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break Room / Re: The Gunpla Thread
« on: September 07, 2021, 06:09:26 PM »
Another update with some new YouTube videos. This has been my most focused interest recently. It's been fun to make these and I want to keep improving. 

RG Strike Freedom

HG Getter Dragon

Members Manga / Re: Legends of Ocelot
« on: September 07, 2021, 06:02:06 PM »
That was a really nice read! It's a cute dynamic between the characters and the pacing is excellent. I was engaged the whole time and interested in what was going on. Your artstyle is pleasant and you do a good job with the storytelling here. It was an enjoyable read  :D

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Daisetsu's works
« on: September 07, 2021, 05:52:13 PM »
The Ice Climbers one is really nice! The snow looks great there. The fluff on their jackets is really well done also. The latest picture has a lot of personality. Always fun to sneak in some references like that.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« on: September 07, 2021, 05:41:52 PM »
I love those four coloured pictures! There is a real cozy vibe to them. Lots of detail and yet not overloaded. Well done!

Always nice to see the massive lot of sketches. Lots of nice drawings in there and cool to zoom in and search through them. You are really good at keeping the shape of things, even in the sketches when you use less lines. Everything still feels together you know.

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: September 06, 2021, 04:20:02 PM »
I've been waiting to hear you take on this album! I listened to it in full this morning and I think you are pretty fair here, although I don't really have an issue with the song length at all (but I am used to lengthy tracks in general). Personally, I much preferred this album to The Book Of Souls - I think the folk influences here really mesh well with their sound and I think the riffs are way better; maybe not on the level of The Trooper or Fear of the Dark, but I think that there are really cool riffs to enjoy on almost every track on Senjutsu, with plenty of that awesome double-lead guitar driving things. Initially I felt that the vocals were taking much more of a back seat this release, but Bruce gets his moments for sure (I actually really love his performance on the closing track Hell On Earth, especially the part around 5:15 in the song before the guitar solo!). There is a distinct absence of speed metal here (Stratego and Days Of Future Past have the most pace here), but honestly I don't mind; honestly I found it was sounding a bit tired and campy in their previous releases. I found this album to also be beautifully paced. I like where Iron Maiden have landed with Senjutsu a lot and I feel like they are playing to their current strengths really well. Metal has come so, so far since they were the ones pioneering with speed and dual-guitars and crazy solos, and I don't think they necessarily stand out in those regards anymore (to be fair, not even the bands that took these elements from Maiden and pushed further with them can really be considered pioneering or exceptional anymore really, e.g. In Flames), but that's OK because they are able to write music like this that is just great in and of itself. I never thought I'd be saying this, but Iron Maiden have made one of my favourite albums of 2021

Oh wow, I didn't think you'd like it that much!

I have to give it another listen. I'm listening to Brave New World again currently so I'm feeling that coming Fall season Iron Maiden vibe. Every couple years I get the itch to listen to their 21st century albums in order. So I'll see how Senjutsu falls after being refreshed on the previous albums. An hour and a half is a lot to take in on a first listen of any band.

I think my biggest issue was the tempo, for the last three songs I wasn't sure when one song ended or began. Song length isn't an issue to me unless I feel it doesn't do much in that time. I loved "Empire Of The Clouds" and that was 18 minutes! To me that song, and other long Maiden tracks like "Dream Of Mirrors" and "Paschendale" have a lot going on and lots of interesting sections. I didn't feel that way about the Senjutsu songs on first listen.

That said, I respect Iron Maiden for changing as they've gotten older. Judas Priest tried really hard to recapture their youth on their last release Firepower. It was a decent record but it wasn't as interesting to me. With Maiden you get the feeling that they feel like moving forward and not just copying their past.


I've been real behind on new music this year. I gave BiSH's latest album GOiNG TO DESTRUCTiON a second listen today and found it to be really enjoyable. There are a lot of nice musical parts. With the promo pictures and music videos Chicchi is really taking back her place as the center of BiSH and not just second banana to Aina. The strange outfits that they wear in the awesome new music video linked below signal that Chicchi (who's shown first) is the captain of the group.

