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It's a mixed bag of trouble. Mostly it's greatly interrupted my college work since studio art... well... needs a studio and the materials there to do the work. And my other classes I'm not doing too hot as they're tricky classes and there's been next to no guidance since switching to online. I've also been stuck with my roommate and her friend that's staying with us 24/7 for the past 8 weeks and it's driving me nuts. I miss living alone...

Aside from that, I've been chipping away at some of my own projects and I was just accepted as a character colorist for a motion comic series on youtube!

Are you being refunded for any time lost at college at all? I'm hearing everyone's doing their classes online I can't imagine that's ideal AT ALL. Don't the lecturers allow you to contact them prior/post classes privately to go over any notes specifically?

So you're living out atm huh? I guess indepenance away from family is good, but you don't sound like you're over the moon about it  :D roommates can be a drag. I'm going to assume the only reason you're dealing with that is because of the opportunity you just got with the motion comic series on Youtube CONGRATS, ROBYN!! Wow, is it a paid job? I think that's fantastic as it's something you can already put forward on your resume (if you're aspiring to be in the art industry) I'm envious indeed.

Good to see you've been leveling up and achieving, and it's good to hear from you too again. ^^

I've been a bit depressed. I've mostly been depressed because I'm unable to see my friends especially my new boyfriend. It's got to be really hard for college students right now. I'm kind of glad I graduated before all this but my friend who is still in college is struggling with classes being online and has to retake a class in the fall. Also with everyone losing their jobs I'm glad I still got my job.

Jobs are a real issue right now. I'm guessing the job is providing income for you right now? I'm sorry for your college friend, I'd HATE having to retake any module when I was back at uni, I'm hearing some uni students are getting refunded for the study time lost. So it's crazy right now.

I'm not surprised it's affected people's mental health, I'm sorry you're going through it and I'm sure being away from anyone you're attached to is going to exasperate any lonliness felt during the quarantine. As long as he stays in close touch with you it might help (in a sad way) knowing he feels the same, not being with you...if that makes sense? You can cherish that feeling of being wanted by someone, not everyone gets that luxury in life :).

Keep up the facetime calls, his face and voice are what will keep you strong!

We had a little time off but my shop has been back at full manning for a few weeks now.  So business as usual

MK, is this in the states also? Are there any safety precautions still in place like social distancing or masks?
I guess it's good to know some places have seen the outdoors once more

Oh yeah, lol, America is a different beast. I've been the England for a least a while, and I would say that it's not entirely different. Two variations on the same theme I guess.

Yeah, we're a pretty conservative place as compared to Europe. Granted we're still a lot more liberal than a lot of the world, so take it as you will. More liberal ideas are definitely in the mainstream though. Heck, this upcoming presidential election now concerns universal healthcare, and the virus has the idea of universal basic income being thrown around. It's a wild ride.

I guess as far as being afraid, it's not like we're shooting each other in the streets out here. It's only the really far right people who are barging into state capitols with guns. And the police were still present to shut *censored* down if it got out of hand. To put the whole thing in context, we got guns everywhere. I'm not endorsing all of it in any sense, but they're more a part of the landscape then they are a clear and present danger on a daily basis.

Small PostScript: Yeah, there's a reason we keep swapping between liberals and conservatives around here, lol. Like, sure we have a bunch of far right senators for my state, but my representative is a lesbian native American woman. I get both ends of the spectrum without asking for it.

I've heard you guys are definitely more conservative, particularly with topics like abortion, religion etc. however what you said gives me a more accurate view of reality in the states in that, diff states have their own respective governors/senators (idk diff between, forgive the ignorance). Who they themselves have varying positions, so it's an error of the brits to think of the US as this entirely conservative country because a lot of them do.

Thanks for clearing up the gun issue! We have our own problems with far-righties here, too. I guess any extreme is bad.
Universal healthcare - as in free health care for the country? Is that a possibility for the states? 

Hahaha exactly that, a lot of us have got complacent, our routine is now wake up when we want, do what we want during the day, and that's about it really. It really helps to use some discipline to make some sort of routine but as this sort of event has never happened before, it's taken people by surprise. As you said unemployment is an issue for many, many will be made redundant in this period. Others are also worried about food stock and bills etc, not to mention getting ill... so while such worries are around, people aren't too fussed about discipline and better habits right now y'know? I understand.

