantle the United Pacifist Party. But it's not as easy as using Bloodcraft to manipulate the party into siding with him, especially as Osamu learns of the relationship between the vampires and Russia's FSB.

Carmilla initially brought the vampires to Yakutsk in secret, but as their population grew, the FSB discovered their presence in Yakutsk. Normally, they'd report this to the Russian Exorcist Program, but the FSB and then-prime minister had a project in the works that desperately needed help. Carmilla found out through a former KGB contact that the FSB were plotting to engineer what would become the Second Chechen War, and that it would serve to propel the prime minister into the presidential seat and win political capital for the FSB.

So, the FSB cut Carmilla and the vampires a deal (ultimatum). Help us carry out false-flag attacks to win support for the Second Chechen War, or we'll report you to the Exorcist Program and exterminate you. Carmilla chose the former However, it was their involvement in the Second Chechen War that gave rise to Johan Sommers and the pacifist/isolationist political enclave. They didn't want their race to be responsible for the start of yet another war and sought to keep the political influence of vampires confined to Yakutsk.

By now, Carmilla knows that some members of the United Pacifist Party are in contact with officers from the FSB, and she suspects Johan Sommers might actually be colluding with them to prevent the vampires from expanding their influence. That makes Osamu's job of dismantling his party even trickier. He has to be able to outmaneuver the FSB without getting himself killed.

Also, Aika and her family are all dead. Osamu got them killed. On purpose. The Shoku Twins are going to reveal why he did this when they talk to Yoko and the others, who absolutely hate Osamu's guts right now, but the reason is that Osamu and the Shoku Twins saw that Aika was able to convince Osamu to drop his mission for world peace in a different timeline. She restored his faith in humanity by showing him how mankind came together after the attack on Kyoto, how volunteers from all across the world descended upon the city to help the Japanese people.

Killing her ensured that Dark Dawn will go through and no one will stop him. The island of Kyushu has already sunk into the ocean as a result of Dark Dawn, so Osamu has already claimed about 13 million lives there. Only 7 billion more to go.

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
« Reply #577 on: January 03, 2023, 04:50:18 PM »
I have been gone a while! And I have been writing the whole time. Last time, we were at 112,000 words. Now we're at 212,000 :ohmy:

The new vampirical monarchy is named Minavere and the political crisis tearing it apart is being fleshed out more. I've especially added more to Johan's character, his background, and his philosophy. There's also some rather intriguing mystery elements regarding the true identities of the two people claiming to be Johan Sommers. Oh...and there was also a massive Russian attempt to destroy Minavere once they realized what was going on in Yakutsk.

It's a huge battle and both Osamu and Johan end up getting mortally wounded during the course of it. Osamu actually takes a bullet to the head and needs immediate brain surgery. But the medical team is torn, because saving Osamu means Minavere is spared, but the rest of the world will be destroyed. Saving Johan and giving him Osamu's blood and heart means saving the world, but Minavere and all vampire kind will be destroyed. The entire political conflict gets distilled down into this trolley problem choice.

Other than that, Osamu's plan to destroy the world has pretty much succeeded. At this point, most of human civilization has been wiped out and we got to see the destruction of the Tajiks, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and African peoples firsthand. All that's left is the Americas, and while that's happening, we come to the very familiar part in this arc's first draft where Osamu and Hima conceive their child.

The only real difference here is that Osamu uses his power to manipulate Hima into carrying out his plan for eternal peace after he's gone. After giving Hima a child, his blood, and his heart, Osamu is branded with a temporary seal that will allow him to live for just two more hours without those very vital things.

He and the Shoku twins return to Kyoto together, and since humanity has been wiped out, the twins are free to decide if they want to continue living as gods or finally be allowed death. They choose the latter and bid a very emotional goodbye to Osamu. All that's left is for him to take a stroll down memory lane, and I'll have him die in Izanami' arms, staying true to the title Death by Ex-Girlfriend.

The last few chapters deal with the aftermath of Osamu's death. Tsukiakari has to learn to forgive Amaterasu the same way Izanami did, and the family as a whole has to grapple with what Osamu did. I mean...imagine having a husband that was responsible for the near-total eradication of humanity, then went on to enslave the remnants of the species with a mind-control blood powers.

In Minavere, the only country left standing, Osamu is hailed as a national hero. Statues are built in his honor and the adage he shared with Inari becomes the official adage of Minavere's military. They set out to explore the barren world and begin the process of rebuilding civilization. And of course, not realizing she's being manipulated, Hima will inadvertently use her powers to enforce Osamu's vow of pacifism upon all living things.

