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Manga Artists Wanted / Writer seeks for an Artist (Unpaid)
« on: June 10, 2022, 07:37:34 PM »
I am a writer who is looking for an artist to work on my manga/ webtoon.
I am under a publisher called Horizon Publishing who would also like to sign the artist to the company as well. Though if you wish not to join it's okay as well, I’m just glad to work with you.

I am offering a 50% split of 60% of the profit with the artist while my publisher, who will be publishing the manga, will be getting 40 % for promotional cost. My publisher focuses the publishing on Amazon books and has had experience with publishing mangas, novels, and webtoons.

Genre: Coming of age, Fantasy, Action, Super Hero

The city has lost its police commissioner, the only person establishing any sense of order. Her daughter takes up the mantle as its protector and seeks vengeance for the death of her mother using her newly found abilities.

Leave me a message if interested! Also don’t feel uncomfortable asking questions. I trust coming here to meet amazing artists.

Oh! If you want to also talk to my publisher and me, we can also chat via zoom or Google meetings.

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