When you say you go back in your head in a sentiment cycle, almost depressed what do you mean? You miss the past when it was easier? is it like nostalgia? Or do you mean because of no job and uncertain future it reminds you of harder times? I'm sorry about that in that case. Many share that fear right now, uncertainty with jobs and the economy... everyone's trying to deal with this in their own way.

As you said speaking to friends, and continuing to do what makes you feel good, I'd definitely recommend walking more as you've said. Waking up before 8 is really good too, I know exactly what you mean about routine! Haha I should set that goal for myself, it'll help me get back to reality easier... it's hard though because I may doze off during the day and be up until really late!

I'm glad you shared your thoughts here, and hope you continue to do so, we here are just some of your many friends who will hear your thoughts Manimal. Good to hear from you again too

For me I get stuck in the past thinking of good times I've had and wanting to remake them. Basically my issue is if I do something once I want to keep doing it again and have it be as awesome as it once was, and it never is like that. When I was a kid and we'd go on a trip I'd get sad like the last day because I wanted to go back to the first day and redo everything, even though we were still there. Basically if I do something awesome and different once I want to keep doing that. It's really a bunch of nonsense. I get sentimental over things I didn't even enjoy at the time. 

Sounds good in Canada, just spoke to Coryn about how it's like in the states, I do wonder how the two compare... 
(with respect to UK ofc, I'm not saying murica and canada are the same at all!  :-X )

This. I resonate with this so much haha, as a kid I'd always have sunday blues, as I knew the next day I'd be back to school. So I really only enjoyed Fridays and saturdays, haha the same rings true even today I guess If I have work the next day. But regarding nostalgia I resonate with this so much as well. There's a tendency to exagerrate past experiences, sometimes with bad in hindsight we can kinda think "ok it wasn't so bad" but with good things we definitely idealise them to an unrealistic level, so we become enchanted by memories. If we are ever given the chance to relive them again we find something is missing, and we attribute it to being older when as you've realised that's not the case.

No problem! I'm here to talk as are others. :D

I am and it isn't fun.

I know, I really felt it today. I'm staying on top of the walking though, I find if i slack then I get bogged down easier. Are you keeping fit too?

@Basic: Well, as many a non-american has noted, Americans often take issue with being told what to do (just last night a bunch of yahoos with guns stormed the state capitol of Michigan to protest the quarantine. it's f*cking looney toons over here)

Yeah, what it ultimately comes down to here though is that it'd be more work than I'm willing to put up with to move all of this stuff. Especially on a daily basis.

My own state just released our plan for reopening. The long and short of it is we'll be doing a staged process, which makes a lot of sense. Basically nothing will change until the 18th (only minor differences, starts the 4th, won't affect most people), and then we'll take a wait and see approach to see if we can keep going, need to stay where we're at, or go back a step. Ultimately though the plan is laid out that we won't be back to fully normal until mid June (assuming no delays or reverting happens).

I'm just lucky to live in a state whose current Governor has a good head on her shoulders. Not that people aren't complaining about her, but it is what it is. I just happen to live in one of those odd states that votes conservative for president and congress, but somehow puts a liberal into the governor's office every other election cycle. I have no doubt if it was the last guy we would have been one of those states that never locked down at all. Granted, that guy was a piece of sh*t who defunded the state by slashing taxes to such a degree that he decimated our finances in only a couple of years. (he's also accused of selling or stealing a bunch of antique furniture from the governor's mansion. Pretty sure it hasn't shown back up).

Are you serious? They came to protest with guns and stuff?! Aww man. US is the real deal hahaha...
(hang in there with the room clutter, we'll have to sit tight with a lot quite a few things for now :[ )

Staged reopening... that actually makes a ton of sense, rather than all or nothing approach to reopening, I gotta feeling UK will be doing something similar then, nothing has been mentioned yet but I'm confident UK will take your template.

