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What Anime/Manga Characters Look Like You?

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Based off a misunderstanding from Lego's Which Anime/Manga do your characters look like? thread I made this!

Which anime/manga characters look like you?

For me very few. This one side character from D-Frag vaguely.

What about you guys?

Satoshi from Michiko to Hatchin.

Like seriously who cannot see this muhuhahaha. I just need larger and tinted glasses, and that outfit.

10/10 going to buy it next year

I haven't been able to find an anime character that looks like me, but maybe someone can help? ::)

Here's a drawing I did of myself:

SpoilerAnd I have sea green eyes and a hair color that's really hard to describe but it's like a mix of blonde and brown (my sister calls it "dark honey blonde").  :hmm:

I'd love to see if there's an anime character like me. :tongue:

give it a few more years and this


will pretty much be my reality

I probably look like Kyros from one piece but with a shaved head and not as in shape. (also have both legs)


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