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Author Topic: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)  (Read 163509 times)

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
« Reply #30 on: February 24, 2016, 01:16:34 AM »

Meet the cast :)

MC is drawn. Now, time to work on the pages!!!


I was planning on doing this from the start. A little banner, OhGodHelpMe. Hope you like it. :)


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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
« Reply #31 on: February 24, 2016, 01:35:23 AM »
So many long hairs....  :ninja:
“To give of oneself is the noblest of all acts.”

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
« Reply #32 on: February 24, 2016, 01:41:43 AM »
I want to propose this little skit where Osamu cries because Yoko cut off his manhood and only left him with 1-2 inches max. When he finally reveals it and shows it to you, he was talking about his hair


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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
« Reply #33 on: February 24, 2016, 01:45:51 AM »

Great work so far, Han

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
« Reply #34 on: February 24, 2016, 01:46:05 AM »
Woah! That banner looks really cool god job Han! :thumbsup:
Aim high, otherwise what is the point in trying?

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
« Reply #35 on: February 24, 2016, 10:22:48 AM »
Izanami looks really cool. Thats a beautiful dress!

And thats a very nice banner!  ;D

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
« Reply #36 on: February 24, 2016, 01:28:57 PM »
As the writer, Izanami is my favorite ex.  :clapping: Yoko's pretty close though

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
« Reply #37 on: February 24, 2016, 02:37:15 PM »
Since this is now a thing, I just wanted to start off by saying...

“To give of oneself is the noblest of all acts.”

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
« Reply #38 on: February 24, 2016, 04:11:28 PM »
Yes I absolutely agree!  :thumbsup:
Since this is now a thing, I just wanted to start off by saying...

Aim high, otherwise what is the point in trying?

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
« Reply #39 on: February 24, 2016, 04:54:12 PM »
Everyone wins  :ninja: What a way to end the waifu wars

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
« Reply #40 on: February 25, 2016, 07:06:22 AM »
Took me long enough.

Day 11: Today, My Ex-Girlfriend Wore Samurai Armor to the Gym
A Girl's Passion Burns Hotter than the Summer Sun!

(One has to wonder sometimes, if there's such a thing as a love that should have never happened. Not because it was bead, really. But because the person you loved would've been better off without you. Why do I get the nagging feeling that this is the case with Aika? I wonder if it would be better for her if we had never met.)

(We never did do anything for the rest of the week. All of us stayed home, but it was still pretty fun. Although...)

Osamu remembered a moment where he went out to the kitchen and saw Isabella cooking naked. Well, she did wear an apron, at least.

Isabella: O-O-Osamu!

Osamu: Holy crap! I'm sorry Izzy!

Isabella: I thought I was the only one awake at this hour! Don't look!

Then, he remembered a moment when he came home late after taking a walk. The house was completely dark when he entered, so he was about to turn on the lights, but someone turned on the lamp in the living room first. A chair spun around to face Osamu, and it was Yoko sitting in it with her nightgown on, brandishing a knife in her hands and a smile on her face.

Osamu: Oh! Yoko! I didn't know you were up.

Yoko: Hi. Osamu. So uhh...where have you been?

Osamu: Oh, you know, just...taking walks, you know?

Yoko: Really? Because I think that you think that I think you're taking walks just to get some fresh air and not scout the streets for beautiful babes with curly hair and smooth legs.

Osamu: W-what?!

Yoko: Give me one reason I shouldn't cut off your feet so you can never walk again.

Osamu: Because I didn't do anything! I just took a walk! I promise!

Yoko: Kiss my feet.

Osamu: Are you insane?!


Yoko's voice immediately brought Osamu to his knees and made him kiss her feet. It was completely subconscious. Yoko put the blade of the knife under his chin and used to lift up his head.

Yoko: You look so cute when you're scared. But don't worry, Osa. I'm not going to hurt you. No, not at all. Instead, if you're truly sorry, you'll be hurting me tonight. Understood?

Osamu's face was red, immediately understanding what Yoko meant.

Osamu: L-listen! I don't-

Yoko put the blade against Osamu's lips.

Yoko: Shhh. Make sure you leave marks on me, my love.

The rest of the night was something Osamu didn't want to remember any further.

(Hopefully this weekend is better than the last.)

On an early Saturday morning, Aika and Izanami met in the kitchen before anyone else woke up. Aika sat down as she yawned and shook out her hair. Izanami was preparing hard boiled eggs for herself.

Aika: Morning.

Izanami: Morning, Aika! Sleep well?

Aika: I wish. I can never sleep well.

Izanami: Sorry to hear. Did you want some eggs?

Aika: I'm okay, thanks.

Isabella: Morning, sluts.

Isabella came downstairs and sat next to Aika, hair her tied in two long pigtails.

Izanami: Morning, Izzy!

Aika: Where do you get off calling people sluts in the morning, cow chest?

Isabella: Because today, we're going to see which of us is the strongest! Behold!

Isabella held up an all-day gym pass.

Aika: Seriously?! An entire day in the gym for free?!

Isabella: Yep! I got it a while ago but never got around to using it. I figured we could all go together and get a nice workout. What do you say?

Izanami: Sounds good to me!

Aika: S-sure! I don't mind at all.

Isabella: Sweet! I'll go wake the others and jump in the shower. Izanami, make me a boiled egg and put it on the side for me, babe.

Isabella ran upstairs, leaving Izanami a tad bit confused.

Izanami: Babe?

Aika: I think she's just on a high. You know how gym people get when it's time to work out. They always want to bring their friends and show off their big, oily muscles to everyone. Working out is a great, but to hell with people who do it with an attitude.