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
« Reply #578 on: January 03, 2023, 05:20:13 PM »
I cannot wait to be done with this lol rewriting this story has been a herculean task. What started as a fun, goofy little yandere harem story evolved into a sprawling narrative about the effects of war, familial hatred, the road to self-forgiveness, and the morality of using sweeping, catastrophic means to solve global ills. And of course, an interesting character study on Osamu as it becomes apparent he's not heroic, but a deeply damaged, misguided, and self-destructively altruistic man whose perspective on human life and the world gets warped into something truly terrifying.

But I am very ready to consider this story done and move on to other, much smaller projects. I'm surely I'll eventually get back to Six Cataclysms too lol but I'm hoping to finish my rewrite of Anzu after this is done

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
« Reply #579 on: January 04, 2023, 10:42:23 AM »
OhGod, it will truly mark a turning point in history when you move on to another project, lol. I can't belive you've written another 100k in your absence  :ohmy:

Will review stories upon request. My latest arc:

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
« Reply #580 on: January 08, 2023, 06:56:09 PM »
A character study: What the hell is wrong with Osamu Ashikaga?  :ohmy:

Osamu Ashikaga is introduced as a relatively normal guy surrounded by not so normal and eccentric ex-girlfriends. He's honest, sincere, and cares very much about people's lives and happiness. He is always willing to make extraordinary sacrifices for others, even if it means laying down his life. But there are moments in the series where his friends begin to realize there's about Osamu's altruism. It isn't natural, nor is it rational. Was he simply addicted to the thrill of being in supernatural situations? Did he enjoy being a hero? Does he have some sort of death wish? Well, let's try to answer that.


(Osamu) “You said that something worse happens when a country is defeated in the way Japan was in the Second World War. The shame, the brutalization, the erosion of that country’s sovereignty…that’s where our philosophies diverge, Taeko.”

“You think what happened was a good thing?” Taeko asked, revolted.

Osamu shook his head. “No, I don’t. Why does that mean it can’t be a solution?”

-Osamu and Taeko's philosophies come to a clash as they travel through Osamu's memories of humanity's past together

Osamu was born in Kyoto, Japan in the summer of 1998. His father was a salaryman and his mother was a chef. He lived a normal life in the suburbs of Kyoto, but it was clear he was just a bit different from most boys his age. He preferred to stay inside rather than go out. He didn't like to ride his bike or play sports, but preferred reading, drawing, and playing video games. Most of all, Osamu was very sensitive and self-conscious. He worried constantly about what others thought about him and wondered what he could do to make others happy.

Though he was bullied throughout his school years, Osamu was protected by his friends Yoko, Isabella, and Kenjo. But things took a horrible turn one day when Osamu and Kenjo witnessed a young girl get hit by a car right in front of them. Kenjo rushed to the girl's side, but Osamu was in complete shock the whole time. He couldn't even gather his senses enough to call an ambulance.

This event and his reaction to it would stick with Osamu for the rest of his life. It was the catalyst for many of the psychological issues that would come to the forefront later in the series, but it wasn't the only incident that forever changed Osamu. Ironically, Kenjo was killed in a car crash right before graduating high school. Isabella would pass away from pancreatic cancer, he would learn that Rousoku Himawari committed suicide while she was pregnant with his child, and of course, Osamu's involvement in the Inari Standoff was a pivotal moment in the series that led to the outbreak of the Third Great Holy War, Dark Dawn, and The Great Silencing, all of which were initiated by Osamu himself.

Author's Diagnosis

(Tsukiakari) “It was the Shoku Twins, Shinju. They got into his head while he was unwell.”

(Shinju)“But Osamu’s the one that approached them. He was the one that asked to see every instance of human misery history had to offer. It was wrong of them to oblige, I agree with that, but don’t you think it’s odd that someone as sensitive as Osamu would subject himself to an experience as torturous as that? Something inside him broke, Gekko. It feels like you and the others won’t give it any serious thought because you’re terrified of what you mind find out about him.”

“Are you saying Osamu was evil from the start and we just didn’t see it?”

“No, far from it. I believe with all my heart that Osamu was a good person with a kind soul. But looking back, he’s had this fatal flaw that I can’t quite put my finger on. Based off what you just told me, something’s been wrong with him ever since the day he watched that little girl die. You and the girls believe he came back a fixed man. I’m telling you that he didn’t. Whatever was wrong with him then only got worse by the time he returned to Kyoto. That’s what we didn’t see, Gekko.”

