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Manga Artists Wanted / Need Manga Artist
« on: July 07, 2013, 08:49:08 PM »
Before you read an get mad, I didn't see the "Manga Artist's Wanted" section. My mistake, but I can't seem to delete this thread. If a Mod would be so kindly as to put it there?

Hey, Skar here.

I'm going to get straight to the point, I need an Artist for a Manga I'm creating. I'll be laying out the panels and the dialogue, I have found that I'm really good at doing that. However, I am horrible when it comes to drawing anime/manga. So I need someone to draw it for me. If the manga does turn out good I do plan on going commercial with it. First off it will be a action manga, with a bit of "Friendship Bonding". I'm currently writing it as a novel:  {no links}
That will be the "First Issue" of the manga.
Here's an example of one of my Panels:

Info: This is a short story that came to mind. Thought I would work on it while I'm taking a breather from my manga story "Soul Masters" but I'm not sure if I am going to continue it. Positive reviews may make me finish it!

   Catherine, a 16 year old high school girl, laid lifeless and facedown on the floor in a puddle of blood. Shadowing over the corpse was Elisabeth, another high school girl who was 15, holding a scalpel dripping with blood, with the look of shock and regret plastered on her face.

Episode 1 - Inseparable

   Elisabeth was walking with her best friend, Catherine. The two grew up together and were rarely seen apart. Although not related, the two considered each other sisters.
   "Hey Lizzy," Catherine attempted to get Elisabeth's attention.
   "What is it, Cath?"
   "Do you think we'll be like this forever?"
   "What do you mean?"
   "Like, you and me. Do you wonder if we will always be this close?" Elisabeth was a bit hesitant to answer the question.
   "Of course! We're inseparable, aren't we?"
   "You're right. Let's hope I don't get stolen away by some cute boy then!" Catherine giggled.
   "A cute boy, huh?" Elisabeth looked down. She seemed distraught by Catherine's statement.
   "He'd have to be super cute!"
   "Yeah." Elisabeth didn't seem to be fond of the subject. "Super cute."
   "What's wrong, Lizzy?"
   "It's nothing."
   "Oh, alright." With that, the two walked quietly the rest of the way home. It was as if nothing else needed to be said.

Develop Your Story / Re: Soul Masters (In Development)
« on: June 02, 2013, 11:37:30 AM »
Nice, very nice indeed! You have some decent characters, and very good action, that lets me know it's a shonen!  ;D  But I do spot some minor problems, such as the Soul Weapons. It reminds me of Soul Eater a little, which brings me to the title, also with the academy, for trained Soul Masters, like the academy for Meisters & Weapons. But then again, it is in development so I can't say much.  :D

Keep it up, I'd like to see more chapters of this!  :dance:

P.S. How far do you plan on going into this?  :hmm:

I plan on taking this story to it's end. Most of the story line is planned out. (Just need some "Filler Episodes") I don't want to spoil too much, but there will be an "organization" that tries to sabotage the Academy from the inside.
And alas, you're right. The academy idea does have a small inspiration from Soul Eater and Infinite Stratos to begin with. But to be honest, how original can you make a story now a days? No matter what idea you come up with there is always bound to be one story that has done something similar.

