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Author Topic: Fairy Tail: A New Generation  (Read 2808 times)

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Fairy Tail: A New Generation
« on: September 08, 2015, 03:57:01 PM »
A brand new generation in the Kingdom of Fiore has started. After the final rounds of the next Grand Magic Games ended quite differently, Fairy Tail and Sabertooth had forged a friendship. Lunara Dragneel and Amaterasu Eucliffe have become close friends after their battle. Now the two live their daily lives taking quests that has them crossing paths with friends and enemies alike.

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The Beginning of a New Era (Part 1)
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2015, 04:02:04 PM »
Jurabi: Hello every fanfic writer in the Fairy Tail fandom. My name is Monkey D. Jurabi. You can call me by my real name, Jeremy, if that is what you wish. I have come to the Fairy Tail side of the fanfiction website to write a whole new story. It has the same concept as my One Piece and Pokemon stories. Basically my interpretation of what will happen after Fairy Tail ends.

Lazyfox: And I too have join him on the journey to Fairy Tail  ;D Became a recent fan this year and completely love the series! Oh I'm LazyFoxLover, but y'all can call me Lazy or Foxy~

Jurabi: Now like my One Piece and Pokemon story, you, the readers, can submit your characters to be a part of this story. However, I am limiting you to about three characters maximum. You can decide whether they are protagonists, antagonists, or neutral. And also like in my One Piece story, I am asking for anyone with a talent for fanart work, because there are many things in my fanfic that I would love to see drawn by a fan! If you are willing to draw fan art PM me and I will provide to you what I would love for you to draw! Unfortunately, I won't be able to pay you; however, I can give out follow/favorite recommendations on your profile on whatever art sight you use and I will link your artwork on my profile. Now without further ado, Foxy, the disclaimer please.

Lazyfox: Okay~ Monkey D. Jurabi and myself do not own Fairy Tail or any of the main characters except for the characters we created. All rights belong to Hiro Mashima. Please support him and the Fairy Tail fantasies and official release  ;D

The Beginning of a New Era

Fireworks were shooting off throughout the night sky over the Fiore capital of Crocus as towns people frolicted the streets on the final night of the Grand magic Games. For they know tomorrow a battle between the toughest guilds would take place. In a certain bar located in the festive town housed the loudest guild in all of Fiore.

"OH YEA! TOMORROW FAIRY TAIL TAKES THE NUMBER ONE SPOT AGAIN!" yelled a slender, well-endowed young woman with short, pink-colored hair who sat in the middle of Fairy Tail's meeting hall hearing all the members of Fairy Tail cheer along with her. The pink-haired girl wears a white tank top that has a blue heart symbol below a short blue vest overtop. Her arms are covered in blue arm warmers and she wears a black mini skirt with knee long black socks and brown combat boots.

"Those Sabertooth jokers won't know what hit them tomorrow when we stump them into the ground!" cheered a petite teenage girl of a slender build with shoulder-length blue hair high fiving the pink haired girl. The young bluenette was wearing a colorful bandanna on her head with a dark camo green sleeveless dress with skin-tight black leggings and brown boots.

"Hey Sumiko watch the spikes! Those things are dangerous!" the pink haired girl laughed watching out for her friends spike wristbands as the girl tried to give her a playful noogie.

"Oh hush up Luna! Ya big baby" Sumiko teased shoving the girl playfully.

"Who are you calling a baby?!" Luna asks with a slight giggle.

"I can't believe that you two scatterbrains are the only ones who will progress to the finals." said a spiky black-haired boy with dark blue eyes and a toned and muscular. He wore a black t-shirt under a green jacket over top, black pants, and black shoes. His face and arms were covered up in bandages, "I believe you two should be spending time predicting your opponent's strategy and finding out a way around it, not playing around like a bunch of goofballs."

"There serving are girl with honor so we should be very happy for them. I think you're upset you got knocked out by the girl there facing tomorrow, Silver" said a scarlet red hair young man that had a warm facial appearance. The young red hair wore elegant yet simple robes; consisting of a long white frock-coat with black stripes across the edges and on the upper part of the arms, a decorated standing collar, large straps connected to decorated buckles closing the inducement on the front over a dark shirt, and matching pants and shoes.

Silver scoffs at the man's statement, "Our title as the strongest guild all depends on this final match and the two people who are suppose to win are slacking off. Does that not bother you at all, Simon?"

"Perhaps a little, but I am finding enjoyment watching those two interact with each other." Simon said watching Luna and Sukimo laugh at each other's jokes. "It does take away the pain from my last match." He said feeling his bandaged cheek.

"You fought a good hard fight, but that guy just got that better of you in the end" Silver remarked giving his teammate a reassuring look.

"That's true." Simon admitted.

"Hey stupid Ice-pop! Wanna be my punching bag to get me ready for my fight tomorrow!" Luna challenged.

"You should be more concerned with saving your energy, hot-head." Silver told her.

"Awwww you're no fun popsicle breath" Luna pouted before going over to the buffet table to get her some more food, but before she could grab a piece of fish, a paw snatched it up.

"Too slow, mamma!" A cheerful voice shouted. Luna looked up to see a blue cat that has yellow eyes and white fluffy wings carrying the stolen fish.

"Miia, give that back right now!" Luna ordered.

"No way, mamma. You can't eat too much food before you important match." Miia said.

"Oh come on not you too! Oh I'm going to get you!" Luna shouted starting to chase the little exceed around the bar.

In the chase playful chase Luna jumped on the heads of other guildmates so she could try and snatch Miia out of the air.

"Tigerclaw catch!" Miia yelled throwing the fish towards a black furred exceed with a gem pattern on his face, wearing a simple red vest and cargo pants.

Tigerclaw stuck his paws up and caught the fish. "And it's good!" he cheered flying to the top banister. "Gotta be faster than that pinkie!"

Luna jumped off Silver's face to hang from the banister before flipping around it to crouch on it. "Oh you little brats are sooo going to get it when I get my hands on you" she growled crawling towards Tigerclaw.

Silver was rubbing the sore footprint on his face as he glared up at Luna. "Luna you dust for brain! You are so going to get it now!" he yelled forming ice daggers in his hands.

Luna looked back down at him and stuck her tongue out at him while pulling her eyelid down. "Blah! Just try and hit me popsicle breath."

"Yea just try and hit her Ice for brains. Maybe this time your attack will hit something!" taunted a female voice from the front of the bar.

Silver recognized the voice of the girl and turned towards it. "Shut up! You got lucky in that fight you little brat!" he yelled turning to face his taunter to see a light blue haired girl smirking at him.

"Awwww did I hit a nerve Ice boy~?" the girl teased. "Oh by the way junior I'm 19 so show me some respect."

"Hehe you're guild is always so much fun to watch! Can I have that fish if you're not going to eat it?" asked a soft voice beside Tigerclaw. The voice belonged to a yellow Exceed who has brown eyes. The Exceed wears a little cow girl outfit with boots and a pink hat

"Nimbus! What are you doing here?" Tigerclaw asked not expecting to see the younger exceed, but also giving her a calculating eye since she was from another guild.

Nimbus smiled at him as she took the fish from him and began to munch on it. "Ama and Yo wanted to come visit Luna and Sumiko" the little exceed explained enjoying the fish.

"Ama and Yo?" Sumiko asked raising an eyebrow.

"Those are the nicknames she gave us when she hatched from her egg. Now, Nimbus, eating other people's food is rude" said a calm stoic voice.

"I asked before I ate it, Yo" Nimbus countered to a slim young man of average height with rather messy dark purple shaggy hair it almost reaches down to his shoulders, along with some strands pointing upwards on top of his head and a prominent tuft obscuring most of his forehead. The man wears a plain gray shirt with prominent brown cuffs and what looks like a large metal band circling each of his biceps. From a light sash circling his waist hangs a distinctive, pale blue cloth waistguard, consisting of four long pieces of cloth reaching down below his knees. Each of these pieces is adorned by a large, dark cross with fan-shaped arms. Below such waistguard, the man wears a pair of armored boots, which, on the front, bear plates bearing the very same motif which appears on the waistguard. By his side lies a sword with its hilt wrapped in a dark red colored wrapping which features a gold pommel and studs along the hilt.

Simon's eyes widen when he looks at the man, "You're the man who defeated me in the second round. Yoru Cheney, was it?"

"That is my name. I can assume that you are Simon Fernandes what with your scarlet hair." Yoru said.

"Yes I am. Our battle was a very pleasurable one. What brings you and your teammate here tonight?" Simon asked.

"My partner and I are here to see our opponents, of course." said a petite girl walking towards the group. The girl has fair skin, light blue hair that reaches down to her waist, with two bangs framing her face which reach down to her chest alongside her blue eyes. She wears a turquoise colored kimono with no sleeves. The Kimono dresses reaches down below her knees and she has a pink sash tied around her waist.