Isabella didn't even bother knocking on the door before barging into Yoko's room, waking her and Osamu as she gleefully shouted at the top her lungs.

Isabella: Good morning sleepy heads!

Yoko groaned as she got up and rubbed out her eyes. Osamu just tried to pretend she wasn't there.

Yoko: What the hell are you doing, Gaijin?

Isabella simply held up her gym pass. That was all Yoko needed to see to get hyped.

Yoko: You've had that all along and never said anything?!

Isabella: I had forgotten until now! You wanna go? It'll be a good opportunity to start the...

Yoko's eyes fixated on Isabella's lips as she anxiously awaited what she was going to say.

Osamu: Don't do it...let's just sl-

Isabella: Muscle Wars.

Yoko: I'm in! Let's go as soon as possible!

(Damn it...)

Yoko: Osamu, get up!

Osamu: I think I'll sleep this one out.

Yoko leaned into Osamu's ear.

Yoko: I wasn't asking. Get. The. Hell. Up.

Osamu sprung up like a plank of wood and immediately got into some workout clothes.

Isabella: That's the spirit!

And so, Osamu was roped along on another summer adventure. However, as they were all walking the sunny streets of the neighborhood to get to the gym, Osamu did notice an upside to all of this.

(I can't believe I'm eying them in their workout clothes like some perv! But can anyone blame me?! Isabella's butt look so big in those yoga pants! It's like watching balls of dough being kneaded as she walks! And those boobs, she knows they don't fit in that sports bra! It's like she's doing it on purpose!)

Then his eyes moved over to Yoko.

(Ah man, I never knew Yoko had such nice abs. They might even be better than mines...well that's not cool! I've got to try harder!)

Then, to Aika.

(Of course she wore sweatpants and a hoodie. What else was I expecting? She's so conservative, even when it comes to workout clothes.)

Then his eyes turned to Izanami.

(I badly want to ask why she's wearing a full set of Samurai armor and a suji bachi kabuto. No, scratch that. I'm more interested in where she got it. I wonder if Yoko gave it to her just to mess with her. I really hope she won't get heatstroke wearing it.)

Osamu: Uhh, Izanami...why exactly are you dressed in samurai armor?

Izanami's voice was a bit muffled past her kabuto and iron mask.

Izanami: Weighted training is the best training! The Way of the Warrior is resolute acceptance of the reality of death!

Osamu: We're only going to the gym, we're not raiding Himeji Castle!

(What am I going to do with you, Izanami?)

After a short walk, they all arrived at the gym. Isabella handed her pass over to the staff. Before them were the instruments of bodily vitality, the tools of burning calories and conquering fat. Treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals and more!

Izanami: I call the bike!

Yoko: You don't need to call it when there's plenty of- oh never mind, she's hopelessly stupid. Hey, Aika, let's go lift some weights.

Aika: W-weights?! I've never lifted any weights before!

Yoko: No, but you can hold a guitar pretty well, right? We'll start with some 4.5kg weights for you. Easy as pie, right?

Aika: I guess so...

Yoko and Aika went off into the other side of the gym to lift weights, leaving Osamu and Isabella to choose what to start out with.

Isabella: Want to come on the treadmill with me? It's been a long time since we worked out together!

Perhaps it was largely thanks to her tight clothing and bold attitude induced by her own excitement, but Isabella seemed a lot more attractive to Osamu than any other day before.

(I think a new fetish may be arising...)

Osamu: Haha...yeah...sure...

(Here we go again!)

Osamu and Isabella got on treadmills next to each other, and they both started out with a simple walking pace. Meanwhile, Izanami was pedaling on the exercise bike as if she were trying to get away from the police.

Osamu: Uhh, Izanami...you probably shouldn't start out so strongly...

Izanami: There is no reward in doing that which is easy! Great statues are created through the tribulation of painful carving!

(This is certainly a side of her I've never seen before...)

Isabella sped up her treadmill and was now at a jogging pace. It certainly wasn't the bounce of her hair that caught Osamu's attention.

(Women eating apples has nothing on women running on treadmills! Look at her go! Her form is perfect for the most effective jogging possible! Her breathing is at a perfect pace, and she's taking in a good amount of oxygen within a good amount of time! Her back is as straight as a board, perfect posture! This is perfection, the pinnacle of the Homo Sapiens' Sapiens abilities over our ancestors! Millions of years of evolution led up to this one glorious moment of the godlike ingenuity of the uni-)

Isabella: Hey, what are you staring at?

(Damn it, Osamu!)

Osamu: Nothing! Your form is just good. I'm impressed.

Isabella: Aww, thanks! I used to run track all the time back in the States! My brother taught me all his good habits.

(Now that I think about it, the last time I heard of her brother, I believe she told me he was serving in the military.)

Isabella: Alright, let's kick this thing into high gear!

Isabella reached over to Osamu's treadmill and started increasing the speed, forcing him to catch up with it. She did the same with hers, but had a much easier time running at a good pace.

Osamu: What the hell, Izzy?!

Isabella: You're too slow, thunder thighs! We're gonna shave those calories off!

On the other side of the gym, Aika was well aware that it was a conscious decision on Yoko's part to isolate them from the others. They both lifted weights together, taking quietly amongst themselves.

Yoko: Feeling well, Aika?

Aika: Are you always this nice to people?

Yoko: I'd be lying if I said that were the case. I just worry about you.

Aika: Huh? Why? I'm perfectly fine, Yoko.

Yoko: No you're not.