It sounds like you've been blessed with a liberal at the right time LOL. But regarding the previous Governer! Omg, I mean allegations are one thing, but if they're true one asks how he won over the state? Him messing with you guys' finances I'm assuming has left a bad taste in people's mouths maybe regarding conservatives?
Regarding him leaving your state open (that's pretty scary actually) I guess depending on how old you are/health and who you live with it will affect you differently.

(On that note...)
Man, I LOVE getting in touch with americans haha, it's always been my dream to go over there to a few states, but the UK lot always roll their eyes and say "it's too extreme", so I speak to a few americans and yeah they do scare me with health insurance stuff and some crimes but my friends that have been to certain states had a blast.
It's an english speaking country in the west so I guess it's easy to treat US like it's UK but I'm sure it's a diff beast entirely!

haha well I am my own accountability partner haha self loathing goes a long way for me. I think the issue I'm hitting is maximum productivity, as in, 8 hours drawing a day instead of 4. I think being in contact with other people actually reduces my productivity unfortunately, which is why I'm only on MR once every 2 weeks, so I think I'd like to pass on the daily messaging thing. sorry about that :/

We're redoing our garden layout so there is actually a ton of work to do, and we plant vegetables so there's always weeding and turning a plot over for the next set of veggies, so it's actually pretty tough work.

Hopefully everyone can settle into a good productive schedule because we might be stuck with this for longer than we might think :/

"I am my own accountability partner" I love that. No problem at all with declining the offer! I can still admire/be inspired by your own pace from a distance. I didn't know you're only on once every 2 weeks, I see :O

Also yeah... teh stuff I'm hearing now about a second wave being in winter (for those in UK) and all that isn't every encouraging at all... /exhale

Fortunately for me I dislike social interactions and spend most of my time turning down offers to go to concerts and conventions. If it weren't for the fact that my job changed to completely online as well as my college courses, I would've forgotten there was supposed to be a quarantine.

Normally a week of complete isolation would start to give me anxiety, but it's comforting knowing that staying inside is also keeping my family safe. It was also nice to get some financial reimbursement from the University due to the changes, so financially it happened to be one of the best things to happen to me. Fortunately my family all works at essential businesses so it didn't compromise them either.

So I'm one of those people who has come to find that my normal lifestyle has a name.

Good to hear from you also Kekashi, I'm glad to know you're well...

Doesn't the family being essential workers mean they have to continue to work, though?
I totally forgot about those at university during this time, jeez they must be reimbursing everyone :OO

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« on: April 30, 2020, 07:02:12 PM »
yeah having every panel in the manga as an actual art piece appeals to me, although it is very time and effort intensive to pull it off continuously. I'll probably slowly add more detail in my mangas as I gain experience ans skill, so for now it'll be a lot of white backgrounds haha.

Yeah my productivity and creativity is very often limited by being too self concious, so just throwing ideas down and not worrying is really good for being creative, but it's hard when you automatically start observing the proportions and trying to make technical corrections rather than idea corrections to make a more interesting piece.

I'm thinking that my masterplan will be the final form of my art output, but the masterplan itself will evolve to include different styles of art and also manga stories. I do try and pick out things that work in regimes and apply it to general illustrations, and it works to a degree.

2 Weekly report

I regrettably didn't reach 120 hours, but I made it to 117, which is 3.9 hours a day. Not to be sniffed at but very sub-pro levels. I'll be pushing to get 5 a day for the next month, at least 4.5 I hope. 2 times in the month I reached a weekly average of 5+ hours a day, so it's certainly possible.

have a graph. this has been my best month of activity on record by about 30%

My main achievement since the last post, and also for this month has been my maximum masterpiece project. I have been trying to do this for at least a year, but I didn't even know how to reach my maximum, it was just a vague concept. But recently I have been able to break down skills and my workflow to see what is the maximum I can achieve.
So here they are. I'm actually still working on them to add a lace background like some illustrators do like on DA.
Click to enlarge as the quality is very high resolution.
I hope it's clear why I viewed the previous set as failures when compared with these :P

Overall I am very happy with the result. I did face quite a few issues with my methods and knowing exactly what I was doing, especially when shading, but really they are fantastic as far as I am concerned. Already I have ideas that will improve my speed when working at this level, as well as improving the design (patterns etc), so my next set will be hopefully even better. I did probably work at too high a resolution (3000px height) for the overall final size, but that's taught me that I will automatically add more details when I am working at a higher resolution, which means that I can control the detail amount just by working at a different resolution. I went well over my 4 hours per piece estimate, and have spent 32 hours total so far on these 4 alone, so 8 hours each.
A lot of things didn't quite go right, because it was my first time working to this level, so I didn't know what I was aiming for and didn't get the result I wanted (like the eyelashes).
So while it's my best, it's only my best so far. I'll be working to balance quality and speed for a less masterpiece version, but also pushing my maximum to know what's achievable.

