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Members Workshops / Re: The Day Of 1,000 Styles
« on: May 27, 2020, 11:32:40 PM »
Just when you thought this was over...

After sitting on a incomplete version of this for a whole year now, I figured it was only right to finally finish it. Why a year you ask? Because writer's block ain't nothing to play around with. It will destroy your motivation to write if you let it.

Really happy to get this done though. This might be what i need to get back into the swing of things. Still got some other projects I want to complete. *cough* War Arc *Cough Cough*

Also, these Nega names are actually really good. Like, all of them are. Its crazy.

Style 58
     Part of what always got Fro in trouble was his mouth.
     The guy could never help firing off a sly remark or two. After all, trash talk had been an integral part of Fro's entire life. Fro was raised in the streets and in the streets you had no choice but to learn how to talk that talk. Sometimes talking tough scared people off of you. Sometimes it got you decked in the jaw. And sometimes, when you factor in a Nega version of one's self from an alternate universe, trash talk got a hair tendril slammed against your skull.
     And let's not forget said Nega self's dangerous assault crew...
     The 4kids specialized assault unit had been stalking Fro's runaway trail. Fro couldn't outright see them at first, but he could feel their presence. They had taken to the alleyways and the rooftops. A mirage of shapes of and shadows phased in and out of broad daylight. Nega Fro (Who will from here on be referred to as Orf for consistency's sake) didn't just train his students to be killer fighters. He trained them to be assassins. The cool ninja kind at that.
     Fro was kinda jealous that he didn't think of that first.
     Fro didn't have an exact destination in mind when he jetted out of harm's way. He just needed to get away to catch a breather. Unfortunately, Sitrof (Fortis) and his M14 Carbine had other plans. Just when Fro thought he made it to the Artist district, bullets stormed down in front of him, forcing a swift U-turn. More rounds came, this time from Fro's right. The Coach hair zipped to a building on his left, and ninja ran along its surface.
     And that's when the rpg came...
     "Wait what?!"
     The searing hiss of a rocket being launched sounded off, and by the time Fro realized it was coming the building he landed on was blown  to bits. Fire erupted, smoke followed suit, and clumps of building architecture crashed onto the ground below. Just before the impact Fro flashed step to safety below, but not without company. A few feet ahead of him was Sitrof with his trusted gladius sword in one hand, and in the other, a large, triangular, golden shield with glowing red cracks that formed a veiny x shape on it's base. While this version of the skeleton had a bit more flesh than his normal counterpart, there was one constant between the two: Their eyes. Through those eye holes bright blue flames burned, and Fro couldn’t help but smirk at the sight. Even if they belonged to a nega phony, they were cool nonetheless.
     Sitrof pointed his blade at the coach and spoke. “I’m a bit surprised, clone of the captain. Wouldn’t expect you to be much of a runner. I had figured you would’ve stood your ground and fought back by now.”
     Fro eyebrows twitched. “What the hell did you just call me?!”
     “Ah my apologies for the obvious insult, but before our unit was sent out to capture you the Captain made it imperative that we refer to you as his shadow clone.”
     Fro grinded his teeth aggressively. “Yo that son of a bitch is so lucky he’s--” Fro cut himself off. He almost admitted that his Nega self was ten times stronger than him, with that being the reason he wouldn’t be able to make Orf eat his words. But Fro was a man of pride. He would never allow those kinds of words slip his tongue even if they were true. He shook off the insult and returned to the matter at hand. “I’m only running cause it makes sense to run. I may have my pride as a fighter, but I have a brain too y’know.”
     “A good point. I cannot argue with that.”
     “Also Fortis…”
     “It’s Sitrof…”
     “Whatever, I don’t care. When did you start employing missile launchers into your arsenal of weaponry?”
     The nega skeleton seemed visibly perplexed despite not having any fleshy facial features. “Missiles? I’m not sure what you’re referring to.”
     Fro pointed at the pile of architectural rubble that was formerly a building. “The rpg that blew up that building over there. That wasn’t yours?”
     Sitrof shook his head. “I’m afraid not.”
     It was at that moment Fro began to realize the amount of trouble he got himself into. “Then who the hell-”
     Before he could finish, the sound of machinery whirling and buzzing from behind threw him off base. He turned slightly, not even wanting to confirm his suspicions, but they were confirmed nonetheless. A giant mech, half the size of MR’s central tower stood before him. It’s design was a sleek blue with a bulky frame. It’s arms were turrets armed with heavy artillery. Fro could only guess that Racokue (Eukocar) was the one piloting the mech because standing on each of it’s shoulders were Ailif (Filia) and PartneerG (GreenTrap), each armed with their very own Rpg.
     Fro threw up his arms in a fit. “How the hell did you guys sneak behind me with that giant ass robot?!”
     “A cloaking device.”  replied Racokue. His voice was projected through the robot’s internal megaspeakers. “It completely covers this robot in an invisible veil that muffles it movements for a limited amount of time.”
     “Yeah okay that makes sense. Let me guess, Nega Coryn made that for yall?”
     “Coryn? You mean Nyroc?”
     Fro sighed heavily. Whatever homie.”
     “Hey Faker,” yelled PartneerG. “How about you stand still and make blowing you up a lot easier for us?!”
     “Is killing the Captain's shadow clone okay?” asked Ailif. Despite being a nega raider she still retained some of her innocence. “Didn’t the Captain order us not to touch him?”
     “Ah who cares what he wants. Just shut up and get ready to make that phony explode!”
     Fro had been in tough some situations before, but this one definitely took the cake. He was out gunned, out-matched, outnumbered and out of options. It made him wonder. “Why am I even here? How did I even get caught up  in all of this?” The thoughts were racing through his mind, and so were the missiles. Dozens of them were coming at him at once and they came fast. Death was approaching, and by the time Fro realized it, he realized something else,
     “This is all Coryn’s fault.”
     KABLOOM! Upon the missiles’ impact the deafening explosion roared across the surrounding area. Asphalt was lifted up and flung. A pillar of smoke rose. Fro was surely dead. No amount of hair magic could save him from a point blank blast. The members of the specialized assault unit all stood and waited with anticipation for the smoke to clear, and when it did they were greeted with nothing more than an empty crater.
     “Hey Racokue,” shouted PartneerG. “Did you kill him?”
     “I’m not getting any life readings so I’m certai-”
     “He’s still alive…” said Sitrof, as stared at the empty crater.
     “What?!” PartneerG was flabbergasted. “And what makes you so sure of that Skullface?”
     As if it was instinct, Sitrof turned his sights to the far alleyway on his right. The embers in his eye sockets burned even brighter, a signal of a drawn conclusion. “Someone else was here…”