Yoko and Aika locked eyes. Aika could see that Yoko already had her figured out.

Yoko: Honestly, it's not even due to intuition. I've always been able to know almost everything about a person just by kissing them. When I kissed you last week, I saw a lot of awful things. Why don't you seek help? Even I'd be willing to help you if you asked me.

Aika: I don't need help. Really, I'm fine, Yoko.

Yoko: That's what they all say. Next thing you know, they all kill themselves when nobody is there to look after them.

Aika: Does anybody else know about it?

Yoko: No. Osamu has been digging at it, but I've been trying to keep him from figuring it out.

Aika: Thank you...

Aika's face reflected a sense of sadness and shame, but Yoko gave her a smile.

Yoko: You know, ever since you, Isabella, Izanami, and Osamu started living with me, my life has been very different. That house used to be so big and lonesome, your voice would just echo through it if you spoke aloud. As much as I don't appreciate them trying to get their grubby little hands all over the man I love, what I do appreciate is that you all gave my home a beating heart. Even on days where you don't see the point of forging forward, you just gotta take a look at what's been done, and how we've all been brought together by a stream of unlucky coincidences. All of us would miss you if you suddenly left.

Tears were running down Aika's pink face before she could realize it. She immediately wiped them away, and Yoko put down her weights to rub her back.

Yoko: Did I say something wrong?!

Aika: Not at all!

Aika laughed and nudged Yoko on the shoulder.

Aika: I had no idea you could be mature and sincere, Yoko.

Yoko: Y-yeah, well don't get used to it! I hardly ever do this. The only incentive here is that your life is at stake.

Aika: The last person to talk to me with that much care was my mom. Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Yoko: Anytime, Aika.

After a while, Osamu's legs gave out from the constant running. They felt like soft butter by the time he got off, but Isabella seemed to be doing fine. She took a big chug of water, sharing her bottle with Osamu.

Isabella: Woo! That was fun, wasn't it?

(I almost died!)

Osamu: Yeah, that was really fun. But how do you do it?! Aren't your legs tired?

Isabella: Man, you really are a thunder thighs, aren't you?

Immediately after she finished her sentence, a pair of shuriken flew by her, blowing past her hair and striking the punching bag behind her. Both Isabella and Osamu only realized what happened after the shurkien hit their target. They looked over and saw Izanami, who looked like she had just thrown something. She fixed her posture, stood up straight, and laughed into the air.

Izanami: Perfect aim! Not a single wasted movement!

Isabella: Did she just...

Osamu: Yeah...

Isabella: Was she always like this?

Osamu: Well, not really. She was always sweet and mature, but I have no idea what THIS is.

Yoko and Aika rejoined them all at the other side of the gym, sweating from their workout.

Yoko: You guys look like you had a good run.

Osamu: Yeah, but I think Izanami has us all beat in terms of exercising the hardest.

(Give a woman samurai armor and she changes into a completely different person.)

This day too, at least, ended with everyone smiling. They stayed in the gym as late as they could before it was time for them to close. Now it was night time, and the walk home was quick since the streets were empty. However, on the way there...

Isabella: Hey, Yoko. I'll race you to the house!

Yoko: What? No way, my body is sore after working out all day.

Isabella: Wow, I had no idea you were such a chicken.

Yoko: Do you really think that petty insults like that are going to rile me up enough to hurt my body more than it's already hurting now?

Isabella: Hmm...hey, Osamu.

Osamu: What?

Isabella grabbed Osamu by his cheeks and gave a nice, long, deep kiss right in front of everyone. The gasps were like the screams of eagles in the air.

Isabella: Oh Osamu, it's nice being close to you like this when this itty bitty little sports bra can barely-

Yoko: That's enough!

The plan worked. Yoko was no fuming.

(Why do I always have to be in the center of all of this!)

Yoko: Fine, I'll race you to the house. If I win, you're going to be my pet for the rest of the night.

Isabella: Pet?

Yoko: Of course. I'll have your hands and feet bound by chain, and you'll wear a collar around your neck with a cute little leash attached. You will do everything I tell you to, when I tell you to, how I tell you to, or you will die slowly and miserably.

Osamu: S-she doesn't actually mean that Isabella!

Yoko: That's not true at all.

Yoko's blue eyes shined like an angry ocean gleaming in the sun.

Yoko: Fail me in any way, and I shall force you to rip off all of your fingernails. Fail me a second time, and I will force you to rip off your toenails. Fail me a third time, and I shall whip you bloody. Fail me a fourth time, and I shall surgically sever your wind pipes so that you may never speak again.

(That's going too far!)

Yoko: Fail me a fifth time, and you shall be water boarded.

Isabella: You're on!

(I think you both need a long visit to your local mental health institution!)

Osamu: Isabella, don't agree to anything Yoko is saying! None of that is worth some stupid race!

Isabella: If I win, I get to sleep with Osamu and you sleep with Aika instead!

(What's the point anymore? They're just going to carry on despite my protests...)

Aika: Am I that unbearable to sleep with? I don't snore, right?

Isabella: On your marks!

Yoko and Isabella got into position.

Izanami: Woo! Go Isabella!

Aika: You're supposed to cheer after the race starts, silly.

Izanami: Oh. Really?

Isabella: Get set!

Yoko: Go!

Isabella: Hey!

Yoko cheated of course, and got a head start in front of Yoko. They ran so fast around the corner that Aika, Osamu, and Izanami had to start running just to keep track of them. From behind, it looked like they were neck and neck.

Izanami: Wew! Go Broncos!

Osamu: Who exactly are you even cheering for anymore?!