This might be the first time I looked at my art and thought, damn, this looks pro.

And also for one of the first times, I was able to deliberately control my style, proportions, lines and so on, to get almost exactly what I was aiming for. there was nothing left to chance, I was a lot more in control.
And I've gained the confidence to say that I could have taken any of the original concepts form my previous post, and done the same level of illustration with them.

Hands were still a pain though haha I have much still to learn (T_T;)

After making this I fell into a slump for a few days because they are so much better than anything I have ever done it threw off my evaluation skill for a while. I trashed a lot more WIPs, and I have improved my WIP processing methods with the bonus skills from my masterpiece work. Hopefully my WIPs will now produce half decent illustrations from now on.

And I also have a new plan for improving speed of high quality sketches by maybe double or triple with a minimal drop in quality, more on that later.

I've been doing a lot more copying and studies of all sorts of stuff, buildings, faces, photos and so on. Even on bad creativity days, after drawing copies for an hour or two I inevitably pick up and start working on my own sketches.

I also cancelled my body and clothing 1000x shade copy regime, because I found it hard to say what counted towards the 1000 total or not, and so it was limiting how much I was able to learn. So I have converted both into just a normal study page of shade, and it's been more productive.

Other than that I haven't really done anything else since my last report.
I'm still working towards doing some one-shots but it's taking a very roundabout path. Either way it's gaining skill all the time so it doesn't really matter.

I am sort of half seriously trying to work towards a masterpiece level background now, but still not enough information to do it yet, so I'm just working on basic construction and perspective, as well as greebles, which are super useful.

And also I fancy getting off level 0 for painting faces realistically (not photorealistic, just good shading), so I'm working some sort of study regime into place there as well.

Also to my surprise, despite the fact that I can sort of work from home I have been told that I don't have to work, so until the schools go back, I dont have to work but I still get paid.
So it's full steam ahead for me, I wont ever get this chance like this again.

I see this as a chance to redeem myself from the time I lost an entire year from a really bad virus and a depressive period that followed. I was meant to have a gap year to become a pro artist, but my plans fell apart on becoming ill and I always was angry at myself for not being able to recover faster and regretted the whole thing. But now I have the time to do all the drawing I want, I'm pushing myself to the maximum.

RIGHT So this is what I meant on the quarantine thread earlier, DAYUM! Maybe my memory has failed me again but I don't remember you to be a type to render or heavily detail most of your study work (which was fantastic because studies are practices to refine a specific set of elements, and should not be treated as illustrations as many an artist do) but to see you at "full power" is epic.

You've definitely surprised me with the rendering, particularly on the hair, you bring out the colours beautifully! You're clearly aware of local colour shift and when to use saturated and desaturated tones for more pop. The intricate details on the clothing I think are what make your girls look gorgeous the most, though. I'm struggling between number 1 and number 4... I feel like number 4 is an aesthetic (colour wise) I'd push for more in an illustration of my choice but you've done so well with the green on number 1 it's won me over.

On your chart of productivity, I didn't know GIMP tracked usage time! I think you actively tracking your time is excellent, and somethign I'll take into consideration and I try and make more effective use of my time working.
I'm using this app called Forest, it keeps you off social media but allows you to use other essential apps on the phone, you might like it I strongly recommend!

It was a treat seeing your work at "full powa" Suuper ! xD

I'm not excercising as much as I should be but I'm just about keeping my weight stable haha

I've been gardening almost every day.

My employer has entered me and probably a lot of other staff into the furlough scheme, so I get paid but I dont have to work until the schools go back to normal in the UK, which might be quite a while.