"Oh, you're that Amaterasu girl I've been hearing about." Luna said noticing Amaterasu. "You here to accept your defeat already?"

"Unlikely, Dragneel." Amaterasu said with a small smirk, "Our guild is having a little fancy meeting and I wanted to have fun before the big match tomorrow. Yoru here doesn't let me out his sights thinking I'll cause trouble or something."

"Trouble follows you and if I don't keep you in line your father will surely be less than pleased." Yoru advised.

"Lighten up, Yoru." Amaterasu said to her best friend. "Dad was right about you Fairy Tail guys, you do love to party around here" she observed walking through the drinking mass until she stood in front of a brown and white haired duo. "So why aren't you two joining in the fun around here hmmm?"

"Because we don't want to get caught up in the mess these guys will cause" said the tall and muscular young man with gray eyes. He had his white hair slicked back, its numerous spiky strands pointing backwards, though some falls down in a small tuft on his forehead.

"Even though our guilds are on good terms I would think that the daughter of Sabertooth's guild master would be me more cautious about coming around their enemies for tomorrow?" inquired the brunette who was wearing two intersecting straps over his chest almost resembling crisscrossed suspenders. He wore a skintight, black, high-collared shirt, showing that he is rather muscular. His pants bear a distinct feudal style; his belt is tied like an obi-sash and he wears hakama. His hakama is dark grey near the top, with several loops for his belt and two buttons, both of which are undone. The rest of the pants are tan with a small, lighter stripe of tan on the bottom hem. He also wears a plain black wristband on his right arm, while his left arm is significantly armored.

Amaterasu flashed him a cunning yet friendly smile. "And you be right to worry if I was anyone, but myself. You see I told the truth earlier I'm just here to have some fun before I fight you're sister in the finals tomorrow, Mr. Ignitus. It's been a long time since Sabertooth was known as the number one guild in Fiore so I want to make my dad proud by bringing home that title" she said sweetly before hopping on to the bar counter between them.

"Is that so? Then you have just as much confidence in yourself as my sister; however, that will only get you so far. Like my father, Luna is just as determined to win that title...probably even more." Ignitus said.

"Hell yea! I'm not losing tomorrow or to no one" Luna cheered jumping down from the railings to stand in front of her brother and opponent for tomorrow.

Ignitus chuckled hearing the sound of his little sister, "And Dad will be there to watch you all the way."

Luna's eyes widen in shock and a huge smile crept onto her face, "Really?! Dad's coming to see me?!"

A pair of warm hands placed themselves on Luna's shoulder, "Surprise." A familiar woman's voice called making Luna's already wide smile much bigger.

"Mother!" Luna shouted turning around to hug her mother, Lucy Heartfilia.

Amaterasu's eyes widen at the sight of the famous celestial mage. "Wow! It's the Lucy Heartfilia, the celestial mage Mother alway talked about and became really good friends with!" the girl thought excitedly watching the mother and daughter talking to each other.

"Hey, Mom. It took you long enough." Ignitus greeted his mother.

"Sorry about that...I just couldn't defeat that annoying desert monster fast enough." Lucy said rubbing her head sheepishly.

"Wait...she defeated a desert monster?! And she's talking about it like it was nothing…" Amaterasu thought in total shock. "Mamma told me she was tough, but I never thought she was that tough..." she said out loud, but thought she was still thinking inside her head.

"Oh?" Lucy asked hearing every word from Amaterasu's mouth, "And I guess that this mother of yours is Yukino, am I right?"

Amaterasu looked up feeling her face heat up a bit from getting caught for speaking out loud again. "Yes, my mama is Yukino, but how did you guess that?"

"Let's see…" Lucy said taking a close look at her, "Your white hair, your similar appearance to her, and you're just as confident as her. So tell me, Ms…"

"Amaterasu...Amaterasu Eucliffe, ma'am." Amaterasu introduced herself.

"So how is your mother doing, Amaterasu? I haven't seen her in so many years." Lucy said taking a seat on a chair along with Luna. Miia had flown back to her Dragon Slayer and sat on Luna's head as did Nimbus only she say in Amaterasu's lap.

"Mama is doing fine. She helps keep papa in line so the guild stays productive and well run" Amaterasu tell her. "Is it true you and my mom fought side by side and closed the Eclipse gates?" she asked getting a sparkle in her eyes.

Lucy smiled sheepishly, "Yeah, that's mostly true. I'm glad that Yukino is doing fine. I'm planning to meet with her again during the finals. Speaking of which, who's winning this time?"

"Sabertooth/Fairy Tail" Luna and Amaterasu said simultaneously before both girls locked eyes with each other. "No Fairy Tail/Sabertooth is winning this year!" they said again bumping heads together.

"Looks like mama made a new rival" Miia joked which made Nimbus giggle.

"Yea I think Ama finally met her match in the stubbornness department" the yellow exceed joke making her friend laugh with her.

"I'm not stubborn!" Both girls said again before bumping heads again. "Quit copying me!"

Sumiko sighed as she sat in her chair watching the two bicker back and forth with each other. "Geeze if these two can get that heated in a verbal fight how are they going to handle a physical fight tomorrow?"

"That is a very good question Sumiko Redfox" Yoru said sneaking up on the girl unintentionally freaking her out. "I guess it'll be our job to keep them from destroying one another."

"Dude! Wear a freaking bell or make some noise! You could have given me a heart attack over here!" Sumiko yelled glaring at the silent boy who seemed unphased by her anger.

"My apologies. I'll do better next time not scare you then" Yoru said calmly.

"Apology've learned that our dads fought each other not once but twice, am I right?" Sumiko asked.

"You are right, Ms. Redfox. My father speaks very highly of the matches he shared with your father. I hope we can carry on the legacy they left for us, but let's make our match our own" Yoru tells her extending his hand out.

"Agreed. May the better team win tomorrow" Sumiko said shaking hands with Yoru and giving him a smile. Just then Sumiko felt a chill run down her spine making her turn a little pale.

"Young lady we do not shake hands with our enemies. We crush them" came a gruff voice as a spike sword landed on the table between the two were their hands once connected with one another.

"DAD! WHAT THE HELL?!" Sumiko yelled feeling so embarrassed while Yoru looked on confused about what just transpired.

"Oh not this *censored* again. Mom Gajeel's going off the deep end again" Ignitus sighed shaking his head in shame.

"Let Levy handle it." Lucy responded.

A fist came flying towards Gajeel's head knocking him into the ground, "You big idiot! You were about to chop our daughter's hand off!" Levy screamed.

"I wasn't aiming for her hand Shrimp! I was aiming for the boy's, but she let go before I could chop it off!" Gajeel yelled before getting upper cutted by Levy and kicked in the stomach by Sumiko.

"YOU IDIOT!" The mother and daughter duo yelled at the crumpled form of the Iron dragon slayer.

"See, I told you she got this" Lucy said sipping on a Strawberry shake.

Silver watched the Redfox girls beating up on the father as the Heartfilia family simply ignored it, "Glad my family isn't this messed up in the head…" He thought.

"Silver!" A voice called as a little blue haired girl wearing a blue dress with black sandals ran up to Silver's seat.

"Aqua? What are you doing here?" Silver asked his little sister.

"Mamma, brought Aqua. We came to see you in the games." Aqua spoke.

"Sorry we're so late. Juvia was trying to find the perfect outfit for her sweet little girl." Juvia said.

"It's okay mom. Where's dad?" Silver asked looking around for his father as he picked up his little sister.

Juvia placed a finger on her chin to remember, "Well Gray-sama told me that he and Natsu-san are on a mission with Erza-san. Hopefully they will be here for the final round." Just then Juvia noticed the bandages on Silver's face, "Oh, my! Silver, what happened to you?!"

"I'm okay, Mom, just a little wound from my battle, that's all." Silver explained, "Sorry, but I lost…"

"Aww...Aqua was looking forward to seeing you fight, big brother." Aqua pouted.

Silver ruffled his little sister's hair, "Again I'm sorry, Aqua. Perhaps next time."

"Cheer up Aqua! You'll get to see me fight in the finals tomorrow and I'll avenge your brother when I beat this girl" Luna said pointing over to Amaterasu who was talking to Riku.

"So how does your dad run the guild?" Amaterasu was asked Riku when she felt a pair of deadly eyes on her back.

"So you were the one who hurt Juvia's precious child!" Juvia growled sending Amaterasu death glares as she loomed over the girl.

Amaterasu squealed in surprise as she jumped back and fell off of the bar onto her back looking dizzy. "I'm sorry, I was just doing my part in the fight."

"Mamma, you're scaring the girl." Aqua said tugging on Juvia's arm.

"Good. Juvia wants the girl to be scared. Former love rival, let the girl know that Juvia does not like for her precious Silver-kun to be hurt and will retaliate if it happens again" Juvia said glaring at Amaterasu before going to cuddle Silver and Aqua. "Juvia loves her and Gray-sama's children dearly!" she quealed.