Develop Your Story / Re: Soul Masters (In Development)
« on: June 02, 2013, 10:40:08 AM »
   "The strongest in the school? That's a pretty impressive title."
   Kyrii giggled at the comment. "I do believe it, but I don't let it go to my head. I haven't battled everyone in this school after all. Who knows, you could be stronger than me."
   Miruki moped. "Yeah right. I can't even summon my Soul Weapon."
   "Oh, I'm sure you'll summon it eventually. Just keep trying and believe in yourself." Just then the bell rang right after Kyrii finished her sentence. "Oh crap! I'm going to be late for Combat Training!"
   "Combat Training? That's my next class too!"
   "Oh? Yeah, that's right. Combat Training Isn't divided by years like the regular classes are. Come on, follow me!"
   "Okay!" And with that, the two friends ran down the hallway together heading for Combat Training Class.
   Physical Ed Class was held outside the school on the sports field. Girls and boys were all lined up, making a rather large square. The students were in their sports outfits: A white T-shirt with blue shorts. In front of the group of students was a woman who was walking back and forth. She looked to be in her early thirties. She was well-built, but still feminine. Her hair was long and brown. Her eyes were a brownish red color. She was wearing a black sports jacket and black pants with a red stripe going along the side of them. Miruki and Kyrii were in the back of the group, in the right corner. Miruki was standing behind Kyrii.
   "Well then, looks like you all survived the first semester, but that doesn't mean anything. You whelps have some rigorous training ahead of you." The woman said while still walking back and forth. The teacher turned to the group. "If any of you are new, my name is Mrs. Atutski. Also, don't think this class is going to be a walk through candyland." Mrs. Atutski then lifted her right hand. She summoned her soul weapon, a halberd, and stabbed into the ground. "Alright, whelps, let's have some duels. Let's see," She looked around for someone to pick. "Kyrii and Aru."
   Aru didn't seem to like the match up. "What?! Why me with her?"
   "Is that a complaint, Katakane?" The Combat Training Teacher was looking right at Aru with an intimidating look. It scared Aru, then he looked down and sighed.
   "No ma'am."
   "Good. Now get up her you two and duel." Aru walked up to the left of Mrs. Atutski. Kyrii made her way to the front of the group, going to the right of Mrs. Atutski. The square formation of students broke into a blob with everyone trying to get a good view of the two combatants. Miruki managed to get in the front of the group.
   "Alright, you two know the rules. First one to hit zero percent shield life loses." With that, Mrs Atutski de-summoned her halberd and walked backwards a little bit, giving the two students room to fight. "Alright begin."
   With that Aru once again summoned his axe. Miruki turned to Kyrii excited for her weapon's unveiling. Kyrii closed her eyes and put her hands together, slowly breathing in then out. Then she quickly got into a battle stance, summoning her soul weapons. They were dual-bladed gauntlets, one on each hand. Miruki was amazed at the sight of the weapons. Aru was trembling, holding his axe without much confidence.
   "Come on, Aru, attack her!" Mrs. Atutski ordered. Aru nodded is head once and gulped. He then charged at Kyrii. He leeped into the air and slashed downward at Kyrii. Just before his axe made contact Kyrii smiled. She evaded the attack, moving to the left, so fast that it looked as if she teleported. It caused Aru's axe to stab into the ground. Kyrii quickly jabbed him in the side three times. His shield took the impacts, but he still stumbled a to the right a bit. His shield gauge read '56%'. He turned to the left toward Kyrii and slashed horizontally left at her. She lifted her right handed blocking the attack with her cestus. She then pushed his axe making him lose balance and then she lunged forward, jabbing him four times in the chest. The fourth jab made his shield gauge hit zero percent, causing his shield to shatter. He had lost the duel. Aru desummoned his weapon, soon repeated by Kyrii.
