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I agree with what everyone said and there are a lot of insightful things mentioned. Plenty of them I already did, but it's always hard to cover everything.
My biggest mistake must have been that I have taken the artist's concept art as proof of being able to do the work, whereas I most important work I needed from them was the digital art.

Do you think that artists prefer to do both concept art and the production art themselves, or if they are ok with working based on someone else's concept art? Especially if the series is longer. I know that my call as the creator of the game is final, but I still want to work in the best interest of everyone involved. Also, is it ok if the concept art style differs from what the production art style should look like?
Because if it would be ok to have a separate concept artist, then I could at least start working with someone on the concept art and have more things ready when searching for the production artist.

Ryan, I know we spoke a bit in private, but from your writing, it sounds like you have some experience working on games yourself, or at least have an interest in it.

Artists are definitely okay working off someone else's concept art. Think of all the fan art made these days of different anime/videogame characters (I see somebody already got to mentioning this! haha). It's also typical for artists who do commissions to draw off of clients' pre-existing concept art, for example, of their original characters (OCs). (With that said, it may get boring for a production artist if everything is already concepted out in your game. It's natural for some things to be missed and your production artist(s) will need to do concept thinking as well - (it's also not worth to concept out everything)).

It's also okay if the concept art style differs from the production art style. Things that should be apparent from character concept art are: age of the character (baby - child - teen -  adult - etc), height/physique, impression/personality they give off, the design of their costume and/or weapons. The production style will take these different characteristics and try to match the "what" of what's already there, but might change the "how" (i.e. style - the production art may have a different style for drawing the eyes, but will still aim to communicate what the concept art shows).

However, very large differences in style can be problematic - don't get very western, realistic concept art made if the game will have a semi-realistic manga art style. It'd be a waste of effort and does make translating the concept more difficult.

Regarding searching for concept artists, you may be able to be less picky - since you don't need to hire a person who can execute the game's production art style. You just need to find a person that can make good concept art -  images that are clear and communicate the concept of the character/environment/etc. The concept art, however, should still be made in some sort of manga style.

However, regarding developing the production art style and its style guide, you want to be the most picky here. The best fit here is a person good at both concept art and production art - they have technical and conceptual skills. They are going to have to try out a bunch of different looks for the style, so a bunch of rough and slightly-polished sketches - but they will also need to create examples of some production-level assets.

As for myself, I've done some concept art kind of stuff in the past. Nothing that professional, and nothing really for videogames. I am, however, acquaintances with a lot of aspiring and professional concept/game artists, and I keep up with some educational content coming from the industry. I wanted to work in the industry as well but it's too competitive for me. These days I'm just going with the flow, drawing for fun, and working on getting a new career started. I may be able to do some stuff for you, but I can't do too much.
Not necessarily, fanart is still extremely popular in today's day and age and it is essentially working off of someone else's art and concepts. Additionally, it is common in art teams to have one person be in charge of doing concept art and reference sheets that the whole team have to design and adhere to. So, if you find an artist experienced in creating and modeling game assets... no doubt they have experience making art in someone else's style with someone else's concept sheets. Besides, there is always no harm in asking :D
For some reason, I was convinced that artists would be deterred if they would have to work based on another artist's concept art.  Guess I was wrong.

But this should make things much easier for the preparation phase as I think I can be less picky about concept artists. (Correct me if I'm wrong)
Welcome Center / Re: Just starting out, seeing if anyone's out there
« Last post by Richard Scepton on September 24, 2021, 05:49:09 AM »
Welcome to MangaRaiders Richard! That's quite the collection of stories! I must say I would not have thought to mix Halo with Kancolle, but that's the world of fanfic for you, lol

Well, hell yeah.

Considering that you may be a fanfiction critic of sorts, mind if I send you my most popular work so far for you?

Link here:

break Room / mental health and activities
« Last post by evand498 on September 23, 2021, 11:42:48 PM »
hey guys does anyone do activities to coop up every day like for example floor hockey
I try to go to the gym and hot tub just to handle my mental health. I mean everybody has bias on social media
I could go to work or school or church and make friends on Facebook or whatever talking about life and daily struggles with people and when it comes to phone its not my thing very confusing to navigate I think facebook could be good. I don't have a profile picture I mean its safe at home but tough outside I mean it is good to socialize to coop up everyday to improve but yeah. The thing is my mom verbally hurts me about life and responsibilities and has a different mindset I been doing everything for my whole life and I get a chance to work on responsibilities when I have a time it is really easy I mean look at yoshihiro tagashi his room is a disaster and he is very successful with yu yu hakusho and hunter x hunter why do people torcher their kids too much when their being discipline every day on their focus on something else and trying to figure out other things Idk what the meaning of life is
Welcome Center / Re: Hello There
« Last post by ExoGrimz on September 23, 2021, 09:11:49 PM »
Welcome to MangaRaiders Exo!

Apologies up front, but I had to remove your link. We don't allow new members to post them until they've made 25 posts (to cut down on spamming). Feel free to include links in your signature though, and you can always create a topic in our Manga Writers section if you want to post a story directly to the forum!

Same question as Pavo. What are you in to? And are you a console or a PC guy?

No worries mate, must've missed that part when I read the rules.

As for the games I play: I mainly play WoW, FF14 and League of Legends... and am a PC player.
If you want an artist to do both you'll need to find one with enough talent, with a lot of time and you'll need to be able to pay enough!

You ask for more, it's totally fine if you can compensate more.

All $$$
Welcome Center / Re: Hello There
« Last post by Coryn on September 23, 2021, 12:41:57 PM »
Welcome to MangaRaiders Exo!

Apologies up front, but I had to remove your link. We don't allow new members to post them until they've made 25 posts (to cut down on spamming). Feel free to include links in your signature though, and you can always create a topic in our Manga Writers section if you want to post a story directly to the forum!

Same question as Pavo. What are you in to? And are you a console or a PC guy?
Welcome Center / Re: Hey there just starting out!
« Last post by Coryn on September 23, 2021, 12:38:20 PM »
No worries! Given your skill level and the level of completeness you've shown, I recommend creating a topic on the "Manga Art Gallery" board. You can find it in the Manga Artists section. Our only rule is to keep one topic per board for yourself so people aren't tracking you down all the time.
I would say that having one artist do both is bordering on asking too much. Even if they have the skills required, that is a lot of work unless you're dealing with a very small game project (that being said, never underestimate the power of a small project that is actually achievable).

It is definitely okay if the final product differs from the concept. Concepts are there as a guide, but are not hard rules to follow. If you ever check out an art book for a game or movie, you will see that even the final concept for something (a character, let's say), is going to differ in a lot of ways from what you see on screen. As long as you've preserved the 'soul' of the concept however, then you're in good shape.
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