"I take it back my mom is just as worse as Sumiko's dad!" Silver thought as he tried to fight out of his mother's hug while Aqua was enjoying it.

Amaterasu stood back up on her feet and sat back down on the seat with Riku, "I am never getting on that woman's bad side ever again…"

Riku cracked a small smile. "She is very protective so you be wise not too. To answer your question my father implements rules for the guild to follow of course, but he also knows he can't be too strict so as long as the jobs get done he's okay."

"Sounds about like how my papa runs our guild, well with mama's help of course. He sometimes likes to goof off more than uphold his title as Sabertooth's Guild Master, but he's an okay master" Amaterasu said as Nimbus flopped on her head and let out a big yawn.

"Ama~ I'm sleepy" the little yellow exceed said rubbing at her eyes. Amaterasu smiled up at her friend and plucked her off her head to cradle her.

"I guess that's our cue to leave. Nice talking to you Riku" Amaterasu said standing up and waving goodbye to the boy before walking to Yoru.

"Leaving already?" Luna asked.

"Yep, I had my fun for the night so we're heading back, but come tomorrow the real fun will begin and I can't wait for it" Amaterasu tell her showing of her sharpen canines.

Luna returned the looked showing off her own set of canines. "Me neither. See out there tomorrow."

Amaterasu smiled as she heads to the door and notices that Yoru was talking with Sumiko.

"Sorry about my dad's behavior. I guess he didn't get the memo that Fairy Tail and Sabertooth are now friendly guilds with each other." Sumiko said.

"It's alright no harm done, well to me anyway. Is your mom always that violent?" Yoru asked watching Levy scold Gajeel from across the room.

"Ah...sometimes. Only when either Dad or I do something stupid." Sumiko admitted.

"That's quite the interesting family." Yoru said noticing Amaterasu waving at him, "I'm sorry, but I have to go now."

"That's okay. I'll see you tomorrow and remember we leave our own legacy on the battlefield" Sumiko tells him extending her hand out to him with a smile on her face.

Yoru smiled back at her and shook her hand quickly. "It's a promise. Good night Sumiko." he said before leaving with Amaterasu and Nimbus.

Simon walked over to sit with Riku sighing, "No sign of my mother...Everyone's having their family reunion except me."

"Don't let that bother you because I'm in the same boat as you." Riku said, "My father is busy with a meeting with the Wizard Council on important matters as usual."

"I could relate to that. My mother would have been doing the same exact thing if she kept her position years back." Simon said. "Hey, Riku, where's your Exceed?"

"Oh, you mean Gilgamesh? Well...he's back at home. He doesn't really care about the Grand Magic Games." Riku answered.

"Well that is Gilgamesh. The same asshole Exceed we all know and love." Simon said.

Back with Lucy and her two children, she had just finished her story about her desert mission.

"And then WAM! With a good ol' Lucy kick from me in Leo form, that silly monster was seeing stars." Lucy finished.

"Wow! I can't believe I missed all of that!" Luna whined.

"Nice one mother" Ignitus complimented smiling at his mother. "When do you go out on your next mission?"

"Not for a while because after the Games are over, your Father and I are going to go on our 25th anniversary date in three days." Lucy announced.

"Ooh! Can we come, too?" Luna asked.

"Luna, it's Mom and Dad's day to be together. We have to give them privacy." Ignitus said.

"Aw…" Luna sighed, "Oh, speaking of Dad, where is he?" She asked looking around for her father.

"Don't fret, Luna. Natsu will be here tomorrow. He has some important business with Gray and Erza." Lucy explained.

"I know, but I wanted to see him now before the fight" Luna whined before straightening up. "Guess I have to talk to him after the match."

"I'm afraid that is the case. So why don't we just have a little fun before the finals, shall we?" Lucy asked.

"Alright!" Luna shouted as the rest of Fairy Tail enjoyed the rest of the night.


"Mamma, we're back." Amaterasu called out as she and Yoru enter the Sabertooth hall.

Yukino turns to her daughter with a smile, "Welcome back, dear. So what do you think of Fairy Tail?" She asked.

"They're pretty fun and the Dragneel girl is really excited for our fight." Amaterasu explained.

"So is Ms. Redfox, the daughter of Gajeel." Yoru said.

"And we also got to meet Lucy Heartfilia!" Amaterasu said, "She was so cool too!"

"Eh?! Lucy-san is here?!" Yukino asks in surprise.

"Yes ma'am. She said she's sorry for not keeping in touch, but she said she like to catch up with you during the games" Amaterasu said smiling at her mother. "She was as kind as you told me about too."

Yukino smile at her daughter. "I'm glad you got to meet her. She'll be a big help to you in your future endeavors."

"I know mamma I was really happy to meet her and tomorrow can't get here fast enough for me. Yoru and I are bringing that number one title to Sabertooth!" Amaterasu cheered getting yells of approval from her guildmates.

A loud and cheerful laughed filled the air after the loud cheers before Amaterasu squealed as she got picked up. "That's my girl! Don't take nothing from anyone and deals back a mean punch. I love it!"

Amaterasu grinned from ear to ear as she turned around and gave her father a giant bear hug, "Thanks, Papa! I swear on my guild mark that I will make you the proudest dad that ever lived!"

Sting grinned wider. "I already am. Just do your best tomorrow and that'll make me proud."

As Yoro watches the Eucliffe family enjoy their bonding he felt a familiar hand ruffle his hair, "Hey Dad." He spoke to his father, Rouge.

"Good to see you, son. So how did your trip with Amaterasu to Fairy Tail's hall go?" Rouge asked.

"It went much smoother than I anticipated. I met with Gajeel's daughter, Sumiko, and she seems to be a kind person...minus the heavy beating she and her mother brought upon Gajeel." Yoru explained.

Rouge chuckled hearing the story, "That sounds like them, alright. Are you ready for your important match tomorrow?"

"To be honest, Dad, I am a little nervous. So far I was able to defeat my opponents with ease, but something about the Dragneel girl and Sumiko that make me feel this way." Yoru explained, "I know for a fact that underestimating them will cost us the match."

Rogue nodded in understanding. "Its okay to feel that way son. Fairy Tail should never be taken lightly. Remember the story I told you when I first fought Gajeel-san?"

" and Sting were overconfident and did not expect both Natsu and Gajeel to defeat you. "Trust me, father, Amaterasu and I will not make the same mistake." Yoru declared.

Rouge gave his son a smile, "That's good. It means that Sting and I raised you both well…" He said to himself.

"Huh?" Yoru asked only hearing his father whisper.

"Pay no mind. You and Amaterasu will require rest in order to be fully ready for the final battle." Rouge said turning to the Eucliffe family, who all nodded.

"Not to worry, with Yoru and I on the battlefield, no one can overcome our determination, am I right everyone?!" Amaterasu shouted hearing the cheering response from the Sabertooth guild.

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Re: Fairy Tail: A New Generation
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2015, 07:14:13 PM »
The next day had finally arrived for the final round of the Grand Magic Games. Seats all over the stadium were filled to the brim with citizens of Fiore who were eager to bare witness to the final battle that will determine which guild is the number 1 strongest guild in Fiore: Sabertooth or Fairy Tail.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, and Mages alike, welcome back to the final round of the Grand Magic Games! Kabo." Mato announced through his mic.

"This is it, folks. The very match you have been anticipating for the longest time." Chapita announced, "We have Fairy Tail's tag-team of Lunara Dragneel and Sumiko Redfox fighting against Sabertooth's Amaterasu Eucliffe and Yoro Cheney!"

The crowd roared with excitement at the long anticipated battle. Half the stadium cheered Fairy Tail and the other half cheered Sabertooth.

"Ama! Yo! I believe in you guys! Show them what you got!" Nimbus cheered loudly from the Sabertooth section.

"Mamma, do your best! I know you can do it!" Miia cheered.

"Knock em dead Sumiko!" Tigerclaw shouted too.

"Oh! Here they come now! Kabo!" Mato announced seeing the four participants walk into the stadium.

Luna's fingers twitch in anticipation while she looks forward towards her calm opponents ahead of her. "Man, I can't wait to tell my Dad all about this."

"Calm down Luna. I'm sure your dad's waiting in the stands now" Sumiko said looking towards her parents where Levy was smiling encouragingly at her while Gajeel with grinning creepily.

Amaterasu smirks as she felt the intense air around her and her opponents, "I can't wait to see the look on everyone's faces when I pull out my secret magic."

"You haven't shown them any magic in the competition. They've only seen your physical strength" Yoru pointed out. "Glad to see you do plan to take this seriously if you're using that."

Amaterasu looked toward Sting and Yukino who were smiling proudly at her. "Well, I did promise I do my best and I can't let our guild look bad if I don't give it my all right?"

"You are, Amaterasu. I will not hold anything back either." Yoru said looking at Rogue who nodded at him.