   "Kyrii wins. I suppose that's not much of a surprise though. Okay, next up is Senu and Niza." Mrs. Atutski declared.
   Kyrii offered her hand to help Aru up. "That was a good fight, you did well." Kyrii complimented. Aru accepted her hand, letting her help him up.
   "You kiddin' me? You mopped the floor with me."
   "Don't take it too hard. If you keep training I'm sure you can reach my level of skill." Aru didn't seem to sure about that statement.
   "Right." With that, the two mixed back into the group of students and let the the next two fight. Kyrii found her way beside Miruki. The fifteen year old was ready to explode from what she witnessed.
   "Wow! Kyrii you're amazing!" Miruki flattered.
   "It's not that big of an accomplishment. I'm a third year and he was a first year."
   "Oh, I guess you're right." Miruki looked at the fight taking place in front of her. It was a boy and a girl she didn't recognize. The boy had a spear and the girl had a sword. The girl slashed at the boy, but the boy barely blocked in time. After many fights, the bell rang.
   It was time for Miruki to headed to her next classes. The rest were that of normal subject: Math, Science, History, ect. Those subjects were based on what actual grade you were in. Miruki was only a freshman. Her last class, History, finally ended. Mr. Kirozaki was teaching the subject.
   "Alright that's it for the day. I'll see you all tomorrow." Mr. Kirozaki dismissed. With that all the students in the classroom packed up their things and left the class room. Miruki headed for her locker and put her newly acquired history text book within it. She had two textbooks already in the locker, with her backpack sitting on top. She had no homework so she just grabbed her backpack and put the textbook on top of the two other ones and closed the locker. Like last time, Kyrii was standing behind the locker's door. She had just closed her locker aswell. Miruki giggled.
   "Hello again, Kyrii!" Miruki declared. Kyrii turned to Miruki.
   "Oh, hey Miruki." Kyrii and Miruki then began walking down the hallway together, planning on exiting the school. "I guess that wraps up today, huh?"
   "Yeah, guess so. It was better than I thought it was going to be. I'm just glad I made a friend on my first day." Miruki declared, smiling at Kyrii. Kyrii laughed at the notion.
   "It's not a problem. I don't really have any friends here myself. I don't usually consort with random people."
   "Oh? Well I'm glad I bumped into you this morning. Literally."
   "Yeah." Miruki and Kyrii walk out the front doors.
   "So I've missed the first semester. Is that going to affect anything later?"
   "Not likely. As long as you pass the final test at the end of the year you can still move on to being Second Year."
   "What a relief." Miruki and Kyrii walk through the front gates exiting the campus.
   "Where do you live?" Kyrii asked.
   "I live on the second floor of the Anitsu Apartments."
   "Anitsu Apartments? Wow, this coincidence thing is getting a little weird. I live on the second floor aswell."
   "Woah! Really? That's crazy.
   "Seems so. Maybe we were destined to be friends?" Kyrii laughed at her theory.
   "Who knows?"
   The two later made it to the Anitsu Apartments. They had just walked up the stairs to the second floor.
   "Well, my room number is 19. If you even want to visit, just come over. It's only me and my brother."
   "Okay then! I'll be sure to. Oh, my room is 12." Miruki stopped and turned to the door to the left if them. "Right here." The door read '12' on it. "I live with my Aunt, so make sure you plan ahead, I suppose. She likes to prepare for visitors."
   "Alright. I'll see you tomorrow then. Bye!"
   "Bye!" The two waved bye to each other as Kyrii headed down the hall to her room. "Wait, Kyrii has a brother?"