At last, it was the final stretch. Isabella and Izanami both pushed themselves to touch the front door first.

Aika: They're going all in!

Izanami: Isabella had a bit of an awkward start but has caught up with Yoko around the corner on the first turn! Isabella seems to be picking up her hooves now and taking this race seriously, but Yoko is speeding up and is clearly hoping to outclass the other horses in this race, Tom!

Aika: This isn't a horse race, Izanami!

Finally, the big moment! Isabella beat Yoko by just a mere second.

Yoko: Damn it to hell!

Isabella: Yes! I get to sleep with Osamu now!

Yoko: Osamu, forgive me!

Osamu: It's alright, Yoko. You actually did pretty good out there. You gave Isabella a run for her money!

Yoko: But I still lost and now I have to give up my by place alongside you in bed to that succubus!

Isabella: Oh, I see. Hate the winner, why don't ya.

Yoko: Listen, just don't mess around with him. If you do, I'll put cyanide in your tea and watch you die on the floor as your mouth foams up!

Isabella: Oh I promise, we won't mess around!

Isabella stuck out her tongue in jest, and Yoko bitterly accepted her defeat. But at least now, they were back home and ready to eat. Isabella, Yoko, and Izanami took their places in the kitchen and decided to prepare sashimi for dinner, since it wouldn't require much cooking. Izanami finally took off the ridiculous samurai armor and got back into her house clothes.

Izanami: Today was another great day!

Aika: I still can't believe you went out wearing all of that armor, Izanami. You really drew a lot of attention to us! Is it because you don't like the sun that much?

Izanami: Kinda. I mean, I don't mind it, but it feels extra hot to me because my skin is as white as snow, you know?

Yoko: I think you could use the tan.

Isabella: No way, Izanami is so cute with her white skin!

Izanami's eyes lit up like constellations.

Izanami: I'm cute?!

Isabella: The cutest little birdie I ever did see!

Izanami: I don't know what to say! Osamu, am I cute?

Osamu: Yeah, you're really cute actually.

Aika: I concur.

Osamu looked over at Aika, and this time, she didn't look away. Their eyes met for the first time in a week.

Aika: What?

Osamu: N-nothing! I just agree with you.

Aika:...I know you do. That's why I said "I Concur".

(Ever have one of those moments where you want to slap the you from just a few minute ago? This is one of those moments for me.)

The beating heart of the house always seemed to be in the kitchen. The meal was as delightful as the laughter that filled the house, and the night laid the excitement to rest. The only difference this night was that Yoko would be sleeping with Aika, and Isabella would be sleeping with Osamu.

Isabella: Come to bed, sweetheart!

(Relax Osamu. Its the same bed, just a different girl. Not much has changed.)

Osamu turned out the light and climbed into bed with Isabella, not nearly as nervous as he thought he'd be.

Isabella:...Hey, Osa?

Osamu: Hmm?

Isabella smiled, the blankets covering her up to her neck.

Isabella: Aika's birthday is coming up soon. Next Saturday I believe.

(Holy crap! I honestly forgot! You're a lifesaver, Isabella!)

Isabella: I was thinking we could prepare a surprise for her in secret, you know? We can get Yoko and Izanami in on it too.

Osamu: Yeah, that's not a bad idea. I'm sure she hasn't had a good birthday party in a while. Thanks for reminding me, Izzy.

Isabella: No problem! I'll probably sleep like a rock, but you should go shopping with Izanami tomorrow, see what you can find that Aika might like.

Osamu: Alright.

Isabella: Nighty night.

Osamu: Goodnight.

(Aika's birthday. It will be the first time we've ever celebrated her birthday together. Thank you, Isabella. I'll try and make it count.)

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
« Reply #41 on: February 25, 2016, 07:10:03 AM »
Woah, a whole week flies by! For some reason I get a Monmusu vibe whenever I read these updates  :-X but perhaps that's only because I'm using that for comparisons  ;D
“To give of oneself is the noblest of all acts.”

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
« Reply #42 on: February 25, 2016, 07:29:16 AM »
Gotta pass the time somehow unless you want a lot of "Boring Summer Day and Shenanigans in the House" chapters  :clapping:

I personally wouldn't mind it, but the story needs to progress at a good pace

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
« Reply #43 on: February 27, 2016, 06:22:19 AM »
Whew. Next chapter coming right up!  8) I fully admit to waifu-baiting with Izanami here.

Day 12: And so, I Went Shopping With My Ex-Girlfriend
She's Sweet, She's Sour, She's Gentle, She's Power!

(Remember when you were little and your mom had to take you with her whenever she went shopping, and it seemed like something that should be so simple ended up taking hours to get done, mostly because she ended up getting distracted from what she actually went there to buy? Well, I do. For that reason, I've never liked going shopping with girls, because the stereotype of them getting distracted while in a store has always rung true whenever I accompanied a girl on her shopping spree. I learned that much from dating Isabella.)

Osamu remembered the time he accompanied Isabella at the mall when he dated her. They originally went there to find some new shoes and a few clothing items, but things got kind of hectic. As they walked hand-in-hand, Isabella stopped when she saw a book store. Her face lit up and she tugged Osamu's arm.

Isabella: Let's go in there! I wanna find some books on the mechanical workings of firearms!

Osamu: I don't think you'll find anything like that in there!

(Then, the lingerie store...)

Isabella: Osamu, look! Maybe I can find some cute lace panties for our next movie night, huh?

Osamu: You already bought like 80 pairs of them at the last store!

(And then the donut place...)