Mato appeared between the two teams. "Kabo, these two teams looked pumped and ready to battle. I've seen the rivalry between these guilds for years, but who will win today? Stay glued to your seats and find out! Kabo, are you four ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be!" Luna said cracking her right fist.

"You couldn't beat me away from this match!" Amaterasu said punching her fist into her open palm.

"How about we get this party started then?" Sumiko asked.

"I too would like for the battle to begin" Yoru said placing a hand on Archenemy's hilt.

"Kabo, the final match is ready to begin. Be sure to give it your all and no matter what happens, friendships bonds will always stay together even in the end. Kabo! Now then….Ready...and…" Mato said as the four fighters get into their battle stances, "BEGIN!" Mato shouted then disappearing.

"Alright here we go!" Amaterasu and Luna yelled together charging at each other.

Luna's right hand started to glow as she shouted, "Starlight Swift!" She summons multiple magical stars and shoots a flurry of them at Amaterasu.

Amaterasu jumped over the incoming star attack as she drew her arm back to launch a punch at the pinkette.

Luna counters the punch with one of her own. She then grabs hold of Amaterasu's arm and throws her into the air, "Starlight Cross!" Then she creates and 'X' shaped star magic sending it straight towards her airborne opponent.

Amaterasu crossed her arms in front of her to brace herself for the attack.

"Sheathed Gravity Slash." Yoru said jumping in the air to intercept Luna's attack with a slash from his sword.

Amaterasu landed on Yoru sword to use as a springboard to launch herself towards Luna ready to kick her.

As Luna jumps out of the way of the attack, she shouted, "Now, Sukimo!"

Sukimo rushed forward towards Amaterasu after Luna jumped away from her attack, "Dual Sword Strike!" She said creating two swords from the palm of her hands ready to strike Amaterasu.

"100 pound Gravity strike!" Yoru yelled knocking Sumiko away from Amaterasu.

Sumiko dug his sword into the ground regaining her composure, "Gravity Magic…" She muttered retracting her swords, "Flying Buzzsaws!" She called out creating two spinning buzzsaws in her hands then throwing towards the Sabertooth duo.

"Starlight Swift!" Luna shouted shooting another barrage of magical stars alongside Sumiko's attack.

Yoru was able to bat away the incoming buzzsaws while Amaterasu punched at the stars getting small cuts on her arms and knuckles.

Amaterasu jumped back a few feet examining the damage she had taken from the star attacks. "So that's the Star magic I've heard about. Not to bad if I say so myself."

Luna grinned at her. "Well, it was thanks to my mom that I adapted to this kind of magic, but I'm curious on why you haven't used any magic in these games" she asked studying the blue haired girl. "Do you even have any magic?"

Amaterasu grinned at her. "You like to see what kind of magic I have huh? Well I guess its only fair to bring mine out now. Watch closely now your all in for a treat" she said grinning confidently.

Yoru crossed blades with Sumiko making sure to keep the girl busy so his partner was okay. "So it seems Amaterasu is ready to take our battles to the next level. Are you and your partner ready to join us?"

Sumiko wore a grin quite similar to her father's at the thought of a good fight. "Hell yea we are! You better not hold back anymore because I want to see what you and your gravity magic can really do."


"Ladies and gentlemen if my ears didn't deceive me then we are about to witness Amaterasu hidden magic! Since the beginning of the games Amaterasu has failed to use any magic to our knowledge, at times we believed it was enhancement magic she was using to give answers to her unbelievable physical strength and speed!" Chapati Lola announced over the loudspeakers.

"But now we have learned that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Ms. Eucliffe, Kabo! I'm so excited, Kabo!" Mato shouted in excitement.


In the stands, Aqua watches Luna and Sukimo fight against Amaterasu and Yoro puzzled.

Juvia notices her daughter's puzzled look and leaned down to her, "What's the matter, darling?"

"Mamma, aren't Luna and Sumiko's fathers Dragon Slayers? Why aren't they using Dragon Slayer magic?" Aqua asked.

"That is quite simple, Aqua. Luna and Sumiko aren't using Dragon Slayer magic because they can't." Juvia said.

"What does that mean?" Aqua asked still confused.

"The four fighters down there, Ignitus, and Riku are different from their father Dragon Slayers, Aqua." Silver explained, "Dragon Slayer magic isn't something you can use right when you realize you have it. The only way to control the magic of a Dragon Slayer is to be taught by a dragon itself. Natsu, Gajeel, Sting, Rogue, and Wendy were all taught by dragons in the past. Luna, Sumiko, Amaterasu, Yoru, and Riku were simply born with their fathers' magic and that is why they can't use it. They were not taught by a dragon like their fathers were."

"But wait...couldn't their fathers teach them then?" Aqua asked.

"It's not that simple, Aqua." Lucy cut in, "Sure Natsu can train Luna to use Dragon Slayer magic; however, Luna would be limited to only being able to use it in certain scenarios. Like if she gets really angry or sad." She explained.

"Ohhhh okay Aqua gets it. So she can't control dragon magic so she has her star magic to help her instead" Aqua reasoned.

Juvia smiled hugging her daughter, "That's right, Aqua. Juvia taught you so well."

Lucy smiled at the mother and daughter pair before turning back to the field. "I wonder what magic Amaterasu has if she doesn't have slayer magic?"

"Well, you do know she has another parent besides Sting right? Maybe you guys should keep watching and see what our daughter can really do" taunted a familiar boisterous voice from behind the fairy tail crew.

Everyone's eyes widen as they turn around to see a familiar figure.

"You're finally here!" Lucy shouted hugging the man.


Luna stared Amaterasu down. "Well,what are you waiting for? Show me what you got already or do I have to punch it out of you?" She asked holding up her star power infused fist.

"You are not a patient person, but I like that about you. I'm not patient either" Amaterasu said grinning before a light started to glow around her.

The young bluenette reached down the front of her shirt to pull a necklace from her shirt. On the chain she wore around her neck had two platinum keys and she grabbed one that had a Tiger symbol on it.

Lucy's eyes widen in shock seeing the key Amaterasu possessed, "I get it now. Amaterasu is a Celestial Wizard."

Amaterasu spun the key in her hands around striking a pose as she raised the key above her head. "Plunge thy holy sword into thy foes, Open gate of the white tiger, Byakko!" She yelled as a large seal appeared above her head.

From the seal a large white tiger with black stripes wearing golden colored armor jumped from the seal. The tiger landed next to Amaterasu causing the earth to shake from her landing as she roared loudly making everything shake and vibrate around them.

Luna stumbled a little from the earth shaking roar, but regained her composure, "A Celestial Wizard, huh? I never saw this reveal of yours coming."

Amaterasu grinned cheekily at her. "I did get more than my mother's beauty and brains ya know. Bya here is my first Celestial spirit so don't think you'll be getting the better of us any time soon."

"I'm ready to fight whenever you are ready too Milady" Byakko said in soft but fierce voice.

"As am I, Byakko." Amaterasu nodded to her spirit friend.

Luna makes a mad dash towards the two with a star infused fist, "Starlight Punch!" She shouted jumping into the air and throwing a punch at them.

While still clashing swords with Yoru, Sumiko notices the Celestial Spirit Amaterasu summoned out of the corner of her eye. "A Celestial Wizard? This just keeps getting more interesting."

"Yes and Amaterasu isn't those kinds of Celestial Wizards who stand in the sidelines and let their spirits do all the fighting." Yoru explained.

Just before Luna's star attack hit, Amaterasu jumped onto Byakko's back and intercepted the punch with one of her own, "Now Byakko!" She yelled at her spirit friend.

Byakko jumped into the air letting a bright light shine around her as she changed forms. She now stood on two legs wearing gladiator-like armor that had multiple golden spikes coming off of it. "Velocity Fang!" The spirit shouted as she charged at Luna slashing the girl across her upper torso.

"Gah! So fast..." Luna growled as she was sent flying towards Sumiko and Yoru. Then she got an idea, "Sumiko! Switch!" She called out to her friend extending her arms.

Sumiko smirked and still held on to her sword with one hand while still having the clash with Yoru. She extends her right arm back to grab onto Luna then roundhouse spin her towards Yoru.

"Starlight Kick!" Luna shouted kicking Yoru in the hip with star magic.

Amaterasu jumped in behind Yoru to help ease the force of the blow he received. "You okay?" She asked bring him back away from Luna and Sumiko.

Yoru put less pressure on his wounded hip as he leaned on Amaterasu. "Yeah I'm fine, but she unfortunately crippled me a little. I won't be able to move as fast..."

"Then allow me to be your speed sir. If I can bring you in close than you may be able to strike them" Byakko offered as she came to there side.

Amaterasu got an idea. "Guys listen up I have a plan. Byakko I'm going to need you to change armors for this one and Yoru you're going to be the main force in this plan" she said grinning at her partners as she began to explain her plan.

Luna and Sumiko both high fived each other while still keeping an eye on their opponents.

"Looks like you can think before you leap, hot-head." Sumiko complimented.