Personally I'm loving it, because I have so much time to draw, and I'm putting all my efforts into leveling up big time. I wouldn't say I have set any goals, but I'm constantly crunching away at the "get good at art" goal haha.
I've been the most productive with my art this month than ever before which is lovely, and I'm aiing to beat my records in May as well.

But I've had plenty of lazy days nontheless and a schedule is hard to stick to when it's just a personal one.

I still get worried every time I go shopping that I'm going to catch the virus or pass it on to others so there's still that stress looming over everyone that's probably going to stick around for a long while.

I forgot you were from the Uk super, haha so yeah your experience would be similar to my own.
Yes I know what you mean, simple things like shopping now we have to be careful about (as I was telling manimal), even that alone is stressful. I share your pain on days where you know you should be leveling up but mustering up any willpower just isn't happening... I've had a few of those days recently, as I was telling lego just now.

Same here, as of this week the guys at Sony have just put us on furlough, sucks getting that 20% cut, especially considering we still get taxed so I'm a little annoyed, but you're right ... many others like you and I have taken this time to imagine a life of art only, so we are trying our best to take advantage and level up as much as possible. it's funny I was looking for accountability partners about 3 weeks ago I can't believe it never occured to me to get in touch with you, I seen your producivity chart just now from the art thread (ALONG WITH YOUR AMAZING ART WTF) and I'm thinking perhaps I should also sort some kinda of daily update message with you like I do my other accountability partners also, ride of each others energy yknow?

I was going to say it'll be harder to keep the weight stable if you aren't at least walking/jogging but if you're gardening then that's enough, that can be pretty strenuous. Though I imagine if you're doing it every day you're probably only touching it up on the daily, no?

hahaha the things we do in times like this eh?
Glad you're safe, Suuper.

Honestly thought I was bullet proof because I've always known how to keep myself busy. This week has been kicking me sideways reall bad though. I didn't pay attention to going out and keeping a proper schedule on things. Super humbling but I'm OK with that, just focusing on getting better.

Definitely want to get into some cooking just for the heck of it too. Been watching a buttload of movies and stuff so thats' fun.

Omg me too bro, lol like wtf. Art has always been and remains the best way for me, but yeah end of last week into this week has been a little tough too. I can walk every day but you can't help but feel some sort of pervading boredom and claustrophobia not being able to move, it's funny that. Even for the introverted artists, this reminds us of how much we took simple trips out for granted.

Heck I guess now's a better time to start a new hobby than any I guess, you have ample time. The only drawback to cooking is you gotta go out and buy stuff, it's not hella scary but extra precaution must be taken I guess. What inspired you to come up with the idea, cooking programmes? Desserts/Main courses?

Good to hear from you again also, Lego!

I've been off work officially since March 19th but basically the week before that and I stopped seeing people at the beginning of this month.

At first it felt like a vacation of sorts, it was like when I was unemployed for many months when I was 18-19. So I was listening to The Beatles a ton like I did then and basically it was like a slip back to my past because the future was uncertain and as a way of coping I went backwards in my head to a depressing cycle of sentiment.

and for a week I felt pretty depressed and I didn't want to get out of bed because I didn't have anything to get me going. But then I snapped myself out of that by forming a sort of routine like reading before bed at a certain time and trying to get out of my bed by 7:30. and then I felt a lot better. It's been a pretty rough month emotionally, especially you know not being able to see anyone besides my family at home. Atleast I have that though so I'm happy I'm not alone alone.             

Basically I worried a bit then I accepted I can't do anything and was like ya that's how it is alright time to live for the moment. and now I'm very complacent feeling, I don't want to go back to work I don't want to think of the future. I just slip through the days doing my things like making music, listening to music, working on Gundams, playing games, watching movies (some awesome ones I saw since have been Heat, Thief, Bonnie & Clyde and Midnight Cowboy) and stuff. Started watching the original Gundam this week and loving that. Honestly making lunch is like my favorite part of the day. I have got random stuff at the store and went for different things like making sandwiches differently. I got excited because the store I went to yesterday had Turun Sinappi so I was like man I'm gonna make an awesome sandwich tomorrow. Anyone part Finn loses it for the Sinappi.