But as usual Aina dominates most of the songs and her presence is just so strong. Her voice is so distinct and I think everyone who gets into BiSH picks her out as their favorite member right away. Ayuni is just as prominent on this album and her vocals are significantly better than on BiSH's last album CARROTS and STiCKS. In 2019 it felt like Ayuni was singing poorly on purpose, she changed her vocals to be more shrill. But she reigned it in last year while still keeping the snarl and distain that makes her voice appealing. I really like a lot of the songs on this album and I feel like the more I listen to them the more they will become BiSH classics for me. This is a solid release!                             

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: September 03, 2021, 09:46:14 AM »
Iron Maiden, Senjutsu 

It's been 6 years since The Book Of Souls came out and now Iron Maiden are back with a new album. There is something very cozy about late career Maiden. The albums all sound pretty similar but they are always good to have on. Senjutsu has the same issue as every album after Dance Of Death though, the songs are too damn long. This thing clocks in at an hour 21 minutes with only 10 tracks. So there aren't many if any highlights from this record, but it was just...enjoyable to listen to. I can't really tell one song from the other though. The last three songs are just so indistinct, they are all 10-12 minutes and it's hard to tell when one ends and other begins.

I may not listen to this album again anytime soon but...I don't know it's just nice that Maiden are still out here doing their thing. "The Writing On The Wall" and "Lost In A Lost World" are my two favorites here.

Charli XCX's new song "Good Ones" is not very good. The video is great but the song is just kind of boring. I'm sick of this 80's necrophilia that keep appearing in new stuff. The intro to this one is just "Sweet Dreams" and "Sunglasses At Night".

the peggies latest "Unleash" is great. They are in their prime man. I really hope the new album will be good. It comes out in October and I'm looking forward to it. They have matured so much. Yuho is such a cool frontwoman now, she has a natural and effortless stage presence as seen in the second link.

The latest PEDRO song is pretty solid. I really have been enjoying their output in the last year. Ayuni is singing as good as she can on these songs instead of that shrill style from Thumb Sucker. The music videos are always excellent with PEDRO. I hope they keep going, I think Ayuni has a lot of room to grow musically. 

The Who, Face Dances 

Okay, so obviously it ain't the Who without Keith Moon but I figured I could atleast give this album a fair chance. This record is very 1981, from the jangly guitars to the soft production. The songs are a bit more rigid and lacking the sense of excitement that the Who did best. I'll give Kenney Jones a lot of credit for stepping into an impossible to fill seat, he just did his own thing on the drums. It works for these songs. John Entwistle adapts to this and plays simpler parts. But his tone is not held back, his bass sounds monstrous on these songs. He's the rawest part of the record.

There are some weird tracks here like "How Can You Do It Alone" which has different sections and surprises. "You Better You Bet" is sharp. "Another Tricky Day" is the album's highlight. John's "The Quiet One" is pretty good. "Daily Records" is good, even with lyrics like "My balls are aching". "Somebody Saved Me" is the Pete Townshend we like, great song. Face Dances is in the same vein as The Who By Numbers, it's just multiple rungs down. Overall, not a bad album. 

The Rolling Stones, Bridges To Babylon 

This is such a weird album. The Stones best years were well behind them in 1997 and they went contemporary with this record. So it sounds like a record of it's time with all their trademark elements in place. There is a blend of styles here, the oddest of which being the Electro/Rock fusion of "Might As Well Get Juiced". It sounds like the band sampled their own songs with all the guitar fills that come in and out. Charlie Watts was made for a record like this. His drums are the central point of every song here. His steady grooves have a looping effect on many of the songs. There are tracks like "Always Suffering" that are more straight forward.

"Flip the Switch" is a really great opener. It simply kicks ass and has that down and dirty feel you get with the Stones. "Low Down" is solid as well. "Anybody Seen My Baby?" is amusing because of how extremely dated it is. It's so painfully late 90's. A weird song in their discography. Bridges To Babylon is an interesting album that's worth atleast one listen.

Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: August 31, 2021, 08:47:27 AM »
Macross II: Lovers Again

This is a six episode OVA series that has no reason to exist. It gives you basically nothing and in the end it comes to the same conclusion as the original series. The story was uninteresting, although it had some good ideas that a better series could of done well. The characters had no character, aside from Ishtar. There is vaguely a love triangle, the only issue is we feel no romantic chemistry or anything at all between Hibiki and Sylvie, and then they end up together? Their interactions are so flat that you don't see it coming.