"Thanks, you sure can spin me around with such strength. I'm surprised you didn't accidentally pull my whole arm off." Luna said as they turn back to their opponents.

"So what do we do now? We didn't account for Amaterasu being a Celestial Wizard." Sumiko said.

"Right now it's three against two given how coordinated Amaterasu and her spirit are. I'll keep those two busy while you hurry up and finish Yoru. My Starlight Kick should have roughed him up quite a bit so you have the advantage."

"Got it." Sumiko nodded summoning her duel metal blades figuring she can handle that. "Once I get him down and out the two of us can finish off Amaterasu and her spirit."

"Finish whom off?" Amaterasu asked appearing between the two fairies as she kicked Sumiko and Luna away from each other.

"How you get there so fast?!" Sumiko growled as she flipped back around to strike Amaterasu with her dual blade strike.

Luna regained her footing as well before shooting out her starlight swift attack. "Stay on your guard she's a fast one!"

Amaterasu jumped out of the way getting a little cut up, but not taking as much damage as she would have if both attacks hit directly. "Now guys!"

Sumiko and Luna's eyes widen as they saw Byakko and Yoru above them with Yoru holding his hand outwards towards Sumiko as he jumped down towards her.

"1000 mass gravity confinement zone!" Yoru said trapping them both in a dark field that brought Sumiko to her knees.

"What the hell?!" Sumiko yelled finding it hard for her to move let alone talk.

"My confinement zone is a special space that will keep us both trapped here. In here your magic and mine will be drained so the deciding factor for our battle is who will withstand the zone to claim victory?" Yoru explained.


"Ohh...what is this?" Chapita Lola asked looking down at the fighters, "I suddenly felt the air around the mages shift!"

"Kabo, it seems they are getting serious. The real battle is beginning, Kabo." Mato said.


Simon stares at Amaterasu's tiger spirit with a rather shocked expression from seeing their teamwork, "I never expected to see that kind of teamwork with a Celestial Wizard."

"Ama and Byakko can exchange their powers with each other. Ama was able to gain Byakko's speed to help separate Sumiko and Luna from each other" Nimbus said as she sat on the fairy tail side. "Now Yo has Sumiko trapped in his mass field so this match is now two on one."

"Sting-kun's daughter is very well trained in the art of celestial magic. She really loves her spirits" Lector explained standing next to his daughter.

"Fro thinks so too" Frosche said sweetly standing on her daughter's left.


"Sumiko? Sumiko!" Luna shouted calling out to her.

"She can't hear you. Inside that field nothing gets in or out of there until Yoru decides when or until he runs out of magic" Amaterasu tells her standing next to Byakko petting her head.

Luna smirks and says, "Well your luck ran out, because my recent attack crippled him. That means Sumiko has the advantage. All I need to do is keep you away from her until she's done."

"We'd like to see you try." Amaterasu said. "That's a gravity field that keeps an opponent locked down while draining their magic. Yoru knew he was handicapped when he got hurt so he's attacking her with willpower and stamina."

"In battle it is knowing when you are at your weakest that you allow yourself an opening. Sir Yoru is entrusting Milady and me to knock you out of the battle before he falls and that is what we plan to do" Byakko tells her.

"If you think that it will be as easy as you think, then you're dead wrong. Starlight Cross!" Luna shouted shooting the star magic towards them.

"Velocity shield!" Byakko yelled standing in front of Amaterasu to block the attack with a yellow force field.

Amaterasu dashed out from the shield to meet Luna head on to draw her into hand to hand combat.

Luna smirks as she stands still letting her star magic envelops her two hands. Amaterasu notices that Luna is waiting for her, "What's she planning…?"

Right when Amaterasu threw a punch towards Luna, the Dragneel girl moved her head to the right then shouted, "Starlight Flash!" A bright light enveloped the entire arena causing most of the audience to cover their eyes.

Amaterasu cried in pain as she covered her eyes from the blinding flash. Luna saw her chance and took it.

"Starlight Punch!" The pink haired girl yelled striking Amaterasu hard in the gut making the girl choke on air before she was sent flying back.

"No Milady!" Byakko cried changing her form to showcase a leaner and more agile form as she chased after her flying partner.

Byakko caught her before she crashed into the surrounding walls of the arena.

Amaterasu was coughing as she tried to regain her breath. "Damn... She packs a punch" she groaned out. "We have to watch out for that combo next time."

Luna looks back at Sukimo and Yoru, "Damn...I've only got one attack that they aren't expecting and it's a costly one." She thought, "And I need you here to do it, Sumiko…"


Sumiko was breathing hard as she watched Luna and Amaterasu fight. "I thought we were going to have a clean fight?" She gasped out.

Yoru, looking weakened as well, but maintain his stance on the field. "This is a clean fight. I'm testing you in a battle of wills. Looks like were quite even in that sense" he said.

"I hate to admit it but your strategy was a well executed one. Sad to think their getting all the fun and action though" Sumiko said trying to stand back on her two feet, "Let's make this even more interesting than what's going on outside. Iron Ball Barrage!" Raising her hands up, Sumiko creates multiple iron balls and throws them at Yoru.

Yoru looked surprised by her ability to still move let alone using magic. Increasing the pressure inside the room he made the balls drop to the ground. "This is getting interesting. I'm usually not one to go all in, that's Amaterasu's job, but for you I can make the exception" he said moving to hold his sword out in front of him. "I do not unsheath this sword just for any ordinary opponent."

A light red glow begin to wrap around his body and the sword. Creating a strong surge of magical energy.

Sumiko covers her face from the strong winds coming from Yoru. She still felt the gravity pushing heavily onto her making her fall on one knee. "How am I supposed to beat this stupid gravity...?" She growled to herself.

Yoru began to lighten the gravity pressure till it was on a normal level with only a little added pressure. "I'm a man of honor I will not weigh you down while I bring out this sword. Defend yourself Sumiko Redfox!"

"Heh, not at all concerned with the possibility that this choice of yours would cost you and Amaterasu the match?" Sumiko asked with a slight chuckle.

Yoru shook his head. "Amaterasu has her fighting style and I have mine. We respect one another and know whatever happens in this match we did our best. Though winning the number one spot is not a bad feeling either" he tells her.

"Then let us make the best out of this battle." Sumiko said summoning her duel steel swords, "I hope you're just as ready as I am, Yoru Cheney."

Yoru nods to his opponent releasing the heavy gravity that beared down on her. After Sumiko stood back up into a battle stance, the two wait for a moment and then dashed towards each other.

Their blades connected with each other causing small sparks to fly. Yoru jumped over Sumiko and tries to roundhouse slash her, but the Redfox woman redirects the strike and tries to slash Yoru back. The Cheney boy ducked under Sumiko's attack and kicks her away from him.

"Sheathed gravity slash." Yoru shouted slashing at Sumiko with his sword.

Sumiko jumps away from Yoru, "Flying Buzzsaws!" She shouted throwing another set of buzzsaws towards Yoru.

Yoru found a gap in between the two buzzsaws and jumped through it evading the buzzsaws. Then he takes out a dagger enveloping it in gravity magic, "Zero Gravity Flying Dagger." He then throws it at Sumiko's leg hoping to catch her off balance.

Sumiko catches the dagger feeling the heaviness of the gravity magic then she throws it back at Yoru.

Yoru cuts off the magic making it embed itself in the ground. He was suddenly hit with a strong sense of dizziness and fell to one of his knees gasping for breath. His eyes sight was making him see double.

Sumiko fell onto one of her knees as well feeling the exhaustion from using the small amount of magic that wasn't drained from her left. "I've got enough for one more attack. How about you…?" She asked summoning one metal sword.

Yoru gasped for breath. "Yea... But I think it'll be my last one" he said getting back to his feet with the help of his trusty sword.

"Well this is it. The decisive moment…" Sukimo said getting back onto her feet also holding the metal sword in her hand, "I'll give this everything I have to offer so I expect you to do the same."

"Trust me, I will, Sumiko...and thank you for giving me the enjoyment of fighting you. I had a lot of fun." Yoru said.

"Same to you, Yoru." Sumiko said with a smile as the two readied to dash towards each other.

Yoru pulled Archenemy from his sheath revealing the sharpen blade. The red energy burst from the blade as Sumiko's own magical energy wrapped around her. Together the two dashed straight towards each other with their swords ready to make the final blow.


Luna and Amaterasu looked towards the gravity field when they heard a loud shattering sound. The gravity field begin to crumble around Sumiko and Yoru to show that both of them were standing apart from each other with their swords still at the ready.

"Sumiko…" Luna said looking at her worn-out friend.

"Yoru…" Amaterasu stared at the worn out boy.


"I'm...not sure what has been going on with Sumiko and Yoru in that gravity sphere Yoru created, people," Chapito said, "But it seems like those two are about to call it a day."

"Kabo, I wonder who will come out on top." Mato said excitedly.