     When Fro opened his eyes he expected to be greeted with the dreamy sight of heaven’s pearly white gates. What he was introduced to instead, however, was the sight of a muscular figure standing over him. The lean muscled ginger shot a smirk at Fro, a smirk that made him feel slightly uncomfortable. He had no way of telling that the woman (possibly man?) before him dressed in nothing more than a tight black vest, skin tight shorts, boots and a navy style hat with a strange eye symbol emblazoned on the front of it was a friend or foe. With so many nega raiders running about his trust levels were beginning to deteriorate.
     The ginger could sense Fro’s uneasiness, and decided that offering him a hand to stand would be a nice first step to build trust. “Looks like I just saved your life there huh buddy?”
     Fro was a bit hesitant at first, but ultimately gave in as he was getting tired of laying on his back. “ I was good even before you stepped in.”
     “Sure you were.” the woman said as she pulled him up to his feet. She watched Fro dust himself for a second before turning around. She raised her arm and mysteriously it began to glow with a purple aura engulfing it. She waved her hand with very precise motions and soon enough the hand waves produced a portal. She turned back around to see Fro looking at her confused, but she ignored his expression. “Alright get in. We ain’t got much time.”
     “So we're just gonna skip the intros and get straight into the plot huh?”
     “Sit around and chat too much and we’re gonna find ourselves dealing with Orf and his gonnies again.”
     “True, but it would be nice to get your name at least.”
     The woman sighed. “Still haven’t figured it out huh? Didn’t know you could be this slow.” The woman removed the hat from her head, allowing the bangs of her short hair to droop freely over her face. “Take a guess, but say it backwards.”
     After seeing the woman’s hair in its entire glory, Fro quickly realized there was only one raider with such a unique color. “Aulham?”
     “Yup. Now get in before I drag you in myself.”

