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Author Topic: A Family Matter: Gathering Bonds  (Read 3328 times)

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A Family Matter: Gathering Bonds
« on: July 29, 2015, 01:38:23 AM »

Pup sighed as he leaned against the wall of the Pub's restroom. He impatiently glanced at his watch as he waited.

Pup: "C'mon out Cubs!"

Pup laughed. He was always amazed at how much his baby brother's bladder could actually hold.

Cub: "Alright Big Bro I'm out!"

 From one of the stalls a short kid around 10 to 11 dawdled out. Like his 18 year old brother he had sky blue hair and a Ethnic appearance do to their Latino blood. Unlike his brother his eye's were hazel instead of pink and he hadn't yet grown a goatee and mustache yet.

Cub: "Big Bro Where are we going again"

Cub rushed to the sink to wash his hands. Pup picked him up by the hips so that he could reach the sink.

Pup: "I'm taking you to visit cousin Biggs while I go to look for Writer-Tan Sensei."

After quickly scrubbing his hands and washing them Cub squirmed from Pup's grasp.

Cub: "Aww but Big Bro I want to go with you!"

Cub pouts childishly and stands stubbornly far away from the bathroom exit.

Pup: "Cub, you can't-"

Cub starts to sob very loudly and exasperated Pup looks around frantically as if an answer will fall from the sky. Finally hanging his head with an animated tear drop at the back of his head Pup resigned.

Pup: "Fine, fine just don't get in the way okay?"

With a celebratory cheer Cub jumps onto Pup's back as they make their way out of the restroom. Grabbing a quick apple juice box for Cub and a bottle of Sake for himself for later they head out of the Pub and started toward the section of the City Writer-Tan was supposed to be in charge of. He understood that finding her wouldn't be easy but he wasn't the type to give up. The city was a buzz as usual but as they crossed toward the writers section they could see that this part of the city was just a little bit more lax.

Pup: Alright Cub I'm going to stop for a bit to check my equipment, Get down for a sec.

Pup stopped and waited as Cub climbed down then he went over his equipment. Pup wore a blue vest with gold embroidered Japanese characters scattered across it and baggy khaki cargo shorts with a strange utility belt. In this belt were an assortment of magical writing utensil's and on his right hip hung a scroll as long as his leg. The paper of the scroll itself was gold but the edges and casing was sky blue with golden characters embroidered all over it. There were different random characters from Japanese, Egyptian, Hebrew, English Spanish, and French to name Most of them.

Pup: "Everything's Here."

Pup kneel led down quickly fixing Cub's sky blue kimono and refastening a loose sandal and hauled him back onto his back.

Cub: "How much longer must we search!"

Pup: "As long as it takes! This is why I wanted you to stay with Cousin Biggs!"

Cub: "Well it's fine since I get to spend the entire day with Big Bro instead of waiting with the maids while Bid Bro trains!"

Cub spit the last word out with a little venom tightening his hold on Pup's neck.

Pup: "Cub that's..."

Suddenly Pup heard  near silent whooshes in the air and jumped back at the last moment as a flurry of pencils shot just past his right one managing to even graze his arm. Not being given a rest just yet Pup jumps again as another wave comes and another. The waves of pencils seeming to come from nowhere. Until Pup jumped far out of range he had measured the projectiles capable of reaching. Then after a familiar smell Pup grabbed the stapler from the left side of his belt midair and extending the magical grappling hook he swung onto a streetlamp neck swinging over the pile of slippery ink landing on the other side. Just as Pup thought he might finally get some rest however he caught whiff of a deadly scent.

Pup: Is She trying to kill me!

Quickly but gently throwing Cub to the side out the way snatched a knife pen from his right side of the belt, pushing the button that usually slid out the knife a long sword blade slid out and slicing quickly in the air using both his advanced sight and hearing Pup sliced up the soaring erasers careful not to let even a fleck touch him less part of his being gets erased. After Pup strained to sense any more dangers coming at him from any angle and once he was sure the cost was clear he lowered the blade with a sigh and the second before he let out the breath the blade of another's pen sword pressed against his neck just hard enough to draw a thin line of blood. Careful not to even gulp he wondered at how she had managed to sneak up on him since he hadn't even dropped his senses yet.