Isabella: Osamu! You won't judge me if I eat a dozen of these, right?

Osamu: Have some self-control!

Isabella: You'll be happy if the fat goes to my butt!

Osamu: No, I'd still scold you for being a shameless glutton!

(Shopping really isn't my element. But, I wonder how it will go today with Izanami. She seems responsible enough. Well, guess I'll get out of bed and see.)

Osamu opened his eyes and sat up in bed, looking to his right to see Isabella just barely waking up next to him.

(Ah, I almost forgot. Isabella sleeps in here now since Yoko lost the race.)

Isabella: You up, Osamu?

Isabella couldn't open here eyes, still stricken by exhaustion.

Osamu: Yeah. I'll go see if Izanami is up and we'll go find something for Aika. You uhh...you aren't getting up?

Isabella: I would, but....

Osamu: What?

Isabella: My body is so sore! I can't move an inch!

(Yep, that tends to happen when you work out too hard. Lesson learned, huh Izzy?)

Osamu: Serves you right, loser. That's what you get for speeding up my treadmill and slamming me into the wall!

Isabella: It's not my fault you've got the leg strength of a 6 year old girl!

Osamu: Whatever.

Osamu got out of bed and stretched his limbs, yawning as he did so.

Osamu: Just take it easy today, alright?

Isabella: You don't have to tell me twice. Have a good day with Izanami.

Osamu could hear water running in the kitchen as he exited the room and went downstairs. Turns out, Izanami was already up and had already eaten breakfast.

(An early bird as usual...)

Osamu: Good morning.

Izanami turned around and smiled at Osamu, the sun hitting her snow-white skin and red eyes.

Izanami: Ah! Good morning Osa! Sleep well?

Osamu: Yeah, I think I did.

It was only now that Osamu realized what Izanami was wearing. It was a one-piece pajama with a back flap and a hood. It was also made to look like whoever was wearing it was a penguin, and the hood was the head. It even had googly eyes on it.

(Maybe this day will be good for her! She can get a taste of fashion that won't make everyone think she's a psycho!)

Izanami: Hmm? Something wrong? You're just staring at me.

Osamu: Oh no! I've just never seen those pajamas before...

Izanami: Oh yeah! Isabella ordered those for me online! Pretty sweet, right? She said penguins are fierce animals and symbols of courage!

(It all comes back to Isabella...)

Izanami: Oh, sorry, I didn't make you anything. Did you want breakfast?

Osamu: Oh no! That's fine. Actually, I was gonna go ahead and get dressed so we could head to the mall. It'll be fast since you already ate.

Izanami: Ah that's right! You sure though? You shouldn't start your day without eating breakfast.

Osamu: I'll be fine, I swear!

(Now that I think about it, every time I've started my day without eating breakfast first, I've always been a royal wreck. But I already said I'm fine, so I'll look stupid if I take it back)

Osamu: I'll get dressed now.

Izanami: I will too!

And so, the two got dressed for their day out. It was bound to be another hot, summer day, so Osamu wore a white shirt with the Ashikaga clan crest in the center of it and a pair of light-blue jeans.

(Alright. Let's get this done for Aika.)

As Osamu walked down the hall, Yoko quietly snuck out of her room, being wary of waking Aika. Osamu and Yoko whispered between each other as they walked down stairs and headed to the front door.

Yoko: You guys leaving now?

Osamu: Yeah, I was going to let you know to lock the door when we leave.

Yoko: Nah, don't worry about it. I've got spare keys for you.

When they got to the door, they saw Izanami standing there waiting for Osamu. She wore a red ribbon in the back of her hair, which was used to tie it into a half-up. She surprisingly went with something really nice and casual, wearing a long, white dress with red polka dots on it.

Yoko: Wow, you actually look normal for once. I'm impressed.

Osamu: How exactly did we go from samurai armor to this?!

Izanami: I-if you don't like it, Osamu, I can always change into something else...

Osamu: No, that's not what I-

Yoko: What he means is that you look gorgeous, Izanami. Right, Osamu?

(There she goes, saving my hide again)

Izanami: R-really? I do?

Osamu: Absolutely! You look stunning!

The pale girl blushed and bowed. Yoko reached in the closet and handed Izanami a pink umbrella.

Yoko: Here. It's going to be hot today, so just in case the sun bothers you too much, you can use my umbrella. But since it's going to be a beautiful day anyway, you two should make the most of it. Don't just stop at getting Aika a gift.

(So weird...Yoko would draw her sword at the thought of me going on a date with anyone but her. But she's been encouraging things like this lately. Maybe I'm being too paranoid. This time around, it could just be because she doesn't want us getting home too soon, so we don't run into Aika in the kitchen or something.)

Izanami: Okay! Thanks Yoko!

Yoko: Ahem!

Osamu: W-what?

Yoko: What do you mean what? Walk the lady out like a gentleman!

(Your standards of me are too damn high!)

With that, Osamu took Izanami's hand and Yoko wished them off.

Yoko: Have a good day! Call me before you get back! I'll make sure the coast is all clear!

Osamu: Alright! See ya!

Izanami: Ba-bye!

(Yeah...I think that's it. Everything she's doing right now is for Aika's sake. Whatever she saw, I'm surprised she cares this much about it)

Osamu remembered Yoko's comment in the bowling alley the night they had to walk home from the beach. Whatever it was, it concerned Aika feeling incredibly lonely and isolated ever since her mom died.

(That's right. Maybe she's doing this because she's been down that road before. She knows, better than anyone else, what Aika is going through. She's the ideal person to handle it. I've just gotta trust her then.)