Manga Writer workshop / Re: WRITING SURVIVAL!!!
« on: March 26, 2020, 01:00:57 AM »
Before you ask, no. I am not alive. This is the ghost of Fro speaking.

Before anyone had knew it Michael had gone missing.

It was officially reported by the local news on a Tuesday afternoon, but needless to say they were a bit late. By the time the story had reached the public's attention, the poor guy had already left town, never to be seen again.

His family not noticing was understandable, since he recently moved from to a suburb on his own that was quite a ways from where they lived. His mother, despite never being all the way comfortable with him living on his own just yet, trusted that he was grown enough to deal with the pressures of being an adult. She knew she wouldn't hear from him too often. After all he was a recluse. Going a week without hearing from her son would have been nothing out of the norm.

As far as his friends were concerned not much could be said from their end. Michael was never the one to reach out to them. And since they knew Michael wasn't the biggest fan of going outside they barely saw him either.

In a way he was invisible to the people around him. Was it on purpose perhaps? His coworkers often stated that even at work Michael distanced himself from others, even to go as far to refuse help when asked. He never explained why he acted that way, so eventually everyone around him stopped caring. But of course, when the report of him going missing had went out, people that knew him were worried, confused and even heartbroken.

But Michael himself would never know how people truly felt about him. In his mind he didn't deserve to know. How could someone who refused to open up to others deserve to know their true feelings? The question loomed in the depths of his mind. Maybe, he thought, he would earn that right one day.


Manga Creations / Re: MR War Arc Shorts
« on: January 24, 2020, 01:47:13 AM »
I got to get around to finishing this eventually, but so far this is some trippy you got going on here man. The thought of Coryn growing taller and taller is freaking me out when I visualize it for too long.

Also, why every time I make a cameo canon appearance my afro is getting disrespected? Haven't I earned enough stripes to make it through a canon story without my Fro getting set on fire? How come Lego's afro never gets set on fire, huh?


Manga Writer workshop / Re: WRITING SURVIVAL!!!
« on: January 24, 2020, 01:37:22 AM »
Lego on a writing spree is what I live for.

I gotta go back reread what you wrote so far, but at a glance you're concepts are definitely interesting. Are these actual starts to projects you plan on finishing later down the line? If so, you literally have at least a thousand story concepts to work with already knowing your brain lol.

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2019
« on: November 30, 2019, 09:53:29 PM »
So I was listening to ASMR while writing today and it was kind of a strange experience. Cause like, you hear all the sounds and whatnot, but you don't really notice them that much, so they're not all that distracting I guess? Not sure if it had any actual effect on my writing, but I don't think that matters much.

Anybody here ever tried ASMR before? I don't always get the "tingles" from watching and listening to the videos, but I definitely have fallen asleep a couple of times, which is one of the main benefits of ASMR I believe.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« on: November 30, 2019, 09:38:14 PM »
Holy crap dude you're like the most efficient person I've met on this forum lol. Everything you do seems so mapped out and well thought out. The whole making statistics at the end of each month seems like a neat idea. It definitely gives you a clear sense of progress.

I would try some of your methods myself, but I can barely make myself a weekly schedule lol. I'm so free form with everything I do that mapping out my days by the hours feels kind of restrictive I guess. Then again, maybe that's why I haven't been getting a lot of writing done lately. 

Regardless, it's always nice to see the improvements in your work. Keep it up!