-Shinju and Tsukiakari, unable to stop Osamu's plan to destroy the world, talk about Osamu while he's away in Minavere

The most important moment in Osamu's life was the day he witnessed that little girl die right before his eyes. That incident and his reaction towards it haunted him forever. He lamented that he, a coward, lived while the girl (and by extension, Kenjo) died so violently. To him, their lives were worth far more than his own, so the cruel twist of fate was both unfair and unbearable.

Osamu sought to correct what he deemed to be fate's mistake by committing suicide, but he was stopped by Izanami. Meeting Izanami would be the next important moment of his life. Izanami talked him out of suicide and befriended him, inviting Osamu over to her shrine every night to get to know each other. Izanami had a way of making sense of tragedy. After all, her belief was that all love that is lost will eventually find its way back to people. The love we lose when our friends pass away will come back to us in the form of new friends, new experiences, and a new perspective on life.

Izanami turned Osamu's despair into a yearning to see the world and find his own worth in life. It encouraged him to leave Kyoto behind in search of that meaning, which initiated he events of the first arc.
Osamu didn't return to Kyoto with a clear head. He returned, more convinced than ever, that his life is worth less than others. He didn't interpret the worthiness of his life as a reason for him to live for himself. He saw it as a reason to lay it down for others.

His altruism is fueled by his own noble death wish, his constant search to validate his own existence and his worldview by making sure that any life worth more than his can thrive off of his death. On the outside, this seemed like simple heroism, but it turned out to be so much deeper and darker.

So, it comes as no surprise that after the Inari Standoff, Osamu snapped. His worldview and his perspective on the worth of human life didn't change at all. He simply thought to apply his perspective on a global scale.

In The End of Osamu Ashikaga, Osamu still believes the lives of his loved ones are worth more than his own, but after seeing both the past and future with the Shoku Twins, Osamu becomes convinced that most of the world is worth less than his loved ones. The lives of almost 8 billion people bore a feather's weight, while the lives of his family outweighed it entirely. He already planned to die at the end of his heinous plan, but now he was ready to take 8 billion other people with him on the way out.

In doing so, Osamu truly believed he could reset the world, break the current world order, and set forth the conditions for The Great Silencing, which would lead to eternal peace on earth. His loved ones and the future generations of humanity would be able to live in a world without war, where they could live long lives. That prospect alone was worth destroying the world and committing the single greatest act of genocide in human history.


Osamu was a normal, young man whose perspective on life and worth were forever warped by a single, traumatic event. Future tragedies and losses, as well as an overbearing knowledge of both the past and the future encouraged him to apply his ideas on a global scale. His views on life and worth made him devalue the worth of the world around him following the events of the Inari Standoff and the 7-year lead up to the Third Great Holy War. When he saw the Shinto pantheon's refusal to avoid conflict, knowing there would be a fight on their hands if they tried to kill Osamu and get Inari's blood/heart, he devalued them, for they were willing to inflict tragedy upon his family for the sake of power.

When he realized that simply prevailing over the Shinto pantheon wouldn't end the conflict, that the rest of the world and its people would wage their own war to protect the world from the possibility of Osamu using Inari's power, he devalued the world as well. He couldn't allow his loved ones to live in a world that was determined to endlessly hunt them down.

All that remained was his love and reverence for the lives of his family. His life was worth less. The Shinto pantheon was worth less. All of human civilization was worth less. Even the lives of Aika and Rei were worth less. And so, for peace to be established, it all had to be destroyed. Everyone had to die.

(…I dreamt for so long…)
The Tajik people fled from their villages with nothing but the clothes on their backs and their loved ones beside them as the shadowy silhouettes of the colossal skeletons crept over the horizon. The stampede of fleeing, terrified people raced towards the rocky, jagged mountains bordering their towns. If they had any hope of surviving this, they had to reach higher ground.

Brave mothers and fathers ran towards the mountains with their young children in their arms. The elderly, too old and slow on their own, were carried on the backs of young, virile men through each step up the mountains. None of them wanted to die, for their colorful dresses and floral garbs to become the clothes they die in. Each and every one of them wanted to live to see tomorrow.

(…About saving that little girl I saw die before my very eyes. Who would she have grown up to be? Would she have had a happy life? Would she remember me for saving her? Would any of this had happened if I simply saved her? Or even if I just never saw it?)

To the terror and dismay of the Tajik people, the demons were coming over the mountains. As those horrifying beings marched closer to the towns and villages of Tajikstan, the people began to realize just how large they were. The mountains were little more than stepping stones, and the clouds veils for their skeletal heads.

Anyone could see there was nowhere to run, no escape from the agonizing deaths Osamu Ashikaga had wished upon them. Even so, they ran down the mountains in the vague hope that everything would be okay, that they’d survive this apocalyptic disaster. They didn’t want to resign to their fate until ever last vestige of hope was lost.