Osamu and Izanami walked together to the mall. Izanami kept her umbrella over her head as the sun beat down on the city. It was clear that people were doing double takes and looking back at Izanami as they walked by. Izanami didn't seem to notice or mind though. She happily walked the sunny, lively streets with Osamu by her side.

(What are they looking at, exactly? Her skin? Yoko was smart to give her an umbrella that would cast its own color on her if the sun shined through it. It the best we can do to keep eyes off of her. Not like anyone would suspect she's a deity, but I know Izanami can be self-conscious sometimes...)

Izanami: Hey, Osamu?

Osamu: Yep?

Izanami: Any idea what Aika would like? She's kind of a hard book to read.

Osamu: Yeah, that's a good question...

Izanami: You mean you don't know?!

Osamu: Heh heh...nope...

Izanami puffed her cheeks in anger at Osamu.

(Is this supposed to be her angry face? She just ends up looking really cute!)

Osamu: W-w-well! I do know that Aika loves music, sweets, and cool clothes.

Izanami: Hmmm...Okay! I'm sure we'll find her something then! We're on a mission, Osamu! We're going to give Aika the best birthday party ever!

Izanami's smile made Osamu smile. She was just like that, she always had high spirits.

(You know, Izanami. I'm really glad that we met.)

They finally arrived inside the mall. Izanami handed her umbrella over to Osamu. The mall was large, wide, and of course, busy. Izanami had never actually been to a mall herself, so the sight was quite breath taking to her. She was fascinated by the amount of stores, the smell of food, and the volume of people that gathered in one place. A constant noise of people talking, laughing, and music playing filled their ears, almost as if was just a homogenous and continuous hum instead of individual people simply going about their lives.

Izanami: Wow! I've heard a lot about these places, but to actually be in one is so cool!

(At least her ignorance of the modern world makes her incredibly humble)

Osamu: Well? I can imagine Aika wanting some music books. We should probably start there, on the second floor.

Izanami: Alright! Lead the way!

(Gosh, she's such a trooper.)

Even here, they held hands, as not to get separated from one another. And even here, especially with Izanami not using her umbrella, the stares continued. Osamu already knew why people would be staring at them, but still, Izanami herself didn't notice. She was too busy having fun, pointing out the direction of certain stores that might be good for a gift. The tension only made Osamu grip her hand tighter. They got into the book store and immediately went up to music section. Izanami was on her knees looking through the various kinds of books, searching for the most informative and comprehensive work she can find.

Izanami: Let's see...Aika likes Jazz and Classical...ah! I found a good Jazz book, Osa! It's got chord charts, samples, and everything! It's pretty cheap too!

Osamu: Great work! Now to just find something for Classical.

Osamu stumbled upon a Classical Guitar book with a collage of classical artists on it, including Sebastian Bach, one of Aika's favorite composers.

(This is perfect. She never did finish learning Bouree in E Minor. I'm sure she'll love to continue.)

Osamu: Found it. Let's get this and he-

Osamu's stomach began to grumble, and Izanami laughed.

(Great work genius! You knew this would happen and you still tried to play The Cool Guy! Damn it! Now I look stupid!)

Izanami: Hey, Osa, I think your tummy is mad at you!

Izanami began wagging her finger.

Izanami: If only you had eaten breakfast, right? Tsk tsk tsk. I always thought you were a smarter man than this.

Osamu: Believe me, I'm mad at myself too...


Izanami: Let's get some food! They have a food court right across from here!

Osamu: Yeah, I think that's a smart idea.

Izanami: Oh really?

(Don't make of me, I'm already suffering over here!)

They bought the books and carried the bag out with them. Izanami suddenly took charge and led the way to the food court. The whole way there, those ghastly stares greeted them again, and yet, still, Izanami didn't seem to notice.

(What the hell is wrong with people? I guess they can't help it if they see a girl as pale as Izanami...but still, how rude...)

Izanami and Osamu stood in front of Sakura's Sushi, running their eyes up and down the menu to see what they want.

Izanami: Hmmm...what do you want?

Osamu: I'm not sure.

Izanami: Well I don't know either, I was just gonna have whatever you thought of having.

Osamu: Alright, how about we order one item and share it?

Izanami blushed once she heard the word "share". She couldn't even look at Osamu anymore.

(What? Don't tell me she's too shy to share a meal with me.)

Izanami: T-that sounds perfect!

Osamu: Okay...

Izanami looked at Osamu once more, and flashed her smile of sunshine.

(I might die from just how cute she is...)

They ordered one tray of sushi and took it back with them to one of the nearby tables. They snapped apart their chopsticks and dug right in.

Osamu: Thank you for the food.

Izanami: Thank me for the food!

(Well, considering she practically helped create the world, I guess it's appropriate for her to thank herself.)

Izanami: So, we got the books. What else did you say she liked? Oh, that's right! Sweets! We should totally get her some donuts!

Osamu: "Totally"? That's unlike you. Since when did such a phrase get into Izanami's lexicon? And besides, we shouldn't buy her food a week ahead of her birthday.

Izanami: Well excuuuuse me! I was just trying to blend in with my boyfrie- I mean...uhh....sorry....

Osamu: Huh? Don't worry about it. I don't blame you, since, you know, we are technically on a date right now.

Izanami's face turned as red as blood from that statement and nervously began fidgeting with her hands.

Izanami: Dummy, we're here to get Aika her gifts!

Osamu: Yeah, but Yoko also told us to make full use of the day! So, technically, you and I are on a date!

Izanami covered her mouth.