Manga Writer workshop / Re: Black Friday: 2nd Annual One-Day-One-Shot
« on: November 30, 2019, 09:25:30 PM »
So last year when this first started I actually worked on a story, but never got around to finishing it. I crashed and burned around 400 words or so. This year however, I think it's only right that I at least try and finish the damn thing. Not sure if this is against the rules or not though, since it's something that's already been started.

I probably won't finish within the 24 hour margin, but at the very least I wanna give this challenge an honest shot. Wrote around 900 words in the past hour and a half, which isn't bad for me so far considering my usual output is much less.

Manga Creations / Re: MR War Arc: Fro: Part I
« on: November 30, 2019, 09:17:15 PM »
A Q&A session does sound pretty fun actually. We can probably even do a live one on Discord someday given if anyone is actually interested.

Though to be honest, I would be lying if I said my knowledge of the canon is up to snuff at the moment. It's been a hot minute since my last read-through of all the canon stories. A look through the guide should fix that right up though.

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Writer Discussion Table
« on: November 29, 2019, 09:19:21 PM »
Kinda randomly noticed that my touch typing speed has increased greatly over the course of the year. My typing still isn't perfect and I'm not exactly a speed demon yet, but compared to where I was last year I would say I made some noticeable improvements.

The small wins man. Gotta own em when you can.

MR Pub / Re: Comeback/holidays/departure notice.
« on: November 29, 2019, 09:11:45 PM »
@Suuper: Not much going on with me man. Just working and adjusting to living on my own. I would say I'm fully adjusted now which is good. Still think paying rent is kinda overrated, but I won't complain too much about it lol.

@Coryn: Not exactly a shovel, but I'll make it work. Thanks man!

Manga Creations / Re: MR War Arc: Fro: Part I
« on: November 29, 2019, 09:06:27 PM »
@Suuper: Finally got around to reading some MR canon eh? Thanks for the read man!

@Lego: The hair magic is limitless my friend. It was also kinda poorly thought out when I first came up with the power all those years ago, but hey, you can always refine things over time.

@Coryn: Let's pretend that I did know that "he's is present tense and that it was just an honest mistake. ;) But thanks for pointing that out. I'll keep that mind in for sure.

Manga Creations / MR War Arc: Fro: Part I
« on: November 19, 2019, 11:00:20 PM »
WEE WOO! WEE WOO! Got some more War Arc content coming yall way!

A little behind schedule, but better late than never am I right?

As Coryn mentioned in his intermediate story that he posted some time ago, each author of the War Arc will be dropping their own personal stories that will continue the overall narrative of the War Arc. And as you may have guessed already, this is the start of mine.

I do hope you all enjoy this. I'm bit rusty with my writing, so I'll try to shake off the cobwebs and deliver the best story I possibly can.

Chapter I: A little Personal
     If you had asked a newbie living in Mangaraiders how they felt about the place, the first thing they probably would’ve said was that MR is such a ghost town, or there’s barely anybody around. For the most part that was indeed true. MR has never been known to have a constant influx of members on a day to day basis, and it has been that way ever since its birth. And yet, despite MR still holding strong after all these years thanks to a few of its most dedicated members, some of those same newbies would ditch MR and go on to say that MR was either dead or would soon be dead in the near future.

     Funny enough, if you had asked a ex-raider how they felt about MR after the 4kids invasion, they would probably tell you that MR was indeed “dead.”

     And could you blame them?

    It was a destruction of a beloved home that no one could see coming. The Lost Chorus had infiltrated MR seamlessly, defeated and captured their most powerful members effortlessly, and had the entire city under their control in what seemed like mere minutes. It was all too fast. Too unreal. And just downright shocking. Many members were either subdued in concentration camps, or forced into hiding, forever haunted by the twisted image of their city bursting into flames. For many that memory burned into their hearts and minds. And for someone like Fro, who felt the wrath of those flames first hand, it burned into the very soul.


