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just finished this drawing of the main character, sora! hes my babybabybaby child and honestly drawing him is fun

note: my work in progress manga is called 'Chikyuu no Genkaidesu' which means 'Earth's the limit', it makes sense since the main characters are literal bird men ^^'


hey everyone! in my introduction post i mentioned that im working on one of my unfinished stories (which i had to rework the story a bit since it was... uh.. let's say a bit too dark and perhaps extremely depressing ^^')

in this post i will share the drawings i made for it in the process of reworking the story, any criticism helps!
(the images will be Imgur links since [/img.] did not work for some reason.. )


sorry about the many images, i'm just very excited to share my work ^^
and also my apologies for straight up posting the imgur links, i tried to make it work but im new to forums and stuff.. atleast imgur is safe

Welcome Center / What's up, amateur artist here!
« on: July 21, 2022, 03:03:02 AM »
Hello everyone! my name is Rune Snow, but u can call me Rune.
just incase this is needed, my pronouns are (he/him)

I am an aspiring manga creator with alot of stupid unfinished stories piled up on my pc (i can't seem to finish anything so bear with me here ^^') BUT definitely working on one of them since my motivation has been violently rekindled by extremely interesting animes. (mainly shonen..)

I'm 17 years old and have been drawing since 2014 and started learning animation in 2016, i'm not the most professional artist since i'm self taught, so i've come here mainly for critique and help, so don't be shy to give criticism about my drawings since it'll definitely help me out! wether it's a short comment pointing out a small mistake or a whole 10 page essay, anything helps!

Now that's out of the way, let's talk about my hobbies.

I am an addicted gamer and major music fan, and also very addicted to anime and reading manga and novels, like, i straight up spend my allowance on graphic novels or manga's the moment i have that darn cash in my bank, i should not have access to money.

Anddd that's about it! if u have any questions u can ask me here! but i'll mention this from now, i will not mention where i live to avoid issues, since people have a negative impression of my country, thank you for reading this far!

quick note: english is not my first language, so apologies for any grammar mistakes ^^

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