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Characters With The Same Birthday As You

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With love an care from lego, post a character who has the same birthday, only month and day, as you! ^^


My birthday is February 5th, and one character who has the same birthdate as me is Lacus Clyne from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. ^^

Another Feb. 5th birthday is Riko Aida from Kuroko No Basket. ^^

Shimon Takagi from Sotsugyou M.

I don't know any of these...

Oct. 20 - Ohjirou Mihara     Angelic Layer
Oct. 20 - Olivier             Angelique
Oct. 20 - Linna Yamazaki    Bubble Gum Crisis
Oct. 20 ā€” Hiyoshi Gou       Voltes V
Oct. 20 ā€” Libra Dokho       Saint Seiya
Oct. 20 ā€“ Mahoko Mochida  Kakyuusei

Ikkaku Amanohashi from Tokimeki Memorial: Girl'sā€™ Side


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