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Manga Creations / A Deadman's Search For Redemption
« on: October 08, 2021, 10:10:19 AM »
Setting: The setting is a high fantasy medieval type of world with monsters, magic, and light technology.  The world is bigger then ours with 8 gods who preside over different aspects of life, creation, morality, and death.  There are many sentient races (ie. elves, humans, gnomes, and the like), but there are more primative/hostile races (ie. goblins, orcs, minotaurs, and so on).

Story: The main character is abandoned as a baby on a military ship as a stowaway in their cargo.  After he is discovered by chance, someone on the crew rummaging through the cargo for anything of value, he is brought to the captain of the ship.  The captain, who recently lost both his wife and unborn child, decides to take in the main character as his own son, believing it as a sign.

The boy grows up learning all about the military's structure and procedures as his new adoptive father wants the main character to eventually follow in his footsteps, becoming a captain for the military.  The captain teaches the main character about many core fundamentals like, honor, courage, strength, and comradery.  At the age of 16, the main character follows his father's wishes and joins the military.

After a few years in the service under of his adoptive father, he is transferred to a new ship.  While his father's ship was more of a frontline combat ship, the new ship is more of a military cargo and transport ship.  The captain of the new ship is very shifty (ie. doesn't follow proper procedures, deals with criminals, and accepts under the table payment for unauthorized transport of people and cargo), but the main character gets paid more under him, so he puts up with it as he has gotten married and has a child of his own on the way.  The main character is assigned to secure the cargo of the ship.  While doing this, he hears things from inside the crates, like muffled movement and scratching from inside the box.  It is explained away as animal/livestock transport by the captain.  After over a year of service to this captain, while he is tending to the cargo mid transport, a storm they passed through caused some of the wooden crates to crack and slightly break open.  Checking inside the box to make sure the animals are unharmed, he finds the crate is full of the more humanesque type of monsters.

He confronts the captain thinking the rest of the crew was also unaware of what they are transporting.  The captain explains that these creatures are useful to the rich people of the county as slaves, laborers, and "entertainment".  The captain also explains this is why the pay for transport ships is higher than regular combat ships.  The main character decides to confront the captain, in front of the crew, the following day to get the captain detained and have him face trial when returning to their home port.  However, the crew already knows what is happening, they are fine with it and detain the main character instead.

When the ship returns to their home port, the main character is put on trial for the attempted stage of a mutiny.  The entire trial is rigged against him and he is sentenced to death.  His adoptive father is tasked with carrying out the punishment, because his loyalty is called into question as he both raised and trained the main character.  The father takes the main character out to a deserted island, and leaves him there.  The father knows this is treason, but believes the main character was doing what is right and supports what he decided to do.

This is just the opening chapter,  I am looking to continue this with the main character finding a mimic, who becomes a new ship for him.  The main character deciding to free all the monsters enslaved by his old country.  Having the main character find and kill his birth parents, because they can be used against him both magically and emotionally.  Finding a magical weapon and someone who can use it.  Finally, taking down the country that left him for dead.

The main character uses both a rapier and old fashioned pistol.  He fights dirty by using the rapier to get in close and then shots his opponent's in the leg or arm to set himself up for a killing blow.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.

Thank you.

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