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ok ill check there thank you. :D

l'm back now i need to know what would be the best places to post this manga?
im drawing a blank here wanna get my work out there any ideas? anybody...?
this is a cry for help people! :'(

Nope i never been there before.

Thanks for the responses and i'm really glad you guys liked it.
I don't want this to be a waste time so im trying to see if alot of people like it. If so I will continue making more.
I am planning the layout for chapter 2 as we speak it will get a bit interesting in this chapter.

How's that is it any better??

I dunno if i post this right but this is the Madness A-sa Comic

wow that sux can you view it Coryn?

What do you mean?
You don't like Deviant Art??

Everyone the 1st chapter of my manga has been released. Its currently posted on Deviant Art if you want to read to give your imput about it please feel free to do so. I would like to thank all of those who supported me in making this a reality and so i say again Thank You.


I use a tablet pc and the software i use is manga studio and for the end plan I'm using both print and web well that only if viewers like the manga.

well i already though about that that's why i am having the artist draw in sections. I'm drawing the characters, the other guy is drawing backgrounds i need someone that is good at drawing special effects and so forth. but haven't found anyone other than the other guy interested. so I'm working with what i got.

Tho its been a while i'm still working on the manga 18 pages now moving slow but still progressing. I'm here to keep topic alive don't want it to get lost like the rest. I will be showing a 5 page preview as soon as i make it to 25 pages. i also would like to extend my offer to those willing to help with drawings i currently have 1 partner but you know the more the merrier.

Hey guys im back its been a while since i been on but i am here to inform you that i was working on the manga i got 12 pages now and counting.
im still doing the artwork alone but i got some help in naming the boy his name is Shane Maddison.

Yo everyone I'm Still looking for people interested in helping me make my manga comic its really hard doing it by myself i need artist that is willing to devote some time in making this story a reality.

sorry for no resent response im busy drawing the manga one more scene to draw then imma post it for you all to see.

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