On the positive side the art was excellent. Character designs were very nice and the settings were imaginative. The animation was okay until it took a dip in quality for the last episode. I found it in Blu-Ray quality but the subs were full of grammar and spelling errors. Still, it was subbed atleast so I ain't complaining. This OVA wasn't outrageously bad or anything, it just has little to offer. Some pretty art is the one and only reason to watch it.     

I've been slowly watching Getter Robo. It's hard to binge because it's episodic, but at a slow pace it's enjoyable because of how insane it is. It's obviously extremely dated, being from 1974, but it's still pretty cool. The opening song is amazing, it's a really fantastic hero theme. GUTS! GUTS! GETTER GUTS! This is one to take at a slow pace while watching other stuff pretty much.

50 episode mech shows are hard to watch if they're episodic. I had the same issue with GaoGaiGar, it was cool but it felt like I was watching the same thing over and over. Like oh cool, the transformation sequence again. Oh cool, the OP playing during a battle...again. We'll see about Getter Robo.

I gave Transformers Masterforce another try for old times sake. I watched a few episodes in the classic three part YouTube format in 2008. This show is pretty boring though and focused more on human characters than the Transformers which is always extremely lame. I have always loved the opening song, I watched it over and over on my PSP. God Ginrai is as cool as a Transformer can get, but there's no way I can make it through this series. 

I have to state again though...the OP is God tier. It goes for an epic ballad feel instead of a blood pumping hero theme.   

Music / The Manimal's Music (NEW ALBUM)
« on: August 27, 2021, 07:56:15 AM »
Kanttila : Garbage Day

1. Kaletta
2. Automobile Forest
3. Croatian Swim Team
4. Captain Chihiro
5. Mall Jail
6. Archeology
7. Saskatoon Cowgirl
8. Music Is Garbage
9. Your Nightly World 

All songs written/performed by Kanttila

Bandcamp Link

Soundcloud Link

It's Garbage Day! My 22nd album. It's mostly inspired by two things. The Who and my summer job. Chaotic energy is the main theme here. I would say this album has my strongest drumming and lyrics yet. I focused on making solid tunes and instrumentals that work with the lyrics. 

I wanted a tenth song with Cola but the one we did make didn't fit with the other tracks. It says all it has to at 9 songs. There is a sort of new sound I'm trying to make for myself. When I got into the Who a few months ago my musical inspiration was recharged. Keith Moon has especially been an amazing inspiration and I tried to drum more loose and barely on control on certain songs here. There are more acoustics which I use more for a tone in the background than a lead instrument. I didn't slack on my guitar solos though. Thin Lizzy is the other band that started this new musical movement for me so I tried some double leads.

My previous album, From Dreams, was longer and sort of overblown with all the skits and stuff. So I really wanted to scale back and make a normal album here. My previous EP, Mundane World End, was a creative low point for me and it just sounded like I was sleeping. So thankfully the Who gave me the kick in the ass I needed.

"Your Nightly World" is the highlight and one of my best songs ever. "Mall Jail" is my favorite song here and one I am really proud of for all aspects. "Kaletta" is a new Kanttila classic also. This album might be a bit too short but I really had nothing more to add to it. "Music Is Garbage" may be the weird one here. It's inspired by all the terrible music that plays at the store I worked at this summer. Sometimes it made me so irrationally spiteful that it made me hate the entirety of music.

This album comes about a month short of the 5th anniversary of my first album Fricktionary! Wow how things have evolved since then. But anyway, it's Garbage Boy everyone!


Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: August 25, 2021, 02:19:32 PM »
Macross: Do You Remember Love? 

Wooow, this is great. This movie is a lot better than the anime series and it really shows the appeal of Macross.

If you haven't seen the anime than I feel the movie wouldn't be as good or make as much sense. This isn't a recap, thank God, it's something new that changes up the events of the original and adds a lot of incredible new scenes.

The animation is God tier. It looks so extremely cool and the film grain combined with the beautiful cell animation is the best possible look for a Mecha show. So much detail is in each scene and there is such imagination put into the backgrounds. The style and aesthetics are nothing short of 10/10. The character designs are very appealing and the entire look of this film is so much greatness to take in. I'm not overstating when I say this is the second best looking anime thing I've seen next to Redline.