Develop Your Story / Re: Soul Masters (In Development)
« on: June 02, 2013, 10:39:42 AM »
   Mr. Kirozaki sat down at his desk and began to look through a stack of papers. Miruki sat down in the seat at the back, setting her backpack beside the chair. She once again looked at the Shield Bracelet around her wrist, then looked to the students around her. Most of them looked like normal High School students. To the left of her, divided by an empty desk, was a boy. His hair was solid black and medium, being a bit messy. He was looking away from her, looking outside the window. He then turned to her, looking her dead in the eyes. His eyes were blood red. He had a very intimidating but cold look.
   "Humph." He said, then turned his head back to the window.
   "I'd avoid him if I were you. " A girl's voice said. Miruki turned to the voice. It was a girl in the desk to the right of her. She was a cute girl, with long purple hair. Her eyes were a bright blue color. "Hi, my name's Minoko Kizanaki, looks like we're desk neighbors." She giggled and smiled.
   "Oh, nice to meet you. My name's-"
   "Miruki! I already know it, you did just introduce yourself to the classroom."
   "Oh, yeah, right." She said, turning her eyes away.
   "Okay! Now class, tell me what a 'True Name' is." Mr. Kirozaki asked. Miruki was a bit surprised, looking toward the front of the room at the teacher. A couple of hands went up in the room.
   "Okay, Mia, please tell us." Mia stood up from her desk, and everyone lowered their hands. She was a medium height girl. Her hair was long and brown. Her eyes were also brown.
   "Their like the name of your Soul Master self. It's a different name from your real name. They're like a title." Mia replied.
   "Correct! Good job Mia. True names are hard to discover. Only a select few Soul Masters ever discover it. It unlocks a transformation, where your skills and power are more than doubled." Miruki seen the boy to the left of her in the corner of her eye. He was actually paying attention. For some reason, that surprised her.
   "Alright then. Now, how about each student show the class their Soul Weapon. I'll call people up one at a time." Mr. Kirozaki declared. That caught Miruki's attention. She began to worry. She couldn't summon her Soul Weapon at will. "Alright, first up, Aru Katakane." A brown haired boy on the middle of the front row stood up and walked to the front, turning to the class. He made a slashing motion with his hand, and then with a white light an axe appeared in his hand. It seemed like a normal axe. Nothing too special.
   "Ah, an axe. Alright, next, Vincent Thornglade." Aru headed back to his seat and sat down.
   "No." The boy to the left of Miruki declared.
   "Why not?"
   "Because, it would just be a waste of time."
   "Guess I can't make you. Okay, next is Minoko Kizanaki." Minoko stood up from her desk and walked to the front of the classroom. She seemed very cheerful. She turned to the class room and put her hands out to her sides, making a cross shape with her body. In that moment, Miruki could have swore she seen Minoko look at her with malicious intent for a split second. Then Minoko summoned her soul weapons. They was two chakrams.
   "Ah, interesting. You have dual chakrams. Very nice."
   "Thank you!" She declared, smiling toward My. Kirozaki. She then de-summoned her weapons and walked back to her desk.
   "Alright. Next is Miruki Komigitsu." Mr. Kirozaki declared. Those words were something Miruki didn't want to hear. "Come on, don't be shy. Just come up here and summon your soul weapon." Miruki didn't want to go up there, she knew she would just get embarrassed. She shook her head to get collected, got out of her chair and walked to the front. She could feel all the eyes on her as she did so. She turned around to the class. She was about to drop from her nervousness. "Come on. Let's see it."
   "Um, right." Miruki sighed and lifted her right hand. She closed her eyes and tried to vision her soul weapon her hands.   Nothing.She then remembered back to the first time she summoned her soul weapon. She was walking with her mother when she was only seven. They were walking down a dirt path covered in shade.
   "Why is father always busy?" Miruki asked.
   "He is training himself to master his powers." Her mother replied.
   "His powers?"
   "Yes. Do you know that black mark on that back of his hand?"