Izanami: Does that mean we're gonna kiss and have babies!?

Osamu: Totally. I want 70 of them, okay?

Izanami: 70?! Why so many?! I-I'm not ready for that many children and my boobs aren't big enough for breast-feeding!

Osamu broke out in hearty laughter, and Izanami puffed her cheeks again.

Osamu: Relax, I was just kidding. Oh, you gonna eat that last roll?

Izanami: You can have it.

Osamu: Thank you!

Osamu met Izanami's eyes as she rested her head against her upright hand. It was almost as if he was rediscovering something.

(I think Izanami really did get cuter. Looking at her now honestly has my heart in a pinch...)

Izanami: It's rude to stare, you know!

(Crap! I've been compromised!)

Osamu: S-sorry! Let's get going to the next store.

Izanami: Yes indeedy!

("Indeedy?" Maybe she shouldn't associate herself with mortals anymore.)

Next up, they went and bought Aika plenty of graphic shirts with music-related designs, as well as a new leather jacket, beaded bracelets, and necklaces. It got much easier to pick things up. They could just look at an item of clothing and see Aika sporting it. For Izanami, it also felt like a chance to get to know Aika better. But, again, all throughout the store, people kept staring at Izanami. The space was so tight that it was impossible for Izanami not to notice. This time, she just ignored it. With the second store cleared, Osamu decided to spend the rest of the money he had on Izanami, but wasn't quite sure what to get her. They walked hand-in-hand through the mall, each carrying a bag of Aika's gifts.

(It's a stupid thing to do, but perhaps I should ask her...)

Osamu: Hey, Izanami? I was thinking of getting you something too, but I don't know what kind of gift you'd like.

Izanami: A gift for me? Oh, no no no! Please, save your money! I don't need any gifts!

Osamu: Are you sure?

Izanami: Yep! I'm fine just like this. This day has been pretty wonderful so far.

As they walked, Izanami saw a sample stand. Apparently, they wanted people to try out their new pretzel, dashed with sea salt and glazed with honey mustard.

Izanami: Ooo! I'm sorry, can I go try the pretzels?

Osamu: Of course you can. I'll wait here.

Izanami gleefully skipped over to the pretzel stand and approached the confectioner with a cheeky smile.

Izanami: Good day to you, ma'am! I'd like to try out one of your pretzels, if I may!

The woman looked at Izanami with an almost fearful expression. She collected herself and handed a cup of the pretzel sticks to her, her hand shaking as she reached out.

Confectioner: S-sure! Go ahead and have some...

Izanami bowed, always minding her manners.

As Osamu sat and watched Izanami indulge herself in the delight of the pretzels, he could hear the chatter of people behind her. Women, men, and children talking about her pale skin, how she looks like a corpse, and how off-putting it was.

Woman: Is she sick or something? She looks like she's dead...

Man: Did you see her eyes? What's with her?

(This can't be good...how could they talk about her behind her back?)

Osamu: Hey, excuse me, but it's incredibly rude to point out people's appearances. You'd best shut up and go about your day.

The couple walked away, but onlookers still remained. Izanami finished her pretzels and dumped the cup into the garbage, but her movements seemed a lot less energized now. She walked back to Osamu with a smile that even he knew was fake.

Izanami: I'm done now. Sorry for keeping you. Let's go.

And so they continued walking through the mall together once more, making one last weep through the stores to make sure they didn't miss anything Aika would've liked.

Izanami: Hey, Osamu?

Osamu: What is it?

Izanami: I'm...I'm not embarrassing you, right?

(Oh no...I was so stupid. Of course she could hear what people say about her. Yet, this whole time, she was smiling...)

Izanami: I've pretended to brush it all off today, but I can hear them all talking about me...and you too. You can go home if you want. I don't want people thinking ill of you just because you're hanging out with me.

Osamu: I'm not going anywhere. I'm on a date with Izanami and no amount of rude stares or remarks is going to make me any less happy than I am right now. Alright? Don't think so lowly of yourself.

Izanami: You're right...

Time just seems to burn away when you're in a mall. The sun was already due to set in just a couple of hours. Deciding to wrap up the day, Osamu and Izanami left with their bags. On the way out, Izanami accidentally bumped into a child who was running off on his own. She bent down and reached her hand out to help the little boy.

Izanami: I'm so sorry! Are you lost? You shouldn't be running around such a huge place without your parents around!

The little boy was terrified of Izanami, refusing to take her hand. He ran away, back into the arms of his mother, who gave a snide stare before walking off with her sun. Izanami hung her head as Osamu tried to find a good string of words to say.

Osamu: Well...you know how kids are. They're adventurous, but they're always terrified of the things they find...Izanami?

Osamu could only see both her hands move to cover her face from behind. With a closer listen, he could hear Izanami faintly crying.

Izanami: I'm sorry, Osa...

Before he could say anything, Izanami disappeared into a vortex, wanting to be alone after the barrage of ridicule today.

(Damn it! Where did she go?!)

Osamu's first instinct was to call Yoko. He held both bags with one hand so he could reach the phone. Yoko picked up almost immediately.

Yoko: What's up? You coming home yet?

Osamu: No, not yet! Listen, Izanami...she just did that thing with the vortex! Did she go home? Is she there?

Yoko looked around and saw no sign of her.

Yoko: No, she isn't here. What happened? Why did she just disappear?

Osamu: Because people kept talking about her behind her back. I think the straw that broke her back was when she tried to help a kid who fell, but she ended up scaring the little guy.

Yoko: Oh no...do you want me to look around? I'll search the neighborhood for her!