I like that Macross has a lot of heart with the romance scenes. The parts where Hikaru spends time with Minmay and Misa alone are really cute. The city date scene without dialogue was a standout. Misa is the only character I actually like though. I love the idea of Minmay and the whole idol thing but I found her to not be the most likable as a character. Hikaru is just sort of a dick sometimes.

The removal of the Kaifun incest subplot was for the best. I hated that in the original. Of course since this is a two hour movie the character development isn't as strong so this is where having seen the original helps. Hikaru's friends are shafted here and his relationship with Roy is not as strong. We still see how he looks up to Roy and take on his advice though. So I would say this movie does well with the time it was given overall.

The ending sequence was out of this world amazing. It was a stunning scene with an amazing song. So much happens, it just needs to be seen. There are so many great parts in this movie, I was never bored. The pacing is fantastic and there are quiet slow parts to even out the great explosive action. It all felt right.

The whole time we see cool and interesting Sci-Fi stuff. Once again 80's/90's Mecha can never be topped. It was the absolute peek of anime animation in my opinion. There are so many parts in this move that are just stunning. I enjoyed this so much and it was overall significantly greater than the flawed anime series. Do You Remember Love? is able to deliver on all the potential Macross had. Every great concept and unique feature comes through here.

Music / Re: 2021 In Music
« on: August 20, 2021, 09:18:56 AM »
Lorde, Solar Power 


I didn't have a good feeling about this album right from the start. "Solar Power" was a highly underwhelming single after 4 years and the cover was so awful I couldn't believe it was real. I wasn't expecting Melodrama 2, I mean that is one of those special once in a career albums that can never be topped. But this album was still underwhelming.

The new sound was alright but a lot of the songs sounded similar and it was a very dull feeling record. A few tracks like "Mood Ring" really popped out and had nice instrumentation. The opening song "The Path" was very good as well. But in a way this album feels like a friend that you can't relate to anymore. I felt connected to Lorde's songs like "The Louvre", "A World Alone" and "Supercut" on a tonal level. But on this album, I don't know. I ain't feeling it. Even the lyrics, they didn't stand out to me.

I'll give it another try and see if it grows on me but my first impressions are "meh". 


I've only listened to this once so far, and I even got the deluxe edition, but my first impressions are good.

There are some really solid tunes here and some of the BiSH edge. "STORY OF DUTY" was a real return to their beginnings. "Kuruu Kuruu" has some really interesting weird verses. The choruses could be from EMPiRE or any other WACK group though. It didn't really feel like BiSH. "in case..." and "ZENSHiN ZENREi" are the most rocking songs, they're good. I feel the album has too many ballads but atleast they aren't boring.   

BiSH songs tend to grow on me over time. Ones that I first thought were dull like "Superhero Music" become favorites. So with more listens this album could be really solid. Still, GOiNG TO DESTRUCTiON flows well and is an enjoyable listen. BiSH is past their prime but I'm happy they're still around as a group. The video for "STACKiNG" is great, I love Ayuni as an old fashioned paper boy.

Japanese Breakfast, Jubilee

Now this is a really great album that I didn't expect.

I thought her last album was meh but this one is awesome. I've listened to it a few times and it's a record I'm sure I'll continue to put on when the mood hits. Jubilee has an excellent vibe and strong songs. They're catchy, instrumentally great, and Michelle's vocals are lovely here. She really hit a creative high here. All the songs are great and there is enough variety to keep it interesting. "Be Sweet" is a really strong Indie Pop jam. "Slide Tackle" is my favorite song here. "Posing in Bondage", "Savage Good Boy" and "In Hell" are the other highlights. This is certainly my favorite release of 2021 so far. 

SCANDAL's latest single "Ivory" has Mami on vocals! This is another great song, I love to hear her vocals. SCANDAL is cooking up something great, their previous single "Eternal" was fantastic as well. 

I didn't post about Miku from BAND-MAID's solo project cluppo. At first it seemed like an April Fools joke but now we have a second song and video. "PEACE&LOVE" was a pretty great song. I really liked this one and just hearing Miku sing more is awesome. She has a really solid voice and every BAND-MAID song she sings lead on is awesome. This song has a nice style. 

"Flapping wings" is not as good. I feel like the mix is off and some instrumental elements are too overbearing here. The tune itself is alright, but the keyboard strings gotta chill out. Still I hope for an EP or something from cluppo, I just want to hear more Miku songs. 

Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: July 27, 2021, 06:54:52 AM »
Seitokai no Ichizon

This series is pathetic. It charades as a parody, almost like an excuse to pass off all it's cliches as a joke. It's idea of satire is to make random Family Guy type references to things. Anything interesting about this show was lost after the first few episodes and it was a slog to get through. Even though it was only 12 episodes it took me weeks to watch it all. The last ones are so painful because it gets serious. But there is no sense of investment in the characters because they are all tropes. There is no human aspect to any of them.

I started this show 7-8 years ago and always meant to get back to it. When I watched it again there was a sense of sentiment over the opening song "Treasure", which is pretty good, and the fact that it's a show from 2009. But all that charm fades away. The interactions are fast paced in this show and it makes for a few entertaining scenes. It would of been better if it actually tried to be a parody that was...oh I don't know...funny. There is no reason to watch this series, it's a relic of the past that has no value anymore. 

I don't often write such negative thoughts on anime series, because I usually don't finish the bad ones. But for some reason I watched all of this show and in the end I was left feeling I should of spent my time with a better series. 4/10, season 2 will not be watched.

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: July 16, 2021, 08:47:18 AM »
The Beach Boys, Surf's Up

This is a really compelling and interesting record. The cover is fantastic and suggests a darker tone, which you get in a lot of these songs. You don't get a lot of input from Brian Wilson on this record and yet it's still good! There are some fantastic songs like "Disney Girls" and "Don't Go Near The Water". Among all these songs about environmental issues and such we have "Take a Load Off Your Feet" which is "Vegetables" tier silliness. "Student Demonstration Time" is out of place with it's hard rocking and chaotic sirens and vocal effects.

Then we have "'Till I Die" which is brilliant. Then we have the big one, which finally gets a home. "Surf's Up" is basically the peak of Brian's abilities. It's an absolute masterpiece. I don't like this version as much as the Smile sessions though because Carl Wilson sings the first half. He was great and he gives a good performance, but I would rather hear Brian sing it, especially on a record where he doesn't sing as much. Either way the song is just incredible and it works with the other tracks. Surf's Up is a really good album that I'll be listening to a lot more. The Beach Boys have such a messed up discography, but there are a lot of weird hidden gems after Pet Sounds.   

CCR, Bayou Country

Lately I've been listening to Willy and the Poor Boys quite often and I ended up finding this record as well! I'm not a huge CCR fan but I still like them. "Born on the Bayou" is a classic song and a good one. "Proud Mary" is another good track. CCR made so many hit songs in such a short time. I basically hate all Little Richard covers aside from The Beatles' take on "Long Tall Sally" but damn CCR did a fine job on "Good Golly Miss Molly". They made it different from the original and applied a new groove and feel to it. They made it their own and instead of a shallow white bread copy they made something cool!

The big issue with this record is the big filler songs that end both sides. Both "Graveyard Train" and "Keep On Chooglin'" go on for far longer than they need to. I find them uninteresting Blues Rock jams. Still, this is a good album to put on and enjoy. It's not very solid as a whole but the hits are highlights. 

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: June 26, 2021, 07:29:04 AM »
Frank Zappa, Joe's Garage 

So, I've listened to many other Zappa albums but not this one. Now that I've heard it I regret all the times I passed up the record. Joe's Garage is great and engaging right from the start. The humor, easy to follow concept, and production make this nearly 2 hour album worth it. There is something refreshing about the lyrics being so direct. The second act is basically all crude sexual humor that somehow works. "Sy Borg" was hilarious. The vocals are so earnest while singing lines like "my balls feel like a pair of maracas". At first I thought, "wow Zappa sounds great here" but then I realized all the good singing was Ike Willis and it made sense. 

The instrumentation is so good, the sound is very clear and even when they're playing in weird time signatures it all sounds pleasing to the ear. I will say a lot of time is wasted on the guitar solos that are chopped up from other things and used here. As much as I love Zappa's solos I think there is a good amount that should of been trimmed. "Watermelon In Easter Hay" is brilliant however and it's a beautiful solo. The goofiness stops for that song and Zappa plays something really wonderful. Overall I quite liked this album, it's goofy and really cool. It is overly long but there is so much to enjoy on it. 