   "Ooh! Yeah! It looks like an angel."
   "That marks him a Soul Master. They have the ability to summon weapons called 'Soul Weapons'."
   "Wow! Daddy's amazing!" A large grin came across Miruki's face. Her mother smiled warmly back at her.
   A large limb had broken off a tree above the mother and daughter. It was plummeting toward them. Miruki and her mother looked up, seeing the limb, to which Miruki reacted by pushing her mother out of the way.
   Miruki's mother quickly turned back around.
   "Miruki!" Their stood Miruki holding a scythe in her hands with her eyes closed. The limb that fell was cut in half, laying on the ground to the left and right of her. The Soul Master marking had appeared on the back of her right hand. Her mother put her hand over her own heart. "Oh thank goodness." Miruki opened her eyes and looked at the weapon she now held.
   "Wha-" With a white light, the scythe disappeared. Then Miruki fainted from exhaustion.
   Miruki snapped back to reality. She was still holding her hand in front of her. She lowered it and then her head.
   "I can't." Miruki declared.
   "Really? How interesting. You have the Soul Master marking, so you're obviously a Soul Master." Mr. Kirozaki observed. Miruki lifted her right hand to look at the back of it in reaction to what he said. Surely enough, the mark was in the back of her hand. "Very well then, you may sit down." Miruki walked back to her desk and sat down. Students were whispering to each other."Okay, next is Iru Uketsu."
   After class Miruki located her locker. It was locker 129. She used the locker's combination to opened it up only to find an empty locker.
   "Oh, I guess I don't have any textbooks to put in her yet." Miruki declared. She then removed her backpack, setting it in the locker. She opened it up and rummaged through, pulling out a small magnetic mirror. She turned to the locker's door and put the mirror on the inside of it. She looked into the mirror and smiled, then closed the locker. Right behind her locker door was Kyrii. She was putting some text books into her locker.
   "Oh! Kyrii! We're locker neighbors, what a coincidence!" Kyrii was a bit surprised, turning to Miruki.
   "Oh, well what do you know. So how did you first class go?" Kyrii asked.
   "Oh? How so?"
   "Mr. Kirozaki wanted me to summon my Soul Weapon, but I couldn't."
   "It's okay. My father always told me my Soul Weapon is very powerful, which is the reason I need to master summoning it."
   "That does make sense." Kyrii said as she shut her locker.
   "Yeah. Oh! Speaking of Soul We-" Miruki was then interrupted by the sound of a bunch of students chanting 'Fight!' over and over. Kyrii and Miruki turned to the chanting.
   "A fight?" Kyrii observed.
   "Seems so. Let's go see who's fighting." Miruki nodded. The two then made their way down a hallway to the crowd of chanting students. The sound of colliding metal could be heard. Miruki squeezed through the crowd to get a good view. Their were two boys wielding two large swords stuck in a deadlock. One of them was a brown haired boy she didn't recognize. He was wielding a evenly tipped great sword. The other was Vincent Thornglade. He was wielding a large buster blade.
   "Come on. Don't disappoint me." Vincent taunted. Vincent won the deadlock, knocking the other boy off balance. Vincent quickly spun, slashing the boy diagonally in the chest. Instead of cutting the boy's flesh, it only cut a light blue force field around him, to which shattered after the cut.
   "Winner is Vincent." Mr. Kirozaki declared. He was standing on the other side of the two boys.
   "Disappointing, and to think you were a second-year student." Vincent insulted. He de-summoned his weapon and walked away.
   "Well he seems strong." Kyrii declared. She appeared next to Miruki.
   "Oh! Uh, yeah. Super strong" Miruki paused for a second."And scary."
   "Indeed, he'd make a formidable opponent."
   "Huh? Do you plan on fighting him?"
   "Eventually, yes. I do hope he joins the School's Soul Master Competition."
   "Huh? What's that?"
   Kyrii turned to Miruki "It's a battle competition hosted by the school. The winner gets a medal and bragging rights. I won last year's competition."
   "Wow! You must be super strong!"
   "I admit, I am skilled, but I had to train rigorously to get this good. Everyone says I'm the strongest Soul Master in the school."