     Fro eyes shot open the moment he realized someone had been calling his name. He felt a heavy dullness holding him down, though he quickly found out that it was nothing more than extreme pain. He breathed heavily, feeling the weight of every breath he took. The room he was in was spacious, yet normal. There was a flat screen TV mounted on a wall in front near a door. On the right side of the room was a small sofa near a window. And on the opposite side was a large closet. Above him was a janky looking ceiling fan rotating slowly, so slowly that Fro thought the entire world around was moving in freeze frame. But it wasn’t. His vision had been a blurry mess, and the haziness he felt swirling in his mind wasn’t helping much. However, it all soon cleared, and when it did, a familiar face popped into his line of sight.

    “Can you move at all, Coach?”

    The sound of an echoing ghost had put Fro at ease. He didn’t have to turn his head to know that it was Fortis speaking to him, though he did so anyway. Fro eyes fell on the skeleton and the small blue flames forever burning in his empty eye sockets. Even though Fortis had no actual facial features to go off of, Fro could feel the skeleton's concern just by staring at him. He closed his own eyes and relaxed his shoulders. He opened them again after a moment, and turned his head in the opposite direction to see who else was around him. It was then he came across more familiar faces.

    “Well, can you, ribbit?”

     Greentrap eyes bubbled with worry, which Fro was somewhat surprised by. Out of all his pupils, "Frog Face" definitely gave him the hardest time. She was hard-headed, sometimes disobedient and a downright smartass. There were times where Fro legitimately felt she could care less for him. But the anxiety that gripped her tensed body told Fro to know better. Greentrap cared for Fro just as much as the others did. She just had trouble expressing it in a more obvious manner.

     “Yeah…” Fro uttered coldly. The drowsiness he felt made speaking a bit difficult for him.

     Suddenly a pair of arms rushed the pain-stricken Fro and wrapped themselves snugly over his neck. Fro was somewhat startled, but at ease. The feeling of a sobbing Filia rubbing her face against his chest didn’t bother him in the slightest. If anything, it was comforting. “I’m so glad you’re alive, Mr.Coach!” Filia whimpered. “I thought you would never wake up again!”

     Fro mustered up the strength to return Filia’s heartwarming hug. He rubbed her back slowly, letting the silver strands of her hair twist around his fingers. “Good to see you again too, Filia…”

     After a few more moments of the loving embrace, Filia broke away, wiping away tears as she did so. She stood alongside her companions, and collectively the three stared at their leader with some sort of nagging anticipation. The staring made Fro feel a bit awkward, only because he knew the conversation that would be coming up next. He pushed past the achiness of moving and sat all the way forward. With a dreadful sigh he said, “Alright, break it down to me. How bad we’re talking here?”

     “It’s pretty freaking bad, ribbit.” Greentrap spoke up.

     Fro massaged his now stubby afro slightly annoyed. “Care to elaborate, Fortis?”

     “Well, while we didn’t stick around to verify the outcome, it’s safe to assume that MR is now under the complete control of 4kids.”

     “Never thought I’d hear those words…” Fro muttered to himself. He paused to allow the harsh realization to settle in for a moment before speaking again. “Have you  guys seen or heard anything from the other raiders?

     “Only Mahlua”, said Greentrap.

     “And how she’s doing?”

     “Well she mentioned something about going to Ecchiworld and getting help from the twins, but we haven’t heard anything from her since.”

     Fro placed a hand over his mouth. A look of contemplation fell over him. She got away at least, Fro thought. That was good enough for him. He broke from his trance looked back up at his pupils. “How long was I out?” he asked no one in particular.

     Fortis decided to answer first. “About a week and a half now, Coach.

     “That’s a mighty long time”, Fro thought to himself. By that time 4kids had probably weeded out and captured any survivors in the city. Sure the raiders were tough, but considering the circumstances, he doubted many would put up a fight. His mind began to browse through the faces of raiders that popped up in his head. He thought of the mods and admins, the Tans, and the countless raiders that were probably experiencing the worst kind of hell thanks to 4kids. And above all, he thought of Eukocar, who had been captured during the initial attack. If failing to protect his own home hadn’t stung enough, the failure to protect his own students made him felt sick to his stomach.

