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Author Topic: ANONYMOUS REVIEW  (Read 800 times)

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« on: October 21, 2014, 11:30:40 PM »
Anonymous reviews

Often times when you review a story for a friend and are too afraid to tell them what they need to hear, it would be nice to find a way to tell them without messing with the truth. Before you suspect that this doesn't happen often, I assure you I've witnessed this myself. And even more recently. What I have noticed is certain members stressing themselves out due to this type of issue. I came to resolve this problem.


You PM me the link to the thread, the chapters you are reviewing, and your own personal review on the story. Afterwards, I will PM the original author and notify that there is an Anonymous Review alongside the link. I will post it up for you and with complete confidentiality. No name will be mentioned. However I cant do much if the author guesses its you just by your word choice. So please pick your words carefully.

However, this isn't so you can post mean things and intend to hurt someone. Reviews must be strictly constructive. You don't have to mention how to fix it but you need to mention what the problem is in the story.

Stop playing know what you did.

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« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2014, 12:59:37 AM »
Since OP doesn't want replies here I ll locked the topic. But I will add one more thing to this. If it's an ANONYMOUS Review then post it only if the writer or artist of the creation approves it. So first PM  the Review to artist/writer and if he/she agree then post it. I saw questions other members asked about this in the topic which's deleted and I have to say they have a point. So this way there won't be any drama or question about credibility.

So lets say the process is like this if someone want to do it,

01) Send review to the member who will post it.
02) Member PMed the post to artist or writer and get permission to post it.
03) Review will be posted if artist / writer fine with.

So if it's about helping artists and writers then they will see it anyway since They receive a PM of review without it going public. If he/she don't mind it goes public then give permission to post it.

Keep it simple and clean. If you don't want it to post in your art topic then reply to person saying "Thank you. But plz don't post it".

I hope this will save everyone from number of future headaches and fights.

Also if you received this kind of review PM then just consider it as a one way thing. No point of ask anything back since the sender is just a proxy. only reply u should send is you want this review to be publish or not.  Discussion should ends there.
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