When the demons encircled their towns and cut off any possible escape from certain doom, the Tajik people stopped in their tracks. A litany of terrified voices screamed out from every direction as the people realized they weren’t going to survive.

“There’s…nowhere to go!”

“Can we at least save the children?”

“Dad…are we going to die?”

“It’s okay, honey. Don’t look at them. Just hang onto me and close your eyes. No matter what happens, just hang onto me, okay? When you wake up, we’ll be in a beautiful place together. There’ll be no scary monsters. We’ll be safe. So, just…hang onto Daddy, okay?”

The rumble of skeletal march drowned out the legions of screams and pleas. Seeing no hope in running anymore, some people simply fell to their knees and beseeched God to spare their lives. Utterly dazed by the sheer size of the demons about to kill them, some people fell onto their bottoms and looked up with their mouths agape and tears staining their faces.

All of them were ground into the dirt as skeletal feet the size of Manhattan came down upon them, casting shadows over their land that grew darker and darker as their feet closed in towards the ground. People covered their heads as they sobbed and screamed for their lives, only to be flattened and silenced beneath the skeletons’ apocalyptic steps.
Anyone who wasn’t caught beneath their feet were swept up in their astral veils and burned alive along with their homes, family, and animals. The fluid in their eyeballs evaporated, every strand of hair on their bodies were singed away, their skin and facial features all reduced to a putrid, black char. Every trace of their race’s existence in this world was crushed and burned away.

(The dream never fades. It just…changes form. It keeps repeating, beginning and ending the same way, no matter what I try. The same shock…the same despair…the same regret. Each time, the girl’s face is different.)

The people of India felt the same rumble rattling their homes and shaking their streets side to side. Sirens blared across every city in the country as the Indian Armed Forces organized to evacuate everyone out of the urban areas and into rural, higher ground.

People packed themselves into cars, trains, cargo planes, anything they could to try and escape the coming wave of death. Tens of thousands of men, women, and children were trampled by their neighbors and countrymen in all the chaos, their necks and ribs breaking beneath the frantic, terrified steps of the populace. The desperate cries of those trying to escape was gradually being drowned out by the sound of the horde’s constant, unending footsteps.

“Go! Go! I don’t wanna die!”

“They’re getting closer!”

“Why won’t they start this damned train! Get us out of here!”

“We’re overpacked! They can’t start!”

“My son! Has anyone seen my son? He’s nine and has long hair! Please, I can’t leave without him!”

The Indian Armed Forces fared no better in fending off the demons than any of the world’s armies did. Artillery batteries rained salvo after salvo of high-explosive hellfire upon the demons, to no avail. Tank shells bounced off their yellow-tinged bones like drops of rain and firebombs went cold against their astral veils.

Seeing that their weapons were useless, the men of India’s army abandoned their fortified positions and ran for their lives, unable to halt or even delay the horde’s approach upon their cities. People gathered in prayer inside the nation’s Hindu temples, the tremors rattling the buildings like violent earthquakes. The once tranquil, Hindu temples were filled with people sobbing into their hands, hardly able to focus on their prayers for mercy.

(That girl…Isabella…Rousoku…Inari…so many people…I failed over and over again. Each time I thought I found meaning in my life, I was reminded just how terribly powerless I was. It’s like I keep reliving that moment all over again, when that little girl died while I did nothing. I’ll make a world without war, without hatred, a world where every person is united by one ideology. The people I loved deserved to live in a peaceful world.)

The light of the skeletons’ astral veils poured in through the windows and skylights of homes, temples, shops, and banks across the nation, the screams of the Indian people echoing for miles as they were trampled upon and set alight, the stragglers torn apart by winged shikome. Millions of people were reduced to paste in and ash in their homes, cars, and overpacked trains.

(I’ve always been able to see the beauty lying beneath the ugliness of the world. I saw the beauty in Izanami and Tsukiakari, even in Inari. Even now, I still see it in the world. It’s…more than I can take. The more I burn away, the more beautiful it is. Destroying this world…eradicating all these people…it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.)

The Hindu temples of India, the ornate mosques of the Middle East, the Mongolian Steppes, the Orthodox churches and old, Soviet-era homes of Russia were all destroyed in the global wave of destruction that spread like wildfire. No military could halt or delay it. The demons shared Osamu’s tireless resolve to destroy the world and annihilate nearly all of mankind. They wouldn’t stop until he was satisfied.