     Tired of seeing Fro sulk in his own grief, Greentrap confidently spoke up. “You should be glad ribbit. If we hadn’t rescued you and Filia from that Fire nun lady or whatever, who knows what would have happened to you guys.”

     Fro looked at Greentrap questiongly. “Rescued?”
    Greentrap folded her arms and smirked proudly. “Yep! While you were being whisked away against your unconscious will, Fortis and I swooped in snatched you and Filia from that fire troop clutches.” Greentrap pounded her fists into her hips. “We were pretty heroic, weren’t we Fortis?”

     Fortis scratched his skull with a look that contraried Greentrap’s. “Admittedly we were lucky. If Filia hadn’t started her squabble with the soldiers and distracted them like she did, I doubt our surprise attack would have worked.”

     “Oh C’mon ribbit! You gotta give us more credit than that!”

     Fro chuckled a bit. A smile crept out of him, though there was a lot of pain hidden beneath it.

     “You guys did better than I did…” he said under his breath.

     Everyone looked at Fro with wondering eyes. Concerned by the look on his face Filia stepped forward. “Mister Coach?”

     Fro had ignored their looks. His eyes couldn’t help but to trace back to himself. There he was, a beaten and bandaged mess. His afro had been reduced to a stubby shell of it’s former self and he had a deep burn scar running across his face. He was in pain, could barely move, and worst of all he was mentally distraught. And yet…

     “Coach, are you okay?”

     “If you got something on your mind, then tell us, ribbit!”

     The Fighters Division were still right there, caring for him, waiting for their leader to get back on his feet. “Why aren’t they mad at me?” he asked himself in his mind. He couldn’t imagine all the stress and anxiety they had went through due to his own carelessness.  They had every right to be angry with him. After all this was all his fault, or so he thought. From forcing his own teammates to abandon him, to Eukocar getting captured, and even the destruction of the city itself. Fro blamed it all on himself. Maybe, he thought, if he had been smarter, more prepared, he could have made a difference.

     But as he thought those stupid things he clenched his fist tight. Blaming yourself for things out of your control was a foolish way of going about things. Fro was just pissed off, pissed off about everything that happened, pissed off for assigning himself all the blame, and pissed off for getting pissed off in the first place. At this point, he just needed a release.

     He tossed aside the thin blanket that was covering him aside and made his way off the bed. Instinctively, Filia ran up to Fro to help him, but stopped in her tracks when Fro held out a hand as a wall, signaling that he was okay on his own. Fortis and Greentrap were about to rush over themselves, but after seeing Fro stand on his own feet, fighting against the overbearing pain with nothing more than sheer willpower, they couldn’t help but stand in awe as he slowly wobbled his way to the door.

     “Hey you stupid human, just where do you think--”

     “I'm going outside for a bit.” said Fro, cutting Greentrap off mid sentence. I need some air.”
Greentrap stood in disbelief. Her eyes looked like they were about to explode. “But.. why...?”

     Fortis butted in. “Coach, are you sure it’s wise for you to be moving this much? In your current condition, it would be better for you to stay in bed and get some more rest.”

     As Fortis was pleading with Fro, the afro haired warrior summoned hair tendrils around himself. They twisted and danced around him before slapping themselves to his entire body like rags covered in glue. Within seconds they morphed into clothes via hair magic, and Fro was now adorned in a basic shirt, jeans and sneakers combo. Not an ideal clothing choice, but it would have to do for now. He turned to address Fortis. “It’s okay Fortis. I’ll be fine…”

     That was the last thing Greentrap wanted to hear from Fro. She gritted her and snapped. “That’s the problem you idiot! YOU’RE NOT FINE!”

     The rage pouring out of Greentrap’s lungs caught Fro’s attention. He stopped and turned, letting his eyes meet with the frog’s. She continued.

     “You just woke up and now you’re already trying to go off on your own again? Why is that?! Because you’re too prideful to sit around in bed all day and rest? How stupid and selfish can you be, human?!”