The Who By Numbers     

The title of this album sets expectations low. In reality it's anything but "by the numbers". This is a very solid set of 10 songs that work together perfectly. I like Quadrophenia quite a bit (I recently ordered the record) but I wish The Who had made more albums like this. The songwriting is excellent, Pete Townshend gives great vocals on the album's highlight "However Much I Booze". "Dreaming From The Waist" is my other favorite song. "Success Story" is a nice Rocker from John Entwistle. "Squeeze Box" is a novelty song that I've never liked nor knew it was by The Who. Since it was a hit over here I assumed it was by a Canadian band! I don't like the lyrics but the music is tight. The only thing that's a bit lacking on this album is Keith Moon. His presence isn't felt as strongly as their previous two records. But overall this is a good listen. 

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: June 14, 2021, 07:44:16 PM »
@Manimal - What do you think of the new AC/DC track?? AC/DC - "Witch's Spell"

I wasn't a big fan of the new album, it was just like "okay, they're still here and that's nice but uh...ya". This song sounds good, I like that Phil Rudd's drums are just as grooving as the old days. It's not like bad or anything but it doesn't muster up much of an opinion from me.

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: June 13, 2021, 04:32:44 PM »
Thin Lizzy, Black Rose: A Rock Legend 

I'm so happy I gave these guys a chance, this is another great album. It rocks hard and the guitars are just cooking. "Toughest Street In Town" is insanely good. "Sarah" is a lovely tune with a melody you can be singing along to on your first listen. I am still in disbelief how good they were. The solos on "Got To Give It Up" are so spicy! Gary Moore is a great addition to the band here. The songwriting is very strong also. "Roisin Dubh" is a multi-part song that has some super great guitar passages. This was just a really cool record and I need to own it like the other ones.

The Who, My Generation 

This album didn't impress me the first time I heard it and I only feel a little better about it the second time. There are some brilliant tunes but most of them are meh. I don't like the three cover songs at all. "Please, Please, Please" especially doesn't work for me. "I'm A Man" is basically a parody of Bo Diddley's original and the extended instrumental is a waste of time. A lot of the originals are rock solid and hard hitting. "The Kids Are Alright" is an amazing song. I love the melody and of course Keith's high energy performance. "Much Too Much" and "It's Not True" are great songs with excellent lyrics that feel very characteristic for the band. 'The Ox" is a very heavy duty instrumental and sort of ahead of it's time. Keith is out of his mind, as usual and so is Pete who gets into a feedback solo at the end.

I simply don't like "My Generation". The version on Live At Leeds kicks ass but that is one song I can do without overall. I personally feel it hasn't held up over the years but I understand the impact it had at the time. I think this album sounds pretty good and clean. I don't like Roger's vocals on some of the songs but everything else comes through great. While some songs are dated I think others are still awesome today. But overall this album feels messy and inconsistent. There are way better b-sides and singles from this time like "Circles" and "I Can't Explain" which would of greatly improved this record if they were included. "Bald Headed Woman" is hilarious, especially when it erupts with the harmonica solo. 

The Rolling Stones   

Their first album is just a bunch of covers and one real original. That's not a bad thing however because this is a pretty enjoyable record. "Route 66" is a great opener and "I Just Want To Make Love To You" is fast and fun. They do Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry justice with their great covers of "Mona" and "Carol". This is a good album to trace the DNA of the Stones and what sort of music inspired their sound. It sounds electric and youthful. It's not really a debut that hints at the greatness they would achieve, even though the one Jagger/Richards original "Tell Me" is catchy, but it does show their Blues foundation and energy. You can listen to most of the artists they covered here and get a solid education on Rock 'n Roll.

The Kinks

These guys have just never clicked with me but I put this on while I was listening to all these debut albums again. This album is not good. Some of the originals are decent and the covers are easily the weakest part. Compare the lame "Long Tall Shorty" cover with it's awful stereo panned vocals and boring tempo to the following song "I Took My Baby Home" which has a great melody and lots of energy. "You Really Got Me" needs no explaining. Of course I prefer Van Halen's version but there is no denying the original is a defining moment in Rock history. It's still a good song also. But honestly there are only a few good songs, most of them are just outright bad in my opinion. I feel there is no reason to listen to this album, all you need are "You Really Got Me" and a few other originals.

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