The horde reached the Levant and set their sights upon Israel, Egypt, the Balkans, and all of Africa. Beneath the blackened sky and under the ireful watch of the raging eclipse, billions of humans all across the world were slaughtered, their nations flattened, their bloodlines ended, and their entire race wiped away. As the demons trampled and immolated their civilizations, all that was left behind were graveyards of ash, disfigured and flattened corpses, and eerie silence.

(The future I saw…of the world ending because of ceaseless, human ambition will burn away. The conflicts my powers would’ve caused will all end before they break out. I’ll have completed my penance. I’ll have righted my first wrong and eased the world of all its burdens…

(Because I love this world. I love the people in it, the people yet to be born into it. That’s why…that’s why I have to destroy it, so they don’t inherit the mess we made. This clean slate will be their birthright.)

Within days, the horde marched upon Africa, decimating the countries of Egypt, Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan. At the same time, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Greece shared the fate of East Africa. Despite all military attempts to curtail the destruction, the demons carried out Osamu’s wish with undying fervor and brutality.

Osamu’s wish to end the world was unfolding perfectly. Humanity had already passed the point of no return. Every race, every nation, and every culture would be wiped away, all of them victims of the Third Great Holy War and Osamu’s desire for peace.

Within the ashes of human civilization lied the seeds for humanity’s second chance, for Amaterasu’s and Izanami’s reconciliation, and for the world to someday flourish anew, its inhabitants shackled by Osamu’s vow to abstain from war.

(Izanami…what you said to me that night when you saved my life was true. You were right. I’ve finally found beauty in this world.)

-Osamu's meditation as he sees the world destroyed during Dark Dawn

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
« Reply #581 on: January 09, 2023, 10:08:19 AM »
If there's one thing I've learned, it is to never give to the poor the riches of the wealthy.

That might sound cruel, but when I talk about the poor, I'm not talking about monetary value. I speak about mind and spirit. Poor minds and spirits begets poor choices and actions, thus giving a person of poor nature the same powers as one who has mastered a rich nature will naturally end poorly.

A poor person's mind is locked behind the walls of their own self, and thus they believe everything that their own mind tells them. A rich person's mind realizes even they are vulnerable to faults, and thus learns to look beyond their own veil of reason, understanding, and comprehension. A rich person has mechanisms to correct their own weaknesses. A poor person believes their weaknesses are part of the natural order of things.

In Osamu's case, he is a character that never really grew out of his "poor" self. Rather, he is bombarded with all sorts of powers. So much power in fact that he has no idea what to do with it. Someone with a rich understanding would have realized that wielding this immense power comes with immense responsibility. Osamu did not. He instead sees these new powers not as chains, but as keys. Keys to be used to come and go as one pleases. And therein begins his downfall into insanity, the insanity itself caused by his poor character that never truly got corrected, only stashed away. The extraordinary powers Osamu assembled only exacerbated the poor character he already was. Someone stuck in the past that would rather go to zero if things didn't go his way, then to fight for every inch of the future he has waiting.

Then, lies a universal understanding: not everyone is fit to rule.

Truly a pitiful tragedy...  :ninja:
“To give of oneself is the noblest of all acts.”


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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
« Reply #582 on: January 09, 2023, 08:54:26 PM »
A very thoughtful analysis indeed, Op :clapping:

I have always warned people that Osamu is secretly the villain of this entire series. It's just that no one realizes it early on. Osamu very much lives behind the veil, trapped by his own sense of helplessness and self-loathing. He was never able to see the concept of human worth in a healthy way. A man like him is doomed to either annihilate himself or take people with him. He's what happens when people lose hope in the world and themselves.

I should probably do another one for characters like Johan Sommers and Amaterasu. In fact, I think I will

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
« Reply #583 on: January 09, 2023, 09:07:01 PM »
I encourage it! It's always interesting to see the thoughts of an author as they pertain to their work. Why characters are written the way they are, why situations play out as they do... not only is it a good exercise in creativity, but it also builds one's reasoning and deductive skills, skills I definitely advocate other writers to bring to their stories  8)
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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
« Reply #584 on: March 17, 2023, 05:00:50 PM »
It's. Over.

It's finally done. Nearly 252,000 words.

I have re-written the entirety of SWS and now the entirety of Death by Ex-Girlfriend. Of course there's still some proofreading and little things to be done, but as far as the actual writing is concerned, I am finally done with this series. It was a herculean task to rewrite and improve everything, but I am glad I did it.

I'd post everything here, but it would be a mountain of spam lol if anyone is interested, I'd be glad to give the honeyfeed link to the series, or you can just search for it yourself there.

Gonna take a much needed break for a bit. Then I can finally go back to my smaller, more intimate story, Anzu!