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Author Topic: Echo Archives  (Read 162000 times)

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Re: Echo Archives
« Reply #705 on: August 08, 2022, 05:12:20 PM »
Saaaaame I've noticed with my own works I tend to fall back on a "default" setting whereas requests you tend to think about it more, maybe because it's not your own character you automatically have to pay more attention to make sure you're capturing the character as they should be.

well, given that I thought it was a nebula then I'd say you were spot on. I just didn't know anything about the character so I had to guess, and explosions are more common than nebulas...at least for me XD
Maybe a spaceship window BG with the nebula behind? then it's clear it's space at least.

But then they hid the scores a couple days before the end of the event
Ahh, nice twist. makes the final release jsut that bit more exciting. All the best for it :D

Ah fair, I was considering it for exposure but sounds more like just good fun and practice instead.
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