     “Now Greentrap,” Fortis began, trying his best to play the mediator. “I’m sure the Coach has his reasons. There’s no need to be so-”

     “Ugh! Why don’t you just shut up already skullface!” Greentrap was practically screaming now. Her violent outrage had Filia on the verge of tears, who could do nothing but watch her friends tear themselves apart. The frog went on. “Stop defending this poor excuse for a leader! No good leader would go off on his own without his comrades. No good leader would bear the burden all by themselves when they have teammates to rely on… and they especially wouldn’t push them away because of their own warped sense of pride.

     “Greentrap, I understand your points but--”

     “It’s cool Fortis. She’s right. I’m a *censored*ty leader.”


     The words uttered by the so called “leader” of the Fighters Division took everyone aback.

     “Everything she said just now is absolutely true. A lot of what we’re going through right now is because I made a bad call…” Fro’s face contorted into a look of shame as he said those words. He looked down for a moment, seemingly reflecting on the entire ordeal. “I guess back then, I was trying to protect you guys. I didn’t wanna see you guys experience something so horrible, and figured I could handle things on my own. And… you see how well that turned out.”

     Fro returned his attention to Greentrap, who was now shaking, fists balled into a fury, ready to unload all of her pent up frustrations on the man she looked to and trusted as her leader. Fro noticed this, and smiled the best he could, despite the nagging shame residing underneath.

     “Greentrap, I know I’m being selfish again and I’m sorry for that. But.. I just need a moment to collect my thoughts… alone. There’s a lot of stress I need to release, and sitting in a bed sulking in my own grief is not how I wanna do it.”

     With that said, Fro again made his way to the door. Before giving the knob a twist, he turned and gave his students one final glance before leaving. As he opened the door, he said, “I’ll be back in a few hours, guys. Promise.” and then exited into a hall, closing the door behind him shut.

     The three raiders stood amongst one another, all carrying a mixed bag of emotions inside of them. Once again, their leader had left them alone, unsure if letting him go freely was a good call. However, what is done is done, and all they could do was sit and wait, and hope for a safe return.

     As long as Fro doesn’t do anything reckless, they thought, they would see him again soon.

     Leaving his students behind, Fro limped down the hall with his hands in his pockets. As he did so, he surveyed the hall. There were multiple doors on both sides. Probably bedrooms, he figured. He had guessed that his students had decided to take refuge at a hotel or inn of some sorts. As he reached the end of the hall, however, Fro would find that assumption to be close, but not exact.

     Having gone down a flight of stairs, Fro found himself to be walking through the middle of someone’s dining room? It certainly wasn’t what he was expecting. With so many rooms upstairs, he assumed a hotel reception area would be the more obvious pick. But nope, it was just a standard, small dining room, with a couple of crusty looking couches encircling a wooden table. To his left, Fro took notice of a kitchen. He would then take notice of a short, older woman storming out of that kitchen, swinging around a frying pan.

     From there things got awkward really fast.

     “Hey!” shouted the old woman. “What the hell are you doing out of bed?!”

     “Um, who ar--”

     “Who am I is not important right now! What’s important is that you should be in bed resting! Aren’t you still hurt?”

     Having deduced that he was already on this woman’s bad side, Fro figured speaking calmly while throwing as many “Ma’am’s” as possible was the right way to handle the situation.

     “I’m sorry Ma’am.” he said with a bow. “I didn’t mean to upset you. I just wanted to stretch my legs for a bit.”

     “Stretch your legs?” the old woman scoffed. “I’m surprised you’re even managing to stand.”

     “Well, I guess you can say I’m far from the ordinary man. But ma’am, I don’t mean to flip the subject so soon, but can you tell me what is this place?”

     The old woman slammed her frying pan against the wall upon hearing the question. The loud smack startled Fro, and it made him wonder if she did that because he somehow pissed her off even more, or because she was just downright mental. Regardless, she gave him what he wanted.

     “This here is an AirBnB. And it’s one of the many AirBnb’s I own across the Net.” The old woman smiled proudly. “You’re lucky that your friends booked my services. After all, I offer the best accomodations the Net has to offer at a very reasonable price!”