It's pretty silly but it's just my way of dealing with things. The reverting to the past was unhealthy, and I get like that often. I'm always thinking back but it takes away from what's here today so it's not very helpful. My whole life I've been like that even when I was very young.

Talking to my friends online has been nice though and doing things at home that we haven't done as a family in forever like playing board games is also a good way to pass time. It's basically like a whole series of emotions and I'm just trying to make the best of it. I have no sight for the future, it'll drive my crazy to worry so I try not to. That's not very good though but it was like I had plans now they are gone so, oh well.

I have found the best way is to keep myself on top by doing what makes me feel good and not slipping down. I need some bit of routine even if it is just reading before bed or waking up before 8. It keeps me on track. I went out for the first time in 12 days yesterday to get random food and reading outside a lot just to be outside. Going for walks in the morning to, trying to make that normal to keep up some sort of physicality.

Hahaha exactly that, a lot of us have got complacent, our routine is now wake up when we want, do what we want during the day, and that's about it really. It really helps to use some discipline to make some sort of routine but as this sort of event has never happened before, it's taken people by surprise. As you said unemployment is an issue for many, many will be made redundant in this period. Others are also worried about food stock and bills etc, not to mention getting ill... so while such worries are around, people aren't too fussed about discipline and better habits right now y'know? I understand.

When you say you go back in your head in a sentiment cycle, almost depressed what do you mean? You miss the past when it was easier? is it like nostalgia? Or do you mean because of no job and uncertain future it reminds you of harder times? I'm sorry about that in that case. Many share that fear right now, uncertainty with jobs and the economy... everyone's trying to deal with this in their own way.

As you said speaking to friends, and continuing to do what makes you feel good, I'd definitely recommend walking more as you've said. Waking up before 8 is really good too, I know exactly what you mean about routine! Haha I should set that goal for myself, it'll help me get back to reality easier... it's hard though because I may doze off during the day and be up until really late!

I'm glad you shared your thoughts here, and hope you continue to do so, we here are just some of your many friends who will hear your thoughts Manimal. Good to hear from you again too

Oh yeah, I've been quarantined for I think 5 weeks at this point? I am no longer quite sure. Most of the US will be opening back up in the coming days, but right now I'm not sure about my area. My city is half in one state and half in another. The other half of the city is enforcing quarantine until the 15th, my half so far is not, and both state quarantines are ending on the 3rd.

I'm looking forward to getting out, but I've been doing okay. Honestly the anticipation of getting quarantined was much worse than the quarantine itself. The first week or so was rough, but I've gotten into the new rhythm pretty quickly. I haven't grocery shopped, so I've been experimenting with new recipes and burning through video games. I haven't gotten as much writing done as I would have hoped, but I also really haven't had much more free time than I already did.

What's breaking my normal life the most though is that my dining room is completely taken over by my job. It's all documents and folders and computers. Since my dining room table is where I do my eating and writing and other creative pursuits, it's really thrown a wrench in there. My apartment is not very big, I just don't have secondary spaces y'know?

So you're working from home too eh? I wanna say like, "dedicate a day to shifting your books and computers elsewhere" but it's easier said than done, and I can just as easily suggest the same idea to myself for my room the way it is right now... but it'll end up the same after a week even after I change it LOL. As you said it's a lifestyle thing, if you aint got the extra space those books and the documents will stack up again even if you shove them in a cupboard somewhere.

US is already opening up again soon? Oh wow, I mean for UK lot we haven't yet... and we went in lockdown before you guys so maybe it feels a little early, but I guess you guys actually see what's going on with the health service n' all of that jazz. I think i saw a stat of 60k dead on the news? :/ is it starting to settle down now?

Otherwise I'm glad you're safe and indoors Coryn, good to hear from you again

Over here in the UK there's still a lockdown. People are only allowed to leave for a walk/run/cycle or go to buy essentials. It's affecting diff people in diff ways I guess, albeit more of the social guys... but it's good to be social!

If you do read this, how are you coping personally? Have you set yourself any goals? Do you exercise more often?

I've had to work from home for the past 6 weeks (alongside art ofcourse) so I've been able to stay on top of things, here's to hoping you guys are well!

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