"Sumiko, you can do it! I believe in you!" Levy cheered her daughter.

"Maintain your pride and do not falter!" Gajeel shouted.

"Take one home for the family, Sumiko!" Tigerclaw cheered.

"Yoru! Do not doubt yourself! You can win this!" Rogue shouted to his son.

"Yo I believe in you! You can win this I know you can!" Nimbus yelled loudly.

At that instant, Sumiko and Yoru both shared a proud smile with each other and fell to ground together.

Everyone in the arena gasp in shock of what just transpired.

"I...I can't believe what I am seeing." Chapito announced, "It seems that neither of them are able to battle."

"Kabo, now it's just Lunara and Amaterasu left." Mato said.

"Sumiko/Yoru!" Luna and Amaterasu yelled rushing towards their down partners.

Sumiko gave Lunara a small smile. "Sorry hot head. Looks like its up to you."

"I did my part now its your turn. Good luck Amaterasu" Yoru said turning to his partner.

"Ah well...Sumiko's tired enough as it is. I'll find my own way to beat you, Amaterasu, so don't feel sorry for me." Luna said.

"You didn't have to take that literally…" Amaterasu said sweat-dropping, "Anyways, now it's just you, me, and Byakko."

"Those odds will change very soon, I guarantee it." Luna said with a smirk enveloping her hands and feet in star magic.

"Bring it on! Byakko change form to fighter mode" Amaterasu said turning to her spirit.

"No you don't!" Luna shouted using the magic in her feet to gain speed to quickly close the distance between them. "Starlight Punch!" She shouted hitting Byakko with a fast punch.

"Why you!" Amaterasu yelled in rage seeing her spirit get attack as she kicked Luna away before moving to her spirit's side. "Byakko are you okay?"

"I would be more worried about what your opponent is about to do next if I were you!" Luna called out skidding on the ground, "Starlight Swift!" She shoots another flurry of stars towards Amaterasu and Byakko.

"I will not let you hurt Milady!" Byakko roared standing before Amaterasu taking the attacks head on. "Velocity roar!" She yelled sending out a heavy shock wave that blew the stars back at Luna.

"Crap!" Luna squeaked ducking under the stars that cut a strand of her hair off. "Damnit..I'm running low on magic and this is turning into an endless fight...I've got to find a way to give that Celestial spirit the boot outta here." She thought.

Byakko was breathing heavily. "Milady, I don't have much magic left" she tells her.

Amaterasu was breathing heavy too. "This is becoming a back and forth game. We need to do something fast if we wanna win" She said biting her thumb nail in thought.

"Milady if I may. We need to try to do 'that' if we are to come out on top." Byakko suggested.

Amaterasu eyes widen. "But we only practiced that a few times! Are we really ready to try that? The last time we tried you got hurt" she said sounding scared and worried for her spirit.

"I must admit, Amaterasu from Sabertooth, I've never had quite an awesome battle like this. You love for your Celestial Spirits remind me so much of my mother…" Luna complimented standing up.

"And I've never had this much trouble with anyone thus far. You are your parents' daughter, Lunara." Amaterasu replied.

"I have shown you all but one of my magical skills. I was hoping to be able to use this while Sumiko has you distracted, but now I have no choice but to take a huge risk." Luna said raising her hands towards the sky, "Here it is, my ultimate Star Magic Attack."

"I guess were on the same boat then. I have a new technique as well I have fail to shown to my own parents. This is the ultimate form of Celestial magic I have learned" Amaterasu admitted as she took Byakko hand. "Are you ready for this Byakko?"

"Milady as long as I stay by your side I will do whatever I can to help you succeed in your adventures" Byakko promised as she started to glow in a white light as did Amaterasu.


"D-Darling...what's going on with Amaterasu?" Yukino asked her husband.

Sting looks over at Amaterasu to see her glowing in a white light, "That light is that can't be it. She's not a natural Dragon Slayer like I am."

"Do you think she could have awaken her Dragon Slayer magic?" Yukino asked.

"No, Yukino," Rogue said, "Amaterasu can only awaken Dragon Slayer magic when she is under stress or anger, but here she is calm."

"Then what is going on with her then?!" Sting asked worriedly.

"Ama...please be careful…" Nimbus whispered receiving a reassuring pat from Lector.


"Oh! This might be it, people! The end of the Grand Magic Games is approaching!" Chapita announced excitedly.

"The power of a Celestial mage against the powers of a Mage of Star Magic...who will come out the victory?! Kabo!" Mato shouted.


"Hot head...don't tell me you're planning on using your strongest Star Magic attack." Silver said outloud.

"That's my sister...always wanting to end things with a bang." Ignitus sighed. "I hope she doesn't destroy the whole arena."

"Mamma! You can do it!" Miia cheered.


Star Magic began to form out of Luna's palms and fly a few feet into the air forming into a rock, then into a boulder. It kept growing larger and larger until it became similar to a meteor. "Here she is, my strongest attack, Amaterasu!" Luna shouted. "I'm now ready to end this fight! Are you?!"

"Of course I am, Lunara Dragneel! Let's do this, Byakko!" Amaterasu shouted.

"Yes, Milady!" Byakko shouted.

"Celestial Bio-merge activation!" Amaterasu yelled as her body began to turn completely white. Byakko body began to turn into particles of golden light that flowed around Amaterasu's body. After the light disappeared, Amaterasu had the appearance of a human-tiger hybrid with white tiger ears on her head with blue stripes and a tail matching her ears from behind. She had tiger like paws with sharp claws and wore a white robe like dress with pieces of armor here and there. On her back was a long white jewel encrusted words with ancient text written on the blade.


"Wh-What in the world is that…?!" Sting asks looking at Amaterasu's transformation from the stands.

"That kind of's almost similar to my Celestial forms." Lucy commented, "But there's something different about this one…"

"What do you mean?" Juvia asked.

"Usually, all I need to do is call upon the power of my Celestial spirits to activate my Celestial forms, but Amaterasu seems to have achieved that in a different way. By merging with her own Celestial spirits." Lucy explained.

"Should that even be possible? You've never done it before Lu-Chan" Levy said examining Amaterasu's new form carefully.

"Well apparently that girl made it possible. What's your move now, Luna?" Ignitus asked looking at his younger sister.


"I-I-I can't believe what I am seeing! Did that girl just...fuse with her Celestial Spirit?!" Chapita asked as his hands shook his microphone in excitement.

"KABO! I've never seen anything like this in all the times I commentated for these games! This truly is a final battle for the ages here people! KABO!" Mato yelled getting excited.

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Re: Fairy Tail: A New Generation
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Hearing the howls of cheers from the crowds of people puts a sheepish smile on both Luna and Amaterasu's faces.

"Damn, they're getting excited…" Luna said amazed by how anxious people are getting.

"Well, you just summoned a massive meteor up in the sky so why wouldn't they be excited" Amaterasu joked.

"Hey, don't go giving me all the credit now, Ms. Celestial Fuser." Luna joked back at her.

Amaterasu blushed a bit as she checked out her new form. "This is the first time I succeed in doing this ya know. When I practiced this before I would have all my magic drain out of me and Byakko was stuck in the celestial world for three days at a time. I'm happy it finally worked so we can have an awesome final duel" she said smiling at Luna.

"Yep, and what's that funny looking sword of yours?" Luna asks, "It looks really cool."

"Byakko said it's the guardian sword of the West. She's known as the divine beast that protects the Western hemisphere and this is the holy sword she uses to cut down her enemies and purify them with." Amaterasu explained. "Wow by fusing with Byakko I got all her memories too! This is so cool!"

"Hehe, I really like people like you, Amaterasu. Say, how about after this we can go do something fun. What do you say?" Luna asks.

"I'd love too! Fairy Tail is known from hell raising parties so why not!" Amaterasu cheered.

"And don't forget about the recent shenanigans you Sabertooth folks kept getting into ever since your father became the new guild master." Luna said. "You ready to finish this once and for all?"

"Oh yea. May the better guild woman win, but lets also do this for our dads too. My papa's watching me so I'm doing everything I can to make him proud" Amaterasu said drawing out the Holy sword of the west.

"And no matter what happens, our guilds are now friends!" Luna shouted preparing to launch the meteor, "Starlight...Meteor!" She launches the meteor straight towards Amaterasu.

"Yea we're friends now!" Amaterasu yelled charging in towards the meteor coming down on her as she raised the sword high into the air. "This is it! Guardian of the West, White moon Slash!" she yelled sending a huge crescent moon like slash attack directly at the meteorite.

When the two ultimate attacks collided with each other, a massive explosion was produced filling the whole arena in smoke and blown dust.

"What unbelievable power…" Yukino whispered covering her eyes.

"Those two girls have that much magic packed inside of them?" Silver asks in shock.

"Ama!" Nimbus shouted out to her partner.

"Mamma!" Miia cried out to her partner/mother like figure.

Right when the dust cloud that enveloped the entire stadium slowly disappeared, no one could see either contestants anywhere.