     Best accomodations were debatable in Fro’s mind, but still he was rather intrigued by the idea of staying in an AirBnb, since he’s never used one before. Knowing his students, Fro guessed that none of them had any money, and they picked out the cheapest host they could find. While he wished they would’ve picked somewhere less shady, he had to give them credit. They made an optimal decision in a stressful time of crisis. As a leader, that was definitely something to be proud of.

     Still, he didn’t know why a host would stay in their own AirBnb that their guest booked, but that would be a trip to the Googlelith saved for another day. He bowed again. “Well, I appreciate you letting me and my friends stay here Ma’am. I’m guessing the payment side of things hasn’t been handled yet?”

     The old woman waived Fro off with her frying pan. “Oh boy hush! I know you youngins ain’t got no money for me.” The old woman sighed, the wrinkles on her forehead seemed to disappear as she took a breath. “Seeing you and your friends nearly gave me a heart attack. Now I don’t know what this 4Kids nonsense is about, but after hearing what happened to you all and seeing how messed up you looked, I figured the least I could do was cut you guys some slack.”

     Fro eyes lit up, surprised by the woman’s kindness. “Words don’t express how grateful I am ma’am…”

     “Then you should keep that mouth of yours shut!” the woman snapped. “Wouldn’t want ya to start making promises you can’t keep, cause I know you’re gonna end up doing that if you keep talking.”

     The old woman turned around and began making her way back to the kitchen. She kept taking as she did so. “I’m gonna finish up making breakfast for you and your friends. I’m gonna save your plate for later since you look like you’re gonna head out. Just do me a favor and come back safe, ya hear? There’s no need to be causing any more pain for yaself.”

     Fro nodded. “Yes Ma’am!”

     “And be sure to lock that door on ya way out. Wouldn’t want any bugs flying in here.”

     And with that, Fro watched the woman vanish into the kitchen. She was certainly an interesting character to say the least, but not one without a good heart. As he walked to the front door to let himself out, he vowed that he would pay her back after this 4Kids ordeal was over with.

     Now outside, took in refreshing morning breeze that gently brushed past him. Compared to the interior of the AirBnb, the exterior of the building looked surprisingly decent. As for the neighborhood itself, the main street was filled with numerous small stores, gas stations, and apartment buildings. However, despite the appearance of a busy street, the area seemed to be lowkey to Fro in a weird way. Not too many people were out, and not a lot of cars were flying by.

     “They probably wouldn’t think to search for any us here.” Fro mumbled to himself. He wasn’t sure what part of the Net he ended up in, but he doubted the Lost Chorus would go out of their way to scour the net for surviving raiders, especially in places like the one he was currently at. And even if they did, it would take months to make any reasonable progress, but that would be time Fro wasn’t willing to give them. MR would be back in the hands of the raiders, and come hell or high water, Fro was determined to make that happen.
But first, there was something he himself had to take care. Something rather personal.

     “I’ve gotten soft…”

There was nagging aggression that bothered Fro, aggression that would turn into malice quickly if he didn’t tend to it in time. A malicious purplish aura began to seethe out of his body as it twitched. He had kept this side of him under wraps for so long, but he could never tame his demons forever. Eventually they would have to come out and play, and there was only one playground Fro knew of.

     He walked down the street until he came across an alley, and from there he made his way through it until he felt like the coast was clear. A second later hair tendril coated in an unusual shade of dark purple lashed from out his back. It slashed through the air, leaving a visible tear, and from that tear a portal appeared. Fro slowly limped into this strange portal, vanishing onto the other side.

MR Pub / Re: Comeback/holidays/departure notice.
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What up and all that.

But more importantly...

Anybody seen my shovel? I got some digging to do...

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Mustache is preferred, but go with what feels natural man. I dig it either way.

Also, I'm kinda feeling the no nose thing. Got like a Scott Pilgrim artwork vibe to it.

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*Rises from the grave*

This was something that I really needed to read. Thank you Lego, for being relatable as always.

*Dies again*

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