Mysterious Voice: "You still let down your guard to easy!"

The blade disappears from his neck and Pup lets out a relieved breath.

Mysterious Voice: "But you have improved greatly nonetheless! Your training has certainly served you well."

Pup: "Thank you Writer-Tan Sensei!"

Re-sheathing his Pen and  pulling the stapler from the lamppost and re-sheathing that as well Pup turned to see the section of the city that now looked like a disaster area covered in holes and pencils and pencil fragments with a huge ink puddle, a bent lamppost neck and eraser pieces and eraser dust scattered everywhere. Then he turned to see cub had been put to sleep without his notice Probably by Sensei so that he couldn't warn his brother. Pup sighed.

Pup: "You sure don't hold back do you Sensei?"

Writer-Tan: "Why should I? Besides YOU asked ME to train you remember?"

Writer-Tan walked over to cub her sharp features softening into a smile as she fixed her glasses and gently woke cub.

Writer-Tan: "I'm pleased you have advanced this far."

Cub wakes sleepily looking from Writer-Tan to Pup confused for a second before pouting.

Cub: "No fair Wri-chan! Putting me to sleep like that."

Pup walked over kneeling away from Cub so that he could climb back onto his back. After retaking his place Cub held on tighter so as not to lose his place again.

Pup: "Don't whine so much Cubby! Writer-Sensei was only keeping you safe."

Writer-Tan: "I'm sorry my little Cub but I had to make sure your brother was ready for the next step! But come on you two we can continue this discussion in the Pub let's go! I need some Sake!"

Pup: "I have a bottle of Sake Sensei we don't have to go all the way back to the Pub."

Writer-Tan waved away Pup's response.

Writer-Tan: "Nah, Don't think I've forgotten how you get with Sake! I'll go get my own bottle thank you very much!"

Without further argument Writer-Tan walked off briskly leaving the still tired Pup to struugle to keep up with her.

Soon enough the three made it back to the Pub and wandered into one of the more empty rooms taking a seat on one of the comfy green futons. Pup had gotten a whole jug of Apple Juice for Cub to drink and had pulled out the bottle of Sake he'd saved and began to quickly drain it.

Pup: "So will I be able to resume my training with you Sensei?"

Writer-Tan: "I already taught you all I can teach you for now. The rest you must learn on your own."

Writer tan pours Sake into a plate cup (can't remember what they're called) and begins to sip brushing her long blonde hair from her eye's.

Pup: "But you told me after the Training with the elder monks at that Oasis to come back to you so I could begin my final phase of training!"

Writer-Tan poured another plate cup and continued.

Writer-Tan: "And so you shall, but that training has nothing to do with me..."

Writer-Tan takes another long sip putting up a finger to silence Pup.

Writer-Tan: "The final phase of your training is simple.....Go make friends......"

Writer tan abandons the cup plate and starts drinking Sake straight from the bottle.

Pup: "How does that have anything to do with training!"

Pup finishes off the rest of his more than half-full bottle and mutters to himself childishly. Writer-Tan smacks Pup with a ruler that seemed to have come from nowhere.

Writer-Tan: "When you figure that out you will become a Master in your own right. Now if you ever want to take back your position in your Family and Punish that person you'd better get started!"

Pup who had been grudgingly rubbing his head sobered instantly a Solemn look taking over his features as he glanced over to Cub to ensure he hadn't hear the remark.

Writer-Tan: "Your assignment is to start off by befriending some of the newer writers maybe a few specter's and eventually I want you to befriend at least one 1st Generation Mod understood?"

Pup: "I understand."

Pup put away the empty Sake bottle  and stood up.

Pup: "It's been real Sensei. I'll see you again."

Walking toward Cub who had only just finished the jug of apple juice Pup pulled him onto his back and made his way out into MR City ready to begin his exploration of the city and his search for new acquaintances and new bonds to forge.

To Be Continued....
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