"H-Huh?! Wh-Where did they go? Kabo?" Mato asks.

"It appears that the two combatants have suddenly disappeared, but...where in the world are they. I hope they didn't get blown away in the blast." Chapita said.

"Luna! Where the hell is she?!" Silver yelled feeling worried for his pink haired friend.

"Ama! Where are you?! Speak to me please!" Yukino screamed for her daughter.

"Luna! Honey where are you!" Lucy cried feeling fear grip her heart at not being able to see her daughter.

Right on cue, an arm popped out from below the earth.

"Oh, someone's coming out!" Chapita announced making the crowd anxious to find out who it is.

Slowly, a figure pulled itself out from below the sand that covered the arena's battlefield. The figure was also followed by another figure who manages to pull itself out of the ground.

"I...I don't believe this folks…" Chapita said, "Both Lunara Dragneel and Amaterasu Eucliffe are still standing!"

Luna got out of the ground and collapsed on her back panting heavily. Amaterasu also pulled herself out and laid on her back gasping for air.

"I..I..can't move..." Amaterasu gasped out.

"Ha...Ha... neither can I" Luna panted out having one eye closed so blood didn't get in there.

" we have no way of deciding who is the winner…" Amaterasu said.

"Maybe we should try and punch each other...maybe that will work…" Luna joked.

"You can't stand, I can't stand, but hey why the hell not" Amaterasu said laughing at how stupid they sounded.

Luna laughed with her before she had a coughing fit. "Don't make me laugh yet, it hurts to."

"Yea I'll try not to kill you with laughter" the light blue haired girl said rolling over to her stomach to face the pink haired girl.

"N-Neither of them are standing up...are they too worn out…?" Chapita asks.

"Kabo, seems so. We've never had this kind of tie happen before. Kabo." Mato said.

"So what do you think we should do…?" Chapita asks.

"A tie-breaker of some sort. Kabo, at least one more attack from both sides be it magic or just plain normal. Kabo." Mato explained.

"The problem is that both of them are too worn out. Do you think we should just hold this match till they recover?" Chapita asks.

"Kabo, we can send in healers to heal them up for a final attack, Kabo" Mato suggested.

Simon stared at the two downed wizards seeing the looks of impatience on the crowds who want to find out who the strongest guild is, "This is taking too long and the audience is losing patience. One of them has to move at some point…"

"But they're too tired. They put everything into their final attack," Ignitus said.

"Don't worry, Ignitus. Let me handle it." A voice said as Ignitus felt a hand on his shoulder.

Yukino turns to her husband seeing the concerned and troubled look on his face, "Darling...we should head down there and help our daughter. I know it's against the rules, but those two can't stay out there that long exhausted."

"I know dear. I think I know what to do and so does he apparently. I'll be back" Sting said jumping down into the arena to aid his daughter.

The crowd was starting to lose its patience and was starting to yell out angry insults for not seeing any action or hearing the results of the battle.

Luna and Amaterasu looked at each other and shared a painful laugh with each other.

"They were just cheering for us a minute ago" Luna said softly.

"Now there booing and yelling at us. Can't please everyone" Amaterasu said just as softly.

"True, you can't, but you sure made proud fathers out of us." A familiar voice said.

"Damn right they did! You're final battles put ours to shame by a landside, I'm so proud of you girls!" Sting cheered grinning widely at the downed fighters.

Luna eyes widen before looking up into black colored eyes she has known all her life. "Dad! You made it you really made it!" she cheered wanted to hug her dad so bad right now.

"I'm glad we made you proud papa. Sorry we couldn't finish the match, but we can't even move right now" Amaterasu said feeling slightly bad for letting everyone down.

"No need to feel guilty, dear." Sting said picking his daughter up, "It's just a match and a title anyways."

"So cheer up you two," Natsu said picking his daughter up, "Fairy Tail never came here to defend its title to begin with. We came here to battle with Sabretooth and have fun doing it."

"Well I did get to make new friends in them. I even got to show you my new technique papa" Amaterasu said cheering up a bit.

"And boy did you give your mother and me a shock with that one, Ama." Sting said.

"AMA!" Nimbus screamed flying down towards Amaterasu hugging her face while shedding tears.

"Nimbus...not so tight…" Amaterasu whined.

"MAMMA!" Miia shouted flying down to hug Luna.

"Hey, Miia...hehe...did you enjoy watching mamma…?" Luna asks.

"I did and I didn't. You scared me! W..when I di..didn't see you af..after the ex..explosion...I Wahhh!" Miia cried hugging Luna tighter as she cried.

"Me too! I was so scared for you Ama! Don't do that ever again!" Nimbus yelled before crying too.

Luna and Amaterasu looked sheepish as they cuddled there sobbing exceeds. "We're sorry." they say together before the exhaustion the match kicked in and they both fell asleep in their father's arms.

"Geez, those Exceeds can be so loud even from far away." Gray said arriving at the stands with Erza.

"Daddy!" Aqua yelled jumping into her fathers arms. "Mama and Aqua missed you daddy!"

"Gray-sama! Juvia has missed you so much! Next take Juvia with you!" she ordered jumping into her husband's arms as well causing Gray to fall over.

"Yep I take it back. My family is just as crazy as everyone else's" Silver thought.

"Hello mother. I'm glad to see you are home safely" Simon said standing before his mother.

Erza smiles and ruffles Simon's hair, "Hello, Simon. I'm guessing from the situation down there, we've missed almost everything. I guess we should have ran as Natsu did…"

"Oh so that's why you two weren't with him when he arrived." Ignitus said. "Well to put it really simple, this might turn into a tied match, but it seems that Dad and Sting are going to do something."

Mato transported himself in front of the Dragon Slayer fathers with his hand behind his back inspecting the worn out fighters, "Now then, Natsu Dragneel and Sting Eucliffe, Kabo, it seems were are in a stand-still. Both of your daughters were still standing even after exhausting all of their magic and now they both are unable to battle. Kabo, if we do not figure out who the winner is then the crowd will be less than pleased, Kabo."

Natsu and Sting looked at each other then back at the pumpkin man.

"I have an idea...a crazy one at that." Natsu said.

"Aren't all your ideas crazy?" Sting said.

"Yeah, but this one takes the cake." Natsu said with a smirk, "Hey, pumpkin guy, would you mind handing me a mic?"

"Um...of course, Kabo." Mato said handing Natsu the microphone.

While Natsu walked forward to face the audience, another hand popped out of the ground behind them. Out of the ground came Yoru carrying an unconscious Sumiko. Hearing the groaning sounds from the girl, Yoru smiles back towards her, " awake yet?"

"...5 more minutes...Mom…" Sumiko muttered in her sleep making Yoru chuckle.

Gajeel glared at the young boy holding onto his daughter, "I'm going to strangle him…" He growled through his gritting teeth.

Levy pulled her husband by the ear preventing him from advancing any further, "I'm not going to let an idiot like you destroy Fairy Tail and Sabertooth's friendship. You can deal with him after the Grand Magic Games without killing him."

"Natsu…" Erza whispered seeing Natsu walking forward, "What is he up to this time?"

"What ever that flame brain has planned is either stupid enough to calm the crowd down or stupid enough to cause them all to go into a feeding frenzy. Either way it's going to be crazy and dumb" Gray said sitting up with his daughter and wife in his arms.

Natsu tapped onto the microphone hearing the tapping sound waves from it. Clearing his throat he said to the crowd, "Listen up everyone. I know you all wanted more from my daughter's fight, but Luna and Amaterasu exhausted all of their magic for their enjoyment...Here is where my problem with all of you is…"

"Uh oh...that's not good…" Riku said.

"My problem with you is that you had the gall to act like children who apparently 'haven't had enough' and expect both Sting's daughter and mine to hurt each other moreover some stupid title!" Natsu shouted causing the whole crowd the gasp in shock.

"What is that flame breath thinking?!" Gajeel asks, "He'll end up ticking off the crowd more than they already are."

"Natsu…" Lucy said.

"I told you he would" Gray sighed rubbing his head. "Guys get ready incase things go haywire."

Sting looks at Natsu then back to Yukino who had a look of concern then back to Natsu and smiles. Walking over and taking the microphone from his hand, he said, "He's right. Only a true pure-hearted person would know when enough is enough. So what if this match ends up in a tie? What matters is these two gave it their all for both guilds and that's why we are more than satisfied with their battle...and you all should be too."

Natsu raises his right hand making the Fairy Tail guild pose, "Fairy Tail never returned to the Grand Magic Games to defend it's title…"

Sting makes an o with his thumb and index and then points up his remaining three fingers towards the crowd, "And Sabertooth did not return to reclaim its title!"

"We came here to show each other our strengths and weakness so that in the future we can help each other out and triumph over any obstacle!" Then both shouted.

"From this moment forward…" Natsu said.

" matter what anyone says…" Sting said.