Develop Your Story / Soul Masters (In Development)
« on: June 02, 2013, 10:39:02 AM »
Episode 1: First Day
   Asleep in her bed was the fifteen year old girl, Miruki Komigitsu. She was strewn out upon her bed, with her light pink covers covering up part of her legs and chest. In between her feet was a sleeping cat. It was calico, complete with orange, yellow, and black fur. She sat up, looking very drowsy, and yawned. She was in a light blue gown with spaghetti straps. Her hair was a light orange color and reached just below her shoulders. It was very messy from her sleep. Her eyes were a bright purple color. On her right hand was a black marking. This marking was the mark of a Soul Master. It was proof that she was a Soul Master, one who could summon a 'Soul Weapon' out of thin air. She turned her head to the left to look at the digital clock on a small table beside the bed. The small clock read '6:12'.
   "Oh no!" She yells, quickly flipping her covers off her to get out of her bed. "I'm going to be late!" She puts on her school uniform hanging on her closet door and fixes her hair, putting it into two bushy pigtails. She looks into her wall mirror hanging on her closet door, smiles at herself, then rushes out of the room.
   Running down the hallway, she grabs her light purple backpack hanging on the wall just before the stairs, putting her arms through the backpack's straps as she takes the steps two at a time.
   "You're finally up, Miru?" A woman's voice said from another room.
   "Yeah! I need to go, I might be late for school!" Miruki replied.
   "Oh, that's right. Good luck in your first day!"
   "Thank you, aunt Ari!" She rushes to the door, putting her shoes on, and leaves the house.
   She was running down the side of the street, making her backpack sway side to side on her back. She rushes around a corner only to collide with another girl just around it. Miruki falls backward, landing on her bottom. The other girl stumbles forward a bit, but catches her balance. The girl quickly turns around to Miruki. She was tall, and very slim. Her hair was long, reaching to her hips. It was a light blond color, and her bangs were split, covering the outer corners of her eyes, which were yellow aswell. She looked very composed, with a serious look. She was wearing the same school uniform as Miruki.
   "Hey! Watch where you're going!" The girl scolded.
   "Oh! I'm so sorry, I was in a rush." Miruki apologized, rubbing her bottom with her left hand. The girl spotted Miruki's Soul Master mark, an angel like black symbol, on her right hand. This marking is what identifies you as a Soul Master. Soul Masters can summon a weapon out of thin air. Each master has specific weapon they can summon.
   "Oh, hey, you're a Soul Master! Assuming by the clothes, you must be attending Soul Master Academy just like me." The girl declared. She then puts her hand out to help Miruki up. The Soul Master mark could be seen on the back of her hand aswell. Miruki smiles, grabbing her hand.
   "Thank you!" She thanked, dusting off her skirt.
   "Not a problem. My name is Kyrii, Kyrii Tichuru. You?" Kyrii asked, motioning Miruki to walk with her.
   "Oh, uh, my name's Miruki Komigitsu." Miruki replied. The two began walking down the sidewalk together as they talked.
   "Wait, Komigitsu, as in the family of some of the most powerful Soul Masters?"
   "Yeah, that's the one." Miruki replied, rubbing that back of her head.
   "Wow, I bet you're a fourth year student, huh?"
   "No, actually, this is my first day."
   "Oh, okay. Have you just recently discovered you're a Soul Master?"
   "Yeah. Well, sort of."
   "Sort of?"
   "Well, I summoned my Soul Weapon a while back, but I haven't been able to summon it again. My dad sent my here because he thinks it would help me master summoning it."
   "Can't summon your soul weapon? Can't say I've heard of that problem before." Miruki seemed to have an idea.
   "Hey, do you think you can show me your Soul Weapon?" Miruki asked.
   "Of course. Later, though. we've arrived at the academy. I'm pretty sure you'll get to see my weapon before the school days over, though." Kyrii replied, looking at the campus in front of them. They had stopped at the school gates. It was a rather large campus.
   "Oh, alright. I'll be looking forward to it!" Miruki replied, turning to the academy. "Woah."
   "Hm? Never seen a large campus before?" Miruki shook her head.
   "I lived in a small town. My school was only one room." Miruki replied, awestruck by the campus.
   "Guess it can be a big change compared to your old school then. Since it's your first day, you must be a First Year student. First Year classes are on the first floor." Kyrii declared, walking toward the entrance of the main building. Miruki, quickly followed beside her.
   "Oh, okay. Thanks. Hey, what year are you?"
   "I'm a third year student."
   "Wow! A third year! Oh, I guess you don't have any business being friends with a first year then."
   "Don't worry, I don't mind that. I'll be more than happy to be your first friend here."
   "Oh? Really? Thanks! That means a lot." Miruki thanked. The two then walked through the open double doors into the school.
   "Not a problem. Well, I believe this is where we depart. It was nice meeting you, Miruki! I'll see you later. Good luck on your first day!"
   "Oh, alright! I'll see you later too, Kyrii." Miruki replied. Kyrii waved goodbye, and headed up the stairs in front of her.
   "Okay then, let's see." Miruki declared, pulling a piece of paper out of a pocket on the side of her backpack. She unfolded it and read. "Room 15." She then headed down the left hall.
   The classroom was full of kids. Idle chatter filled the air. Girls were talking to other girls. Boys we're laughing at each other's jokes. Just then, Mr. Kirozaki, age 29, walks into the room.
   "Everyone to their seats, please." He ordered. All the kids scattered, doing as their told. "Today we have a new student, please come in." Miruki then made her way into the classroom, standing beside the teacher's desk. "Please, introduce yourself."
   "Oh, um," She said quietly.
   "Please speak up, I can hardly hear you." The teacher ordered. Miruki then stood up straight.
   "My name's Miruki Komigitsu."
   "You're a Komigitsu, huh?"
   "Yeah... That's right." She said, embarrassed, losing composure.
   "Interesting. Here's your Shield Bracelet." Mr. Kirozaki held out a light blue bracelet with a meter that read '100%'. "This bracelet puts a force field around your body, protecting you from attacks from other Soul Masters. We use these to have safe duels between Soul Masters. Once it hits 0%, you lose the duel. The shield slowly regenerates, so if you are beaten in a duel it's best not to take part in another duel right after." Miruki took the bracelet and slipped it onto her right wrist. She could feel the force field cover her body as the bracelet tightened around her wrist. "Now please, take a seat anywhere." Miruki looked around the room for an empty desk. She spotted one on the back row, quickly heading toward it. People began to whisper to one another.
   She doesn't look very strong to be a Komigitsu.
   Ooh, I wonder what her Soul Weapon is?
   She looks weak.

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