Osamu: Yes please! I'll be in the area shortly.

Yoko: Alright!

The call was ended, leaving Osamu to stand by the entrance of the mall.

(It's always been this way, hasn't it? Nobody ever accepted her when they saw her. Makes you wonder if she stayed away from this world because she preferred to reside in the world of the dead...or if being here among the living was too painful for her. Either way, I've got to look for her. That house wouldn't be home if one of us was missing from it!)

Osamu ran all around the neighborhood searching for Izanami, as did Yoko. They both ran around for what seemed like hours. Osamu stopped when he came across a flower shop that was just about to close its doors.

(Izanami...I know you didn't want one, but I'm going to get you something nice.)

Unsure of where to go, Izanami sat in the abandoned bowling alley, crying so hard she couldn't stand up. She sat right by the columns of stained glass windows as the sun shined through them. The sound of footsteps in the hallway alerted her, and she saw Osamu step into the room, knocking around the bowling balls on the ground in his clumsiness.

Osamu: Damn it...you're here!

Izanami tucked her head into her lap.

Izanami: Please leave me alone.

Osamu took out his phone, sending a text message to let Yoko know that he found her in the bowling alley. He defiantly stepped closer to Izanami.

Izanami: My entire life, people have talked to me like I'm less than nothing. At the same time, I have to help those people when it's their time to leave this world. It hurts...being judged for things you can't change about yourself. Even Yoko called me Corpse when I first saw you again. I wouldn't mind it so much today if it was just about me, but I ended up dragging you down too. I'm sorry, Osamu. I'm so sorry.

(She smiles so often, you forget how painful it actually is to be her...)

Osamu knelt down beside Izanami and held her hand. Izanami was able to lift her head and look at Osamu with her tired and sad eyes.

Osamu: Izanami. Remember when you and I met, here, in this city, 5 years ago? I was so young, and so silly too. I ventured out at night and took walks around town all the time. One night...I decided I would take my last walk through town. I decided I'd end it all at your shrine, but you saved me at the last second. Even then, under the moonlight, I saw how pale you were, and how red your eyes were. I wasn't scared. I was mesmerized. I was so profoundly touched by how hauntingly beautiful you were. We sat together, ate, laughed, talked, cried...and we even shared a dance together. Do you remember what happened after that?

Izanami: I looked at you and I fell in love. So... I kissed you.

Osamu: Yep. I still think it was one of the best kisses of my life. I could feel how happy you were, and I was happy just to see you happy. I kept going to that shrine for a while so we could lean on each other, so we could love each other when we were both so miserable. But then...I left.

Izanami: And I missed you...Why did you leave?

Osamu: It was exactly because you saved me that I had to go. I broke apart in Kyoto, but I was able to rebuild myself when I left. I came back a stronger man because of what you did for me back then.

Izanami: I guess you got overwhelmed, huh?

Osamu: Yeah. I never got to give you anything before I left. So, please, accept this.

Osamu pulled out his gift, a bouquet of stargazer lilies. Izanami grabbed hold of it, shocked that Osamu bought her something despite her earlier protests.

Osamu: I know, I'm 4 years late. Better late than never, right?

Osamu stood up and reached his hand down to Izanami.

Osamu: Let's go home, beautiful. There are people who love you waiting for your return. You even got Yoko running all around the neighborhood looking for you!

Izanami grabbed onto Osamu's hand, laughing at the idea of Yoko caring enough to find someone else when they're missing.

Izanami: You're right. Let's go home!

They departed the bowling alley and made their way back to Yoko's house. She was waiting for them on the sidewalk, wearing a hoodie and yoga pants. When she saw Izanami holding flowers, she knew that Osamu had fixed the problem.

Yoko: My, my! Don't you look happy?

Izanami: Yeah! All thanks to Osa!

(You probably shouldn't give me credit right in front of Yoko...)

Osamu: Oh! These are the gifts.

Yoko took the bags from Osamu.

Yoko: Good. I can take these to the back and keep them stashed until the day arrives. Aika still doesn't know what's coming. You guys go on inside, you look beat.

Izanami bowed.

Izanami: Thank you, Yoko.

They both walked back inside and left their shoes by the door. Osamu sat at the counter as Izanami prepared dinner.

Osamu: Did you have a good day?

Izanami: I sure did! Thank you, Osamu. I love you.

(Crap! I want to return the favor, but let me just make sure that the coast is clear!)

Osamu looked around, making sure none of the other girls were around.

Osamu: I love you too...don't tell anyone I said that!

Izanami snickered with glee.

Izanami: Don't worry, it will be our little secret!

(Good. I'm glad the day turned out alright for her.)

Isabella: Oh baby, I'm starving! What's for dinner tonight?

Aika: Maybe you should go and help out instead of acting like that.

Isabella and Aika came downstairs, and at the same time, Yoko came in through the back door.

Izanami: Hey guys! I'm making grilled salmon tonight!

Isabella: Perfect! I'll help you out!

Aika and Yoko sat down with Osamu as the sky grew dark once more, and laughter filled the kitchen.

(All of them are like the ingredients we find in our kitchens. Spicy, sweet, sour, and salty. I think this house would be a lot less colorful if any of them were missing. Perhaps they realize that too.)

And so, the moon rose over Yoko's house, as beautiful as it always was. Back then, now, and in the future!
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That was amazing, OhGodHelpMe!
The story is getting better and better every time I read it!
Izanami, I felt really sorry for the poor girl, getting remarks and stares about her looks T^T
But honestly... I am honoured to be able to read you work senpai!!
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