"Fairy Tail and Sabertooth are both the strongest guild!" They both shouted causing lots of gasps to erupt from the audience.

"Kabo!? Is that the decision you will agree upon? Shouldn't Fairy Tail's guild master make that judgement call Kabo?" Mato asked not expected a double submission withdrawal for a winner.

"Actually...we made this decision from the very beginning." A voice called as the Fairy Tail Guild Master, Laxus, appeared in the arena from a flash of lightning.

"Yo, Laxus." Natsu said acknowledging Laxus' entrance.

"So, now you show up?" Sting said also acknowledging Fairy Tail's guild master.

"Father…?" Riku asks seeing his father on the battlefield.

"Let's just say that the Grand Mages Council meetings drag on longer than they should have." Laxus explained, "It's a shame that I didn't even get to watch the final match."

"Missed one hell of a match there Laxus. These four put on the grandest battle of them all" Natsu said grinning at his sleeping daughter and the the other three.

"Kabo, it really knocked the audiences off their seats." Mato said, "Now did you say you were planning this? Kabo?"

"Indeed. Before the Grand Magic Games began, I had a chat with Sting. Since both of our guilds are looked up to as being very powerful, I proposed that both guilds obtain the title of Strongest Guild." Laxus said.

"Me being stubborn declined at first cuz I wanted my daughter to do her very best without being told to draw" Sting admitted. "But I thought about it more and figured that making friends with Fairy Tail was more important than the Grand Magic Games itself. I refuse to have my daughter to end up like I was in the past when I fought Natsu."

"Then you both have decided? Kabo?" Mato asks.

"Yes, Fairy Tail and Sabertooth will take the title as the stronger guilds in Fiore, which means Lunara Dragneel and Amaterasu Eucliffe are declared the winners if this final bout" Laxus said.

"Kabo...let me tell Chapita about this. Wait here, Kabo." Mato said disappearing and then reappearing next to Chapita.

The sounds of whispering were heard between the two and then a shocked sound from Chapita.

"Making the noises stop already... trying to sleep" Luna and Amaterasu groaned out together turning in their father's arms. Both fathers smiled and smoothed their daughters' hair.

"Kabo! Chapita and I have deliberated and reached a decision, Kabo." Mato announced over the mic.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, and Mages my surprise it seems that this year's Grand Magic Games will end on a much different high note." Chapita said, "For the first time in Grand Magic Games history, there is not one but two guilds that will obtain the title as 'Strongest Guild in Fiore'. The winning guilds of the Grand Magic Games are...FAIRY TAIL AND SABERTOOTH!"

Crowd was silent not knowing how to react to the announcement until cheering was heard.

"WAY TO GO SABERTOOTH YOU GUYS DID GREAT!" Silver, Simon and Aqua cheered accompanied by their parents and other guild members.

"AWESOME SHOW AS ALWAYS FAIRY TAIL" Yukino, Lector, Frosch, and other Sabertooth cheered.

Seeing both guilds congratulate and cheer for one another made the audience feel bad for complaining earlier so they began to slowly clap before they became thunderous cheers.

Hearing the sounds of the audiences cheering for them again, Luna and Amaterasu smiled in their sleep. "...We...did it…" Luna said in her sleep.

"Yes...we did…" Amaterasu answered in hers.

"...Tomorrow...we go to the a circus…" Luna said.

"...But I hate clowns..." Amaterasu said frowning.

"...Aw...I wanna see the elephants though…" Luna whined.

"...Then go to the zoo" Amaterasu argued.

"...Wanna come with me to the zoo then?" Luna asks, "We promised to do something fun together."

"...I can handle the zoo..." Amaterasu said

"...Yay...tomorrow we go to the zoo!" Luna cheered.

"...Now be quiet and let me sleep" Amaterasu said.

"Yay...tomorrow will be the best." Luna whispered.


"...Oww…." They both whined sitting on their beds on the very next day still covered head to toe in bandages.

"Can I go back to sleep?" Amaterasu whined flopping back down on her pillow next to Luna.

"But I wanna go to the zoo…" Luna cried with tears falling from her eyes.

"Fine! I'm getting up just cool it with the crocodile tears!" Amaterasu said before yelping as she got plucked out of bed by her father.

"Now where do you two think you're going…?" Lucy asks the two.

"...To...the zoo?" Luna answered.

Yukino, who was also in the room, shook her head, "You two still have not recovered yet from your battle. We're not letting either of you leave this room."

"But mamma we feel fine. A good breakfast will heal us up real fast. Won't it Papa?" Amaterasu said looking back at her father.

"Your mother is right, Amaterasu, I refuse to risk you breaking all of your bones from just walking around. We'll go to the zoo some other time." Sting said.

Amaterasu pouted at him. "Awwww! You always take my side on things, but okay if you say to rest I'll do it" she said crossing her arms.

"Ama! Don't just give in!" Luna shouted, "I wanna see the elephants!"

"You try arguing with both your parents then!" Amaterasu shouted back.

Luna looks back at her mother to have a chill fall down her spine when she laid eyes on her glare. Lucy dared her to say anything that went against her wishes. Gulping in fear, Luna pulled up the covers, "I guess I can wait a few days…"

Lucy's dark glare quickly turned into a cute smile as she pats her daughter's head, "That's much better."

"Mamma, Papa hows Yoru doing?" Amaterasu asked worried about her partner and best friend.

"He's resting in another room, dear." Yukino answered, "He'll be better in no time."

Amaterasu smiled and said, "That's good to hear…"

"Yo, where oh where is my powerful daughter at?!" Natsu shouted barging into the room.

"Could you keep it down, Dad?! Luna and Amaterasu are trying to rest!" Ignitus shouted knocking his father up on the head.

"Dad...Iggy…" Luna said happily seeing her whole family together.

The sounds of giggles erupted from the Eucliffe family making Ignitus glare at them.

"Th-That's what she calls you?!" Sting asks trying to hold in his laughing fit.

"I-Iggy?! Haha-Ow-Haha-Ow-Haha-Ow-!" Amaterasu laughed feeling the pain from her wounds.

"Sh-Shut up or I-I'll...beat you all to death!" Ignitus shouted blushing in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry, Ign-Hehehe!" Yukino held her stomach breaking out into laughter, "I'm so sorry, I can't say your own name anymore!"

"Sorry for embarrassing you, big bro…" Luna apologized seeing Ignitus lower his head in shame.

" doesn't matter to me anymore." Ignitus said with a slight sigh, "How about you, Luna. How are you feeling?"

"Still in a lot of pain from our battle, but I'm glad that both our guilds got the title." Luna said.

Natsu grins and rubs her head, "And it's all thanks to you two."

"Believe it or not, the bond you two share symbolizes the future of Fairy Tail and Sabertooth." Sting said.

"I don't see what we did was so big? We just went out there and did our best. Right Lu-chan?" Amaterasu said rubbing her hurt side.

"Are you always this modest, Ama-chan?" Luna asks giggling a little.

"Most of the time." Amaterasu answered.

"Well either way, we're all still proud of the both of you." Lucy said with a smile.

Amaterasu and Luna grinned at each other happy that they did there guilds and parents proud.

"Mama/Ama!" Miia and Nimbus yelled as they flew into the room. "I brought your favorite Cookies and cream milkshake/Sweet apple pie!" The little exceeds said.

"Ohhhh mine!" the girls yelled reaching for their favorite treats.

Amaterasu began sipping on her shake happily forgetting all her pain while Luna chowed down on her favorite apple pie. Their parents watch the two eating their food and then turn to leave.

"Now be sure to get some rest, you two." Yukino advised, "And no sneaking out."

"Understand, Luna?" Lucy asks.

"Yes ma'am" the girls said through mouthfuls of ice cream and pie.

"God there so much like their dads its unbelievable!" Lucy sighed shaking her head at them.

"Well at least you have one child who isn't such a hot head, Mom." Ignitus said.

"I seem to recall you almost burning the forest down when you thought your sister was kidnapped when she was five" Lucy reminded him.

"Come on, Mom, you would have had the same exact reaction." Ignitus argued as they walk through the halls leaving the two girls alone to rest.

"Ah...I love the taste of apples…" Luna sighed laying down on her bed.

"Cookies and ice cream are a match made in heaven" Amaterasu said laying down on her pillow. "Hey, Lu-chan.."

"Hm?" Luna asks turning to her friend.

"Why do you wanna see the elephants so bad?" The blue haired girl asked.

Luna turned away from Amaterasu and sighed, "...I'm sorry, Ama-chan...but can it wait for another time?"

Amaterasu looked at her friend worriedly, "Sure. Hey tomorrow wanna sneak out of bed and prank your brother and Silver?" She asked wanting to change the mood in the air.

Luna's far-away look turned into a happy expression as she turned back to her friend, "Now you're speaking my language." She said then getting an idea, "Okay, here's how it will go…" She said explaining the prank to Amaterasu making them both howl in laughter from the thought of the prank.

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